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    1. While help and advice of others is always welcome, it is best to initiate actions ourselves to take care of our daily routine

    2. Negative thoughts and actions initiate health problems and more importantly do not allow we to recover fast

    3. Venna did not initiate a request to change partners for Noonsleep either

    4. A cherub cannot initiate an action like this

    5. again, Initiate! Well, at least, not for two years, or

    6. ‘But I already have, Initiate

    7. The young Initiate was shaking

    8. If I have to initiate avoidance manoeuvres we will use a lot of fuel

    9. It is doubtful that she will attempt to initiate such intimacy again

    10. And as the pain in her arm spiked again, she knew she needed to initiate a careful retreat to the cave

    11. It’s an informal visit to answer any questions the freshmen might have and also to initiate the new girls to the Barclay School, um, ways and means

    12. (The federal legislation leading to the authority of the President to initiate Executive Orders did much to undermine the separation of powers at the national level

    13. She gave up trying to initiate conversation and went into the kitchen to make herself a drink

    14. couldn’t technically initiate a jump even when the Pearson was charged and spun up

    15. ‘Tell Zolla to initiate plan delta-7,’ he said to the perplexed-looking young man

    16. They would initiate 80% of all contacts in Rhodesia and you can read my (free) book: The Egg Breakers - Counter Terrorism in Sub Saharan Africa about the different techniques used during the counter-insurgency operations

    17. In this book they used snipers with silenced weapons to initiate contact and take the leader out without the enemy knowing what is happening and then opening up with silenced machine guns

    18. William believed he could initiate the time travel again this time, in the direction of the future to travel forward in time

    19. had gone, he remembered actually trying to initiate a conversation

    20. “What’s the matter with you? I am not part of this! How many times do I have to tell you? But don’t you see what that notebook means? Just like Beth said, those fingerprints will convict the one that had the Uzi and Edgar’s entries will certainly initiate an investigation in the affairs of Edward

    21. “None, until it is time to initiate braking

    22. There was every reason for Officer Vargas to initiate an official investigation – except for the one glaring truth: that the investigation would implicate himself, and that is what has kept you out of jail

    23. In addition to the GPOI the World Summit would initiate a World Solidarity

    24. “We were in the same initiate class,” he says

    25. My odds, as the smallest initiate, as the only Abnegation transfer, are not good

    26. “Navy Pier,” another Dauntless-born initiate calls out

    27. A half hour later, Al is the only initiate who hasn’t hit the target yet

    28. “What was that, initiate?” says Eric quietly, leaning closer to Al

    29. They still look strange to me—a mother with a pierced eyebrow, a father with a tattooed arm, an initiate with purple hair, a wholesome family unit

    30. Though he’s not an initiate anymore, most of the Dauntless use this day to come together with their families

    31. There are too many of them to all be related to a Dauntless-born initiate, but I see some similarities among the faces

    32. Only my brother was doing well in training, he was dating another initiate, he was happy

    33. “I’m the best initiate they’ve got

    34. I must be the only initiate with this fear

    35. The point is they respond, not initiate

    36. She was in Four’s initiate class

    37. She and Tobias have been talking about Dauntless initiate training methods for at least five minutes already

    38. I want him to fold me into his arms again, like he did after the last attack, but he doesn’t, and I know better than to initiate it

    39. This morning Lauren reported that we missed some of the cameras in the initiate dormitories, where Christina, Zeke, Lauren, Marlene, Hector, and Kee, the girl with the green hair, were sleeping

    40. “Yes, there was a Caleb in my initiate class

    41. “It used to be the Erudite initiate dormitory,” Uriah says

    42. It hasn’t hit me yet: that Edward, by far the most talented transfer initiate we had, the boy whose blood I cleaned off the dormitory floor, is dead

    43. “But the Divergent were still being killed when I was an initiate

    44. I barely remember his last name from the initiate roster

    45. He is still the same person who was willing to kill and maim and destroy to climb to the top of his initiate class

    46. I thought that when I looked at him after he drank the serum, I would still see the initiate who shoved a butter knife into Edward’s eye, and the boy who tried to kill my girlfriend, and all the other things he has done, stretching backward for as long as I’ve known him


    48. your customers and initiate further stay on the webpage

    49. Your puppy's littermates will initiate this process and then it is up to you to continue on with it when your new puppy arrives home

    50. initiate the bomb, the alarm overhead burst into a scream, its low

    1. Adam, God initiated the plan to rescue man from sin

    2. God initiated His plan to save us through the covenant

    3. Athnu excused himself, but Ava knew Kulai would know every detail of their embrace and who it was that initiated what

    4. It was always he who did the talking, always him who initiated the conversation and then only very rarely

    5. He dispatched a probe to sit in a small tree near the spot where that raft had pulled ashore and initiated a program to follow that raft from the geosynchronous scope

    6. Luray probably enjoyed it more because Alan hadn't been ordered to do it this time, he had initiated this of his own free will

    7. JOYCE: Who initiated the kiss?

    8. One night upon being let into the general public bed, a crazy lady jumped in bed with me and initiated contact

    9. If they were that close, Thom would have mentioned that Ava had initiated separation proceedings

    10. Annie sensed that she was about to be initiated into a new world of family revelations and scandals

    11. Sports or the AIS and initiated the world's best scholarship programme

    12. Annie sensed that she was about to be initiated into a new world

    13. The explosive bolts blew out the doors and initiated the inflation of the emergency chutes

    14. ‘The government has initiated search and rescue operations,’ said the MAS representative

    15. legend, as initiated by Heracles, of joy that

    16. Peasants” to their party and have initiated a

    17. Meaning I could be initiated into both, which included a massive amount of power

    18. He would wait until I was old enough to be initiated into a coven

    19. “There is a legend that over a thousand years ago, the venerable Matriarch, perhaps Reja Grenassia III, like our own present Matriarch has to some degree, initiated a program of 'public relations' to curb the vitriolic suspicion and loathing the other peoples of the Spur continued to maintain toward us

    20. Alistair initiated a conversation on physics as a group of musicians walked past

    21. The aforesaid changes were initiated at several levels and some are still in progress

    22. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes are processes initiated by Gaia (the Mother Earth Energy) to help clear and uplift the vibrations of the planet

    23. initiated by Confederate Secretary of the Navy Stephen R

    24. He’d met Monty, Esther’s Father at one of Monty’s dungeon parties where Nathan’s dominatrix girlfriend Clare had a client who was to be initiated by public humiliation instead of private

    25. moves like the one we just initiated

    26. “You have initiated the first steps in activating the auto-destruct mechanism of the FS

    27. In other words, higher performance standards in conjunction with broad-based curricular formats initiated by under performing schools is the only sure fire way of ensuring that each student achieves his or 28

    28. Whoever came from there was initiated into the myth and for the first time, Adriano

    29. Once the contact was initiated all hell broke loose as the armoured cars circled around the terrorists pouring fire into them with the helicopter gunships directing them

    30. The two of them smiled at each other until one of them initiated an affectionate hug

    31. Truman, by his bumbling and fear mongering, initiated a Cold War that did not need to happen

    32. The ―remedial‖ course of action initiated by state and local governments at curbing or eliminating smoking altogether, especially among young teens, by imposing additional excise taxes on cigarettes that would make such purchases cost-prohibitive, are cynical deceptions on the part of politicians on both sides of the political aisle designed to increase revenue for (social) spending programs under the pretext of concern for under-age smoking

    33. The program was approved at the highest levels, initiated by Lyndon Johnson and directed by his appointee, Robert Komer

    34. Rather, the United States ceased all trade with that Arab country and resumed its importation of Iraqi petroleum only when, several years later, the “oil for food” program was initiated for the benefit of the Iraqi people

    35. He initiated systematic methods of flying instruction, and formulated these in, ‘Notes on Teaching Flying,’ in May, 1917

    36. I initiated this writing on Singapore mentioning a legend that links the chimerical Merlion to the history of the city

    37. Shapeshifting was more efficient initiated from a naked state

    38. This initiated a general movement towards the chairs

    39. “Pre-programmed landing sequence initiated,” he was informed by the flight comp

    40. Of course, there is a great deal more for you to know, and I promise you will be well initiated before the next shipment

    41. Should any investigation of you for eliminating those two ever be initiated, you can rest assured that it would fail

    42. Therefore, it is quite possible to imagine that they initiated the practice of sacrificial offerings to assuage God’s anger toward them

    43. In his haste to do as bidden, and as her body completed the roll he had initiated, her lower legs came up out of the water

    44. Even as he was looking forward to be initiated to

    45. The previous night the Lord appeared to him in a dream and initiated

    46. initiated many disciples into the elementary practices of purification

    47. The general collapse brought on by those onslaughts initiated the greatest of all the tribulations that the Christians had, in one way or another, weathered up to that time

    48. continuous chain of Masters, each initiated by his predecessor, thus

    49. Hebrew elements of religion and Buddhistic doctrines were also found in Mancihaeism, which appears to have been an eclectic jumble of wild fancies, among which the soberest and strongest dogmas of the Christian creed were sometimes seen to be embedded…The practical side of Manichaeism appears in the condemnation of marriage, or sexual indulgence of any sort…There were two classes of disciples, the initiated, or perfecti, and the auditores, hearers, or novices

    50. In the long “protest” initiated by Marten Luther and carried on by others, the heretofore monolithic Church was now challenged on the basis of its answers, they must accord with the Bible, members of the “Protest” declared as they appealed to the hierarchy to reground their answers

    1. When we reach one another, Sabrina initiates the conversation, "Apollo has something to tell you, but hear him out before you say anything, okay?"

    2. There are eight other helmeted suntowers outside the Yakhan, it is possible to take you there if any of their initiates would allow it

    3. The Kybalion by the Three Initiates

    4. ‖ What is not properly understood, however, is that Necessity initiates its own causes, occasions its own results; subject to ―consequences‖ proceeding from both; that is to say, constitutes natural causations operating independently in accordance with its own laws; paradoxically limited, however, by its own restrictive/free condition

    5. The crowd of initiates moves on in silence

    6. “The second purpose,” he says, “is that only the top ten initiates are made members

    7. That means that even if we make it through each stage of initiation, six initiates will not be members

    8. I match my inhales to the inhales of the other initiates, and my exhales to their exhales

    9. They come from the bunk next to mine—they belong to a Candor boy, Al, the largest and broadest of all the initiates

    10. In less than a week, the Abnegation initiates will be able to visit their families for the first time since the Choosing Ceremony

    11. And the transfer initiates with forgiving parents will be able to see them again too

    12. Who else transferred? Did Susan? Are there any Abnegation initiates this year? If Abnegation is fizzling, it’s our fault—Robert’s and Caleb’s and mine

    13. He scans the group of transfer initiates briefly, without calculation, and says, “I want the Stiff

    14. Whatever Four’s strategy is, it’s based on the idea that I am weaker than the other initiates

    15. One of the Dauntless-born initiates touches Four’s shoulder and asks, “When your team won, where did you put the flag?”

    16. Christina defends Will’s plan; the Dauntless-born initiates vote for offense; everyone argues about who should make the decision

    17. Slowly the eyes of the other initiates, including Christina, migrate from him to me

    18. I follow the other initiates to the edge of the room, and they inch in front of me, eager to see what makes my stomach turn: Al, facing Eric’s wrath

    19. Clusters of families stand on the Pit floor, most of them Dauntless families with Dauntless initiates

    20. I think of Caleb standing among the Erudite initiates, scanning the crowd for our mother, and feel a pang in my stomach

    21. My rank can’t be as bad as it used to be, especially after I beat Molly, but it might not be good enough to get me in the top ten at the end of initiation, especially when the Dauntless-born initiates are factored in

    22. I’m too short to see over the crowd of initiates standing near the back of the room, but when I find a space between heads to look through, I see that the blackboard is on the ground, leaning against Four’s legs, facing away from us

    23. “The fact that you are transfers and the Dauntless-born initiates are not will not be taken into consideration

    24. Al isn’t dead last, but unless the Dauntless-born initiates completely failed their version of stage one of initiation, he is factionless

    25. He waves along the Dauntless-born initiates he walks with

    26. Uriah and I jog to catch up to the members, along with the other initiates, who barely look in my direction

    27. We pile in, members in one and initiates in the other

    28. AS FAR AS I can tell, the second stage of initiation involves sitting in a dark hallway with the other initiates, wondering what’s going to happen behind a closed door

    29. The Dauntless-born initiates and the transfers were separated during stage one, but we will be training together from now on

    30. I stand, my back sore from leaning against the wall for so long, and walk past the other initiates

    31. “You got out three times faster than the other initiates

    32. I see Will standing among the initiates, and something tickles at the back of my mind

    33. When I get back to the dormitory, I expect to find the same thing I found the day before: a few initiates lying on beds or staring at nothing

    34. The crowd of initiates breaks up slowly, leaving just me, Peter, Will, and Al standing there

    35. Four stops scanning the crowd of initiates and focuses his stare on me

    36. The crowd of initiates parts to make way for him as he walks toward Peter, folds his arms, and says, in a deadly voice, “I understand why you’re worried, Peter

    37. Some of the other initiates are awake, and some aren’t

    38. “One of the initiates,” says someone behind me

    39. I find Uriah, Will, and Christina standing among the other initiates

    40. Lauren, the instructor of the Dauntless-born initiates, stands with her hands on her hips outside the fear landscape room

    41. The initiates, who spend thirty days performing community service before they can become full members, sit side by side on a bench

    42. He sits with the other Dauntless-born initiates

    43. They are the initiates, carrying torches, and Peter is at the front of the pack

    44. “Your ranking among the other initiates, Dauntless-born included, will be announced then

    45. “Hopefully I ranked higher than him…oh, and all the Dauntless-born initiates

    46. It’s a new year, and we have a new pack of initiates

    47. “Tomorrow, in their first act as members, our top ten initiates will choose their professions, in the order of how they are ranked,” Eric says

    48. He releases me, laughing, and runs into a crowd of Dauntless-born initiates

    49. All the initiates fall into a line when they finish dressing

    50. Once I’m armed, I follow Will and the other initiates toward the exit

    1. Please check with a qualified practitioner before initiating this programme

    2. “Because those condensates are not initiating any transitions

    3. He also wondered if Kulai did? If they found no friend of Kemberra who knew Tdeshi, Kemberra is initiating a diversion from personal guilt associated with knowing Tdeshi

    4. After initiating the steady death march of warrior prisoners into the Rift, her husband had suddenly vanished, leaving a fearful and crushed Council of Races to ponder his latest evil machination

    5. XII and responsible for initiating the building of the Pope’s

    6. Touching a panel on the arm of the chair, “Ship's log, Acting Commander Dena of the Huntress, the company under the Elf's absolute direction is initiating Operation: 'Sleep-Over

    7. sense of security derived from feeling "balanced", concentration upon the core by initiating a

    8. The Nord wasted no time in calling out to the Praefect and initiating a conversation with him

    9. Hence, as inhabitants of this world, we are the ones initiating the movement of this critical piece

    10. If you were to spy on most guys, you would observe them initiating sex while she's tired, when she's angry, when she stressed out and even when she sad

    11. I would rather hear a guy tell me that he did something cliché and overused like dimming the lights, lighting candles and putting on romantic music and then initiating sex, because at least he understands that her emotional state is a factor

    12. rather be the one initiating this

    13. initiating Yogis and seekers, directing populace to the righteous path

    14. Pete located more than one reference that suggested the gains for initiating one of several bills would be miniscule in terms of reducing warming, but huge in terms of cost

    15. By initiating the action you’re building

    16. By initiating the action you’re building your confidence and

    17. These letters were circulated throughout all of the Persian empire, initiating

    18. He was initiating a new life, but now he was in the land of freedom

    19. “He’s initiating inquiries among the Healers of Xervia, Felion and Kletiuk

    20. Our forces are on alert, but we have made no redeployment in response to these events, in order to deny him any opportunity to accuse us of initiating hostilities

    21. “We have also been unable to open communications with anyone within Venak for the purpose of initiating diplomatic negotiations

    22. Alilia was honored for her role in initiating the formation of The Just Alliance, and for her deciding insight near the end of Mark’s confrontation with Zarkog

    23. Yazadril was honored for his role in initiating the formation of The Just Alliance, and for his tactical, strategic, and command performances prior to Mark’s assumption of command

    24. NGO/INGOs should encourage the church to be pro-active in initiating and

    25. would cover the costs for initiating and maintaining these electronic

    26. rents may be the mechanism for initiating gravitational collapse of matter

    27. Duprina gave you away to the Mages Council; she said you forged the witch apprentice application information and that you are initiating a conspiracy against her

    28. To respond as one would to an adult would be as bad as initiating sexual activity

    29. This behavior includes restraining partners against their will during sex, acting out fantasies in which the partner is helpless, initiating sex when the partner is asleep, or demanding sex when the partner is ill or tired

    30. Thinking about initiating sex after such a major operation may leave your partner feeling apprehensive

    31. obedience, which of course is very good, but it is not the karma initiating a

    32. I didn't know I could be so forward in initiating our physical relationship to the next step, but Aidan was truly a gentleman, and he seemed love it

    33. In comparison, weight training strengthens the muscle throughout the range of motion the joint is trained in, causing an increase in physical strength from the initiating through to terminating joint angle

    34. On July 16 Jupiter will enter your 12th house of spirituality, initiating a cycle of spiritual growth, development and success

    35. It is very important that she shows signs that she wants to be touched before initiating it, so that you won’t spoil everything

    36. intention of initiating change

    37. Rapidly climbing to the flight deck, they found two young women barely out of their teens at the controls initiating lift off procedures

    38. “Aye, Aye, ma’am! Homestead it is! Initiating acceleration to one G

    39. “POWER DISTRIBUTION NOW INITIATING,” was the words from the computer that cut him off

    40. Initiating a single impulse from her gravity drive, she shut her mouth and eyes, as she had been told to do to in case of explosive decompression, and hoped that the cargo shipmates would react fast enough

    41. She knew too well what kind of slow tortures she would go through if she was ever captured alive after initiating this escape

    42. the field and initiating the action of populate

    43. But you will find that once you start initiating yoga into your daily exercise

    44. populations by initiating pay freezes and dramatic cuts to

    45. “Very tragic,” Lord Ashburn replied, breaking the silence and initiating a flurry of conversation throughout the room

    46. and this will usually work in the favor of the party initiating this exercise

    47. Under either circumstance, Lady Jane would have a strong motive for wishing Terence dead, especially if he was directly involved in initiating the inquiry that could lead to her company losing a lucrative contract

    48. Half a minute later, a second salvo of six giant shells slammed in the ground east of the Marines’ positions, killing more KPRA soldiers and initiating the start of a retreat

    49. concerning the pain of initiating action,

    50. On the other hand, initiating a new war in Korea, with the promise of heavy casualties and ruinous military budgets, was not going to be palatable either to the American people

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