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Initiate in a sentence

The initiate is the boss.
The Initiate knows that 99.
The young Initiate was shaking.
I had to initiate the conversation.
She was in Four’s initiate class.

I wanted to initiate our conversation.
The government would not initiate a.
He could initiate this with a little.
They are the OPEN and CLOSED initiate.
The point is they respond, not initiate.
I’m the best initiate they’ve got.
They begin to initiate instead of follow.
All you need to initiate the swing mode.
Instead, we will initiate a trail on her.
It is but proper that this initiate wor-.
At this phase, we plan, initiate and then.
Does the Initiate expect it to be fair? No.
I must be the only initiate with this fear.
It will also initiate the movement forward.
None, until it is time to initiate braking.
This is the position of Inner Circle Initiate.
My wife is not the type to initiate sex, so.
Computers are not intended to initiate action.
A cherub cannot initiate an action like this.
Bush’s decision to initiate the war in Iraq.
The place they chose to allow man to initiate.
He hailed Myra to initiate docking procedures.
Yes, there was a Caleb in my initiate class.
I will show you how to initiate one on a forum.
We have no problem with change that WE INITIATE.
We were in the same initiate class, he says.
One other thing, they will not initiate anything.
I don’t initiate any new positions after 3:30 p.
Straightening herself, she decided to initiate a.
Other devices however, initiate unpleasant stimuli.
Inner Circle Initiate bypasses conventional morality.
First, he wanted to initiate a sense of need in Hurd.
The Initiate takes no notice whatsoever of the media.
And he knew he would relish initiating her.
By initiating the action you’re building.
For initiating conversation with me the other day.
He saw Spock tapping his communicator and initiating.
But you will find that once you start initiating yoga into.
Because those condensates are not initiating any transitions.
Rex collapsed into the pilot’s chair and began initiating the.
By initiating the action you’re building your confidence and.
XII and responsible for initiating the building of the Pope’s.
Because of this, I’m interested in initiating only long trades.
Meditation prior to Initiating in Energy Enhancement and being the.
Consider the difference between initiating a position at C or at D.
He was initiating a new life, but now he was in the land of freedom.
In this way psychological essence of initiating psychopractices lies.
Here are the chart patterns we look for in initiating option trades:.
Aye, Aye, ma’am! Homestead it is! Initiating acceleration to one G.
Stage 4 is the initiating procedure itself, as it is described in thou-.
NGO/INGOs should encourage the church to be pro-active in initiating and.
Please check with a qualified practitioner before initiating this programme.
He’s initiating inquiries among the Healers of Xervia, Felion and Kletiuk.
But you will find that once you start initiating yoga into your daily exercise.
These letters were circulated throughout all of the Persian empire, initiating.
She provided the novelty that I was initiating a married woman with child to sex.
To respond as one would to an adult would be as bad as initiating sexual activity.
We have a few basic money management rules that we follow in initiating positions:.
Suppose that after initiating our hedge, implied volatility immediately falls from 32.
Gravity forms by movement that establishes singularity initiating a circle in using Π.
Legged into the same spread as described earlier, instead of initiating it all at once.
POWER DISTRIBUTION NOW INITIATING, was the words from the computer that cut him off.
Never risk more than 50% on short option premium without initiating a follow-up position.
A trader initiating a futures position is only concerned with market direction, up or down.
Even if we know the side of the initiating offer, we don’t know the actual bet being made.
The Nord wasted no time in calling out to the Praefect and initiating a conversation with him.
This weekly central pivot is a key area for both initiating positions and taking profits.
Initiating a fight inside the crowded city would only attract unhealthy attention history-wise.
He spoke then, initiating a conversation with someone else besides himself for the first time.
At the other end of the long bar the manageress, Donna, was initiating new recruit, student Rita.
This is the key to creating a true paradise and initiating the long-awaited new age for humanity.
Its lips settled into the crook of her neck like those of a lover initiating an intimate interlude.
If you reduce the radius applying at the present back to what it was at the time of the initiating.
Then, she initiated a walk.
Here, we have initiated a.
A group of initiated priests.
JOYCE: Who initiated the kiss?
I thus initiated a project to.
She initiated start up procedures.
I was the one who initiated killing.
Then he initiated to say something….
I was initiated through the ceremony.
It was the military that initiated this.
Sometimes, rape is initiated by lust and.
Rapture was initiated by Jesus through Paul.
This trigger can be initiated through APEX.
Initiated a vertical bull put credit spread.
For the first time he initiated eye contact.
This process is initiated by the option buyer.
Sorren initiated a comlink with the Avenger 076.
Once recruited and initiated, they’re in for.
Peasants to their party and have initiated a.
This project and the Research were initiated to.
The war in Iraq was initiated to defeat terrorism.
Further workspace can be initiated or created by.
Ron Lewis, who initiated several of the complaints.
Frustrated by this failure, he initiated another.
Even as he was looking forward to be initiated to.
The missionary work, which was initiated under Rev.
Other company/ organization initiated topics which.
She initiated over 200 students in Transcendental.
As we closed on their home world they initiated a.
Adam, God initiated the plan to rescue man from sin.
Those who initiated the movement were not thinking.
Have you initiated an airlock depressurization?
This iron condor is initiated for a net credit of 1.
So it was reasonable to be initiated automatically.
This initiated a general movement towards the chairs.
More importantly, she had initiated contact with him.
The March/June 50 Strike Call Calendar When Initiated.
As he rode home he felt that he was finally initiated.
Affiliated and initiated, they sketched out the ideal.
Do Initiates flout the law?
A common man never initiates riot.
The Kybalion by the Three Initiates.
The crowd of initiates moves on in silence.
Sexuality initiates in the mind not the organ.
He initiates this pursuit to a point where we.
Al our initiates and the rebels they’d been.
He then initiates a Neutral Option Position.
He sits with the other Dauntless-born initiates.
The line of initiates passes into a dark hallway.
One of the initiates, says someone behind me.
There was a bit of a division between initiates.
Jet of Delta initiates the lead and the rest of his.
Though there may be only a handful of initiates in.
We pile in, members in one and initiates in the other.
It’s a new year, and we have a new pack of initiates.
As long as the horse initiates the backing up, let him.
Some of the other initiates are awake, and some aren’t.
He waves along the Dauntless-born initiates he walks with.
You got out three times faster than the other initiates.
The Initiates have multiplied, and this is the inner circle.
All the initiates fall into a line when they finish dressing.
I thought about poor Amos and our young initiates, surrounded by a.
Stands removed, spacious, composite, sound, initiates the true use.
I find Uriah, Will, and Christina standing among the other initiates.
Once I’m armed, I follow Will and the other initiates toward the exit.
Four stops scanning the crowd of initiates and focuses his stare on me.
One by one, my fellow initiates climb into the train car in front of us.
He releases me, laughing, and runs into a crowd of Dauntless-born initiates.
George was not one of the initiates, which meant that he had a long hard job.
It is He who initiates creation, and then repeats it, something easy for Him.
They are the initiates, carrying torches, and Peter is at the front of the pack.
That of the ten transfer initiates we started with, only six are still alive.
Hopefully I ranked higher than him…oh, and all the Dauntless-born initiates.
And the transfer initiates with forgiving parents will be able to see them again too.
Slowly the eyes of the other initiates, including Christina, migrate from him to me.
Gnosticism is said to require secret information that is available only to initiates.
I see Will standing among the initiates, and something tickles at the back of my mind.
The second purpose, he says, is that only the top ten initiates are made members.
I match my inhales to the inhales of the other initiates, and my exhales to their exhales.

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