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Initiate in a sentence

1. The initiate is the boss.
2. The Initiate knows that 99.
4. The young Initiate was shaking.
6. I had to initiate the conversation.
7. She was in Four’s initiate class.
8. The government would not initiate a.
9. I wanted to initiate our conversation.
10. He could initiate this with a little.
11. They are the OPEN and CLOSED initiate.
12. The point is they respond, not initiate.
13. They begin to initiate instead of follow.
14. Instead, we will initiate a trail on her.
15. I’m the best initiate they’ve got.
16. All you need to initiate the swing mode.
17. At this phase, we plan, initiate and then.
18. It is but proper that this initiate wor-.
19. Does the Initiate expect it to be fair? No.
20. I must be the only initiate with this fear.
21. It will also initiate the movement forward.
22. This is the position of Inner Circle Initiate.
23. None, until it is time to initiate braking.
24. My wife is not the type to initiate sex, so.
25. Computers are not intended to initiate action.
26. A cherub cannot initiate an action like this.
27. Bush’s decision to initiate the war in Iraq.
28. He hailed Myra to initiate docking procedures.
29. The place they chose to allow man to initiate.
30. I will show you how to initiate one on a forum.
31. Yes, there was a Caleb in my initiate class.
32. We have no problem with change that WE INITIATE.
33. We were in the same initiate class, he says.
34. One other thing, they will not initiate anything.
35. I don’t initiate any new positions after 3:30 p.
36. Straightening herself, she decided to initiate a.
37. Other devices however, initiate unpleasant stimuli.
38. Inner Circle Initiate bypasses conventional morality.
39. First, he wanted to initiate a sense of need in Hurd.
40. The Initiate takes no notice whatsoever of the media.
41. They think of the Initiate as a man who has developed.
42. For the record, I consider myself to be an open Initiate.
43. Those who can share out what they have, initiate others.
44. Inner Circle Initiate doesn’t expect the law to be fair.
45. I barely remember his last name from the initiate roster.
46. The Initiate never places himself in this kind of danger.
47. Navy Pier, another Dauntless-born initiate calls out.
48. He then stepped toward the prow to initiate a conversation.
49. She had to initiate the phone call, she knew how to get in.
50. Here the coach encourages coachees to initiate their goal by.
51. To initiate the styles, Choose the same from the Format Menu.
52. It used to be the Erudite initiate dormitory, Uriah says.
53. One of the best ways to initiate relations with parents is to.
54. Saul had just called in for clearance to initiate the exercise.
55. Stop trying to initiate sex at the slightest show of affection.
56. For a long time the new Initiate will not be able to understand.
57. Thomas did not initiate conversations because he feared rejection.
58. Master; so now may the Initiate put his thought beside that of the.
59. If investors owned no GMCR, they could initiate their position here.
60. But the Divergent were still being killed when I was an initiate.
61. To initiate the process, choose the Table Command from the Data Menu.
62. It is doubtful that she will attempt to initiate such intimacy again.
63. Your longing for God would guide you and initiate you in your Mantra.
64. If I have to initiate avoidance manoeuvres we will use a lot of fuel.
65. It was as if he were to initiate a mind meld with the mountain itself.
66. What was that, initiate? says Eric quietly, leaning closer to Al.
67. Ellzey, director of the Nixon Library, initiate a search for the memo.
68. The editor turned towards Olin and invited him to initiate the meeting.
69. The more I think about it, the more I am tempted to initiate that move.
70. As an initiate, you will come to hold only logical and consistent views.
71. The abductors knew, because it was time for them to initiate their plan.
72. If you want to start a relationship, you've got to initiate the dialogue.
73. Venna did not initiate a request to change partners for Noonsleep either.
74. It’s only that I feel a little behind in the field I hoped to initiate.
75. Tammas wondered if she was chosen to initiate the contact because of his.
76. The more confidence the new Initiate has the greater will be the flow of.
77. Terror-stricken and for the sake of my Consummation, I began to initiate.
78. The way around this risk is to initiate what is called a vertical spread.
79. The government of the day should initiate the process by first addressing.
80. Because of stresses caused by water cooling, would initiate crack from ID.
81. So you say, but maybe you'll have to be the one to initiate the healing.
82. Jaden concentrates on the Initiate Anti-Gravity Engines to the left of him.
83. David’s throne, initiate the Kingdom of God, and usher in the millennium.
84. A half hour later, Al is the only initiate who hasn’t hit the target yet.
85. At point 6, I initiate another RTM trade, as the squeeze has lost momentum.
86. Banks are, therefore, advised to initiate steps for allotting UCIC to all.
87. As Sandhya was about to initiate introductions, her mother called her again.
88. Determination Act that became the authority for states to initiate advanced.
89. It is for all time implied to initiate such pool landscaping at the earliest.
90. In addition to the GPOI the World Summit would initiate a World Solidarity.
91. Study from US Woman's Health Initiate (WHI) shows that estrogen replacement.
92. In that unexpected eventuality, she might, maybe, initiate another encounter.
93. In general, it is women who most frequently initiate the therapeutic contact.
94. But, of course, that's exactly what I would say if I were a closed Initiate!.
95. If you want to try him, you will have to initiate contact with him by wearing.
96. In our example, we were required to sell stock to initiate the original hedge.
97. Almost all stage hypnotists initiate a pre-selection process prior to the show.
98. We then initiate positions that are outside our projected range of the market.
99. He continues on the radio in a lower voice, HCT55 unit, initiate protocol 1.
100. The Sun Queen is the only person who can initiate the Aesira Jewel with Iluxia.
1. And he knew he would relish initiating her.
2. By initiating the action you’re building.
3. For initiating conversation with me the other day.
4. He saw Spock tapping his communicator and initiating.
5. But you will find that once you start initiating yoga into.
6. Because those condensates are not initiating any transitions.
7. By initiating the action you’re building your confidence and.
8. XII and responsible for initiating the building of the Pope’s.
9. Rex collapsed into the pilot’s chair and began initiating the.
10. Because of this, I’m interested in initiating only long trades.
11. Meditation prior to Initiating in Energy Enhancement and being the.
12. Consider the difference between initiating a position at C or at D.
13. He was initiating a new life, but now he was in the land of freedom.
14. In this way psychological essence of initiating psychopractices lies.
15. Here are the chart patterns we look for in initiating option trades:.
16. Aye, Aye, ma’am! Homestead it is! Initiating acceleration to one G.
17. Stage 4 is the initiating procedure itself, as it is described in thou-.
18. NGO/INGOs should encourage the church to be pro-active in initiating and.
19. Please check with a qualified practitioner before initiating this programme.
20. But you will find that once you start initiating yoga into your daily exercise.
21. He’s initiating inquiries among the Healers of Xervia, Felion and Kletiuk.
22. These letters were circulated throughout all of the Persian empire, initiating.
23. She provided the novelty that I was initiating a married woman with child to sex.
24. To respond as one would to an adult would be as bad as initiating sexual activity.
25. We have a few basic money management rules that we follow in initiating positions:.
26. Suppose that after initiating our hedge, implied volatility immediately falls from 32.
27. Gravity forms by movement that establishes singularity initiating a circle in using Π.
28. Legged into the same spread as described earlier, instead of initiating it all at once.
29. Never risk more than 50% on short option premium without initiating a follow-up position.
30. POWER DISTRIBUTION NOW INITIATING, was the words from the computer that cut him off.
31. A trader initiating a futures position is only concerned with market direction, up or down.
32. Even if we know the side of the initiating offer, we don’t know the actual bet being made.
33. The Nord wasted no time in calling out to the Praefect and initiating a conversation with him.
34. He spoke then, initiating a conversation with someone else besides himself for the first time.
35. Initiating a fight inside the crowded city would only attract unhealthy attention history-wise.
36. This weekly central pivot is a key area for both initiating positions and taking profits.
37. This is the key to creating a true paradise and initiating the long-awaited new age for humanity.
38. At the other end of the long bar the manageress, Donna, was initiating new recruit, student Rita.
39. Its lips settled into the crook of her neck like those of a lover initiating an intimate interlude.
40. If you reduce the radius applying at the present back to what it was at the time of the initiating.
41. Hence, as inhabitants of this world, we are the ones initiating the movement of this critical piece.
42. Thinking about initiating sex after such a major operation may leave your partner feeling apprehensive.
43. Our favorite pattern for initiating option purchases is a break out from a long term consolidation pattern.
44. Kemp hugged me too and said he was sorry before they heard the second honk initiating that they had to leave now.
45. Before initiating this trade, the November VIX option contracts are considered, specifically the November VIX calls.
46. Inwardly quailing, I forced myself to purchase drinks for young women in the hope of initiating some sort of contact.
47. Another one of our favorite patterns for initiating option purchases is a pullback after initial market bottoms or tops.
48. Very tragic, Lord Ashburn replied, breaking the silence and initiating a flurry of conversation throughout the room.
49. By initiating their air attacks against Vietnam from Chinese bases, the Soviets marked themselves for retaliatory strikes.
50. It is also possible that managing existing positions may require a slightly different mind-set than initiating new positions.
51. She knew too well what kind of slow tortures she would go through if she was ever captured alive after initiating this escape.
52. On July 16 Jupiter will enter your 12th house of spirituality, initiating a cycle of spiritual growth, development and success.
53. The first is that since we are initiating a spread of two positions instead of one there is an extra commission for each trade.
54. We have also been unable to open communications with anyone within Venak for the purpose of initiating diplomatic negotiations.
55. It is very important that she shows signs that she wants to be touched before initiating it, so that you won’t spoil everything.
56. Assuming a neutral to slightly bullish outlook for the VIX index over the next two months, a trader considers initiating an iron condor.
57. Rapidly climbing to the flight deck, they found two young women barely out of their teens at the controls initiating lift off procedures.
58. These efforts include initiating conversations with corporate management on issues of concern, and submitting and voting proxy resolutions.
59. This situation would draw their countable account balance below $25,000, and traders would be locked out of initiating any new trades.
60. To accommodate a bullish bias, the trade plan could encompass the idea of initiating the trade with a Stage I adjustment already in place:.
61. Nevertheless, the old man, though still robust, felt the importance of initiating his daughter into the secrets of his thrift and its management.
62. I didn't know I could be so forward in initiating our physical relationship to the next step, but Aidan was truly a gentleman, and he seemed love it.
63. If you were to spy on most guys, you would observe them initiating sex while she's tired, when she's angry, when she stressed out and even when she sad.
64. She had known before initiating the mind meld that she was not following procedures, but now her own overconfidence had presented her with a moral dilemma.
65. Optionz Traderz: Then why would you not sell Naked Puts on stocks you would want to own, and if they were put on you, it would be initiating an investment?
66. Mass is not connected to gravity in the way as initiating gravity since mass comes in place when it stops the motion of moving downwards of the falling body.
67. Both Andy and Basil developed an enviable facility of initiating light-hearted, amusing conversations with girls that interested them wherever they found them.
68. It is hoped that now you understand the magnitude of the task you are going to embark upon by initiating the abandonment of your ego and attainment of pure love.
69. Alilia was honored for her role in initiating the formation of The Just Alliance, and for her deciding insight near the end of Mark’s confrontation with Zarkog.
70. Duprina gave you away to the Mages Council; she said you forged the witch apprentice application information and that you are initiating a conspiracy against her.
71. Our forces are on alert, but we have made no redeployment in response to these events, in order to deny him any opportunity to accuse us of initiating hostilities.
72. We recommend only initiating these position at a credit, and closing them out if the price of the underlying market approaches the strike price of the options sold.
73. Therefore, this process of elimination brings us to the options that are close to, but not in-the-money (except when initiating our In-The-Money Debit Spread).
74. He also wondered if Kulai did? If they found no friend of Kemberra who knew Tdeshi, Kemberra is initiating a diversion from personal guilt associated with knowing Tdeshi.
75. Pete located more than one reference that suggested the gains for initiating one of several bills would be miniscule in terms of reducing warming, but huge in terms of cost.
76. On the other hand, initiating a new war in Korea, with the promise of heavy casualties and ruinous military budgets, was not going to be palatable either to the American people.
77. Half a minute later, a second salvo of six giant shells slammed in the ground east of the Marines’ positions, killing more KPRA soldiers and initiating the start of a retreat.
78. Touching a panel on the arm of the chair, Ship's log, Acting Commander Dena of the Huntress, the company under the Elf's absolute direction is initiating Operation: 'Sleep-Over.
79. Yazadril was honored for his role in initiating the formation of The Just Alliance, and for his tactical, strategic, and command performances prior to Mark’s assumption of command.
80. Since this strategy will only be unsuccessful if the market does not make a significant move in either direction, we limit the times we recommend initiating this position to the following:.
81. This is the kind of question that must be decided in advance, and your trading plan should encompass all the possibilities for managing existing positions as well as initiating new exposures.
82. After initiating the steady death march of warrior prisoners into the Rift, her husband had suddenly vanished, leaving a fearful and crushed Council of Races to ponder his latest evil machination.
83. It is often less expensive for a large pharmaceutical company to buy a biotech company that has already put the money into the early stage trials versus initiating their own clinical trials of a new drug.
84. In comparison, weight training strengthens the muscle throughout the range of motion the joint is trained in, causing an increase in physical strength from the initiating through to terminating joint angle.
85. Initiating a single impulse from her gravity drive, she shut her mouth and eyes, as she had been told to do to in case of explosive decompression, and hoped that the cargo shipmates would react fast enough.
86. When considering trading an option at a certain price (either by initiating a trade or by acting as a market maker and showing tradable bid and ask prices), the potential reward from the trade is a key factor.
87. Under either circumstance, Lady Jane would have a strong motive for wishing Terence dead, especially if he was directly involved in initiating the inquiry that could lead to her company losing a lucrative contract.
88. Pocket pivot buy points going into earnings announcements are playable, in our view, and position sizing can be scaled to one’s risk tolerance, and whether one is adding to an existing position or initiating one.
89. This behavior includes restraining partners against their will during sex, acting out fantasies in which the partner is helpless, initiating sex when the partner is asleep, or demanding sex when the partner is ill or tired.
90. If you reduce the radius applying at the present back to what it was at the time of the initiating of the Big Bang, you must also increase the influence gravity and mass had at that moment by the same number you are decreasing the radius.
91. I would rather hear a guy tell me that he did something cliché and overused like dimming the lights, lighting candles and putting on romantic music and then initiating sex, because at least he understands that her emotional state is a factor.
92. We may well ask about the processes of the executive Will and Thought initiating from and through some form of Creator that has produced the complex entities of Energy, Time, Space, and atom-energy structures including Self’s Soul and Spirit.
93. ROSEMARY AND EUNICE’S brother Ted, a senator from Massachusetts for more than forty-seven years, would take over as legislative champion for the cause of the disabled by initiating, sponsoring, and supporting hundreds of pieces of legislation.
94. In this answer Ulysses puts two different conceptions of beauty in front of each other: one refers to physical beauty, which Calypso has more of compared to Penelope; the other refers to a beauty that does not yet exist but that Ulysses wants to create by returning to Ithaca and initiating a fusion of opposites between himself and Penelope.
95. For example, Time Flows initiating all the spatial and psychic dynamics of our Forms which “inlay” with their different-qualitative states all the initial scenarios referred to by us “now” as the epoch of antiquity in no way can resonate with any of the Time Flows that start up this or that scenarios using SFUURMM-Forms of our modern Life.
96. She remained at the parsonage, dingily persistent, for several days on the pretext of initiating Ingeborg into the ways of the house; and each time Herr Dremmel, who seemed a little shy of embarking on controversy with her, mentioned trains, she burst in his presence into prayer and implored aloud on his behalf that he might never know what it was to be a widow.
97. That’s it, it’s nothing to invent and add to it! All those whom you now accuse and criticize, one day (either themselves, or indirectly through third parties) will accuse and criticize you, initiating in your rotation Cycle quite inharmonious situations! Since any of you “personally” simply cannot change any external events, which are the result of the collective creativity of many “people”, you should try to change your internal Experience and learn how to think in larger scales and wider perspectives concerning the things, the true Essence of which you don’t understand yet.
1. Then, she initiated a walk.
2. Here, we have initiated a.
3. A group of initiated priests.
4. JOYCE: Who initiated the kiss?
5. I thus initiated a project to.
6. She initiated start up procedures.
7. Then he initiated to say something….
8. I was initiated through the ceremony.
9. I was the one who initiated killing.
11. Sometimes, rape is initiated by lust and.
12. It was the military that initiated this.
13. Rapture was initiated by Jesus through Paul.
14. Initiated a vertical bull put credit spread.
15. For the first time he initiated eye contact.
16. This trigger can be initiated through APEX.
17. This process is initiated by the option buyer.
18. Sorren initiated a comlink with the Avenger 076.
19. Peasants to their party and have initiated a.
20. Once recruited and initiated, they’re in for.
21. The war in Iraq was initiated to defeat terrorism.
22. This project and the Research were initiated to.
23. Further workspace can be initiated or created by.
24. Frustrated by this failure, he initiated another.
25. Ron Lewis, who initiated several of the complaints.
26. Adam, God initiated the plan to rescue man from sin.
27. As we closed on their home world they initiated a.
28. She initiated over 200 students in Transcendental.
29. The missionary work, which was initiated under Rev.
30. Even as he was looking forward to be initiated to.
31. Other company/ organization initiated topics which.
32. Have you initiated an airlock depressurization?
33. Those who initiated the movement were not thinking.
34. So it was reasonable to be initiated automatically.
35. This iron condor is initiated for a net credit of 1.
36. This initiated a general movement towards the chairs.
37. More importantly, she had initiated contact with him.
38. The March/June 50 Strike Call Calendar When Initiated.
39. Affiliated and initiated, they sketched out the ideal.
40. As he rode home he felt that he was finally initiated.
41. God initiated His plan to save us through the covenant.
43. Freud [324] who initiated psychological description of.
44. We have initiated a comprehensive manhunt in that region.
45. Tickle voiced the pre-G cadence and I initiated the Hick.
46. But that, perhaps, could only be visible to the initiated.
47. The theory was initiated by economist Stephen Ross in 1976.
48. The game of battle was initiated by two competing teams who.
49. Besides, the arrogant little twit’s already been initiated.
50. As for Cosette, she had not been initiated into any of these.
51. A transition is initiated by a triggering event or condition.
52. Shapeshifting was more efficient initiated from a naked state.
53. He who used it was of the initiated, belonged to the Schools.
54. Action initiated in Spirituality should be continuous in time.
55. He then initiated an examination of Blairs cell phone records.
56. If it has not been initiated; there will be nothing like ajapa.
57. We initiated a group Speaking to her, explaining the situation.
58. Had a protest against any of it initiated, then the irrational.
59. We should stop the first step initiated towards drug addiction.
60. It is always the ego who is initiated; the age of the physical.
61. For me, they will always be the ones who initiated my awakening.
62. So, now that you know our secrets, they want you to be initiated.
63. Blacker initiated business with Tony, and they made friends later.
64. Eh? What? Didn't master see that this man–eater initiated the.
65. Annie sensed that she was about to be initiated into a new world.
66. He would wait until I was old enough to be initiated into a coven.
67. Satchidananda who gave me the energy to get Initiated astrally by.
68. The RCS initiated the Coast Guards wartime affiliation with the U.
69. At that, Kitara initiated the sparring match with the first strike.
70. Say, He who initiated them in the first instance will revive them.
71. A man who is initiated into yog is provided with two ways by which.
72. There were two of them but the celebrity looking one initiated the.
73. He had initiated a light mind meld with Lisa, without her knowledge.
74. I hope, Wallace, that you won`t forget who initiated this little.
75. Hearing the Director’s voice initiated a tick of doubt inside Locke.
76. We will assume that each position was initiated at the quoted prices.
77. The previous night the Lord appeared to him in a dream and initiated.
78. And after he’d initiated a conversation just a few moments earlier.
79. We must find out who initiated the attack on Wall Street last night.
80. Sports or the AIS and initiated the world's best scholarship programme.
81. Sophia initiated movements again, just after her mother closed the door.
82. He counts himself as one of those who are initiated into the wisdom of.
83. Th e initiated person was subjected to injuries as tokens of death and.
84. This line represents where XYZ is trading when the spread is initiated.
85. In this way there was a new Mythologic reality formed in initiated per-.
86. Once initiated, the spread is carried to expiration without adjustments.
87. A young man freshly initiated from his Clan would dare to challenge the.
88. There's a legal process in place here and most of it was initiated by me.
89. It is indeed impossible if selfless action has not been initiated at all.
90. In all cases when young people have been initiated, elder members of the.
91. He initiated the bill to protect Seattle merchants shipping supplies to.
92. That was the mute sign post to the initiated of the character of the place.
93. I'll admit I didn't have it in me to resist her, but I never initiated it.
94. Hitherto, except very rarely, persons have been initiated only after their.
95. They initiated a complicated handshake that took half a minute to complete.
96. In this case, it initiated the move that eventually saw silver soar to $50.
97. Pilgrim’s pride initiated the buyout by offering to buy Hillshire at $45.
98. However it did not leave Earth, because no vortex travel beam was initiated.
99. So as I began to think on this, a new revelation initiated new growth in me.
100. When an ego is initiated he becomes part of the closest organization in the.
1. Do Initiates flout the law?
2. A common man never initiates riot.
3. The Kybalion by the Three Initiates.
4. The crowd of initiates moves on in silence.
5. Sexuality initiates in the mind not the organ.
6. He initiates this pursuit to a point where we.
7. He then initiates a Neutral Option Position.
8. Al our initiates and the rebels they’d been.
9. The line of initiates passes into a dark hallway.
10. He sits with the other Dauntless-born initiates.
11. One of the initiates, says someone behind me.
12. There was a bit of a division between initiates.
13. Though there may be only a handful of initiates in.
14. Jet of Delta initiates the lead and the rest of his.
15. We pile in, members in one and initiates in the other.
16. It’s a new year, and we have a new pack of initiates.
17. As long as the horse initiates the backing up, let him.
18. Some of the other initiates are awake, and some aren’t.
19. He waves along the Dauntless-born initiates he walks with.
20. You got out three times faster than the other initiates.
21. The Initiates have multiplied, and this is the inner circle.
22. All the initiates fall into a line when they finish dressing.
23. I thought about poor Amos and our young initiates, surrounded by a.
24. Stands removed, spacious, composite, sound, initiates the true use.
25. I find Uriah, Will, and Christina standing among the other initiates.
26. Four stops scanning the crowd of initiates and focuses his stare on me.
27. Once I’m armed, I follow Will and the other initiates toward the exit.
28. One by one, my fellow initiates climb into the train car in front of us.
29. He releases me, laughing, and runs into a crowd of Dauntless-born initiates.
30. George was not one of the initiates, which meant that he had a long hard job.
31. It is He who initiates creation, and then repeats it, something easy for Him.
32. They are the initiates, carrying torches, and Peter is at the front of the pack.
33. That of the ten transfer initiates we started with, only six are still alive.
34. Hopefully I ranked higher than him…oh, and all the Dauntless-born initiates.
35. And the transfer initiates with forgiving parents will be able to see them again too.
36. Slowly the eyes of the other initiates, including Christina, migrate from him to me.
37. Gnosticism is said to require secret information that is available only to initiates.
38. I see Will standing among the initiates, and something tickles at the back of my mind.
39. The second purpose, he says, is that only the top ten initiates are made members.
40. I match my inhales to the inhales of the other initiates, and my exhales to their exhales.
41. Your ranking among the other initiates, Dauntless-born included, will be announced then.
42. Soft, soothing, low—I wonder, then, if that is something they teach their initiates here.
43. This mental flailing around is what initiates most of the mistakes all amateurs tend to make.
44. The crowd of initiates breaks up slowly, leaving just me, Peter, Will, and Al standing there.
45. When the winning trader initiates a new trade, he writes a trade plan as part of the process.
46. There is always that rare company that initiates a new product or service, but it’s an outlier.
47. The Bible provides profound wisdom and initiates self-discovery, resulting in a very strong faith.
48. Whatever Four’s strategy is, it’s based on the idea that I am weaker than the other initiates.
49. Inner Circle Initiates live by their own set of rational, coherent and internally generated morals.
50. I stand, my back sore from leaning against the wall for so long, and walk past the other initiates.
51. The play() method initiates the interaction between the created hero and the obstacle as follows:.
52. He scans the group of transfer initiates briefly, without calculation, and says, I want the Stiff.
53. Clusters of families stand on the Pit floor, most of them Dauntless families with Dauntless initiates.
54. That means that even if we make it through each stage of initiation, six initiates will not be members.
55. In a nuclear reaction that catalyst would be a neutron which initiates a split of, say a Uranium atom.
56. The spell considers them low ranking soldiers, and so it only initiates one-way communication with them.
57. Doctrine of Two Spirits was reserved for proven initiates and the scrolls hidden in the caves were.
58. IC Initiates are in control of themselves, and allow no other agency to assume this awesome responsibility.
59. Uriah and I jog to catch up to the members, along with the other initiates, who barely look in my direction.
60. What is it that initiates the transmutation of ignorance into wisdom? What is the catalyst for this process?
61. The fact that you are transfers and the Dauntless-born initiates are not will not be taken into consideration.
62. The completion of excavation work initiates the preparations for casting the floor in the new production premises.
63. I watched two classes of initiates with that expression, but none of them was ever facing what Caleb is facing now.
64. I use this as an example of contrary thinking, and not to imply that allInner Circle initiates hold this exact belief.
65. They come from the bunk next to mine—they belong to a Candor boy, Al, the largest and broadest of all the initiates.
66. I think of Caleb standing among the Erudite initiates, scanning the crowd for our mother, and feel a pang in my stomach.
67. Say, "Can any of your partners initiate creation, and then repeat it?" Say, "God initiates creation, and then repeats it.
68. Lauren, the instructor of the Dauntless-born initiates, stands with her hands on her hips outside the fear landscape room.
69. The sun forms time as it initiates space through the Hubble concept and it ends time by compressing space into the oblivious.
70. The Dauntless-born initiates and the transfers were separated during stage one, but we will be training together from now on.
71. One of the Dauntless-born initiates touches Four’s shoulder and asks, When your team won, where did you put the flag?
72. But after that, the horse will take his time at a slow walk until he initiates a trot or canter without prompting by the trainer.
73. In less than a week, the Abnegation initiates will be able to visit their families for the first time since the Choosing Ceremony.
74. Consider the trader who initiates a spread with a good theoretical edge and a large margin for error in almost every risk category.
75. The initiates, who spend thirty days performing community service before they can become full members, sit side by side on a bench.
76. Christina defends Will’s plan; the Dauntless-born initiates vote for offense; everyone argues about who should make the decision.
77. Under article five, section two it clearly states that if a member country initiates any form of unprovoked hostility or aggression.
78. On His materialization in the centre of the circle all the Adepts and Initiates bow gravely towards Him, and another verse is chanted.
79. There are eight other helmeted suntowers outside the Yakhan, it is possible to take you there if any of their initiates would allow it.
80. It would be a mistake to suppose that all Initiates are equal in development, just as it would be unsafe to assume that all men who have.
81. Al isn’t dead last, but unless the Dauntless-born initiates completely failed their version of stage one of initiation, he is factionless.
82. When I get back to the dormitory, I expect to find the same thing I found the day before: a few initiates lying on beds or staring at nothing.
83. During this time, the management team initiates a share repurchase program and purchases 20% of its shares at an average price of $50 per share.
84. For example, Berkshire Hathaway rarely initiates stock buybacks because it uses cash to purchase other business with better long-term potential.
85. Tomorrow, in their first act as members, our top ten initiates will choose their professions, in the order of how they are ranked, Eric says.
86. When we reach one another, Sabrina initiates the conversation, "Apollo has something to tell you, but hear him out before you say anything, okay?".
87. I follow the other initiates to the edge of the room, and they inch in front of me, eager to see what makes my stomach turn: Al, facing Eric’s wrath.
88. When making a trade that initiates a new position, most investors concentrate on the importance of the profit, or how much can be earned from the trade.
89. The Word initiates creation and life, the Soul connects creation to the Creator, and the Spirit constitutes the integrity and essence of the individual.
90. Jesus boldly initiates the conversation with the woman at the well knowing the cultural taboos of a man speaking to a woman and a Jew addressing a Samaritan.
91. Who else transferred? Did Susan? Are there any Abnegation initiates this year? If Abnegation is fizzling, it’s our fault—Robert’s and Caleb’s and mine.
92. The crowd of initiates parts to make way for him as he walks toward Peter, folds his arms, and says, in a deadly voice, I understand why you’re worried, Peter.
93. It’s pretty hard to surprise John and he really doesn’t mind being the one that initiates the time alone because he says he has so much to be thankful to us for.
94. AS FAR AS I can tell, the second stage of initiation involves sitting in a dark hallway with the other initiates, wondering what’s going to happen behind a closed door.
95. One computer (called the sender-SMTP) initiates communication with the other (the receiver-SMTP) by establishing a TCP connection using the standard three-way handshake.
96. Therefore, before it transmits the zone transfer request message, the slave server initiates a TCP connection with the primary master using the standard three-way handshake.
97. This pollution for the most part is irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that must support life but in the living tissues is for the most part irreversible.
98. As far as the spell is concerned, they are your officers, and the spell initiates a shielded two-way Speaking with them, so that they can pass you information as well as receive your orders.
99. Whoever initiates actions after controlling all his sense organs with his mind (getting over his likes and dislikes, and selfish desires) and without (selfish) attachment (to results), succeeds.
100. Link Training Frames Every time a node is restarted or reconnected to the network, it initiates a link training procedure with its hub by transmitting a series of specialized link training packets.

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