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Inspect en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I need to inspect it.
  2. I need to inspect you.
  3. Her job was to inspect.
  4. Sol squatted to inspect her.
  5. He bent over to inspect them.

  6. Inspect for cracking and if.
  7. They both went in to inspect it.
  8. I then had time to inspect them.
  9. Might I inspect the item?
  10. Inspect all containers for leaks.
  11. Inspect the meaning: FREE SPEECH.
  12. Frankie began to inspect the phone.
  13. She stooped to inspect it closely.
  14. We need to inspect the premises.
  15. Inspect it at first and last light.

  16. Once the Chief came to inspect the line.
  17. You may tell Ryodan I will inspect it.
  18. They both head over and inspect the crack.
  19. The first thing was to inspect the scene.
  20. They started to inspect their surrounding.
  21. She stepped closer to inspect the zipper.
  22. If you inspect the powder pants and ski.
  23. I should want to inspect the letters, of.
  24. He sauntered away to inspect the enclosure.
  25. We can see that using the inspect module:.

  26. She walked over to more closely inspect them.
  27. They inspect wood? It was unbelievable.
  28. The three got up to inspect the battlefield.
  29. C) Inspect highwall, spoil and pit conditions.
  30. I am here to inspect this hospital, mister.
  31. Instead he bent over to inspect his injuries.
  32. Inspect the tree and see if there is any fruit.
  33. He pulls off her stockings to inspect her heels.
  34. In pairs they mounted the five steps to inspect.
  35. One of the guards came running over to inspect.
  36. The woman came closer to inspect the scared girls.
  37. Adams slid to the ground and began to inspect the.
  38. He continued to inspect what he referred to as his.
  39. Sheikho insist to inspect his horse before sleep?
  40. Joey lowered the gun and knelt to inspect the damage.
  41. They can rip things out of the car and inspect them.
  42. He had been told repeatedly to inspect it, to make.
  43. He swung the seat around and got up to inspect the.
  44. He opened the inner door to enter and inspect the room.
  45. He would inspect the place, then bring with him only.
  46. Investigator from Jaca has arrived to inspect the scene.
  47. But beforehand, come inspect the cabin set aside for you.
  48. She was just praying that no one would think to inspect.
  49. Frank here and I were just coming to inspect the pool.
  50. He moved a little closer to inspect me and I just let him.
  51. Get an extension ladder set up, and Trask will inspect it.
  52. When he reached Astray he leaned down to inspect his knife.
  53. Don’t inspect their outward appearance too much, because.
  54. He left the square and headed north to inspect another one.
  55. Brock went straight to the dabo tables to inspect the games.
  56. Not the kind that actually go inspect an investment, anyway.
  57. Sorren replied, Because they didn’t bother to inspect us.
  58. Inspect the indoor and outdoor coils of your air conditioner.
  59. Before use inspect both the patient’s and artificial airway.
  60. He left to inspect the defenses around the last town you took.
  61. He had to inspect the kids bedrooms and look at their worlds.
  62. Reverend Channing ran out of his bedroom to inspect the damage.
  63. When she put it on, she stood back to inspect herself, pleased.
  64. The man continued to inspect the splint I put on the boy’s arm.
  65. His friend stooped down to inspect the creature, Uglier than.
  66. He starts to inspect her from head to toe, checking for weapons.
  67. Leeds continued to inspect the girl with amusement in his glance.
  68. Bedford continued to watch Jozef inspect the stained glass window.
  69. Inspect your life and list things that need work when it comes to.
  70. Nord had heard the crying downstairs, it had drawn him to inspect.
  71. Nancy touches and pulls the skin on Dana's neck and inspect it too.
  72. They should also inspect the raft for signs of leakage or chafing.
  73. Bruce walked over to inspect Jason’s tent while Nick tended the.
  74. The first few days all I did was inspect accounts and sign forms.
  75. Before you cut the lawn, you should inspect it for signs of stress.
  76. And if you'd care to follow me, we'll inspect the Nautilus's stern.
  77. Joey thinks his father will shortly appear to inspect the Lindebergs.
  78. Farah had broken the lock on each of the containers to inspect ‘the.
  79. Let the gut spill out, allow it to hang down so that you can inspect it.
  80. When do we inspect The Stables again? It’s got to happen, and soon.
  81. Vic got up quickly to inspect the area where they had planted the device.
  82. Before stopping to inspect, she glanced around, searching for the killer.
  83. Simon blushes and lowers his head, pretending to inspect his writing tools.
  84. During my teaching days visiting teachers used to come and inspect our work.
  85. I should ask about my neighbor without being a spy on him but inspect him:.
  86. She directed her assistants to inspect and confirm the prisoners' bindings.
  87. What is it? said one of his comrades, coming over to inspect the item.
  88. You don’t use these anymore? I ask, as I move in closer to inspect.
  89. The hand was already on her arm, already lifting it to inspect her injuries.
  90. He wiped at it with the side of his hand, leaning over to inspect the words.
  91. At roll call she walked with a clipboard in hand and stopped to inspect each.
  92. Both assailants stood back to inspect the damage as Gary went down in a heap.
  93. Once inside the cave, Mikhail opened one of the packages for Karl to inspect.
  94. They inspect and observe human pain because they do not understand what it is.
  95. You inspect fingertips, the flesh around scars, breathe in the smell of sweat.
  96. In that case, Miss Stoper, I had best inspect a few more of your young ladies.
  97. Renfield artfully waited until the attendant was entering the room to inspect.
  98. Parliament and diplomats touring the front … came to inspect the miraculous.
  99. He brushed the younger man aside and kneeled to inspect Peter’s pierced side.
  100. Marco smiled as his family and friends came closer to inspect the newborn child.
  1. Inspecting his muddy shoes, he.
  2. Focus on inspecting closely how.
  3. Zia is still inspecting the TV screen.
  4. He says he was out inspecting Spot 24.
  5. They were inspecting two splattered mounds.
  6. Bridget began inspecting the house excitedly.
  7. One they use for storage and inspecting wood.
  8. The boat turned around, after inspecting the.
  9. Inspecting the Property with an Eye for Rehab.
  10. Why? I asked, anxiously inspecting myself.
  11. After a moment, he continued inspecting the bill.
  12. An hour later, four men were inspecting the damage.
  13. Jeanne nodded her head while inspecting the façade.
  14. After inspecting the little security strings.
  15. JOE WAS ON A BUSINESS TRIP, inspecting the port in L.
  16. He heaved a big sigh, inspecting the ceiling cornice.
  17. Carefully inspecting it, there was no mistaking its.
  18. He started inspecting one of the tapestries, before.
  19. We did some inspecting and discovered that the city.
  20. Spock moved into the living area, inspecting the room.
  21. May 16, 2008: Abner was inspecting the Paradise cavern.
  22. The cops moved in, and began inspecting the lake house.
  23. Bradshaw began inspecting the selection of screwdrivers.
  24. The man inspecting the passport glanced at his colleague.
  25. No worries, Data, Garcia said, inspecting the room.
  26. Jimmy stood proudly inspecting them, the children stood.
  27. There are also termite inspecting Dogs called TADD Dogs.
  28. They were busy inspecting a worrying crack in one of the.
  29. Oh dear, he tutted, inspecting a tear in his jacket.
  30. He stood back inspecting the crate, and said, Perfect.
  31. He seemed to be inspecting something in the bottom of it.
  32. Wesley looks up from inspecting a pair of boots and grins.
  33. On the morning of April 26, 1986, Natasha was inspecting.
  34. Just as the boy was inspecting the toy car Vinny snatched.
  35. In the square, Mick found the guys inspecting the tempting.
  36. Soft bright silks and the feel of eyes inspecting, enjoying.
  37. His boss sat there for a few moments tapping and inspecting.
  38. Don't use older extension cords without inspecting them first.
  39. Batistuta strol ed along each hal , inspecting the numbers of.
  40. Before the fight, Egil insisted on inspecting Halfdan's weapons.
  41. Now another two men were out of their car and inspecting their.
  42. Batistuta let his bag slip to the ground and he began inspecting.
  43. I don’t think so, said Wilx, inspecting the nearby bodies.
  44. Maley had been inspecting the room, keeping a close watch on Viella.
  45. After Heidi had disappeared, he went around the house inspecting it.
  46. January 17, 2108: Abner Jacobs was busy inspecting the corn crop at.
  47. He sat proudly upon the dirt path, inspecting the figure before him.
  48. Alec passed the time by inspecting the elf's body for signs of life.
  49. Actually, corrected Red XIII, inspecting the man closely, I.
  50. He also enjoyed inspecting the projects she was currently working on.
  51. Probably a trained reflex, he said, inspecting it a little closer.
  52. Anna was inspecting her second ring, her face content with satisfaction.
  53. Alessandra tried to keep a straight face while inspecting her fingernails.
  54. Nangong Ping looked around him, inspecting the hall and the darkness but.
  55. Old Szeezool comes dancing up to the buffalo, sniffing at it, inspecting it.
  56. Fox and Quill were inspecting the fire, the opossum called Dell catching up.
  57. Fred bent over him and was inspecting the gashing wound across his forehead.
  58. She walked around the latter inspecting her then came back to talk to Henry.
  59. Very interesting, Jaden says while walking around and inspecting the body.
  60. Just moments later, the inspecting commission reached the compartment where M.
  61. She is from the NACSE agency and has been inspecting the port’s air systems.
  62. Inspecting the base first, Steve found the hallmark that told him the box was.
  63. Andy walked towards him, inspecting the boy and gun that was too large for him.
  64. The King was inspecting each of the Sojourners as they stepped on to the stage.
  65. Leigh watched her abb walk in between the men, inspecting each as he walked by.
  66. After inspecting the buildings they wandered past the tennis courts to the pool.
  67. And then the whole thing just disintegrates into her inspecting his fingernails.
  68. Returning to Gwog, Dar followed along as his captain continued inspecting slaves.
  69. Inspecting his knuckles in the back of the cab, Chris found them to be unmarked.
  70. A blur, he moved among the branches, inspecting every dangling elf he could find.
  71. Well, well, well Mallika, Adrinius droned on inspecting the rest of my room.
  72. You're pregnant, aren't you? he asked, inspecting her in the interior lights.
  73. She dressed quickly, then opened the curtains and looked out, inspecting the view.
  74. Karyl turned the bow over in his hands, seeming more to be savoring than inspecting.
  75. There were high school students inspecting radios, war prisoners stocking supplies.
  76. Elly had been inspecting the rolling hills of Yorkshire that were filled with sheep.
  77. Jed walked along the line of scarecrows, like a sergeant major inspecting his troops.
  78. He usually attended the cabinet meetings, Today, however, he was out inspecting the.
  79. Another turned and beat the mattress on his bed, inspecting it for fleas and bedbugs.
  80. Shadow says nothing as she looks all three of them over as if she was inspecting them.
  81. After four hours of inspecting the ship, Nathan and Simon returned to the flight deck.
  82. Reinhardt looked at Zoe and lifted her chin with his finger, inspecting her bloody lip.
  83. His dark eyes held my gaze for so long I knew he was inspecting me as I inspected him.
  84. He put on some gloves and sat back down on the bed, inspecting her arm for a good vein.
  85. Inspecting the large selection of trainers, Frank picked one up, weighing it in his hand.
  86. Groups of three or four wolves routinely trotted through the towns inspecting and observing.
  87. There was a security station to his left, two desultory guards inspecting bags and packages.
  88. Nancy nodded on inspecting the two cameras: they were about the best models money could buy.
  89. The trouble began at the training camp at Seaford when the captain was inspecting the company.
  90. I saw no need for another set of eyes inspecting the Den; we found nothing conclusive, anyhow.
  91. Inspecting the parts at his feet, his eyes diverted to the footprints he made stepping over them.
  92. Hunter could see a single figure moving up and down the ranks, the general inspecting the troops.
  93. We were at Fox’s Den — with Fox — inspecting the place, working off your lead on the Bears.
  94. Grandfather's away, inspecting the perimeter, checking fortifications, trudging through the snow.
  95. Merdon took his place there, inspecting the various aspects of the ceremony with utmost scrutiny.
  96. Samual looked at me, final y taking his eyes from the dragon and knelt next to us inspecting the.
  97. There was a bit of silence as she got back to inspecting more of the plants for the tiny bore-holes.
  98. Ingrid didn’t reply to that at once, instead inspecting the terrain ahead with her acute eyesight.
  99. We are inspecting the books here in the Paymasters office and we have reason to believe that one.
  100. Rose followed her at a walk, inspecting one last time the exterior hull of her ship before departure.
  1. Lezura went and inspected it.
  2. Pa inspected his scraped nail.
  3. The Doctor inspected the arrow.
  4. He inspected her with interest.
  5. Paul inspected the home more.
  6. She inspected the costume again.
  7. She bent down and inspected it.
  8. Rose inspected him more closely.
  9. He inspected and found injuries.
  10. He stood and inspected his work.
  11. He inspected closer, and saw it.
  12. Tom inspected the gasket for leaks.
  13. I held my hand up and inspected it.
  14. He also inspected the wood casement.
  15. He inspected the books in the library.
  16. I inspected all that there was to see.
  17. Elder Rendall had inspected the body.
  18. He slowly approached and inspected it.
  19. She inspected a lacy, see through bra.
  20. We enter the hangar we inspected before.
  21. Haynes inspected her face more closely.
  22. Hesitantly, I got up and inspected it.
  23. Saburo inspected her with satisfaction.
  24. He stopped and inspected the grotesque.
  25. She inspected the lock with her fingers.
  26. Davies’ back, Mick inspected the wound.
  27. General Hammon inspected it, skeptically.
  28. As he inspected each angle, each sparkly.
  29. The rocket? He inspected his cigarette.
  30. He inspected the kitchen and the menu’s.
  31. The supervisor inspected Sharon for a few.
  32. Eric caught a falling leaf and inspected it.
  33. I inspected the balloons suspended above me.
  34. Do not quite add up when inspected closely.
  35. I inspected further on the things around me.
  36. Jose briefly inspected its controls, in awe.
  37. Turning, Casey inspected the remaining eggs.
  38. She bent down and inspected the wolfs wounds.
  39. Gladys held up the uniform and inspected it.
  40. He wiped his forehead and inspected the hole.
  41. Hilsith stepped to him and inspected his eyes.
  42. He carefully inspected the wreckage, asking.
  43. I wondered when they had last been inspected.
  44. Chipped? Ralf inspected his surroundings.
  45. Sachie bent close and inspected Yukino’s arm.
  46. Batistuta inspected the handle of the bullet.
  47. She inspected his arm then kissed his forehead.
  48. The woman inspected the coins with one big eye.
  49. The older officer inspected her naked left wrist.
  50. Joey went and inspected the damage to the ground.
  51. He went out in a wide circle and inspected the.
  52. Two Rivers inspected his work, and then he nodded.
  53. He knelt by the body of the dead Abbot, inspected.
  54. Drake moved to a monitor and inspected the display.
  55. The man inspected them slowly and handed them back.
  56. Satisfied, he inspected the well head and fittings.
  57. She wiped her hand over it, and inspected her palm.
  58. I inspected the poles, and none of them had broken.
  59. The men shuffled their feet and inspected their shoes.
  60. She inspected her talons before changing back to Ruth.
  61. They inspected the images’ reflections in a mirror.
  62. I need it now, he demanded as he inspected the room.
  63. He quickly inspected her work and bowed his approval.
  64. She came and inspected the body in poorly-acted horror.
  65. He then inspected the new generator and found it was.
  66. Rhone pulled it through and inspected the amulet with.
  67. He had torn them down and inspected every little part.
  68. Mr…? Coolly, she inspected the young man standing.
  69. I rolled the bad tire to a high place and inspected it.
  70. Jartis finally got the cover off and inspected the pipe.
  71. Again she inspected herself, nodding with satisfaction.
  72. Once in, I inspected the place: empty picture frames on.
  73. He then walked over to the spruce and inspected its tag.
  74. Longleaf inspected it and saw no writing on the outside.
  75. Sandy stepped back and inspected the young woman up and.
  76. He inspected the pockets of his old jeans for holes and.
  77. Therese inspected the feeder on the elm by the back deck.
  78. Lastly he closed the lid and inspected the top of the box.
  79. Hrun screwed a finger in his ear and inspected it absently.
  80. They inspected the laptop which was open but switched off.
  81. I carefully inspected the contents one at a time and then.
  82. He inspected me, touching, poking and pinching everywhere.
  83. Walking up to his workshop he inspected the lock carefully.
  84. Fred carefully inspected the rubber ball which was slightly.
  85. That night, he inspected the SD card contents on his computer.
  86. He picked it up and pursed his lips as he inspected the fake.
  87. Critical infrastructure has been guarded and ships inspected.
  88. In the bank, she inspected the safety deposit box her father.
  89. I had never been on the board and certainly never inspected.
  90. In the bungalow, they inspected our environments and our kit.
  91. When he reached the upper floor, he inspected the nearest room.
  92. Therese inspected the shoe while she waited for Jen’s reply.
  93. Darek inspected the leaves of the leaves and they looked like.
  94. Drey followed Darek to the wall and together they inspected it.
  95. Melissa rolled up her sleeve and inspected the wound on her arm.
  96. He inspected his uniform while he was waiting for his breakfast.
  97. The security guard observed the box on the table and inspected it.
  98. I took Bubba around the rest stop while Josh inspected the place.
  99. Jamal turned to leave and I inspected the bullet hole in the wall.
  100. He inspected the weapon the girl had given him, and smiled grimly.
  1. In the meantime the mill inspects.
  2. Berndt echoes my opinion when he inspects.
  3. Bebida inspects the cube without touching it.
  4. Leah turns away from the pot of wax and inspects me.
  5. The king's eyes narrow as he inspects Rapunzel's face.
  6. She requests to personally inspects the accommodations.
  7. Shadow walks over and visually inspects Explode’s body.
  8. He inspects my sensible hosen and warm woollen vullejakt approvingly.
  9. He opens it up and inspects the sharpness of the blade with his thumb.
  10. Killer takes the satchel away from him again and inspects it once more.
  11. What happened? She places her palms on my cheeks and inspects my face.
  12. The history teacher inspects the papers and has nothing to say about this latest shocker.
  13. She inspects the bar, checks table layouts and reservations, and spends an hour with chef.
  14. NET provides helper function to check for Ajax requests which internally inspects X-Requested-.
  15. He runs his fingers down her arm, then her thigh, pulls her closer to him, inspects her hair, kisses it.
  16. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) inspects foreign vessels, crews, and manifests to enforce compliance with U.
  17. Not wasting any time, Joris, using a knife I didn’t realise he had, rips off the sleeve of Berndt’s tunic, and inspects the damage.
  18. What is necessary for the defence and support of the whole empire, and in what proportion each part ought to contribute, can be judged of only by that assembly which inspects and super-intends the affairs of the whole empire.
  19. What concerned the whole empire would in this way be determined by the assembly which inspects and superintends the affairs of the whole empire ; and the provincial affairs of each colony might still be regulated by its own assembly.
  20. She looks down at the hand he's dropped to her arm, and with the same care she would give to the finest crystal, she lifts it up and inspects it, cradling it in her hands before gently tracing the lines across his palm and the invisible scar where she once healed him.

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