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    1. Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic

    2. The Antis try to whip up antagonism; my role is frequently to ascertain what is being done and to counteract it if at all possible

    3. conversation with the lorry driver to ascertain the exact location of

    4. We are endeavouring to ascertain how they met their deaths

    5. They have risen, too, considerably since that time, though, on account of the greater variety of wages paid there in different places, it is more difficult to ascertain how much

    6. It is not easy, it has already been observed, to ascertain what are the average wages of labour, even in a particular place, and at a particular time

    7. To ascertain what is the average profit of all the different trades carried on in a great kingdom, must be much more difficult; and to judge of what it may have been formerly, or in remote periods of time, with any degree of precision, must be altogether impossible

    8. All indications, it is acknowledged, are doubtful; and the actual discovery and successful working of a new mine can alone ascertain the reality of its value, or even of its existence

    9. The same quantity of silver, it may perhaps be said, will, in the present times, even according to the account which has been here given, purchase a much smaller quantity of several sorts of provisions than it would have done during some part of the last century ; and to ascertain whether this change be owing to a rise in the value of those goods, or to a fall in the value of silver, is only to establish a vain and useless distinction, which can be of no sort of service to the man who has only a certain quantity of silver to go to market with, or a certain fixed revenue in money

    10. It has since received three very capital improvements, besides, probably, many smaller ones, of which it may be difficult to ascertain either the number or the importance

    11. She glanced about quickly to ascertain if an adult were with him

    12. But we need to ascertain that

    13. It might, and it frequently was proposed, that he should regulate and ascertain them

    14. In what proportion this final payment would be divided between them, it is not, perhaps, very easy to ascertain

    15. In order to ascertain how many hearths were in the house, it was necessary that the tax-gatherer should enter every room in it

    16. custom-house officer, in order to ascertain how far the quantity contained in it corresponded with that for which the duty had been paid

    17. It might, perhaps, be a little difficult to ascertain either what sort, or what degree of absence, would subject a man to be taxed as an absentee, or at what precise time the tax should either begin or end

    18. “First of all let me put your mind at rest all these questions are for is to ascertain whether you saw anyone killed and if you did could you identify them?” He took his hanky out again and blew his nose before he continued

    19. sent a quartermaster aloft with orders to communicate all that he could ascertain from the appearance of the sail

    20. In a gruff voice he said, ‘If we increase in units of fifty in ten second intervals we can better ascertain a response

    21. Tests were needed in the postmortem to ascertain the exact truth for Jimmy’s condition

    22. Therefore, can any of us ascertain, without qualification, that the manner an individual behaves is either moral or immoral without properly assessing that individual‘s underlying assumptions or conditions without compromising our (own) judgment? Insight into ―things‖, as indicated above, requires that an individual be cognizant of the internal factors that correctly define the quality of his or her actions; that such qualities ―unseen‖ are nevertheless as real as Character, Decency or Virtuosity, or their opposites, that become readily apparent to an inquiring mind

    23. So I e-mailed some of my friends to ascertain the reality of what was happening

    24. Using her training she pulled herself together ascertain the situation and realised that the base and the team had been fully compromised

    25. When no one could ascertain how many guns a major general was due, Major Harris had instructed the staff sergeant in charge of the artillery to fire three volleys, on the theory that what was good enough for a funeral would be good enough for the generals

    26. He’d decided to ascertain if I was opposing his will and still going out with Ernest

    27. Of course we had little privacy of our own and no self-respect that I could ascertain

    28. I thought perhaps you could communicate with them and ascertain whether they are what they claim to be, and what they planned to do with all the salt

    29. From what I could ascertain, Nigel lived beyond his means for the past five years

    30. Frankfurter instructed his law clerk, Alexander Bickel, to search the background of the Fourteenth Amendment to ascertain whether its framers had intended the equal protection clause to apply to schools

    31. 7 He could not go up to Heaven to ascertain God's order regarding their getting into the garden; he therefore abode standing by them, unable as he was to part from them; for he was afraid lest they should enter the garden without leave from God, who then would destroy him

    32. Within it all, he could ascertain that

    33. Later on, Roger could ascertain that it is in fact a night bird from the woods

    34. 35 And the thing seemed good in the sight of Reuel, and he did according to the word of his daughter, and sent to the dungeon to ascertain what became of Moses

    35. trying to ascertain if there were already cameras watching her, and if

    36. and up the stairs, only pausing to ascertain which room the Doc

    37. 7 He could not go up to Heaven to ascertain God's order regarding their getting into the garden; he therefore abode standing by them unable as he was to part from them; for he was afraid lest they should enter the garden without leave from God who then would destroy him

    38. Someone contact the renovators, inquire as to the progress of the work, and ascertain whether any of the rooms are ready for decorating

    39. 35 And the thing seemed good in the sight of Reuel and he did according to the word of his daughter and sent to the dungeon to ascertain what became of Moses

    40. Only my unique state, combined with being highly attuned to him from eons of observing him before our fight, allows me to ascertain that much through the impressive Wards around Serminak

    41. We will ask you to take each piece, along with an unaltered piece for comparison purposes, beyond the edge of the crater and it’s reflection, and to try to ascertain any differences in their reflective qualities

    42. Registered citizens of The Just Alliance are recognized as being allowed passage over borders by the Wards and Warders of each nation, and can pass freely without needing to be individually examined to ascertain their identity

    43. "I have been informed by State that the purpose of your visit to Vietnam was to ascertain methods to improve our air campaign up North

    44. ” The objective of the Coast Guard scientific study was to ascertain whether “cargo sweeping” should continue, be modified, or discontinued (“Cargo Sweepings…,” 2006)

    45. In particular they were to ascertain when the Battle of Overall occurred, and if possible to determine if it was really the turning point of the war against the hssswwx

    46. ascertain that she has a broken wing but apart

    47. Those without cover went prone and tried to make themselves as small as possible, shooting at everyone and anything hostile while trying to ascertain where all the enemies were

    48. It only took a few seconds to ascertain what had happened and call in a major alert

    49. measures to ascertain performance

    50. that they could ascertain the severity of her condition, something that

    1. She quickly ascertained that Glenelle was on this side also, there would be someone young enough to converse with if she ever dared reveal herself

    2. The price of labour, it must be observed, cannot be ascertained very accurately anywhere, different prices being often paid at the same place and for the same sort of labour, not only according to the different abilities of the workman, but according to the easiness or hardness of the masters

    3. The evidence is more complete than could well have been expected in a matter which is naturally so very difficult to be ascertained

    4. She never really ascertained a career thief’s detachment

    5. While it remained in the coffers of the bank, its superiority was known and ascertained

    6. When it had come into those of a private person, its superiority could not well be ascertained without more trouble than perhaps the difference was worth

    7. The fineness of gold, it has been said, is more difficult to be ascertained than that of silver

    8. In general, however, something more is given upon coin of a known fineness, than upon gold and silver bars, of which the fineness cannot be ascertained but by a process of melting and assaying

    9. We have ascertained that that vessel and its wing ship are the latest to join this little federation of pirates

    10. But after they had been so regulated and ascertained, how to hinder a person who was all-powerful from extending them beyond those regulations, was still very difficult, not to say impossible

    11. Those presents, it seems to have been supposed, could more easily be abolished altogether, than effectually regulated and ascertained

    12. Where the fees of court are precisely regulated and ascertained where they are paid all at once, at a certain period of every process, into the hands of a cashier or receiver, to be by him distributed in certain known proportions among the different judges after the process is decided and not till it is decided ; there seems to be no more danger of corruption than when such fees are prohibited altogether

    13. The rent of houses might easily be ascertained with sufficient accuracy, by a policy of the same kind with that which would be necesary for ascertaining the ordinary rent of land

    14. First, the quantity and value of the land which any man possesses, can never be a secret, and can always be ascertained with great exactness

    15. But the whole amount of the capital stock which he possesses is almost always a secret, and can scarce ever be ascertained with tolerable exactness

    16. When the truth behind some proposition cannot be properly ascertained or supported by fact, opinion must serve as the final arbiter, provided it meets the (litmus) requirements of feasible plausibility

    17. Just when the Doctrine of Indulgences was first promulgated I have not ascertained beyond an entry cited as Code of Canon Law, Can

    18. I ascertained that the eastern extreme of the Re Che lands were only sparingly patrolled, because it was not thought that we could get through the mountains

    19. authorities ascertained that it had not been an accident, the president gave the order to shoot down the second

    20. I ascertained that Ben still worked for NNG/Marine (he had talked of retiring at the end of 2000) because American Shipbuilders’ Association sent him and Dale Banks, as well as other top shipyards’ contracts officials some policy paper on Other Transactions

    21. ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and

    22. She ascertained that there were two noontime step meetings at Faith Lutheran (known to AA’s as “Trails Corner”) on Tuesday and Friday that I would undoubtedly attend

    23. “Is that something you have gleaned from my thoughts, or something you ascertained for yourself?”

    24. they wanted to stall a bit, because, as I’d already ascertained, it

    25. At this time, Cosmo-Art is a myth to be created, and is not an ascertained scientific

    26. It is believed by some that the events recorded on the Akashic records can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness — which can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation — so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the Akashic records

    27. which it can be ascertained that both eastern and western philosophy confront the same

    28. Surrendering, I ascertained by all Our clothing, “when” We were: still homeward bound…but time had lapsed, and I was still outside Myself

    29. The Sesavah, recovering, reared up enraged, then ascertained exactly what My captors had and roared, “It’s mine! Tell me Its worth

    30. With the majority of your sensory receptors not functioning the dimensionality of this universe cannot be ascertained

    31. After many minutes of security guards muscling their way into authority and even longer trying to get Tiffany and Michael Garrett to stop crying and even still longer before Michael Garrett can speak coherently again, is it finally ascertained that there was no harm done

    32. The Prime Minister spoke to Seamus first and ascertained that Bridget was a newly elected member to the fold, successful on her first campaign

    33. Approaching cautiously Rory ascertained that the other speedboat had indeed stopped

    34. 6 Before they left Gennesaret, Jesus instructed them regarding the miraculous feeding of the five thousand, telling them just why he engaged in this extraordinary manifestation of creative power and also assuring them that he did not thus yield to his sympathy for the multitude until he had ascertained that it was "according to the Father's will

    35. While he fumed with nervous impatience, the high priest Gorulga announced that before any decision could be reached, the will of the gods must be ascertained concerning the proposed alliance with Zembabwei and the pledge of objects long held holy and inviolate

    36. Upon further analysis of the gallows, I ascertained the

    37. July this organisation has ascertained that there is a

    38. As he ascertained a safe spot to hitch his horse to some growth several yards down the beach from the quicksand, he wondered how many others this land had claimed during its occupation by man and how many of those had perished in such a manner that was sickening to consider—slowly sinking and futilely struggling in a last effort to save oneself from the inevitable suffocation by the earth itself

    39. feigning ignorance, even though he had already ascertained from the

    40. glance of disapproval, then ascertained that they had everything they

    41. al-Queda, Hezbollah, al-Sharia, LIFG, and, a dozen others – nothing could be ascertained as to

    42. geologist over the years had ascertained that there wasn’t any gold on

    43. We had ascertained, that the communications

    44. In all our recon, we had ascertained that there were only about fifty armed jihadis’ in the entire

    45. She quickly ascertained the situation

    46. Her orders were to avoid official contact with the planet until she had ascertained the status of what had happened to Minnesota and determined that the Iotians were not

    47. He had now recovered enough that he had ascertained his situation and was

    48. Her tactical program quickly ascertained all threats, identifying the weapons and the guards and the office security cameras, while at the same time the Brittany personality matrix was amazed by how detailed the Iotians were in recreating the White House from nothing but pictures that they had gleaned from the Horizon’s books, and perhaps from some of the movies they had somehow come across

    49. ascertained and planned for

    50. When we had ascertained there was gold in the stream, we moved on

    1. It seemed that Aaron was quite as adept at ascertaining the depth and character of others as Harry was himself

    2. They even endeavoured to hinder, as much as possible, any middle man of any kind from coming in between the grower and the consumer; and this was the meaning of the many restraints which they imposed upon the trade of those whom they called kidders, or carriers of corn ; a trade which nobody was allowed to exercise without a licence, ascertaining his qualifications as a man of probity and fair dealing

    3. He was very careful about discussing the matter over the phone, but told her, after ascertaining her address, that he would call on her that same evening about nine o’clock

    4. The rent of houses might easily be ascertained with sufficient accuracy, by a policy of the same kind with that which would be necesary for ascertaining the ordinary rent of land

    5. The contrivers of the several taxes which in England have, at different times, been imposed upon houses, seem to have imagined that there was some great difficulty in ascertaining, with tolerable exactness, what was the real rent of every house

    6. ―Objective‖ pursuits such as ascertaining the validity of a mathematical or legal postulate or some other undemonstrated proposition, for example, are conditioned rather than perfected by scholastic examination

    7. That killed any possibilities of ascertaining from them where the

    8. Focus immediately shifted to ascertaining whether the tumor was cancerous, which it was

    9. Tobias's way of ascertaining her whereabouts

    10. both Christians and non-Christians in ascertaining the truth of God’s word and helps to dispel

    11. Burley on every murder case that he investigated, Feltus had come to know and like the coroner both for his practicality and his diligence in ascertaining the exact cause of death

    12. Sensing that this would be the most convenient time to catch them off guard, Feltus carefully arose with the intention of speaking to the Ashburns and Preacher Cooper concerning their actions of the previous night in hopes of ascertaining alibis for the time frame in which Terence had been murdered

    13. The only hindrance would be the inclement weather that would make the journey of over two hundred feet all the more treacherous and make the physical capabilities all the more important in ascertaining the appropriate suspect

    14. However, the necessity of ascertaining what the Chinese presence was on the Senkaku Islands could not be denied

    15. difficult would be ascertaining the purpose of it all

    16. It was no angrier than any other Klingon face Undine had ever seen, and since it was necessary to try and gauge the level of intended aggression by ascertaining how

    17. She then patiently set about ascertaining all of his log-in codes

    18. “Pay me sixty,” the prospect quoted after ascertaining the nature of the chores

    19. With egalitarian access to public and for purchase information via internet connection, we confuse the ability to gather data with the right to know personal, criminal and financial history, or any other secrets that the civic-minded inquisitor deems pertinent to ascertaining your true persona and intentions

    20. Ascertaining that no one was around this part of the grounds, Cyrus opened the trap door a little wider, and aimed his gun towards Kathy’s family room window - the same one he’d already fired at - and was about to fire a second round into her house, when he noticed that Kathy’s house wasn’t as heavily guarded as it had been

    21. After furtively ascertaining that no one, besides the man standing guard beside the French doors leading into the living room was around, Cyrus crept out of his hiding place, when the guard’s back was to him

    22. Our reason is given to us for the purpose of ascertaining the law by which these results are accomplished

    23. refer to the Act for ascertaining the nature of transactions permitted by the Act

    24. ascertaining truth and wisdom through conceptual scales of comparison

    25. The issue in this place must be restricted to the inquiry, what is taught by the apostles of Christ as the original Christian doctrine of future punishment? The vastness of the subject, the intense emotion excited in honest minds, as one interpretation or another is favored or threatened, must alike be excluded from view, during the critical process of ascertaining what the New Testament writers meant by their words on the punishment of Destruction

    26. The expectation of reasonable readers must be restricted to ascertaining the general sense of the books of Scripture, taken as a whole,—and that general sense lies doubtless on the surface, in words taken in their obvious signification by honest readers

    27. monitoring the receipt of applications and only after ascertaining the receipt of cer-

    28. Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began to lay out what she had brought--bread, salt, a plate, a spoon

    29. He sent a rapid glance through the half-open door of the chamber, and ascertaining that what I stated was apparently true, delivered the house of his luckless presence

    30. And assuredly no one will argue that there is any other method of comprehending by any regular process all true existence or of ascertaining what each thing is in its own nature; for the arts in general are concerned with the desires or opinions of men, or are cultivated with a view to production and construction, or for the preservation of such productions and constructions; and as to the mathematical sciences which, as we were saying, have some apprehension of true being--geometry and the like--they only dream about being, but never can they behold the waking reality so long as they leave the hypotheses which they use unexamined, and are unable to give an account of them

    31. There were, besides, other particulars he was desirous of ascertaining, and those were of a nature he alone could investigate in a manner satisfactory to himself

    32. First making the circuit of the hut, and ascertaining that it stood quite alone, and that the character of its inmate was likely to protect it from visitors, he ventured through its low door, into the very presence of Gamut

    33. The pupils then entered among themselves upon a competitive examination on the subject of Boots, with the view of ascertaining who could tread the hardest upon whose toes

    34. He had scarcely arrived at the top when he heard a heavy splash in the water—it was the general's body, which the witnesses had just thrown into the river after ascertaining that he was dead

    35. The day following that on which the conversation we have related took place, the Count of Monte Cristo set out for Auteuil, accompanied by Ali and several attendants, and also taking with him some horses whose qualities he was desirous of ascertaining

    36. posture, just lifted up my upper thigh, and ascertaining the right opening, soon drove it up to the farthest: satisfied with which, and solacing himself with lying so close in those parts, he suspended motion, and thus steeped in pleasure, kept me lying on my side, into him, spoon-fashion, as he termed it, from the snug indent of the back part of my thighs, and all upwards, into the space of the bending between his thighs and belly; till, after some time, that restless and turbulent inmate, impatient by nature of longer quiet, urged him to action, which now prosecuting with all the usual train of toying, kissing, and the like, ended at length in the liquid proof on both sides, that we had not exhausted, or at less were quickly recruited of last night's draughts of pleasure in us

    37. Looking at him carefully and ascertaining that he was not asleep, she set the candle on the table and began to lay out what she had brought—bread, salt, a plate, a spoon

    38. violent death of Guillaume Grandet, and they determined to go to their client's house that very evening to commiserate his misfortune and show him some marks of friendship, with a view of ascertaining the motives which had led him to invite the Cruchots to dinner

    39. Investors have a greater probability of ascertaining that moment of difference between perception and reality, because they are aware of the underlying fundamentals of the business

    40. Going beyond GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in ascertaining the “real” value of the business

    41. In ascertaining whether a business is conservative or aggressive in its accounting of earnings, we must first understand whether GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) are representative of the “true” earnings of the business

    42. When ascertaining whether a business is likely to continue on its growth trajectory, it is incredibly important to never overlook management's role in the growth

    43. This analysis helps greatly in ascertaining the business’s current financial position

    44. Using a range of values will help you in ascertaining a conservative and appropriate margin of safety

    45. My companion followed me quickly, and cautiously drew the door to, after carefully ascertaining

    46. Owing to the rapidity of the French flight and the Russian pursuit and the consequent exhaustion of the horses, the chief means of approximately ascertaining the enemy’s position- by cavalry scouting- was not available

    47. He sent a rapid glance through the half-open door of the chamber, and, ascertaining that what I stated was apparently true, delivered the house of his luckless presence

    48. Valuing assets and ascertaining recurring earnings in banks and insurance companies is an exercise fraught with peril

    49. But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt’s account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs

    50. But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt's account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs

    1. Wool was commonly paid as a subsidy to the king, and its valuation in that subsidy ascertains, at least in some degree, what was its ordinary price

    2. ascertains that man is evil, but has a tendency to

    3. It didn’t matter that many of his ascertains were incorrect, Aristotle’s reputation overshadowed the shortcomings of his specific contributions

    4. The proposition of the supernatural power is described in the act of nature and also ascertains that “God is alive”

    5. One of the spirit’s rules and laws is that it does not care about the exhortation or desist from its error unless it ascertains the might of that who exhorts it and his power to overcome it

    6. But the great instrument which ascertains, beyond all doubt, that the country in question is comprehended within the limits of Louisiana, is one of the most authentic and solemn character which the archives of the nation can furnish

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