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    1. Monitoring is when you regularly inspect the lawn for signs of harmful and beneficial lawn pests

    2. Before you cut the lawn, you should inspect it for signs of stress

    3. He unfolds the piece of paper, hands it to John, continues to inspect the watch

    4. There were many to inspect, many had been inspected by probes sent ahead into the trees along the shore

    5. She stooped to inspect it closely

    6. ‘Left any for me?’ he said brightly, going over to inspect what is on offer

    7. Then she took the time to inspect her new body, what she could see of it at least

    8. ‘What do you make of Beuno?’ I asked as he pauses to inspect a flowering plant which I vaguely recognise … rosemary?

    9. Sally is beaming at me, and comes over to inspect my ring which she has just spotted

    10. Mournfully, he says that he has to go back tomorrow morning explaining that he’s got a week to finish off his contract in Bournemouth before flying off to Italy on Monday to inspect apartments

    11. Jo says that Simon’s off to Italy to inspect property on Monday 1st June, coming back on the Wednesday

    12. inspect their progress several times a day but, as it became clear that

    13. He heard through the open door the Sportsman's voice as he called Simon Hasting to inspect 'the lord and master' of fishing rods

    14. opportunity to inspect the corresponding facility on the England

    15. At roll call she walked with a clipboard in hand and stopped to inspect each

    16. Harry knew their tasks intimately and approved of their handiwork when offered an opportunity to inspect a newly completed rod

    17. come and inspect their wares:

    18. “Talking to it will not increase the amount of soil you remove,” he called over his shoulder and went to inspect something of interest to him beneath the house

    19. He went round to the front door again and asked if he might be allowed to inspect the kitchen

    20. We go inspect his cargos together now, I tell him totals and margins, he tells me what he thinks he’ll get per pound in the areas where he sends it

    21. now, and he began to inspect the ground a little more

    22. minutes to inspect the beasts that you would like to wager on and to choose any of

    23. eager to inspect its stained glass from the inside

    24. best not to inspect the contents too closely

    25. Inspect the tree and see if there is any fruit

    26. Don’t inspect their outward appearance too much, because

    27. Jesus always comes in a form we do not expect, but inspect the The true leaders

    28. heart and inspect the fruit

    29. inspect the strangers, their cheeks streaked with sweat

    30. inspect it more closely, then nodded to his colleague

    31. Without further words she reached out to him with her remaining charred hand and then meticulously began to inspect his massive body for infection

    32. Investigator from Jaca has arrived to inspect the scene

    33. ‘I think that to inspect this fake would be

    34. custom, but I need to inspect the slave, myself

    35. Willow moved forward in concern and tilted his head up to inspect her handiwork

    36. I will be back in half an hour to inspect them and woe betides any man who presents me with a dirty rifle because his feet will not touch and he will be on field punishment for the duration

    37. “They inspect wood?” It was unbelievable

    38. In one case, there was a request by the Melbourne authorities to inspect the Shenandoah in search of alleged stowaways on board, which had been reported presumably by American

    39. His nervous eyes changed to a pleased grin when he emptied the coins on the table and started to inspect their markings

    40. Esther took a moment to inspect the beautifully tooled leather work of the holy book and the velvet of the scrolls

    41. You‘re put in formation where the officer in charge or the Provost Marshal can inspect all the guards to see if they are in proper uniform

    42. Before stopping to inspect, she glanced around, searching for the killer

    43. In the evening we both would go over to the house and inspect what had been done

    44. As the guard lent over to inspect it, Gonzalez punched him in the throat with curled knuckles

    45. Cherva backed from the chamber then hurried away to inspect the badgers guarding the Custodians

    46. He removed his shirt and, turning his head, stretched his neck over his shoulder to visually inspect the area that was hit by the bullet

    47. “William, are you hurt badly?” As she spoke she once again moved toward William, pulling his clothing away from his shoulder to better inspect his injury

    48. As soon as the car stopped, Aunt Martha hopped out to inspect the flowerbeds bordering the police station car park

    49. They inspect cars, equipment and people before entering the property of the hotel and repeat the inspection of the vehicle when it stops in front of the door of the main entrance

    50. Early the following morning, the checks were scanned into George’s computer, and they agreed to meet a week later to inspect his handiwork

    1. He approached the alarm keypad that was emitting the noise and inspected it from a distance

    2. There were many to inspect, many had been inspected by probes sent ahead into the trees along the shore

    3. As she inspected closely she could see that these trees had once been houses

    4. Over coffee the next morning great-aunt Edith inspected first the ring and then the Chinese style pot

    5. He turned the sword over several times and inspected the blade and the hilt

    6. He offered to take Duncan and Rayne with him as he inspected the surrounding areas of the Hold

    7. Tarak inspected the crops getting down in the dirt with the farmer

    8. The older officer inspected her naked left wrist

    9. They inspected the dress carefully, inspected the stitching in detail

    10. As he inspected her, the grader did not grab her painfully, and he was smiling and polite

    11. Over coffee the next morning great-aunt Edith inspected first the

    12. He walked to the bike and inspected it again, but he still could find nothing out of place

    13. Joyce sat in her car and watched him kick rocks and curse as he inspected his car

    14. I examined her and inspected her tube’s as soon as she was transported to our section

    15. inspected the tower and returned to ground level, he was the first with

    16. He inspected the titles on the low bookshelves and the view from the window before he was joined by the older man and they made their way presently to the restaurant

    17. ‘Where does the path go from here?’ Jarvis asked as they inspected the steps leading down to the beach

    18. Cardinal Corrente inspected the man before him closely,

    19. Harry went to the far back of the grounds and saw straight away where the earthen levee had succumbed to the river, he then inspected the house proper and was surprised to see that the foundation's piers were remarkably undisturbed

    20. Satisfied, he inspected the well head and fittings

    21. Harry and Kaitlyn, as they had in each shop thus far, whispered between themselves while Chloe inspected the proffered handiworks

    22. injuries, then?’ Claude inspected his elbows and the

    23. They toured the site and inspected the facets of each their own interests and requirements, chatted pleasantly, and generally kept up with each other's ongoing pursuits beyond this project alone

    24. He stopped and inspected the grotesque

    25. Chloe and Kaitlyn inspected the ribbons and were resolute that they were the same

    26. The largest section, she pointed out, was one on how home grown food couldn't be served to the public without first being inspected by the health department

    27. The construction of the premises must be inspected by several layers of government at several times

    28. Brodin inspected a stack of the large granite blocks, testing their heft to see how quickly he could start hurling them into the horde below

    29. "What did you do to him?" Whimly asked as he bent down and inspected Tetloan's motionless body

    30. out his pilgrim’s passport and held it up to be inspected

    31. As it was, he suffered the horrors within the chamber, silently waiting as the Demon LeCynic inspected his many failed experiments

    32. He inspected the books in the library

    33. He knelt by the body of the dead Abbot, inspected

    34. Cold and calculating as he inspected his innards, the man never even gave it a thought

    35. his feet were being inspected, Jean took the opportunity

    36. Dena inspected the other sides of this building and scanned up the adjoining over-grown 'avenues' leading off in the direction of a concentration of other ruins

    37. Again she inspected herself, nodding with satisfaction

    38. Chris shone the torch on her wound and the three of them inspected it closely

    39. Melissa rolled up her sleeve and inspected the wound on her arm

    40. faces, and as he inspected them back, it struck

    41. The supervisor inspected Sharon for a few

    42. seconds, took in her lack of make-up, her mass of dark hair, then inspected Danny and seemed to

    43. Danny inspected the floor

    44. We were told by Jack Lewis that this happened most mornings the Armies way of keeping you busy and that the Officers usually inspected about nine o’ clock

    45. gently inspected the wound on his temple

    46. he inspected his nails

    47. Latrandura paced her small encampment and inspected the figures, now burnt to a cinder

    48. Walking slowly over to the tall rocking chair in the corner, Latrandura inspected the cleanliness of the room as she passed

    49. Longleaf inspected it and saw no writing on the outside

    50. The father reluctantly let go, as the nurse inspected the teenaged boy

    1. There are also termite inspecting Dogs called TADD Dogs

    2. ’ She said inspecting the flowers

    3. There were two golden skinned Mountain Elf girls who must have just disembarked from a lake runner inspecting the boat when he got there

    4. ’ Joris replied, inspecting his fingernails carelessly

    5. ’ Joris said inspecting the damage

    6. Sometimes I'd look up and he'd be looking me over, inspecting everything I was wearing, and if our eyes met he'd nod in approval

    7. ’ He said, inspecting the damage to my arm

    8. Alessandra tried to keep a straight face while inspecting her fingernails

    9. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor and was able to interact with online services in super-sized mode, which he found particularly useful when inspecting the assets and attributes of various potential brides from far flung lands such as the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the Philippines

    10. ‘These are gorgeous flowers!’ he commented inspecting the bouquet, ‘Did they give you any other presents?’

    11. Cutting up a frog and inspecting his sexual organs is not the same as studying my body from a distance and learning what it’s doing; when I don’t

    12. buyers standing around, carefully inspecting the livestock for sale and

    13. He spent several minutes inspecting the bike and eventually satisfied himself that it was safe to ride

    14. Looks as though Bunty was trying to work out if it would be possible to open up another House in Bristol … she appears to have got as far as inspecting some possible houses

    15. “You're pregnant, aren't you?” he asked, inspecting her in the interior lights

    16. from the gardens they had just been inspecting

    17. ” And with that he was out the door and inspecting the grounds and house

    18. There was a bit of silence as she got back to inspecting more of the plants for the tiny bore-holes

    19. I really didn't mean to” Jim was interrupted by Alex who had been inspecting the car door "There isn’t any damage Mike

    20. The town folk made a point of inspecting the display once all was said and done; some even making rubbings for scrapbooks back home

    21. extended, fingers caressing the greenery as he passed, his eyes inspecting every

    22. to combine this duty with the pleasure of inspecting one of

    23. He started inspecting one of the tapestries, before

    24. She backed up a little and looked at him very hard, inspecting the details of his irises and any other details like the way his hair and beard grew and the shape of his nostrils

    25. " He was inspecting the beads, "Look at this dimple here, it appears that every one has been tested

    26. Alec passed the time by inspecting the elf's body for signs of life

    27. They were busy inspecting a worrying crack in one of the

    28. creeping cautiously between the beds, inspecting each

    29. A blur, he moved among the branches, inspecting every dangling elf he could find

    30. With the collaboration agreed upon he would make his way back to his stall, only to have the young woman eventually make her way to it after inspecting the wares hawked by the other merchants

    31. Tragus waited until he knew Berenice’s randy master was inspecting his barley fields on Kefallinia

    32. Ustra ignored his benefactor's coarse behavior with his own soldiers, it was of no consequence to him and his staff; each of whom were carefully inspecting the statues that none of them remembered being here on their first visit to the Elhehrim ruins

    33. One they use for storage and inspecting wood

    34. ” I replied, inspecting the metallic box

    35. creature didn’t move, still inspecting me, as though it could discern my intentions from my

    36. door, and, after inspecting the hinges for a few moments, launched a heel kick into the maroon

    37. It was quiet, but there were a few villagers milling about, inspecting the stacked books and scrolls on the shelves

    38. Hamp said while the officer was inspecting his truck for safety, he looked inside the cab to check things out

    39. I turned the envelope around inspecting it for any clues and feeling the contents trying to make out what it was

    40. With my checklist under my arm, I wandered around the hall inspecting each stand, thoroughly checking the contents against the checklist given to me by the judges

    41. ” British student Samantha Morson probably thought she was being cheeky when she joked with the officer inspecting her bag

    42. Inspecting the large selection of trainers, Frank picked one up, weighing it in his hand

    43. With it at the water’s edge, they spread their net and began inspecting for damage as Caroline strolled up to watch

    44. She stopped now and then, inspecting the twisted bodies of her offspring, but her tentacles sprang back from the poison she could taste in them

    45. He seemed to be inspecting something in the bottom of it

    46. Frowns of worry among the four gave way to exchanges of confident glances as the inspecting officer dropped his arms to his sides and slowly shook his head from side to side

    47. He sat proudly upon the dirt path, inspecting the figure before him

    48. Soft bright silks and the feel of eyes inspecting, enjoying

    49. In the course of inspecting it, he had managed to strike up a conversation with the sergeant who was assigned to accompany him while he did his work, and ask about the blonde woman prisoner

    50. people were inspecting it in preparation for the bid

    1. He runs his fingers down her arm, then her thigh, pulls her closer to him, inspects her hair, kisses it

    2. Not wasting any time, Joris, using a knife I didn’t realise he had, rips off the sleeve of Berndt’s tunic, and inspects the damage

    3. He inspects my sensible hosen and warm woollen vullejakt approvingly

    4. Berndt echoes my opinion when he inspects

    5. NET provides helper function to check for Ajax requests which internally inspects X-Requested-

    6. ‘Anyway, I’m not the only one with a new ring – let’s see your engagement ring!’ He inspects it, ‘That is really very tasteful

    7. She inspects the bar, checks table layouts and reservations, and spends an hour with chef

    8. What is necessary for the defence and support of the whole empire, and in what proportion each part ought to contribute, can be judged of only by that assembly which inspects and super-intends the affairs of the whole empire

    9. What concerned the whole empire would in this way be determined by the assembly which inspects and superintends the affairs of the whole empire ; and the provincial affairs of each colony might still be regulated by its own assembly

    10. “What happened?” She places her palms on my cheeks and inspects my face

    11. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) inspects foreign vessels, crews, and manifests to enforce compliance with U

    12. overturns their apple carts, when He inspects their temples and questions their

    13. Bebida inspects the cube without touching it

    14. Shadow walks over and visually inspects Explode’s body

    15. The king's eyes narrow as he inspects Rapunzel's face

    16. She looks down at the hand he's dropped to her arm, and with the same care she would give to the finest crystal, she lifts it up and inspects it, cradling it in her hands before gently tracing the lines across his palm and the invisible scar where she once healed him

    17. She requests to personally inspects the accommodations

    18. Killer takes the satchel away from him again and inspects it once more

    19. He opens it up and inspects the sharpness of the blade with his thumb

    20. Leah turns away from the pot of wax and inspects me

    21. The history teacher inspects the papers and has nothing to say about this latest shocker

    22. In the meantime the mill inspects

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