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Interpret en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was hard to interpret.
  2. Each of them will interpret it.
  3. They interpret it totally wrong.
  4. Well, we can’t interpret the.
  5. Interpret that however you like.

  6. What I cannot interpret is how.
  7. Ask who will interpret the results.
  8. He was not sure how to interpret.
  9. We interpret that to be the Sword.
  10. There will be time to interpret it.
  11. Your job is to interpret the numbers.
  12. The scene itself was hard to interpret.
  13. We then will interpret the spiritual.
  14. It depends on how you interpret that.
  15. There was only one way to interpret that.

  16. We can interpret this verse as follows:.
  17. How he had managed to interpret them was.
  18. It should be easy to interpret and pronounce.
  19. Interpret the Overrated Advance-Decline Line.
  20. They can interpret this however they want.
  21. As long as we confine ourselves to interpret.
  22. There is a huge challenge in how to interpret.
  23. Were you able to interpret his message?
  24. He doubted whether anyone could interpret them.
  25. He could only try to interpret what he saw now.

  26. No one needs someone else to interpret for God.
  27. That is how Vincef and I interpret our charter.
  28. He thought as he tried to interpret its distance.
  29. The way that we interpret our results and hence.
  30. However, some interpret this to mean that it is.
  31. I interpret Jesus’ life as proof of God’s Love.
  32. The way to interpret the coefficients is as follows.
  33. This was not an easy situation to interpret, however.
  34. In order to interpret these verses as advocating the.
  35. Conservative theologians interpret this text as only.
  36. In this very way one may also interpret the existing.
  37. These we now proceed briefly to collect and interpret.
  38. Committee, and, worse, unable to interpret the wishes.
  39. We would have the ability to interpret semantics and.
  40. Think, interpret, and analyze the FIRST time you read.
  41. To tell us what the Bible says - and then to interpret.
  42. George's Channel, which needs no Daniel to interpret it.
  43. Th en he has to interpret this notion from the prism of.
  44. Jeff didn’t know how to interpret the situation at first.
  45. Paddy wagon workers interpret resistance with illness; the.
  46. Monty wondered how their captors would interpret the scene.
  47. The Klingons did not interpret the event in the same manner.
  48. Daniel can interpret dreams that no one else can interpret.
  49. No matter how you may interpret what is in those 1000 pages.
  50. Not lines though, but rather a pattern she cannot interpret.
  51. And learn to interpret financial statements in your own way.
  52. Events happen, you interpret them and then you judge them.
  53. While Joseph was there he began to interpret dreams for the.
  54. Then I suggested that Vicki should be called in to interpret.
  55. INTERPRET: Explain the meaning and significance of something.
  56. That is how humans interpret their laughter, Garcia said.
  57. They might have information and I need Val to interpret for us.
  58. Basing upon the afore-mentioned concepts one may interpret the.
  59. Peter’s job to interpret the orders and delegate to the troops.
  60. It’s up to a qualified expert to interpret the data correctly.
  61. Gartley provided general rules regarding how to interpret volume.
  62. Those satellite pictures take an hour to process and interpret.
  63. Our minds structure and interpret the observations of our senses.
  64. It is possible to interpret BOP using only the colored price bars.
  65. What other way can you interpret it? Terese asked in protest.
  66. He speaks of only one sphere, although listeners may interpret him.
  67. The Hero will be of flame – we interpret that to mean red-haired.
  68. This data is very complex to interpret to outside observers though.
  69. In Simon’s physical exhaustion, it took him a moment to interpret.
  70. There is nothing objective about NLP as we all have to interpret so.
  71. Metaphysicists would interpret the duplicate e8 universe (predicted.
  72. And, contrary to what you interpret Apollo’s words to mean, I am.
  73. Couldn’t speak to them, of course, so we had a priest to interpret.
  74. Amid the shouting he heard another sound that he could not interpret.
  75. To interpret religions literally has been the cause of many wars and.
  76. We can’t see evil; we can only see things that we interpret as evil.
  77. Christians would interpret this in today’s society as a commandment.
  78. I do not know how to interpret these last scenes in their full meaning.
  79. But she wished now that she could interpret the unexpected more fully.
  80. Then, as in the interview, it came to me how to interpret the symbols.
  81. Good men ever interpret themselves too meanly, said the physician.
  82. Eric chose to interpret the question as rhetorical, and remained silent.
  83. Joseph is in prison, and he is able to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh.
  84. Then, it is up to the trader to interpret the results of the filtering.
  85. This straightforward indicator is quite easy to calculate and interpret.
  86. Neither had I made any attempt to interpret the visions I had experienced.
  87. They’re not always so easy to interpret, but they can at least be seen.
  88. Students tend to interpret this proof as referring to two different firms.
  89. We didn’t have to interpret this multi-year set-up as an H&S top failure.
  90. Since we are not usually aware of the way we interpret things that happen.
  91. Always interpret the base pattern within the context of the general market.
  92. The way most churches interpret John 3:16, they mentally replace the very.
  93. Some spaces held no words, only images he couldn’t interpret, or remember.
  94. The bones are hard to interpret because you both dream and exercise duality.
  95. The mainstream media and educators interpret objective facts to favor their.
  96. I wouldn’t even try to interpret it because I wouldn’t do it justice.
  97. If I interpret Surat Al-Fateha by what I know, you will load seventy camels.
  98. Our psychology affects our view of reality and the way we interpret the world.
  99. This information can be read by all but many will not interpret it correctly.
  100. Even Pharaoh had a revelatory dream from God, but he couldn’t interpret it.
  1. As I’ve said before, interpreting.
  2. He had some difficulty interpreting the.
  3. This work gives guidance in interpreting Torah.
  4. Interpreting the information received is an art.
  5. It were as though she were interpreting something.
  6. Interpreting returns and looking beyond the average.
  7. The difficulty of course lay in interpreting the data.
  8. Certainly care should be taken when interpreting two.
  9. She is skilled at interpreting the meaning of dreams.
  10. Mystery of God was a secret way of interpreting scripture.
  11. I emphasize the pitfalls in interpreting historical data.
  12. One always has to be cautious interpreting historical data.
  13. We don’t want anybody interpreting the writings in a document.
  14. She is a bright girl and has a no problem interpreting the work.
  15. Even a little common sense has its uses in interpreting Scripture.
  16. The following are some methods to use in interpreting the Bible:-.
  17. Th e technology of interpreting the experience gained in ASC in ap-.
  18. The gross feeling he is interpreting makes him feel like throwing up.
  19. Igor had a problem interpreting dons, but they finally figured it out.
  20. Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting.
  21. The hard part, of course, is correctly interpreting the indicator's signals.
  22. Various places have their own conditions for use in interpreting professions.
  23. And obviously interpreting them as she would have wished, she glanced at Dolly.
  24. Like the skill of interpreting dreams, even if they don’t have that ability.
  25. However, one should be very careful with interpreting and applying this equation.
  26. When interpreting the Bible, it is usually best to try to read what other people.
  27. Nonetheless, when interpreting these results further, one should be aware of the.
  28. I would like to add another way of interpreting some of the verses quoted above:.
  29. It often comes in symbols, as did Pharaoh’s dream, and thus needs interpreting.
  30. We could offer here a new way of interpreting the myth of Parsifal and the search.
  31. In other words, yet another way of interpreting the volume and price relationship.
  32. Keep in mind that it is we I(s) who do the interpreting of all that comes before us.
  33. These are Thinking, Sorting and Interpreting, Rationalizing, Understanding and Acting.
  34. The guards, interpreting the rapid encirclement of the men that they had just mauled as.
  35. Envoy (cpth) in the wrong position when interpreting the beginning of this noble Fortress.
  36. Then is there a reasonable basis for interpreting this pattern as an ascending triangle?
  37. He could remain her brotherly friend, interpreting her actions with generous trustfulness.
  38. Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are.
  39. This is admittedly true of interpreting cause and effect relationships where the health of.
  40. Interpreting stochastics requires familiarity with the way they react in particular markets.
  41. Unbalance is a fierce opponent to the truth; it changes the truth in the way of interpreting.
  42. I mean now you've changed the subject entirely from one of ethics to one of interpreting laws.
  43. You’re telling me another way of interpreting the name is to see it could also mean Is Log.
  44. The Apocalypse and thereby given humanity the long-promised key to understanding and interpreting.
  45. Therefore, the story of two stone tablets is false, as is interpreting that they were in a literal ark.
  46. I was surprised at how quickly I became aware of alternative ways of interpreting my strange new home.
  47. The natural world was presented to us as a kind of sign language for interpreting God’s eternal mind.
  48. There is a disturbing tendency in (the) news media of interpreting rather than properly reporting (the) news.
  49. The bodies take priority over the tails for the first read when evaluating and interpreting the candle message.
  50. But this being the case, there must evidently be some discretion allowed in interpreting the communion rubrics.
  51. By interpreting the pauses correctly and retaining the information, players can create the right strategy to win.
  52. Both have access to the same information and it is the skill in interpreting the data that makes the difference.
  53. The real bodies take priority over the tails for the first read when evaluating and interpreting the candle message.
  54. It will take some time and study on your part to become good at this, but interpreting charts is easier than you think.
  55. It would have been the arbiter and final authority in interpreting and applying the provisions of the new Constitution.
  56. Not only did their sensitivity to the psychic realm vary, they each had completely different ways of interpreting their.
  57. But in interpreting revelation I am the equal of anyone, great as he may be! Such is the power of the mind and the spirit.
  58. This is the problem many chartists have in interpreting the meaning of oscillators and the way they move, signal, or diverge.
  59. Rather, this was a matter of interpreting paragraph (g), risk of loss, of the cost reimbursement Government Property clause.
  60. A baby can be screaming one thing at its mother: and the mother could be interpreting that scream as something else entirely.
  61. He had dealt with multiple murders in his career, and was both meticulous and cautious when interpreting crime scene evidence.
  62. They feel confined if restricted to sources of law relating only to the American Constitution when interpreting that document.
  63. Therefore I stress humility in interpreting empirical results and even more in making predictions and in trading based on them.
  64. And we admitted it would take years of interpreting and triaging the new law before it really worked the way we wanted on NQTLs.
  65. And you can learn a lot to help you with what you want simply by listening properly and interpreting what your partner is saying.
  66. This was similar to the problem that Jesus had with his disciples in interpreting parables, as referred to in an earlier chapter.
  67. Zinsmann set to work demonstrating how to dismantle and reassemble each of the weapons, with Colling interpreting his instructions.
  68. Finally, interpreting documents, especially financial statements, takes a fair amount of training; which many analysts seem to lack.
  69. When a trader first approaches VIX index options, there is often confusion associated with interpreting the pricing of these options.
  70. Although calculating implied volatility is hard, interpreting it is not, even though a lot of explanations that exist make it seem so.
  71. The edge exists in accurately interpreting what the range, not necessarily direction, of the market will be from now until expiration.
  72. The department may have gone wrong in interpreting the results of the health study, and I really blame them for being so irresponsible.
  73. Systems interpreting the data use the MIME types to determine how they should handle the data, even if they do not recognize the format.
  74. Plane of intellect relates to his understanding, discernment and interpreting different life situations and lastly plane of Transcendence.
  75. Spiritual effort does not change the pain and misery but it changes the observing mind that is interpreting these situations as suffering.
  76. Peso problems and learning stories help in interpreting past return predictability but contain no lessons about future profit opportunities.
  77. While interpreting the Bible, one must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the principle of interpreting the Scripture by the Scripture.
  78. This input is the only way that it can do the job of interpreting the surrounding environment and instructing the body on how to react to it.
  79. We have used two different ways of interpreting the same event: the love story between Ulysses and Circe and the one between Ulysses and Calypso.
  80. Furthermore, we need to be aware of the possible inaccuracies subsequent editors may have incurred whilst interpreting original written sources.
  81. Geminis might be very good at gathering information, but Aquarians take this a step further, excelling at interpreting the information gathered.
  82. Gore, the case that would determine the next President, and a lot about the presidency, by interpreting the dimpled chads of the Florida election.
  83. Another way of interpreting that, it comes out in the American Standard version is this, no word spoken by God lacks power to bring it's accomplishment.
  84. In this way, he neatly enslaved the masses of Europe and reduced their freedoms by a single, cunning reversal of interpreting what is legal and what is not.
  85. Fort noted that while facts themselves may be completely objective, how facts are interpreted depends on who is doing the interpreting and within what context.
  86. Interpreting pocket pivots, however, requires analyzing them within the context of the price/volume action within the uptrend or base in which they form.
  87. The shadow was stretching out an arm and Blomkvist, who saw the drawing in a very different light to Hanna, had no trouble interpreting what that signified.
  88. Another study decomposes corporate yield spreads, explaining them with various credit-related factors, and interpreting the residual as compensation for illiquidity.
  89. When interpreting the relationship of asset returns to the prevailing macroeconomic environment, we must also keep in mind financial assets’ forward-looking nature.
  90. There was little point in interpreting the meaning of their blue tinted pictures, the continual stabbing the air action of their sword play gave away their intentions.
  91. Nothing less than an argument of overwhelming cogency ought to prevail to deflect and reverse the ordinary signification of Greek words in interpreting the New Testament.
  92. Love is not interpreting away an act or translating an action into what it was not intended or willed as, but giving and receiving lovingly – not perfectly, but actively.
  93. So we found a captive who had lost a leg and was thus unlikely to be of much use in future battles and, with Silpitocle interpreting, gave him a message to give to Waikiyaf.
  94. He had wasted so much time glued to quotes for SRRS, watching the price move each hour, pretending he was a big-time stock operator interpreting the chart, volume, and price.
  95. Learn to determine the overall market direction by accurately interpreting the daily market indexes’ price and volume movements and the action of individual market leaders.
  96. When he finally sought to learn their contents, even his newest System had great difficulty interpreting the no longer used Mayan language in which the first group was written.
  97. In contrast, interpreting this 14-week pattern as a symmetrical triangle and drawing a slightly descending upper boundary created an upper boundary with three solid price touches.
  98. If you can do this, even if no actual money is at stake, you will acquire a treasure trove of experience in interpreting your market diary and identifying potential market mistakes.
  99. Each verse they read after me, then I translate it into Chinese; when through interpreting, on each verse or paragraph I make some remarks which I have studied out during the week days.
  100. Here is where the semiotician’s skill at interpreting signs and reading between the lines plays a crucial role, for the emotions of a crowd are rarely seen in the substance of the news.
  1. The news was also interpreted.
  2. He interpreted her look as hungry.
  3. He interpreted dreams and other.
  4. As he interpreted to us, so it was.
  5. The authors interpreted this finding.
  6. An artist's work cannot be interpreted.
  7. The gentleman’s way, interpreted by.
  8. This journey is usually interpreted as.
  9. Val interpreted for him, riding with him.
  10. They are commonly interpreted as sexual.
  11. But these men interpreted some of these.
  12. She interpreted scripture very literally.
  13. I interpreted this in a very simple fashion.
  14. Some commentators have interpreted the word.
  15. That at least was how Hanna had interpreted it.
  16. He interpreted Bhagavad Gitā’s teaching as:.
  17. It can be interpreted as infinite possibilities.
  18. Such an effect is interpreted as a decrease in.
  19. Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.
  20. Well, that is how Kara interpreted the situation.
  21. I can see that could be interpreted as such, yes.
  22. Bible that believe it or not is being interpreted.
  23. She insisted the way the churches interpreted and.
  24. The function P(x,t) can be interpreted in two ways.
  25. Shouting in an interpreted slur of ‘devil man’.
  26. The Elliott Wave Theory is interpreted as follows:.
  27. The note left by Booth could have been interpreted.
  28. I think he wants us to follow, Tina interpreted.
  29. Hegel interpreted the movement of human history and.
  30. It could have been interpreted as a trusting gesture.
  31. It seems to be interpreted the same way in our sect.
  32. The slightest movement may be interpreted as a threat.
  33. Apocalyptic literature must be interpreted figuratively.
  34. Any passage with psukee-life-soul must be interpreted.
  35. She knew very well how that remark should be interpreted.
  36. Or so Bru interpreted Cobbs’ rather incoherent message.
  37. Lake of fire - interpreted by John to be the second death.
  38. This verse has been widely interpreted to mean many things.
  39. Lake of fire– interpreted by John to be the second death.
  40. A single colon is therefore interpreted as minutes:seconds.
  41. This pyramidal greater good is only interpreted pyramidally.
  42. In business this can be interpreted to mean that joining or.
  43. I suppose it might be interpreted to show his lack of guile.
  44. Everyone interpreted this as an indication that the meeting.
  45. Most people have interpreted these two as meaning two.
  46. But the symbol must still influence the interpreted messages.
  47. These results can be interpreted as a result of blood clot-.
  48. Those who interpreted the spiel as a word-for-word parody of.
  49. I am confident that I have interpreted the runes correctly.
  50. It is undoubtedly behind what scientists have interpreted as.
  51. Philosophies and beliefs have degeneration, interpreted in blood.
  52. What or who interpreted the Constitution as giving power to the.
  53. Usual y the ideas of merger are interpreted from purely substan-.
  54. Suddenly all the absolute rules have to be interpreted relatively.
  55. These stories, I believe, can be interpreted in more than one way.
  56. Hebrew man in the royal prisons who interpreted dreams and was ac-.
  57. Islam as interpreted by Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, an 18th century.
  58. In fact, from the point of psychology, yidams can be interpreted as.
  59. I explained to them that Ahimsa was wrongly interpreted and wrongly.
  60. There was a grunt from within which he interpreted as a call to enter.
  62. This is the only sense in which the Burial Service can be interpreted.
  63. Even scriptures can be and have been interpreted in many different ways.
  64. These white and red drops can be interpreted to be plasma drops within.
  65. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and must be interpreted with care.
  66. Some Biblical scholars have interpreted this as an asteroid, while some.
  67. The EPA in 1980 did genetic studies that initially were interpreted as.
  68. It might also be interpreted and a bull flag or a consolidating channel.
  69. She interpreted that as lockers, at one of the many locations they used.
  70. The true nature of hieroglyphic scripts is missed when interpreted only.
  71. I interpreted this as a bullish omen for both the stock and bond markets.
  72. This Owen interpreted to be an inquiry as to whether Hunter had departed.
  73. Its meaning can be interpreted exactly only inconnection with the context.
  74. The same laws can be interpreted differently at different points of time.
  75. Trevain had always interpreted the message correctly: She is ravenous.
  76. As I interpreted the signs, I was probably developing multiple sclerosis.
  77. They were lost in wonder at my tale when it was interpreted to them, and.
  78. Wahhabism accepts the Qur'an and hadith as fundamental texts, interpreted.
  79. He interpreted this as arm twisting on her part and decided to play along.
  80. Obviously through time, the word service has been interpreted differently.
  81. A metaphor that can also be interpreted to mean revenge? Ilona asked.
  82. Diversity The aspects of the experience of reality can be interpreted as.
  83. Looking toward the floor in what could only be interpreted as dejection, Mr.
  84. It was the furthest limit of self-abnegation, at least so he interpreted it.
  85. The arguments of ZTA lawyers interpreted the feelings of all men in audience.
  86. Most people have mistakenly interpreted this as referring to a single scale.
  87. The neutralising force will be interpreted by your imagination based on your.
  88. Christians began questioning how these texts were supposed to be interpreted.
  89. They shall call His name "Immanuel"; which is being interpreted "God with us.
  90. People say that smiles can be interpreted anywhere in the world and it is true.
  91. It was the furthest limit of self‐abnegation, at least so he interpreted it.
  92. Kuthumi, in presenting these qualifications, has interpreted them all newly in.
  93. He probably interpreted that as, I have the hots for you, and so has my sister.
  94. Zardino interpreted the strange symbols, explaining to Raiya what it all meant.
  95. Sam and Brownie correctly interpreted Avi’s move as control and not intimacy.
  96. He did not offer anything that could be interpreted as imaginary or unfounded.
  97. Afu departed to make that call, and Rivan interpreted it to mean Garcia was the.
  98. Or, let us read our Lord's awful warning to His generation as interpreted by Mr.
  99. She turned and said to him in Hebrew Rabboni; which is being interpreted Teacher.
  100. Signor Pastrini interpreted the question and answer, and the horses galloped off.
  1. Six interprets Tarcamos.
  2. This is how he interprets that.
  3. The Bible interprets the Bible!.
  4. He interprets for us the things of.
  5. Behavioral economics interprets the.
  6. The law interprets that to mean the killing.
  7. He looks, he sees, he interprets, he decides.
  8. Daniel interprets writing that no one else interprets.
  9. The brain interprets the information as the sensation of.
  10. Browser A software program that interprets documents on the web.
  11. Although the image our mind interprets appears to be composed of.
  12. It reads times and interprets them based on colons and decimal points.
  13. The number NINE also interprets the beginning of the end in air and water.
  14. His mind interprets the signals as brain freezes and cold chills around his body.
  15. So from the hermeneutical principle that "scripture interprets scripture", we can.
  16. Beliefs determine how your subconscious mind interprets the outside world and your ability to deal with it.
  17. She interprets her results as suggesting that individuals whose gender-role identities are stable and secure can.
  18. Why? Because even this instinctive response is determined by how our subconscious interprets the information it receives.
  19. This expression interprets delta as the speed of the option price change relative to price changes of its underlying asset.
  20. There is however a smaller barrack, nearly a hut, about fifty meters behind it, that housed visiting interrogators and interprets.
  21. This is how he interprets that: If anyone has material good, and sees his brother with material need, how can the love of God be in him? Tzedakah!.
  22. He defrays my traveling expenses, and, when his duties as a chief permit, he accompanies me, and interprets for me when I go to preach in the other towns and villages.
  23. Whether these two events happened on the same day, or describes different events altogether is debated by many people; but we will see how the Bible interprets itself on this subject.
  24. Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy; and greater is one who prophesies than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may receive edifying.
  25. And when some of the stories of prophets is mentioned before the believer; he recognizes their perfection and finds them always and ever the pioneers in each noble quality, whilst the unbeliever or hypocrite interprets their sayings and actions as a defect.
  26. He is very young for a head gardener, but on that account all the more anxious to please me and keep his situation; and it is a great comfort to have to do with somebody who watches and interprets rightly every expression of one's face and does not need much talking to.
  27. The eye looks, but it is the mind that sees; and when the mind contemplates phenomena under a preoccupation of thought, it interprets them in the light of its own idea: so that unless that general idea be a right one its view of every phenomenon is in some measure perverted.
  28. The writer uses the Catholic traditions, and in many points interprets the story in a way which differs altogether from that familiar to Protestants: for example, making Mary Magdalen the same Mary who was the sister of Lazarus and Martha, and who sat listening at the Saviour’s feet.
  29. There are three gifts of utterance where something is spoken and those are: the word of prophesy, and inspired something, words from God; diverse tongues; and interpretation of tongues, where the person speaks in a tongue and someone interprets, then gifts of power when something supernatural is done, so something's revealed, something's spoken, something's done, and those are by faith miracles are done, the working of miracles and gifts of healing all fall under those power miracles.
  30. Every family is different and interprets things differently,.
  31. The cognitivist, the one who interprets thought as computation,.

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