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Invention en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I have a new invention.
  2. It was a good invention.
  4. In fact the social invention.
  5. Feel free to use my invention.

  6. The wonderful invention of Dr.
  7. Every invention is inspired by.
  8. With his invention they can chat.
  9. It was an invention to hide death.
  10. Tolkien and the Invention of Myth.
  11. Jesus decided to use my invention.
  12. That would be a splendid invention.
  13. Selling in Canada and an Invention.
  14. Purdy's invention) or a round edge.
  15. Before the invention of the art of.

  16. That invention was the steam engine.
  17. A great deal of this was my invention.
  18. Stereotyping, invention of, xvii, 161.
  19. That invention didnt, however, do Mr.
  20. Mariner's compass, the invention of, A.
  21. Necessity is the Mother of Invention:.
  22. He wants to see your invention at work.
  23. Long before the invention of hand tools.
  24. Then you get the invention of fast food.
  25. Medication is not a devil’s invention.

  26. This new invention really has me rattled.
  27. Don was a master of invention on the spot.
  28. For instance, with the invention of the.
  29. Zip ties were such an ingenious invention.
  30. It must be an invention in case of fire.
  31. It was the invention of the single purpose.
  32. I don’t know how I found this invention.
  33. Compass, mariner's, on the invention of, A.
  34. Considering that your invention (doing it.
  35. American invention to the rest of the world.
  36. I have a theory about the invention of golf.
  37. Civilization is an invention of the undead.
  38. It was the invention of mass human slavery.
  39. It was the invention of twisting the truth.
  40. His next invention? Modern chemical warfare.
  41. The invention prevents tables from wobbling.
  42. Hare as the reputed author of the invention.
  43. This gun, the AR-15, is a very good invention.
  44. Well, necessity is the mother of invention.
  45. Ability to a prototype invention is not easy.
  46. With the invention and refining of ever more.
  47. This invention will be shared through the ages.
  48. It was the invention of using things linearly.
  49. The Real World isn’t a cultural invention.
  50. The other invention Hun is known for is the Zan.
  51. Al Gore’s invention of the Internet – what.
  52. Life is a hideous invention of I know not whom.
  53. President, it is wonderful invention of our Dr.
  54. This is why the invention of the internet has.
  55. Civilization was born from the invention of war.
  56. Must be some new invention they are testing out.
  57. This brought on the invention of the jump drive.
  58. Hun’s most famous invention is called the Peel.
  59. Next, the invention is designed for the "market".
  60. The robust properties of this clever invention.
  61. It was the invention of the twisted linear line.
  62. One invention makes other engineers devise more.
  64. Hare's invention, with the following differences.
  65. Civilization is an invention of undead shitheads.
  66. Scientific Invention Will Make Your Life Easier.
  67. So first there is the invention then the innova-.
  68. Klaproth on the invention of the compass, xl, 242.
  69. That's the second great invention in five minutes.
  70. The invention of cord was the invention of slavery.
  71. We must note here the difference between invention.
  72. Morality is a construction, an invention of society.
  73. He was displaying his invention before the audience.
  74. Like it is said NECESSITY is the MOTHER OF INVENTION.
  75. It was the invention of mass-murder as a way of life.
  76. Besides, the word ‘leavings’ is not my invention.
  77. This last point seems to anticipate invention of the.
  78. As designed by Hero it was merely a novelty invention.
  79. That is a fiction—an impudent invention to vex me.
  80. He has an invention here that he uses for earthquakes.
  81. Is it true or is it an invention? The work is by Dumas.
  82. It was the invention of selfishness as a way of living.
  83. But at this invention of the rug she asked, "But why?".
  84. Then you get the convenience invention of the sandwich.
  85. Henry Ford came up with a good invention, despite its.
  86. Thus the invention of TIAR provided the ideal solution.
  87. The implication of the invention was not lost on Zavier.
  88. Now for that invention of mine which I couldn’t patent.
  89. The medication was a fairly new invention, but had been.
  90. All was up to my own standard and invention at the spur.
  91. It is an ingenious but gratuitous invention in criticism.
  92. The invention of writing and the emergence of our modern.
  93. The invention is old, my friends, but it is perfectly new.
  94. Everyone gathered around to see what his new invention was.
  95. He was sure his invention will be accepted by the Academy.
  96. The invention of this fable was attributed to the coachman.
  97. Our lives have greatly improved since the invention of the.
  98. The CKF is not my only invention to have recently taken off.
  99. That's a swinish invention, and there was nothing of the sort.
  100. So, first make sure that your invention qualifies for a patent.

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