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    1. [Was this question designed to play on my short-term memory weakness?]

    2. We must understand that our body is not designed for modern living

    3. The body was designed for immediate action

    4. Remember, I said in the beginning that if you just read this book, you will gain knowledge, but if you do the work, you can transform your life! This book is designed to help you in the most efficient way possible

    5. recommend a system that is both easy to use and install AND has sophisticated features like an expensive custom designed cart

    6. “I designed this place,” Ackers jumped in as soon as he could

    7. The Asana are designed to free our mind and body from tension and stress

    8. designed to give the old goat a real eyeful

    9. Their old ship could not be operated remotely, it was deliberately designed to need mortal control

    10. designed for hot, sultry Greek nights, and barely covered her modesty

    1. The marble was carved in sensuous designs, the grillwork was well polished

    2. She really hoped he didn't know her intimately, that was going to complicate the designs her loins already had on this meeting

    3. days up in the offices coming up with tweaks and changes, some new designs and

    4. By realising the designs I might release the

    5. principally that they would reference the designs only for opportunities, techniques

    6. Ajarn was one of the best there was and while he handled his mai sak and khem sak, the bamboo and metal ritual tattoo sticks, as though he were about to commit murder with them, the designs were as perfect and fine as medieval calligraphy

    7. He took out a silver cigarette case, engraved with swirling ta moko designs and popped the lid

    8. I studied how it's all done, the circuit designs to the lowest hardware level

    9. Behind the busiest street, I walked romantic corridors between dilapidated wood and mud houses with charming little kitchens, fire-places, wood storage rooms, and some with courtyards and even pebble mosaic designs laid in the ground beneath knotty gnarled old trees that still flowered bright crimson and pale blue

    10. ‘I assure you I have no carnal designs on your body

    1. This will not only lock up money without giving any return, it also would mean loss when the design is changed when you finally need it

    2. this design every year so as not to grow the same plants in the same place year

    3. Bronner’s soap, “The most incredible piece of literature I’ve ever seen printed on a six-by-six piece of paper,” and “The power of word over design

    4. complete with every aspect of the design such as geometry, dimensions, tolerances,

    5. design of the product, and given that spending money was anathema back then, I

    6. Thankfully one of our design bods was on the shop floor

    7. there to greet me was the head of design at Imperial Engineering, then the single

    8. It looked like an old Brazilian design that was still built up until the days of her mortal childhood

    9. Tattoos are inscribed with needle and ink, but the Ta Moko is a design carved into the skin using the Uhi, a traditional chisel formed from a fragment of Albatross bone

    10. Its shuttlecraft was an early 22nd century design, but known for toughness and lifting power

    1. those time, designing the idea of King

    2. the second subgroup of designing

    3. Kurt calmly looked at Martin and said, “McDonald, my father spent twenty years of his life designing that system to be the world’s largest, and most importantly, the greatest distributor of water to the entire population

    4. E: -- Designing the text in such a manner that future parts, which were still not written at the time when the earliest books were written, would be crafted to link in with those future texts, capturing the names of people who were yet to exist

    5. browse over varied companies that primarily deal with patio and deck designing

    6. Tony Carter has been skillfully designing and making collectable teapots with his wife Anita and their team since 1978

    7. …joined together for purposes of price-fixing, unlawful trade practices and restraint of trade…acquiring an unfair (―competitive‖) advantage over its market rivals…resulting in artificially higher prices than the consumer could (otherwise) afford to pay for (certain) products and services…not so a highly successful company that has carefully positioned itself in the open market…(properly) planning, researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing its products and services at a lower cost than its competitors while passing the savings along to its customers…these companies, having legally complied with existing laws and regulations, should not be penalized for their achievements…coerced into sharing their formulae for success with their (underachieving) competitors as the courts oftentimes mandate…

    8. After designing more than fifty planes, some big, some small, some duds and some real masterpieces; the fact was that you really couldn’t compete with nine-year old Chinese kids making, ‘almost ready to fly,’ planes for less money

    9. Designing the forest trees

    10. Once you have gone through the process of finding, selecting, negotiating, designing,

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