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Design en una oración (en ingles)

It is all by design.
Here is a particular design.
Create and design a web site.
Cay, design it to launch.
The machine had a design flaw.
Here the test design is made.

First the design fades, then.
Passion has reason and design.
I was a persistent design flaw.
The design and set up are mine.
Apparently, this design was a.
It was only for show and design.
The Spongebob design is a kids.
I didn’t recognize the design.
You design and code such things.
However, it was modern in design.
I have a design for the way I.
It is best to design your own plan.
We created man in the best design.
Debi's design talents are amazing.
The earliest insect design of all.
The author has to design their own.
But he is far behind you in design.
My design is as honest as possible.
The interior design was unbeatable.
I pointed to the ankh in his design.
He noticed the design on the shirt.
The use of Images in the Web Design.
It's part of design, part of design.
Your web design should be so as to.
I hear you design and build your own.
Finally, think of your overall design.
But the Lord’s design was otherwise.
What an intricate design She’s woven.
Design for Church of the Good Shepherd.
This is all part of the MAV’s design.
Teresa and I helped design the Maze.
Designing a Hub of Connectors.
It had been hard designing the building.
Designing a layout will come after that.
They ask these questions when designing a system.
It dealt with designing home pages on the Internet.
Reliability for the alloy while Designing a Casting.
In designing this course, (that seemed ‘canned’)!.
If the purposes of designing remains obscure then the.
This involves designing the ad, selecting keywords and.
Designing the files is done by a DBA or data base analyst.
Consider designing it around the time that you have available.
The American’s staff had done an admirable job in designing it.
When designing Iris, JPL accounted for catastrophic landing failure.
Designing a new type of ship from scratch is not an easy undertaking.
I have seen the style that you have when it comes to designing things.
The outsides were like shells without fruits, so he started designing.
The advent of Internet marks the beginning of history of web designing.
In designing a KM system, it’s generally easier to start from scratch.
While designing a Casting, the Designer should always bear in MIND that.
To be printed and bound at the Druiddrum press by two designing females.
He was focused on cost-cutting rather than designing cars that sold well.
I have the techs designing new E-teks in hopes this will not happen again.
That he was a dangerous and designing agitator who might stir up rebellion.
He said that he would let someone else have fun designing the shaft turner.
Aesthetic appeal can be enhanced with this new trend of designing web pages.
Your neighbour who was thinking of designing and building a boat? Forget it.
While designing layout for web pages the text width is also to be considered.
It was that priests should beware of designing but apparently perfect ladies.
Hence, this service cost a lot less than if we were involved in designing the.
This time they asked about the wedding date and who will be designing my dress.
The following should be considered when designing a water purification system:.
Designing an experiment with a sample that reflects the characteristics of the.
But there exists a dichotomy regarding which of the methods of designing is better.
Use of Vector Graphics Software: While designing a logo, vector graphics should be.
When it comes to web designing the sites, the webmasters need to concentrate on the.
While designing web pages, it is always better to use relatively sized layout sections.
Well, lately, there came before it witnesses responsible for the designing of the ship.
There are a number of things that are better not being practiced while designing an e-.
Most of the time, the mistakes or errors while web designing take place as the designer.
Let us compare the designing of the children’s lives with that of making a cross stitch.
As all was designed to be.
It is designed to radiate.
We're not designed for that.
Although it is designed to.
This day is designed to be.
He wished they designed the.
The bar is designed in an L.
But this was designed for you.
The tanks are designed to be.
It is designed to raise birds.
Not in the way it was designed.
But it wasn’t designed as a.
Designed by a Japanese company.
It was designed to represent a.
This is a day that is designed.
We were designed to love softly.
Just as the heaven’s designed.
We humans were designed to heal.
His every move was designed to.
Women are not designed that way.
Her money counted, and designed.
The building is designed to.
It was not designed mechanically.
It was specifically designed to.
Life is designed to create BEAUTY.
These are designed specially for.
Likewise, it is also designed to.
It was designed for solo operation.
The software, designed solely for.
It is not designed to raise humans.
God designed the night and the day.
It was designed to be intimidating.
You designed her initial responses.
His beautiful ring that he designed.
God designed us to need each other.
Some hooks are designed for use in.
Logo designed by the artist in 1969.
This noose, too, he had designed a.
It is designed to give individuals.
Options were designed to reduce risk.
And if my designs had.
His designs are his life.
With 40 Designs by Overbeck.
Even in these old designs.
They had strange cryptic designs.
Brown's designs, and saw nothing in.
Businesses need designs of all forms;.
The organic designs of Nature do not lie.
Maybe she has non adulterous designs on me.
Ideas are the foundation of all our designs.
I had designs for every kook in the family.
It had bright coloured fruit designs on it.
The phone had shiny, gem-like designs on it.
New circuit designs, new chips, new software.
The rival editor however had his own designs.
By realising the designs I might release the.
My master is the one who designs these things.
She watched art editors draw up their designs.
Be wary of anthropomorphic designs, my friend.
He created many designs and blueprints for the.
Designs can also be planned based on what wood a.
A warm thank you to Chris for his amazing designs.
She began a quick rundown of the designs that would.
I had no idea he might have designs on the big chair.
She leafed absently through a Ballard Designs catalog.
She had been much too busy with the models and designs.
It had some stuff inscribed into it, designs and words.
Ship designs were even more confidential than manifests.
He was free of Pressman’s designs for a little while.
They’re saying Ulfric has designs to march on Whiterun.
He introduced numerous inventive designs, including the.
She had seen such designs before, of that she was certain.
You were caught taking other people’s designs from RIST.
That structure is exactly what our designs are based on.
Impractical Designs are the hallmarks of Wishful Thinking!.
Pyotr Stepanovitch certainly had some designs on his parent.
What wickedness, encouraged by the prescriptive designs of.
He had designs on another victim besides Stepan Trofimovitch.
But I believe Altera is correct; he has designs on my throne.
Did you think I have designs -- marital designs -- on you?

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