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    1. I think that's Ongar, he's enough of a jerk to talk about it at the Seaside

    2. Some awkward motor function in his brain willed his hand to jerk up to the doorknob and turn

    3. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    4. me had yelled in unision to the angry jerk of plaits tied

    5. he found no rest, but ran, jerk limbed,

    6. “You are a pig-headed, opinionated jerk!” she told him grinning

    7. The warning not to jerk any movements is reiterated here as you should not try to swing your arms over violently as you may well injure a rigid muscle which would discourage you from ever attempting this valuable exercise again

    8. A few minutes later the lift began to rise with a jerk and start on its journey to the top

    9. coats and bags as best they could before the lorry set off with a jerk

    10. That put some of the main hull on sand, but now Jorma was able to put his back into the outrigger bar and jerk it back an inch if he put all his weight and strength into it

    1. Kevin jerks the wheel and loses traction a bit before his car slides off the road

    2. This kind of lust for power that is exerted by the principalities and powers is the very thing that jerks and manipulates the nations

    3. The bouncer's head jerks to the left and blood showers out of his ripped face

    4. "Shit", he mutters to himself as he jerks away from the car

    5. “It’s nothing to me,” Althay said, “I wouldn’t hang out with those jerks, and I don’t hang out there, much less get on the stage, but that’s her business

    6. He jerks the man back

    7. She jerks the receiver away

    8. Jerks her toward him

    9. We can be such jerks! He shook his head again as he thought of Helez

    10. Fortunately, Arion stuck to the lane, understanding that these jerks meant

    1. "I had it in my hand but she jerked when she saw it

    2. Travis's hands jerked into a close range jab but Theo was ready

    3. " He jerked Travis's head back and forth

    4. The faceplate jerked back and he heard a key slide into the

    5. The bus jerked forward a foot or so and stopped again

    6. Duncan turned to Rayne and winked as the craft jerked once

    7. She jerked away her hand and covered her face with both

    8. “Evaristo!” Sun Ni Lee shouted and jerked awake from another short nap induced by fatigue, stress and the long flight

    9. Joseph roughly jerked the drawer open and tossed the bottle to Howard

    10. His body jerked as if shocked with electricity, his muscles contorting into seemingly impossible positions

    1. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    2. He spoke now with a feverish energy, the long hands twitching and jerking as he motioned me away

    3. She suddenly fell from her imaginary cloud when a voice beside her broke the silence, jerking her back to reality

    4. “Leave it in there, kid,” she barked, jerking her head angrily

    5. Jerking awake, he looked across the dimly lit room into Aspen’s face

    6. I could also see the body of the German prisoner jerking up and down as bullets struck him time and time again

    7. With lightning speed, Alex moved in close, jerking one of Josh’s legs out from under him

    8. Carmen lunged at Josh, grabbing his arm and jerking on it

    9. Something tugged on her belt loop and Alex swung her around, jerking her into his embrace

    10. It wasn’t pleasant, the muscles of his face jerking up in stages, as though he was having a problem trying to remember how to use them

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    jerk tug jerking jolt saccade jerked meat jerky dork twitch flick yank buck hitch pull snap wrench jiggle lurch lug