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Jargon sätze (in englisch)

1. It was jargon to Mr.
2. A lot of pain (that’s hospital jargon).
3. Life and jargon do not mix at the level of survival.
4. Where possible written communications should avoid jargon.
5. I am pretty good with words, but legal jargon leaves me cold.
6. In Marxist jargon the term revisionism became synonymous with.
7. The goatherds did not understand this jargon about squires and.

8. That’s enough of that medical jargon, I said to my friend.
9. But I could have done better for you than all that newspaper jargon.
10. Using options jargon, trend-followers are long gamma—not long vega.
11. One might make use of their jargon to put new soles on their old shoes.
12. Welch insisted that they focus on the basics by eliminating jargon and.
13. The Financial Secretary answered it in predictable administrative jargon.
14. It was one of those blind alleys, which the special jargon terms branches.
15. Now you’re getting into that technical jargon you don’t want to hear.
16. One thing that will quickly hit home is the sheer volume of industry jargon.
17. He was happy to find a proper outlet for this newly acquired judicial jargon.
18. It is a rounded top similar to the rounded top in traditional technical jargon.
19. Unable to understand the legal jargon, he scanned the pages for a place to sign.
20. Wrapped in legal jargon, most would argue that this was an irrational, cruel and.
21. In jargon, this is a mean-preserving tradeoff between frequent small gains and rare blowup losses.
22. He was looking up a lot of the jargon and having it translated, even though it made the text longer.
23. Sets ever more complex rules in a convoluted world of grandiose fantasies with its own language (jargon).
24. The message although clumsily decorated with legal jargon and political niceties, came through loud and clear.
25. For a moment the officer spoke into his radio, a jargon foreign to Steven, and then mentioned a warrant check.
26. She remembered long hours agonizing over ciphers made difficult because they were based on Shanghai criminal jargon.
27. Either they could not understand Peter’s British legal jargon or they dug in their heels for the sheer sport of it.
28. There would be extreme emphasis on military jargon and weaponry or all the important people are safe, but no one else.
29. We have motive, we have opportunity, we have … many important facts, she said, unable to pull up more legal jargon.
30. The black spoke in a sea-coast dialect, and Conan replied; he had learned the jargon while a corsair on the coasts of Kush.
31. Sifting through the legal jargon, code numbers, case histories and local laws was tedious but at least it made sense to him.
32. You had better commit the unintelligible jargon to the flames, than by the agency of construction, neutralize wisdom by folly.
33. It is expressed again in legal jargon, that is to say, with a too obvious display of the aim, and with a very naive eagerness.
34. It is expressed again in legal jargon, that is to say, with a too obvious display of the aim, and with a very naïve eagerness.
35. Now to be able to survive on Twitter you need to know about all the jargon and here is a run through the most important words:.
36. Roche wrote out the legal jargon necessary for the establishment of a codicil and then asked the seer about the personal items.
37. He talks in little sketches and odd jargon; the modest theatrical boardinghouses in which he spends most nights are his digs.
38. This is not just a useful antidote to being baffled by pretentious jargon: it also helps establish whether one’s ideas are right.
39. There is a difficulty approaching all this from outside academe: it can seem as if the experts are using jargon to force a thousand.
40. What are the items on the export applications? It’s all written in technical jargon and government gobbledygook, Barry asked.

Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

1. Lots and Lots of Jargons.
2. Thus, it is best to avoid technical jargons in your resume as much as possible.
3. And the little cries, the pursuits through the grass, the waists embraced on the fly, those jargons which are melodies, those adorations which burst forth in the manner of pronouncing a syllable, those cherries torn from one mouth by another,—all this blazes forth and takes its place among the celestial glories.
4. The internal stratification of any single national language into social dialects, characteristic group behavior, professional jargons, generic languages, languages of generations and age groups, tendentious languages, languages of the authorities, of various circles and of passing fashions, languages that serve the specific sociopolitical purposes of the day, even of the hour (each day has its own slogan, its own vocabulary, its own emphases – this internal stratification present in every language at any given moment of its historical existence is the indispensable prerequisite for the novel as a genre.

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