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Lawsuit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. They threatened a lawsuit too.
  2. I think you should drop the lawsuit.
  3. I want you to join our lawsuit, Mr.
  4. The lawsuit didn’t change anything.
  5. The lawsuit had been filed on October 29.

  6. A lawsuit would be difficult without that.
  7. No questions about how the lawsuit was going.
  8. Now she was alone with nothing but a lawsuit.
  9. Then you can institute a class-action lawsuit.
  10. A five billion-dollar class-action lawsuit.
  11. It’s part of why the lawsuit is stalling out.
  12. Maybe the lawsuit would provide Thomas with a.
  13. When will you file the lawsuit? she asked.
  14. A lawsuit can be filed either where the defendant.
  15. A part of him was already gearing up for a lawsuit.

  16. They threatened a lawsuit?! So what happened?
  17. The names are redacted from the lawsuit, I say.
  18. It’s about the lawsuit and it concerns both of you.
  19. We signed on immediately and geared up for the lawsuit.
  20. I received some information in the mail about a lawsuit.
  21. But I’m afraid the big lawsuit is dead, for now anyway.
  22. What are the chances that we can beat this lawsuit?
  23. It wasn’t the lawsuit that shocked the party animals but.
  24. They said Diane D is threatening a lawsuit against this show.
  25. Laboratories' lawsuit restricting the release of BSD-derived.

  26. But their lawsuit in Ohio based on those claims was dismissed.
  27. My wretched lawsuit takes all I have and makes no progress.
  28. Thomas could not bring himself to aggressively pursue a lawsuit.
  29. An old Wall Street motto has been: Never buy into a lawsuit.
  30. Is like when you try and lawsuit hospital… she muttered.
  31. Was it intended for a bribe? He may have another lawsuit pending.
  32. She has demanded $5,000 in her lawsuit, but that seems a bit low.
  33. The lawsuit was begun in 1957 and finally settled in 1962, with $3.
  34. If the lawsuit was settled, why are they still following him?
  35. This didn’t help us at all and eventually the lawsuit was dropped.
  36. Herbal was assuming I had a pretty good lawsuit for my near fatality.
  37. United States, as a result of a lawsuit alleging patent infringement.
  38. Q broadcast the story, he received threats of a lawsuit from the DNC.
  39. The lawsuit states that when Frizzell attempted to bring to light his.
  40. Donovan had summoned all of us there to pitch the Hammer Valley lawsuit.
  41. Yet… the class-action lawsuit against breast implants eventually lost.
  42. I threatened him again with a lawsuit and anything else I could think of.
  43. I have yet to win my first lawsuit and I’m still terrified of litigation.
  44. The lawsuit states that Frizzell who has been off-duty sick since May 2008.
  45. Mum agreed that she would not be in the mood for a legal lawsuit right now.
  46. Française retaliated with a lawsuit, which remained in the courts for years.
  47. Encouraged by the wine, Samantha asked, What happened to the lawsuit?
  48. She handed over some paperwork and said proudly, This is my first lawsuit.
  49. Donovan stepped beside her and said, Well, it’s a lawsuit, to begin with.
  50. Obviously Krull Mining is terrified of the lawsuit and wants to get rid of it.
  51. But the other option would be a lawsuit that could cost him more than his job.
  52. They'll just bring a lawsuit against the entire newspaper company, that's all.
  53. Simmons is not part of the lawsuit [150 former sailors and Marines suing Tepco].
  54. They said they will press charges AND file a lawsuit against the Punky Gurlz.
  55. To avoid another lawsuit about the Pavlicheff estate, I ran away, he said.
  56. As far as the lawsuit goes, eventually Union Carbide offered to pay $470 million.
  57. Slap a big fat lawsuit on them for slander and make them squirm to produce proof.
  58. That was cruel and unusual punishment and grounds for a lawsuit if you ask me.
  59. But it was her first lawsuit, and to win in such a slam-dunk fashion was thrilling.
  60. In low voices, Samantha and Pamela talked about the lawsuit and what it might mean.
  61. Today’s meeting centered on the attorney’s progress with the newspaper lawsuit.
  62. You got all that despite the fact that I’m flipping out over this lawsuit?
  63. There was a massive lawsuit pending against her for manipulating investor returns.
  64. She won the case and the Stella Award is named after her for the most frivolous lawsuit.
  65. It was a gorgeous lawsuit, one that he would tee up in an instant if only he could.
  66. Nevertheless, a huge environmental lawsuit could do even more damage to their bottom line.
  67. The widows of the deceased had a lawsuit, but not against the corporation producing vinyl.
  68. Now that he’s filed the lawsuit, Krull is terrified the documents are about to be exposed.
  69. She began with the Hammer Valley litigation, and Krull Mining, and Donovan Gray and his lawsuit.
  70. On June 8, Fox fired her from the film and then filed a half-million-dollar lawsuit against her.
  71. Monday’s brown-bag lunch was spent celebrating Samantha’s crushing victory in her first lawsuit.
  72. I cannot initiate a lawsuit that will take five years of pretty intense litigation in federal court.
  73. So why the lawsuit? The legal team are telling me the therapist could lose her license to practice.
  74. He decided to sue the university, as he had quite a few choices for a lawsuit based on discrimination.
  75. We deeply resent the allegations made against our law firm by your client in his ill-fated lawsuit.
  76. Now that the lawsuit was gone, Fuller and his firm were not at all concerned with their own wrongdoing.
  77. A man filed a lawsuit against his doctor because he survived longer than what the doctor had predicted.
  78. Some lawyers file a lawsuit immediately, which has the benefit of putting you quickly on a trial track.
  79. The targets of the lawsuit are the non-profit foundation and Francine "Penny" Patterson, its president.
  80. Hospital settles lawsuit over towel left in patient The patient was in for alcoholism and needed to dry out.
  81. In order to prevent the increasing use of this tactic against other filmmakers, Kramer filed a libel lawsuit.
  82. The Sun Times declined to run our story because of the lack of evidence and that bogus lawsuit, she added.
  83. Thus, never buy into a lawsuit remains a valid rule for all but the most intrepid investors to live by.
  84. I have plenty of millions available for such a lawsuit and I will take it as high as the Terran Supreme Court.
  85. They may bring such a lawsuit only in state court in the state where the alleged infraction or injury occurred.
  86. He filed complaints with the regulators, and even filed a lawsuit against Vayden, but they tied him up in court.
  87. They found that chemicals and plastic from the plantations were killing the reef, but a lawsuit came to nothing.
  88. Yesterday, Jan 6, Krull Mining filed a motion to dismiss our Hammer Valley lawsuit in federal court in Charleston.
  89. She managed to convey the confidence of a seasoned litigator and never hinted that this was her first real lawsuit.
  90. This gentleman evidently avoided Velchaninoff, but at the same time was most necessary to the latter in his lawsuit.
  91. You probably have heard about the 1994 lawsuit against McDonalds Restaurants and know all about this frivolous action.
  92. Another big lawsuit was the last thing on Donovan’s mind, and her intent was not to pester him on this momentous day.
  93. Arrest me if you will, but I promise you first thing tomorrow morning I’ll file a federal lawsuit with your name, Mr.
  94. The lawsuit will be against the collection company, if in fact they are pinching her paychecks from an expired judgment.
  95. When Bobby Kennedy heard of the possibility of a lawsuit against Marilyn, he decided to take matters into his own hands.
  96. The lawsuit against Top Market Solutions—Samantha’s first—was still unresolved, but the family was safe and happy.
  97. Well, they ought to be, but they've had a lawsuit for some years which has sucked the blood out of both of them, I fancy.
  98. Then Claudia Petrovna and her husband came out, and both of them good-humouredly bantered Velchaninoff about his lawsuit.
  99. My reputation has been harmed by this illegal action, and my lawyers are drawing up a lawsuit against the NFL as we speak.
  100. The bottom line, she concluded, is that whether they have threatened us with a lawsuit yet or not, they’re coming.

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