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Leaf en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He was kil ed by Leaf.
  2. One such leaf is that.
  3. No Leaf child rose early.
  4. A leaf turns on its edge.
  5. Garcia picked a leaf and.

  6. Leaf parked along the lane.
  7. They saw the Leaf Monsters.
  8. Even Leaf, who had to keep.
  9. Attack of the Leaf Monsters.
  10. Look at a leaf and the same.
  11. He dropped a leaf in the fire.
  12. Not a leaf was left unturned.
  13. Leaf launched himself at the.
  14. I heard the rustling of a leaf.
  15. And the red leaf nail'd aground.

  16. Leaf plunged his silver sword.
  17. Leaf had final y turned up so.
  18. He found me at the Ivory Leaf.
  19. The Leaf Children were helpless.
  20. Uthor Under leaf was not so shy.
  21. There are three Leaf Children.
  22. Only a Leaf Child would know that.
  23. It's like the stalk of a big leaf.
  24. There were also many Leaf Children.
  25. The leaf itself was calling to her.

  26. The Ivory Leaf was situated at the.
  27. He carried it to his mamma on a leaf.
  28. Leaf shook his head in mock sadness.
  29. Leaf monsters were easily dispatched.
  30. Leaf looked down at Ricky with a sneer.
  31. The Leaf Children did as they were told.
  32. Leaf thanked the man and phoned Samual.
  33. Not a leaf stirred, nor a bird chirped.
  34. They were wrapped in a large palm leaf.
  35. A lime green birch leaf held the camera.
  36. The Leaf Children stood where they were.
  37. The third leaf and stem is an upright P.
  38. He turned to a yellowing leaf of a page.
  39. Come now Leaf Children, Fusan said.
  40. He brushed a dry leaf off the stone face.
  41. Then he had been part of the Leaf family.
  42. Grant told them what he had seen Leaf do.
  43. He was shaking like a leaf as he said this.
  44. Love every leaf, every ray of God's light.
  45. It could be plucking a leaf off of a tree.
  46. I had missed a leaf with the salad dressing.
  47. Eric caught a falling leaf and inspected it.
  48. He sat down at the desk and began to leaf.
  49. He glowed and stretched like a burning leaf.
  50. Have you seen a leaf, a leaf from a tree?
  51. That’s why the leaf monsters are stronger.
  52. The Maker of this earth but patented a leaf.
  53. Trees exploded in clouds of leaf and branch.
  54. Add some sprouts and roll the leaf carefully.
  55. He is shaking like a leaf in an autumn gale.
  56. Then a leaf, and then where a fire had been.
  57. She floated like a leaf on the hugest river.
  58. Then he told the Leaf Children: Al of you.
  59. The overhanging leaf sees here its prototype.
  60. She stood, the palm leaf fallen from her hand.
  61. Autumn Leaf into the ground and coldly said.
  62. Open tops with four tyres and leaf suspension.
  63. The leaf that sustained the flowers gradually.
  64. Penn sat on the leaf covered ground and leaned.
  65. And he fancied that if he were in fact a leaf.
  66. The leaf pile continued to move back and forth.
  67. Leaf by seared leaf, he fed them into the fire.
  68. A leaf with flowers that is not attached will.
  69. Salad with gold leaf, now that’s interesting.
  70. Sam was attacked by a leaf monster last night.
  71. Not so easily, the leaf monsters were fragile.
  72. Then there's the gold leaf - say, fifteen books.
  73. No it was not the Leaf Children or the Drongs.
  74. Olivia crouched against him, shaking like a leaf.
  75. It was a brand new Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin.
  76. However, I have turned over a new leaf, literally.
  77. Leaf couldn’t believe that Ricky was stil alive.
  78. Then he spread the leaf out flat and examined it.
  79. A minute later he returned with the Leaf Children.
  80. When she returned, Bucca cleared a patch of leaf.
  81. The boys were on the lookout for the leaf monsters.
  82. The elder refused the leaf to the taste of spirits.
  83. Leaf got hold of Grants throat and locked his jaw.
  84. Leaf was fuming now that Damon was part of the pack.
  85. Leaf stood quietly at the back of the room as his.
  86. Meanwhile, we have the leaf monsters to deal with.
  87. Pour sauce over the top and garnish with a mint leaf.
  88. I go there, I cut a leaf off and hold it in my hand.
  89. Without suffering, I was a leaf blowing in the wind.
  90. What’s the leaf for? One of the aliens asked.
  91. But they were waiting, and not even a leaf trembled.
  92. Nothing but the shadow of a falling leaf greeted him.
  93. It only confused the Leaf Children more when he did.
  94. A hot acid from such a leaf leaves burn for few days.
  95. We are Leaf Children and we command tou to surrender.
  96. The leaf monsters are far more lively and aggressive.
  97. She was washing her paws when Leaf crept up behind her.
  98. The food was served on a leaf that acted as the plate.
  99. An autumn leaf, very crisp, fell somewhere in the dark.
  100. Red raspberry leaf has an abundant amount of vitamin C.
  1. And I remembered a thing I had read as a boy leafing African novels.
  2. Stazl bent down, picked up the manual, and started leafing through it.
  3. It's gotta be in here some where, he said leafing through the book.
  4. She had it in hand and began leafing through before stopping and reading.
  5. She was leafing through a book and scarcely raised the look when he entered.
  6. Huh, the officer grunted, leafing through a stack of papers on his desk.
  7. Rustmarrow swapped books, leafing thoughtfully through When Spells Go Bad: Volume III.
  8. He immediately began leafing through the boxes on the verandah like Christmas had come early.
  9. I expect him to continue chewing me out, but instead he starts leafing through his stack of papers.
  10. And for me, it's a greatopportunity to use this reading/writing interplay, whereas leafing through abook.
  11. After nearly three hours of leafing through books, Paul decided to take a break and head toward the cafeteria.
  12. Jack was leafing through a magazine whenever Monica came to the reception room and he didn't see her approach.
  13. He stands, spits tobacco juice out the window, reaches for a binder, starts leafing through it, hands it to John.
  14. Because it’s your job, replied my mother, who was sitting at the kitchen counter, leafing through the mail.
  15. About an hour later, I was leafing through the file on one of our new outstanding cases when Claire appeared at my door.
  16. He was browsing at a newsstand in the early evening, leafing through a few magazines, when he heard angry voices approaching.
  17. That would be another story; maybe try leafing through the book? Because Galinda’s heart was just as cold as her features were grim.
  18. One afternoon, leafing through a new issue of Town and Country, Eve came across a photograph of Alexandra dancing with an attractive man.
  19. Karen’s sitting in the shade of a potted palm, leafing through one of the multi-coloured brochures which litter the low tables in our reception area.
  20. He chuckled, but continued leafing through the tablet in his hands and I was just about to roll over in frustrated jealously of the technology, when he whistled through his teeth at me.
  21. Gould retreated to his cot with the newspaper and began leafing through it, making sure he displayed nothing but bland interest despite the adrenaline Mitch Rapp’s visit had sent coursing though him.
  22. The two Military Policemen wheeled me into the room and I could see a Colonel and two Majors sat behind a table looking at us as we came in I noticed Major Vine off to one side and Captain Berryman was leafing through some papers.
  23. Grabbing it and leafing through it, Ingrid saw that it would give her many precious clues and starting points for her incoming search for a place to live, so she bought it and, sitting on a bench in the hall, started reading it with intense curiosity.
  24. She studied it with curiosity at first, later patiently, read the title several times as if she wanted to record in her memory the familiar letters for a later meeting, kept on leafing through the content of its discolored pages at random until the soft natural light was darkening little by little.
  25. She sucked air in after leafing through only a couple of pages, while glee filled her: that ledger contained a list of all the Los Angeles government officials, politicians, police officers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges that had been paid bribes by Durante’s men, along with the dates and amounts of the bribes and the bank accounts information.
  26. The computer hesitated as if leafing through its notes, then added,.
  1. I leafed through them.
  2. He leafed through to.
  3. Ben leafed through the book.
  4. He leafed through the book.
  5. They leafed the pages together.
  6. Kenichi leafed through the report.
  7. I leafed through a few more files.
  8. Luis leafed through the stack of papers.
  9. Stone picked them up and leafed through them.
  10. As he leafed further he noticed a business card.
  11. I took the file off the pile and leafed further in.
  12. She leafed absently through a Ballard Designs catalog.
  13. The doctor leafed through the pages a little slower now.
  14. I leafed through some loose things on an old pine desk.
  15. I looked at the pile of papers and leafed through a few.
  16. She leafed wistfully through a couple of pages listing.
  17. I watched as Fritz leafed through my scene, his back to me.
  18. Deshavi leafed through the summer dresses in the store in town.
  19. Conan had brought a great armful of tender branches, well leafed.
  20. Which one’s Henry Shaw? I asked as I leafed through the book.
  21. He leafed through until he found the book of Psalms, I always liked this one.
  22. I leafed through a pile: Hawaii, Tahiti, and the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.
  23. She reached out to the side and pulled the broad leafed frawn of a nearby plant off.
  24. From a cluster of green, curiously leafed stalks, great black blossoms nodded at him.
  25. It was an old dog-eared copy, looked as if it had been leafed through a thousand times.
  26. In the port, Truman leafed through shipping manifests and saw among them his container.
  27. As if to torture me, Jacobi leafed through his notepad to what must’ve been page thirty.
  28. It was when he finally leafed through the last of them that he realized just how desperate.
  29. Stone leafed through the plans that Jim Lugano had brought; Dante, the policeman, had joined them.
  30. She’d posted a meme that read: Share this four leafed clover and you will have good luck for a year.
  31. Thanks, Jack replied, as he leafed through, scanning the many tables and graphs she had prepared.
  32. Through the sparsely leafed trees and bushes, I saw the pleasing familiar lines of my family’s cottage.
  33. Going straight for them would have been suspicious and he maintained his bored expression as he leafed through them.
  34. She didn’t acknowledge him as she leafed through a weathered notebook with faded alphabetical lettering on red tabs.
  35. As he leafed through the folders, getting a quick appraisal of the breadth of the art, he stopped at a little painting.
  36. Here, take a look, he said, smiling with delight as he leafed through a stack of newspapers and tossed one across the desk.
  37. There were orchards, heavy leafed in their prime, and vineyards with the long green crawlers carpeting the ground between the rows.
  38. According to what I have—Hull leafed through his notes—Davidson was killed with a bullet from a totally different weapon.
  39. In an attempt to document his memories, he leafed through the albums of the Poetic Festivals while Sara Noriega prepared something to eat.
  40. He quickly leafed through them and appeared satisfied that he had been given the amount he had requested, and tucked the money into his coat pocket.
  41. I started dragging my finger on the surface of the screen, as I leafed down through menus of options, just as I had practiced in my simulations with Abby.
  42. I leafed through the notebooks hoping to find some pertinent information, but it was obvious there was nothing that helped shed any light on the situation.
  43. She had sensed it in the way the boy listened to his teachers, and the nervous way he leafed through the maths books she had bought for him, and most of all she had sensed it in his numbers.
  44. But on one of these occasions the boy had been given a thick maths book by his mother – it was clearly way above his level, but he still leafed through it frantically, making excited noises.
  45. Huss took a book from his shelves and leafed through it a few minutes, then sat with his long fingers entwined, watching her until he was satisfied that she had eaten as much as she could be expected to.
  46. The train trip of course and its accommodations, Omaha and Chicago stations, the business meetings and the food, the people, the buildings, the shops, stores and sights, all these they read in turn as they leafed through the first series.
  47. He fetched one of his gardening books from an alcove shelf in the living room and leafed through the sections that showed keen gardeners how to build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints, tips and instructions, Ken realised that his weary bones ached for a change.
  48. He leafed through the prisoners’ files, his mind swirling, trying to understand the meaning of it all, while his heart ached over knowing that bringing to Raul this news that his cousin is alive would bring into the life of the man he secretly loved, not joy for having found his long-lost cousin alive, rather heartache for what Truman appeared to be involved in.
  49. He leafed through a couple of old,.
  1. Tom leafs through the Times while I look around.
  2. Over the bed of golden dry leafs, the first snow.
  3. He leafs through it until he finds what he’s looking for.
  4. Cities that are leafs (for example, Erfurt) just use an empty list (no destinations):.
  5. He would be rooting for the Leafs for all of eternity, and hanging onto his own set of core values.
  6. Then she leafs through the papers there, all the memos written by Hawke and the National Security Adviser.
  7. We arrive at the formal dress section and Ashley leafs through the dresses like she's a professional shopper.
  8. Raising his head he could see where she'd placed a large woven basket, lined with leafs, containing cool stream water.
  9. He shall be like the tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in season, who's leafs shall not wither.
  10. Leafs forming a blanket that covered the Earth in autumn started to rise from the movement of air and rain with heavy drops began to fall.
  11. There were some grass leafs in her hair so he then started to pick them, but that moment was short lived as the screams of a man could be heard.
  12. Another splits the plank of a closed newsstand before entering the back of old Freddy Phillips as he leafs through a fresh Western Story pulp magazine.
  13. Leafs were brought through the window by the strong currents and as she lifted her head she looked at Zeus with hate and despise, but he did nothing more than to look in disbelief over what he had done.
  14. The screams were so loud that birds had to hide to keep their ears safe from going deaf, animals were trying to bury their head underneath leafs, to go in burrows and hide in the deepest corners of the waters.
  15. The noises of the leafs in the wind, the birds moving in the trees, the noises of ground-dwelling animals moving to find prey, the noises asleep creatures made, the breathing of others and even their heartbeats.

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