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    1. It was through their search for dragon lore that they discovered they could hear and speak to all the other dragons

    2. It is a place of magic and lore where creatures of

    3. Fairy lore abounds with tales of travelers who were led into whole kingdoms that they believed to be fully real

    4. His cackling was muted, “I've touched a nerve? Yes, Guardian; I have translated the lore of the Star

    5. Conversations usually centered around the city and its history because Jewish men and women were steeped in the lore

    6. forbidden lore hint at the possibility that earth is suffering the dark plots of maniac, chthonic deities

    7. When he finally investigated in the poorer districts, he learned to translate the lore

    8. It was Anuth'otep who had decrypted the necromantic Lore from the books of the dead into a

    9. myth lore (to suit this story) 3; Willpower +1 Backgrounds: Sanctum (monastery) 1, Enigma

    10. Princess Ruby and the Arrow of Belhavior became legend in Skipton forest lore

    11. Is it possible that somewhere deeply buried under the last and greatest siltation of this double river plain is the Eden of biblical lore?

    12. At least now I knew that some nightmares are not just limited up to folk lore and books

    13. lore, once dominated the Planet

    14. It had a few copies of the books I had seen in Tlatelolco, but most of the books were written in Quechua and apparently contained the local lore compiled by educated survivors who had learned the Uighur script and had tried to bend it around their language

    15. Do you remember the journal Huss began to translate in the last days? It’s still there! Don’t you remember, Eva, how the lore of old days just seemed to come to us, as though it wanted us to find it? And now it is coming to us again, calling us again!”

    16. I laugh at the lore

    17. We plan to visit because of our similarity as people, warriors mated to wizards, and I don’t doubt that all three of our ladies will be sharing arcane lore and feminine conversation, as us three fellows are trading combat strategies, and they will between them have some apt observations about my status as a wizard or whatever it is I am

    18. Allowing the memory of what or rather who he truly was fade, moving over the centuries into myth and lore

    19. The World War Two service of the SPARS is forever etched in Coast Guard lore

    20. Some say their creation was inspired by ancient superstition and lore

    21. According to lore, the name pempek refers to the old Chinese

    22. Lore of realms

    23. The Lore Masters were known throughout Coermantyr and Mystic Down as adept magic users

    24. The villagers of Wood’s End understood the necessity of the meeting with the Lore Masters in Coermantyr

    25. I also hope that the Lore Masters will give us some information as to how we can prevent such an invasion from occurring again

    26. They were led to the Council Chamber of the Lore Masters

    27. The Lore Masters were a group of a dozen mages who specialized in the storage of documents

    28. The Chief Archivist of the Lore Masters was Restadicus

    29. The Lore Masters sat at a crescent-shaped table

    30. Leif appreciated the sophistication of the library of the Lore Masters

    31. That night the Lore Masters reached a decision

    32. The aged Lore Master scratched his beard

    33. An alumnus of the Lore Masters, Siegemunde, has functioned as the Chief Administrator of the Martial Academy there for the last few years

    34. “Your loyalty will be noted in the annals of the Lore Masters in Coermantyr

    35. Strong the Lore Masters are and Siegemunde too

    36. At all else we should rendezvous with our friends and return to the Council Chamber of the Lore Masters

    37. We will consult with Restadicus and the Lore Masters of Coermantyr upon our return to Gaea

    38. The Gaeans entered the spacious Council Chamber of the Lore Masters

    39. “This does not bode well for the delicate balance of the Planar Mandala,” answered the Leader of the Lore Masters

    40. The Lore Masters shall hold Council tonight while you recuperate from your mission

    41. The next morning Taliesin and his friends gathered again in the Council Chamber of the Lore Masters

    42. The Lore Masters rose from their seats at the crescent table

    43. The Leader of the Lore Masters hummed with interest as he scanned the Ordered Plane

    44. Restadicus lowered his hands, as did the other Lore Masters

    45. “Please, Warriors,” said the Leader of the Lore Masters

    46. Restadicus and the Lore Masters contended with the levitating beholders

    47. Zolgnath’s minotaurs were not as susceptible to the inhibiting magic of the Lore Masters

    48. The Lore Masters enchanted a spell of their own

    49. The Lore Masters were prepared for such a contingency and uttered a spell of shielding

    50. The aged, adept wizard addressed the Council of Lore Masters as their shield blocked the acid flame

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