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    1. Stephen’s comment in the car about my job being on the line is coming back to me now … on the floor I can see a letter with the school crest on it lying where I dropped the post

    2. Emma witters on, fussing about coming to see me later in the week while I half listen, my thoughts on the letter lying just out of reach

    3. Ted’s letter said I should ring him when I returned …

    4. ‘I got your letter

    5. ‘Mrs Wynell, I ought to tell you that I had another anonymous letter here at the police station today

    6. ‘Whoever it was, poured some paraffin through the letter box and then chucked a lighted match on top of it

    7. letter to the church at Corinth, Paul said that love is never puffed up

    8. The pride of Diotrephes was rebuked by John in his third letter that was addressed to

    9. Corinthian letter to dealing with them

    10. By the letter of Holy Law they weren't supposed to be sharing this information but the only person that could know would be another tech tapping into their duty environment

    11. He found little of it rated more of a reply than a polite stop-your-whining form letter

    12. It took her several hours and multiple attempts to write her letter

    13. Fortunately, Kara strenuously resisted this attempt to get rid of her as, when the small vehicle materialised, there was a letter addressed to Kara sitting in it

    14. But when will that be? Hmmm … as the train picked up speed, she reached into her bag and pulled out the letter

    15. ‘Oh yes … and there was a letter for me as well

    16. What would Berndt make of that letter? For some minutes, she lay debating what the next course of action should be when the sound of someone moving around in the house spurred her into getting out of bed

    17. Reluctantly, Iain stowed his letter in his trouser pocket and, smiling in a friendly fashion, led the way to the car

    18. was pacing up and down with a letter in his hands

    19. letter was read out by Brijbabu in the study after the

    20. letter, where the mention of the endeavour taken by

    21. When U are able to read this letter

    22. A letter arrived at my mother’s full of blame and resignation

    23. I hope this letter finds you in good health and that the monsoon season has now ended

    24. It is bad enough when it rains here, I can’t imagine trying to get around the sort of terrain you describe in the downpours mentioned in your last letter

    25. I have read your last letter over and over, trying to imagine what the landscape is like where you are

    26. Having had an easy time of it with the Letter L Breathing Exercise, try now another exercise which incorporates breathing, stretching, and in its advanced stages, a high degree of balance

    27. I see him pick up the letter, fold it carefully and stow it in the pouch on his belt

    28. On each shin pad the letter 'T' had been embroidered in genuine, full carat diamonds

    29. Lured by the prospect of marriage to such a fine young man there were plenty of young ladies who made a beeline for his letter box and his lunch box

    30. Once they were done testing, Thom had to write that letter

    31. This is nasty!’ She holds up the letter, ‘It must have been a horrid shock when you opened it

    32. ’ I said, suiting the action to the word, carefully opening the envelope with my letter opener and prising out the sheet of paper with the pointed end of the implement, touching it as little as possible with my fingers

    33. As I start unfolding the sheet using a pen in one hand and the letter opener in the other, it becomes obvious that this is another like yesterday

    34. A week after seeing the Curitiba re-light, he found something different, a letter from Thom Husband of Signals

    35. He had a hard time getting to the words in the letter, he was reeling just from the impact seeing her handwriting had on him

    36. He handed her the letter

    37. “I have faith that that letter was from my mother,” Kelvin said

    38. "He knows in my heart of hearts that I am sure that letter was from my mother

    39. The letter had him nearly out of touch with the ship, with all of reality, for a week

    40. There were other scenarios that would keep him from fighting his mother besides the letter being coerced from her while she was still alive

    41. “Then they have a copy of the letter from my mother

    42. “So they could have that letter,” Kelvin stated

    43. “That also means that the laws of physics certainly allow that letter to have come from that ship

    44. “Then why did she write the letter and how did it get here?” Heymon asked

    45. The bogie had a copy of the letter, they knew we were inbound and they know I command this vessel

    46. “What other explanation of that letter do the laws of physics allow?” Kelvin challenged

    47. Captain Alexei is following my instructions to the letter; you need not have any concerns in this matter

    48. Even though he couldn’t take it seriously, he tried to imagine what it would be like to be in the heaven his mother’s letter hinted at

    49. I hand him the letter from Mrs Foster that he’s been waiting for over a week and he doesn’t even comment!

    50. That went back to his mother’s letter and threw out the theory that she was in a universe someone built for her in the Pan Solar League

    1. They sent me a picture of their fresh-coat-of-brown painted house, with their white lettered last name “PATCHEN” painted on an old piece of wood and nailed in front just above their wrapped-around deck

    2. “Is there a chance you may, you know” Akua said, not wanting to use that four lettered word, live

    3. My sponsor nearly killed me for letting Bud Williams, LHS’ All State QB in 1960 who broke his wrist at UF and then lettered as a linebacker, put an apron on me and make me tend bar at Leon H

    4. “It’s beautiful! Thank you!” Talia said as she opened it to the title page, which was lettered with flowing script

    5. The last box, lettered with the number 1, ended at her pubic region

    6. The compliment paid to the sea services by naval historian and Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison after World War Two could be applied to the Coast Guard from its Revenue Service days to the present: “Let us remember the gunboats, minecraft, destroyer escorts, PTs, beaching and other lettered craft

    7. red, white and blue name badge with a red ribbon lettered

    8. The sign was made out of packing material and had been crudely lettered with a soft marker

    9. Jebongo hand lettered across the front

    10. Both women came back down fifty minutes later, finding Sarah Ur in the process of giving an English teaching lesson to Hien in the living room with the help of lettered dominos

    11. Crudely lettered cardboard signs hanging from the ceiling read: welcome baby

    12. a cover with "EXPERIMENTAL" lettered on it

    13. TOOMB" lettered on the side

    14. TOOMB" lettered on it screeches to a halt and dies a grinding death at the gate

    15. Then, perhaps, a mason's van with newly lettered tombstones recording how some one loved some one who is buried at Putney

    16. "Be not uneasy, friend Sancho," said the barber, "for we will entreat your master, and advise him, even urging it upon him as a case of conscience, to become an emperor and not an archbishop, because it will be easier for him as he is more valiant than lettered

    17. ” In his senior year in high school, by sheer force of will, he lettered in—of all things—basketball

    18. passed on, pouring indignation and scorn upon Ramirez; but, that Sunday, she nearly died of wretchedness and shame, lying on the carved and lettered stone of Teresa's grave, subscribed for by the engine-drivers and the fitters of the railway workshops, in sign of their respect for the hero of Italian Unity

    19. Before he could think about what he was doing, Mercer had laid aside the erotica and hurried back out of the shop and was following the man east, toward the lettered streets, as if there were something he could not wait any longer to find out

    20. By no means all Hobbits were lettered, but those who were wrote constantly to all their friends (and a selection of their relations)

    21. his reputation as a lettered man):

    22. It was a neatly lettered page full of the text of the Argonautica

    23. This had given her, when very young, and even a little later, a sort of pensive attitude towards her husband, a scamp of a certain depth, a ruffian lettered to the extent of the grammar, coarse and fine at one and the same time, but, so far as sentimentalism was concerned, given to the perusal of Pigault-Lebrun, and "in what concerns the sex," as he said in his jargon—a downright, unmitigated lout

    24. all the languages of Europe, and, what is more rare, all the languages of all interests, and speaking them; an admirable representative of the "middle class," but outstripping it, and in every way greater than it; possessing excellent sense, while appreciating the blood from which he had sprung, counting most of all on his intrinsic worth, and, on the question of his race, very particular, declaring himself Orleans and not Bourbon; thoroughly the first Prince of the Blood Royal while he was still only a Serene Highness, but a frank bourgeois from the day he became king; diffuse in public, concise in private; reputed, but not proved to be a miser; at bottom, one of those economists who are readily prodigal at their own fancy or duty; lettered, but not very sensitive to letters; a gentleman, but not a chevalier; simple, calm, and strong; adored by his family and his household; a fascinating talker, an undeceived statesman, inwardly cold, dominated by immediate interest, always governing at the shortest range, incapable of rancor and of gratitude, making use without mercy of superiority on mediocrity, clever in getting parliamentary majorities to put in the wrong those mysterious unanimities which mutter dully under thrones; unreserved, sometimes imprudent in his lack of reserve, but with marvellous address in that imprudence; fertile in expedients, in countenances, in masks; making France fear Europe and Europe France! Incontestably fond of his country, but preferring his family; assuming more domination than authority and more authority than dignity, a disposition which has this unfortunate property, that as it turns everything to success, it admits of ruse and does not absolutely repudiate baseness, but which has this valuable side, that it preserves politics from violent shocks, the state from fractures, and society from catastrophes; minute, correct, vigilant, attentive, sagacious, indefatigable; contradicting himself at times and giving himself the lie; bold against Austria at Ancona, obstinate against England in Spain, bombarding Antwerp, and paying off Pritchard; singing the Marseillaise with conviction, inaccessible to despondency, to lassitude, to the taste for the beautiful and the ideal, to daring generosity, to Utopia, to chimeras, to wrath, to vanity, to fear; possessing all the forms of personal intrepidity; a general at Valmy; a soldier at Jemappes; attacked eight times by regicides and always smiling

    25. For there were words written on this egg in white calcium outline, as if the nervous system of the chicken, moved by strange night talks that only it could hear, had lettered the shell in painful half-neat inscriptions

    26. When his protests weakened a little they carried the packing case over to the laboratory, tacked red, white, and blue bunting over it, lettered the big sign with iodine on a card, and they started the decorating from there

    27. At last the Captain made a postman of it; tying a lettered, leathern tally round its neck, with the ship's time and place; and then letting it escape

    1. Surrounded by Khmer lettering was a small but intricate picture of an event

    2. There was also some lettering

    3. It was one of those bottles one could hardly read because the lettering was so distorted

    4. The words 'Darceenian Flame' curved in purple lettering, distorted on a blazing ball like the banding of Kortrax centered in the deep blue mainsail of her foremast

    5. The lettering was impossible to

    6. Bram waved his hand, and the lettering faded instantly

    7. There were niches with statues in them, some with lettering from bygone days

    8. Their footsteps echo off matt blue walls as they pass wards and treatment areas signed in white lettering on blue metal

    9. There was the morning coffee and hot water for tea, keeping the heating stoves burning in winter, sheafs of dimensioning, the labor-intense meticulous lettering of the ever-changing sections of notes which had to be inscribed on near-finished plans, and his favorite duty, serving as sometime courier between the lead Waterhouse designers and their clients

    10. She didn’t acknowledge him as she leafed through a weathered notebook with faded alphabetical lettering on red tabs

    11. Alex noticed the name HMS Virtue picked out in gold lettering on the sailor’s cap

    12. The style of the writing was a technical lettering used by technicians or architects, all upper-case printing

    13. Time slowed abruptly and I could easily read the sign painted across the top of the cab, 'HM NAVY', it said, in large gold lettering

    14. But what made matters worse, was the lettering still showing through from the box beneath

    15. ‘Blood and Guts,’ it said, in white cartoon lettering

    16. Mia"s off to work outfit was a pair of cut off faded blue jeans, a black sleeveless T-shirt with half inch white lettering imprinted in the shape of a necklace across the top of it and her pale blue thong flip flops

    17. As the cars passed, Truman saw the lettering on the door: La Hacienda

    18. He worked it into the small of his back by pretending to scratch himself, the big bag with colourful lettering acting as blind cover

    19. Even the smallest lettering on the bow of boat or ship was easily readable with the aid of her telephoto camera lens that she had thought to bring

    20. He took a moment to get the staff to fire up their machine and put on an appliqué that said, “The Kid,” in silver threads on the back of it, in big, bold lettering a hundred centimetres high

    21. Behind him, the word “Dauntless” is spray-painted in red artistic lettering on a concrete wall

    22. “Raven” was inscribed there in ornate silver lettering

    23. She glanced at it as she stepped by, and was stunned to see a familiar name written in black lettering below the cross

    24. very tiny lettering really mean things about the

    25. He pointed to a four meter wide blue ring of light in a rear corner of the yard, with glowing blue lettering floating in the air above it

    26. Picking up the silver bracelet he read the initials carved into it in bold lettering, AJ

    27. I peered at the lettering on the flipchart: TMNT- UK

    28. He pointed to a twelve foot wide blue ring of light in a rear corner of the yard, with glowing blue lettering floating in the air above it

    29. He was pulling out his money when three young men came in all wearing red bandanas on their heads and sweatpants complimenting their white tee shirts that had the words ‘MNS’ printed in red lettering

    30. The lettering and style

    31. Instead of my previous designation EHAE-01-23-3013-A, I had black lettering that simply stated “AVA

    32. Nearby, a rusted shipping container had been jammed under the dead tree and, although it was badly weathered, Siri could see that at one time it had been painted with some sort of foliage design, overwritten with large, now unreadable, ornamental lettering

    33. It was painted yellow with blue and red bubbles, and a metal panel filled the space between the frame with the words, Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione, painted on both sides in large red and blue ornamental lettering

    34. Siri joined them and he could see some Chinese lettering on the remains of a small plane

    35. One of the bodyguards picked up the sheet of paper and read aloud the short statement written on it in rough lettering

    36. One was smaller than the other and was barely bigger than Ingrid’s hand, but was beautifully decorated with gold lettering

    37. That view quickly zoomed in on the leading camels, with names appearing in gold lettering besides a man and two women

    38. There was a man dressed entirely in black that she assumed was a judge since he was waving a leather-bound book that had the word “Judges” embossed on the spine in bright gold lettering and seemed to be pointing his finger condemningly at a person whose face was obscured by a shadow cast by what appeared to be a woman’s hat being held by a barrister wearing a white powdered wig

    39. After several moments, the jackpot finally revealed thirty nine million dollars, in bold red lettering

    40. High on the center-most part of the building, Aquatic Expeditions was spelled out in blue in large block lettering, with a large metallic anchor centered in between

    41. At the top of the stairs, another glass door with lettering on it barred the way

    42. Nidan looked at the full manila folder with the Farsi lettering on the cover, circled in red with the

    43. baseball cap and sunglasses, a white t-shirt with no lettering, and a big smile on his face

    44. The bench displays the profile of a Bristol Beaufort, bearing Campbell's name in gold lettering, with the inscription "For Valour"

    45. And on the back, lettering that read DAD-O

    46. Then he noticed that the rubber bands al had lettering on them, indented

    47. “Gordon’s” written on it in white lettering

    48. The lettering could have been stamped, as it was

    49. the numbers advertised in bold lettering

    50. Several minutes later lettering appeared on the screen: "Incorrect code

    1. Achieving, Committed, and Keep going, are the first letters that spell

    2. Your letters or cards will create a tangible connection that kids will treasure

    3. The most interesting thing in the newsletter from his perspective were the articles and letters about 'Ernesto's Legacy' and especially, his possessions

    4. ‘He’s had a couple more anonymous letters spouting vitriol about Liz … one of them even suggested that she had a

    5. ’ She said almost to herself, ‘Stupid boy! Those anonymous letters

    6. Empty scrawls and letters punctured into their soft, vain flesh by lazy, fat monks willing to sell their souls for a few dollars

    7. He goes into some detail about the anonymous letters the police have received, stressing the threat to Liz

    8. She noticed the letters VD printed large on the locker girl's t-shirt

    9. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit

    10. stopped whispering the letters of his name

    11. ” in big, capital letters

    12. ’ He announced with a flamboyant gesture, his voice pointing up the capital letters

    13. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit them together in any one of a thousand combinations, only one of which would form the shape of a man

    14. beyond the high mould of white neon signs with red letters, they drift by

    15. fading the edges of the letters mud green

    16. letters rising against walls, walls that rot

    17. the act of forming vowels and letters into words

    18. ‘A person who kept records, wrote letters and organised things

    19. In the centre, we had the letters 'Team India Cricket Shop' in the

    20. Be prepared to show how your school will meet specific needs in the district: bring letters of support with you, and have supporters present at the meeting

    21. The two letters are on the table and the fingerprint man tells me that they have clear prints, so the matter should be easily resolved

    22. ‘That’s as may be, Ms Symons, the fact remains that there is a clear set of prints on these letters

    23. Most people are quite happy to comply with the request, curious as to who received the anonymous letters and what they had said … I become pretty convincing at not having a clue … if they only knew …

    24. Again, nothing to link him with the writer of those letters

    25. He reports that Joan is defiantly proud of the fact that she sent the letters; he goes on to ask if I want to press charges

    26. flood of letters from solicitors demanding compensations

    27. 'You’ve got to have parental approval which means sending home letters and then collecting the tear off slips signed by the parents

    28. One of the two men of letters asked the old man, "Well, what do

    29. ’ Bill said – it is a standing joke in the office that Dave ought to print everything preferably in large letters

    30. The files disgorge a selection of letters, some theatre programmes – looks like Bunty is continuing her interest in that respect at any rate

    31. what on earth was she doing up there? The letters first I think … there’s a bundle from Sheila … from an address in Scotland … ah, maybe the Tattoo isn’t so unlikely then

    32. Consider the following two letters to be an expandable outline

    33. following two letters cover 7 essential values and vices (altogether

    34. They are quite plump but, as I quickly discover, this is because they are crammed full of personal letters from women who have been through the Foundation's doors, complete with photos of their growing children

    35. It is rather touching that Bunty has written something on most of them and even, in places, clipped successive letters from the same woman together

    36. 'Files of photos, letters

    37. I’ve found letters from a woman who was a godmother to Bunty with an address in Oxford but I couldn’t read her name

    38. Joyce laughed when Joseph told her about his bike and the letters

    39. She was buried with his letters, you know

    40. Oh, wow! There are several letters from ex-tenants at Danvers House …

    41. I scan through some of the letters

    42. I carefully sort the Danvers House letters from the few other bits and survey the result

    43. Six letters from ex-tenants … Ann certainly did get busy

    44. A couple of times when I was struggling, her letters were the only things which kept me going

    45. All the letters begin by saying how pleased they are that Bunty is being remembered in this way and that the writers look forward to seeing the end product

    46. The letters appeared strangely in white

    47. Letters of intent, with deposits, from across the three state area and beyond arrived in short order

    48. Bram’s father writing several letters, one of which was given to Tom

    49. “I was still trying to get a reply from Tdeshi to my letters when the Angel was rescued,” he mumbled

    50. They were specifically charged with the delivery of letters,

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