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Stamp en una oración (en ingles)

Stamp on toes with heel.
I saw the American stamp.
Like a stamp, of course.
The time stamp read 4:27 a.
Why not use the stamp?
Personality is the stamp of God.
You want me to use the stamp?

She did not even stamp my passport.
There was a stamp, but no postmark.
Therefore every time a stamp size.
This is a stamp from the machine.
When you stamp, do it with your heel.
The value of stamp depends upon the.
Stamp of approval is where it’s at.
Disobedience is the stamp of the hero.
Stamp on the toes with your shoe heel.
Don’t forget the stamp duty selling.
You don’t have to pay any stamp duty.
What it knows would fil a postage stamp.
Stamp and neigh, as the hostler calls;.
It’s non-UK so stamp duty alone is 1%.
It is sealed with the Stamp of the Wise.
The next few years will stamp her future.
Martin moved to stamp it out with his boot.
Add the stamp and let the USPS do the rest.
I can see the stamp of it on your face yet.
And stamp the sovereign passion on the face.
Wants to stamp his trademark on everything.
The moment you begin to look for the stamp.
With that whereon his stamp he hath imprest?
As he walked he began to stamp with his heels.
Whate'er you grave or stamp thereon shall rest.
The others of the party were of different stamp.
All you’ll have to do is put a stamp on the.
They were cerulean green with a small red stamp.
It can leave a mark, like a stamp in liquid wax.
Looks like the stamp collectors were here sir.
The state is trying to stamp out all questioning.
Until you proposed a look at the stamp collection.
That will stamp you as a rational Science buff….
The man came stamping down.
He ran out in a fury, stamping.
Its stamping, capers and high leaps.
No! Jexter said, stamping his feet.
I started as a trainee, achieved stamping in.
Jim stood up, stamping his heels into his shoes.
Emma was stamping her feet as she repeated—.
He could hear their pursuer stamping along the.
The Grand Wizard changed shape by stamping his.
He was literally stamping his right foot in anger.
He leaped up and, stamping his foot down hard he.
The sound of men stamping overhead as they run about.
Dairyman Crick was discovered stamping about the house.
That had once borne the stamping of old Ocling’s shoe;.
I can’t bear the man! cried she, stamping her foot.
Kev had joined Mickey stamping … the noise was deafening.
Oh, go to the devil! cried Dimitri, stamping his foot.
At the stamping, all the rabbits above ground ran for cover.
I could still remember the day I started my stamping train-.
Mick placed the man’s foot on the curb, stamping down with.
The Grand Wizard tried to make a stamping motion with one foot.
I had seen him angry, stubborn, yelling and stamping his feet.
They were ecstatic, clapping and shouting, stamping their feet.
Stamping of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes is mandatory.
Shakabpa remarks that ‘he could be ruthless in stamping out a.
Stamping on the throttle, Mai Cole span the tyres on the wet road.
The clapping and stamping in the hall were punctuated by whistling.
That’s what I’ve been saying! Cat said, stamping her foot.
He was brandishing his pistol and stamping his barbarous authority.
The princess stood in the hall stamping her feet on the wooden floor.
A second of silence was followed by loud cheers and stamping of feet.
With the pptID of 215, holding the designation of Stamping Editor for.
With pptID of 253, holding the designation of Stamping Editor for the.
With the pptID of 235, holding the designation of Stamping editor for.
With the pptID of 273, holding the designation of Stamping Editor for.
In the wintry dusk the doctor came stamping in, shaking the snow from.
From the hall came sounds of encouragement, clapping and stamping of feet.
Jon was stamping his feet to combat the chill drizzle when I picked him up.
It lifted one leg, and then the other- stamping its feet onto the dirt floor.
They started stamping their feet, and they kept yelling, "No!" over and over.
It was stamped EU 217.
I stamped on the ground.
He stamped to the front door.
She should have stamped on it.
She actually stamped her foot.
He'd stamped his feet trying.
Awe is indelibly stamped and.
She should have stamped on him.
Stamped on his head dazing him.
She stamped on the remembrance.
Griff stamped and tossed his head.
Stamped on my destiny with a seal.
One man stamped the ground with.
The top cover was stamped with a.
Lolla stamped upstairs to her room.
It was stamped clearly on the back.
Cheet stood up and stamped his foot.
My boot stamped hard on the handle.
He stamped the snow from his boots.
Which yet survive stamped on these.
And it was stamped with sealing wax.
And she even stamped her foot at him.
The number 5 is stamped on its torso.
Shadowfax tossed his head and stamped.
Sharon stamped the ground and made a.
The crowd clapped, stamped and chanted.
He stamped out without saying goodnight.
Aglaya stamped her foot with annoyance.
I stamped my boots on the concrete stoop.
Ayaks threw up his hands and stamped off.
Mick dropped the pistol and stamped on it.
The head was stamped with a tiny pickaxe.
Sata hissed at him and she stamped her feet.
Then she stamped her little foot and said:.
Disaster was stamped on his terrorized face.
On the top of it were stamped initials—H.
Then I stamped my foot, and shouted at her.
Bob stared, stamped on the brake and threw.
Wegerle stamped his class all over the match.
Suddenly, he snorted and stamped his hooves.
Thanks again for the stamps.
I got it without any stamps on it.
I bought some stamps and headed home.
Here are some Philippine postage stamps.
I can serve you if you want some stamps.
I mean, I hadn't used up my food stamps, yet.
It’s protected and you can save with stamps.
I don‘t have the stamps to write directly to C.
Only then did that dockmaster remember her stamps.
Try doing that with the Forever stamps at Safeway!.
I have wasted four roubles over stamps alone for them.
She is bipolar, and receives a payment and food stamps.
The postmarks and stamps weren’t English or Japanese.
Send 2 stamps for Catalogue of Presses, Type, Cards, &c.
Most of your publishing have early morning time stamps.
Even the stamps were neatly lined up with the ridges fit-.
All the entry and exit stamps were as Colling had requested.
My mother was receiving food stamps and my grandmother would.
Birds were like bronze stamps you inked and punched on your brain.
She had paid her stamps while working and was able to claim the dole.
I would’ve struggled on somehow living off welfare and food stamps.
Additionally, the family received food stamps and general assistance.
In the pile of magazines and bills, there was a letter with no stamps.
The sales of trading stamps by Blue Chip thereafter declined from $102.
The porcelain being pouts, stamps her feet, then tries to step forward.
The United States, Chad and Togo honored Ellington with postage stamps.
It depends a bit on the stamps and visas you want - you understand me?
I need to buy some food, aspirin, cough syrup and stamps as soon as I can.
You must separate the parcel stamps with steam because there are always 2.
I desperately need to get some before next week for food, stamps and medicine.
I have to buy gas, stamps and other things I can‘t get at the grocery store.
The Government of Britain had always issued stamps with Royal figures on them.
I've concluded it‘s a waste of stamps to ask her because she just ignores me.
Hobbies and pastimes: swim, take pictures, collection of stamps, game (that you.
Once she was sitting, the agent showed her the entry and exit stamps in her passport.
I think I read about this in a spy book once, and it must cost MI6 a fortune in stamps.
Dates attached to the schedule recycled and he pushed for tougher regulations on stamps.
Cow and bull invade territory together, bull already in field stamps his feet and roars.
I bet a month of food stamps, this was not a stone you could find on West 47th, and those.
The Active Directory replication process relies on time stamps in only certain situations.

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