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Lieu en una oración (en ingles)

1. In lieu of.
2. In lieu of Mrs.
3. In Lieu of ——.
4. This conclusion was made in lieu.
5. Deed in lieu is yet another option.
6. Frank could take them in lieu of cash.
7. Smith in lieu of those originally proposed.

8. In lieu of a better source, he went back to the books.
9. Especially in lieu of what laid ahead—a long trek.
10. Credits given in lieu of army certificates cancelled; 7.
11. What does any person receive in lieu of this excessive.
12. This fact sheet should not be used in lieu of legal advice.
13. In lieu of a greeting, Amory held out a pack of cigarettes.
14. And these stories, are what he offered me in lieu of money.
15. In lieu of food checking on Heckler seemed a good distraction.
16. In lieu of big emotional displays, he screams in body language.
17. Smith to think that others might be substituted in lieu of them.
18. Apart from that, new background is added in lieu of the existing.
19. Said dwarf chose to sew up Loki’s mouth in lieu of decapitation.
20. I called four times in the past hour, Lana said in lieu of hello.
21. If I did I would be happy to take payment in travel in lieu of cash.
22. Indulgences were purchased in lieu of other temporary punishments for sin.
23. I was forced to retire in lieu of a layoff caused by program budget cuts.
24. Like the others, he couched a spear in lieu of a longer, less wieldy lance.
25. I thumbed my nose at the bastards and retired in lieu of their damned layoff.
26. Bibb's amendment, to insert, in lieu of those stricken out, several new sections.
27. That made sense for a moment, and I remembered that Lieu tenant Howard had thought.
28. In lieu of ambulances a few transport wagons were utilised to take them to the rear.
29. They had made a harpooneer of him, and that barbed iron was in lieu of a sceptre now.
30. PS - Would you accept a painting of the inside of a nose in lieu of membership fees?
31. Her father paid no rent in lieu of maintenance, and had lived his life in a state of.
32. At the end of a hugely unproductive day (I was paid thirty something Rand in lieu of.
33. The family requested contributions to the charity of one’s choice in lieu of flowers.
34. Only in lieu of taking payment of the interest, the other nation has the money given to U.
35. Grant offered herself as companion for the day to Lady Bertram in lieu of her son, and Dr.
36. In the latter case the corporation turns in the bonds to the sinking fund in lieu of cash.
37. I was definitely not in the mood to do this guy any favors in lieu of all he had done to me.
38. Father Ingalls presided over the service and wore an anchor around his neck in lieu of a cross.
39. This is not the only type of situation that offers great rewards in lieu of potential disaster.
40. Scrip issues of shares in lieu of dividend (see Chapter 11) are treated in a pretty similar fashion.
41. In lieu of this strange and terrifying reality, she begins to count the rotations she takes around the spire.
42. The table was covered with a coarse, unbleached cloth and an embroidered towel was laid on it in lieu of a napkin.
43. Distracted surgeons tore up shirts and requisitioned handkerchiefs, underclothing, anything, in lieu of bandages.

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