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Stead en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I am here in his stead.
  2. Bethanie answered in my stead.
  3. That should hold her in good stead.
  4. Rehaboam his son ruled in his stead.
  5. Hezekiah his son reigned in his stead.

  6. Faramir should have gone in his stead.
  7. They invoke in His stead only females.
  8. Samlah of Masrekah reigned in his stead.
  9. Stead, (in the): In the place of, or room of.
  10. For they this queen attended; in whose stead.
  11. I will act in your stead in all these matters.
  12. But in my stead you shall go, Ring-bearer, when.
  13. If the auld sea was bare in stead of salty water.
  14. Because I had come in, in Mary’s stead, with the.
  15. Joey looked where Halirit pointed and saw his noble stead.

  16. Perhaps Elandria or Corallyn could go in my stead?
  17. You shall undertake this trip and visit Heidi in our stead.
  18. Ailia slightly resented Silya being there in Soren’s stead.
  19. A praetor, therefore, was appointed to administer it in his stead.
  20. In stead of allowing ourselves to go along in negative stories and.
  21. Who in his stead mistakes wouldn’t make with harm and without grace?
  22. Jobab was dead, Husham of the land of the Temanites reigned in his stead.
  23. That theory is worn out: a new theory has presented itself in its stead.
  24. It was a strange talent that had stood him in good stead in the past but.
  25. I suspect that held you in good stead with our Ani’ Yun’-wiya cousins.

  26. That will hold you in good stead among them; they are quite clannish I find.
  27. No face which we can give to a matter will stead us so well at last as the truth.
  28. To quell incendiary mobs, displace the Chinese, and put ruffians in their stead.
  29. In My hurt I have cast them to the side, appointing others to run in their stead.
  30. It would be useless to stop them lest in their stead these stones by the roadside cry out.
  31. The sun hovered directly overhead spying with its great orange eye over the O’Grady stead.
  32. I have also found that the use of Compassionate Communication always stands me in good stead.
  33. Since you are robbed of Boromir, I will go and do what I can in his stead - if you command it.
  34. But Mr Birky, who is to be elected into the council in my stead, would be a very proper person.
  35. Elm could see that Pine's diplomatic comments had already gained him good stead with the Captain.
  36. She withdrew by the secret Back-Stairs Door; and in a little while, the Midwife came in her Stead.
  37. May the strength with which you bore them stand good stead For any further trials which lie ahead.
  38. Lysimachus in his stead in the priesthood; and Sostratus left Crates, who was governor of the Cyprians.
  39. Resting on the earth in their stead, a pair of orchid blades sat, glimmering in the light of the Brother Moons.
  40. To risk the life of another operative in her stead was unacceptable, when she had all the intel to gain access.
  41. His sisters were gone to Morton in my stead: I sat reading Schiller; he, deciphering his crabbed Oriental scrolls.
  42. After a long passage Dal climbed to a higher level, entering the primal dungeons below the stead of the two-leggeds.
  43. He was right, New Trader agreed, his ego not accepting this small loss in the stead of the huge gain he was expecting.
  44. I’ll not stand you an inch in the stead of a seraglio, I said; so don’t consider me an equivalent for one.
  45. The children stood wide-eyed as the tree steadily climbed up out of the cave until in its stead stood a round stone column.
  46. But strangers often attempted familiarities with her, and in such cases her great physical strength stood her in good stead.
  47. That is where I heard, during his cleanup, most of the swear words that would stand me in good stead for the rest of my life.
  48. My brother had warned me that the Khakhan was very suspicious, but I had thought complete honesty would hold me in good stead.
  49. The embargo was abandoned, because the people would bear it no longer, and the non-intercourse system was adopted in its stead.
  50. As Judah stepped up in intercessory for the youngest boy Benjamin, and was willing to take his stead as a slave to the Governor.
  51. We make it to the observation window outside Uriah’s room, and Evelyn is there—Amar picked her up in my stead, a few days ago.
  52. In their stead, her be-spotted skin pulsed with the light of the discreetly self-illumined spots of the Lascorii, now transformed.
  53. The health regimes you put in place before the 20th will stand you in good stead afterwards when your health becomes more delicate.
  54. He ordered all these to be taken out of the tower and to be laid down beside it and other stones to be brought and put in their stead.
  55. For some shall leave out some of their own, and receive (in its stead) from others, and some complete their own and that of others, so.
  56. The abuse of maritime power in both those States changed the free features of the government, and left a dreary despotism in their stead.
  57. Will there be a melee here? His size and strength would stand him in good stead in a melee, and he knew he could give as good as he got.
  58. He promised, first, to send into the world, and in his stead, another teacher, the Spirit of Truth; and this he did on the day of Pentecost.
  59. I would attend in your stead, Drau’d said, not eager to leave his kin, but well aware that his father was far more valuable on the wall.
  60. Now Jaume roves the Tyrant’s Head as Imperial Champion and leader of the Companions, and Carles administers the county in his stead as seneschal.
  61. For many years, really centuries, their synagogues and temples were placed in such a high esteem, that they were worshipped it in the stead of God.
  62. It’s one that has stood us in good stead, and as you are now officially a part of the Sisterhood, it is your duty to participate, Piper said.
  63. I beseech you to receive him in my stead, as one who has also been captured into and by the Love of God, a disciple and scribe of the highest order.
  64. Lord Farquhart’s habitual pose of indifference, of insolent indifference to the world and its opinions, stood him in good stead on that October morning.
  65. It disappeared into its holster, and a second blade, perhaps half the length of the sword he’d already drawn, materialized in his left hand in its stead.
  66. It was proper that an early opportunity should be given to the next Congress to approve the present system, or give it up and adopt some other in its stead.
  67. It hurt him to think she’d never known that, and he wondered what she fought for in their stead, wondered, too, why he was aching for a woman he barely knew.
  68. She had put out the first delicate Tendrils of that rare Plant; and when they were so unkindly lopp’d off by my Carelessness, Enmity took Root in their Stead.
  69. The Chieftain very nearly became a recluse, shutting himself off from his wife, children and the rest of the clan, leaving Juko to act as Chieftain in his stead.
  70. It is by definition an aggressive contest, my good mentor, intended to demonstrate one’s adeptness at capturing the prize in lieu of becoming the trophy in its stead.
  71. The first use to which this lady put the money was to tear down the uncanny old building and to erect in its stead a beautiful new home for her daughter and son-in-law.
  72. The person entrusted with the executive power, not having leisure to attend to the decision of private causes himself, a deputy was appointed to decide them in his stead.
  73. It is more of an issue for next year rather than this, however the extra attention you pay to health, the regimes that you undertake, will stand you in good stead in 2015.
  74. This act separated Adam from his Father by choosing his individuality in the stead of his dependence and communion with his Father; he longer walked with God as he had previously.
  75. In recent years, the old stone bridge built by the Spaniards had been torn down, and in its stead was one made of brick and lined with streetlamps for the new mule-drawn trolleys.
  76. The pope, however, was still disposed to favour him; and Frederic of Holstein, who had mounted the throne in his stead, revenged himself, by following the example of Gustavus Vasa.
  77. Brushing them roughly away, he was angry, not so much for the tears but because his brother had been so divinely successful with the ruse, sacrificing himself so superbly in his stead.
  78. Stead, the famous English journalist, was so litt{l}e alarmed that he calmly discussed with one of the passengers the probable height of the iceberg after the Titanic had shot into it.
  79. No stronger bond held them together than common service; now the gold lace and velvet were packed away and returned to the costumier and the drab uniform of the day put on in its stead.
  80. Moses, when God wanted to destroy the Israelites, was more than willing to die in their stead, because his vision was to see them, one nation united under one God, in their own homeland.
  81. As it turned out Adam had a good eye for desirable property and this stood him in good stead a few years later when, during a property boom, he made a handy profit on the sale of his unit.
  82. The two Israeli girls were no longer there, but in their stead, there were a number of volunteer clerks and an elderly man with white hair who seemed to be responsible for the entire operation.
  83. In the early days, when Lord Marchmain first arrived, the parish priest since the chapel was shut there was a new church and presbytery in Mel stead - had come to call as a matter of politeness.
  84. Not only would the echoes die away, as though the steps had gone; but, echoes of other steps that never came would be heard in their stead, and would die away for good when they seemed close at hand.
  85. No pleasant variety of hill and dale, no rapidly running brook delights the eye, and no sound of woodland music strikes the ear; but, in their stead, a dull uniformity of prospect spread out immense.
  86. How would he feel? Rafferty wondered, if he lost his mobility, his job, the love of his wife and in their stead suffered continual pain and the knowledge that his wife was as bitterly unhappy as himself?
  87. The healthy vigor which had carried her through the hard days at Tara stood her in good stead now, and within two weeks of Ella Lorena’s birth she was strong enough to sit up and chafe at her inactivity.
  88. That Terkoz would be chosen leader in his stead he knew full well, for time and again the ferocious brute had established his claim to physical supremacy over the few bull apes who had dared resent his savage bullying.
  89. Gentlemen have been frequently called upon, while they make vehement declamation against the embargo, to say what they wish in its stead; they declare the utmost hostility to the measure, and yet they offer no substitute.
  90. It kept them occupied as well as took their minds off the proposition put by Venki, and it taught them skills they had never had to master in their friendly forest but which would stand them in good stead in unfamiliar situations.
  91. Once you fully grasp this revelation, then you will no longer need to worry about your life and have an anxious mind – because you know now that God has everything in good stead with how He will be working and handling your life.
  92. He told John that he contemplated traveling extensively until "my hour shall come" and asked John to act in his stead in the matter of sending some money to the family at Nazareth each month until the funds due him should be exhausted.
  93. Under the feudal governments, the military service, both of the great lords, and of their immediate dependents, was, after a certain period, universally exchanged for a payment in money, which was employed to maintain those who served in their stead.
  94. But out of the depths of her memory, marched skills she had long forgotten – her mother may have been a complete arsehole when it came to some aspects of parenting, but she had taught her daughter the basics of cooking and these now stood Chrissie in good stead.
  95. This was virtually saying, that the proclamation interdicting British public vessels from our waters for a particular aggression shall be revoked; and a general municipal regulation, over which the President shall have no control, shall be substituted in its stead.
  96. Her men companions knew it, and if they felt attracted by her never permitted themselves to show it to her, but treated her as they would a man; but with strangers, who often molested her, the great physical strength on which she prided herself stood her in good stead.
  97. And therefore that change in the life of mankind, when the powerful will give up their power without finding any to assume it in their stead, will come to pass when the Christian life-conception, rendered familiar, conquers, not merely men one by one, but masses at a time.
  98. Taking heart from them, other corps were proposed on the part of the gentry, in which they were themselves to have the command; and seeing that the numbers were to be limited, they had a wish and interest to keep back the real volunteer offers, and to get their own accepted in their stead.
  99. Before his eyes he had the sublime summit of abnegation, the highest possible pitch of virtue; the innocence which pardons men their faults, and which expiates in their stead; servitude submitted to, torture accepted, punishment claimed by souls which have not sinned, for the sake of sparing it to.
  100. Whilst he removed his wet boots and socks and placed them in front of the fire to dry and put on dry socks and a pair of slippers in their stead, Ruth half filled a tin basin with hot water from the boiler and gave it to him, and he then went to the scullery, added some cold water and began to wash the paint off his hands.

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