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    1. peak? Are they energy zombies limping through life with that bent over

    2. Then Heavenly Mother would be limping in to an abandoned outpost

    3. The Hall suddenly got very quiet as a large yellow Lab came limping into the Hall

    4. Lady Maya came limping out of the Hall and joined in the chant

    5. He was limping home in shame and despaired of being able to contribute anything to disabling any doomsday weapon system out here

    6. He shall not walk on that leg without limping

    7. the limping redhead into the room

    8. began limping towards the bedroom

    9. His encounter left him limping the rest of his life in the flesh, but it left his heart strong for God

    10. incessantly, trailed by that limping dotard Philemon

    1. His hand looks wilted and limp

    2. His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony

    3. She landed not far from where Raleigh drifted limp

    4. You went all limp and then all twitchy

    5. The muscles underneath all went limp

    6. They bent over the torn, limp figure

    7. His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony shoulders

    8. into the limp gray cloud of a damp, cold sky on another hopeful Tuesday

    9. A tear caught the limp flesh on his cheek

    10. He was walking without a limp when they left and walked without using the crutch, but he kept it just in case

    1. then and so we limped along with the damned thing for years, eking out ever thinning

    2. As it was he limped the rest of the week

    3. I nodded my head and limped out of the Station and into the morning sunlight

    4. He limped off to call Rosy Panicker to inform her of the situation

    5. After that they limped to the watercourse and found a late Noonsleep

    6. He limped over to the counter only using the toes of the bad foot and waited

    7. When it was over two of the five limped off; three of

    8. limped into the room

    9. he limped out of the room

    10. Max limped in and sat at the counter

    1. Without looking back, he limps away, dry sobs wracking his throat

    2. We entered limps, wheel chairs, and all

    3. He takes up his satchel of four throwing spears and his pike and limps away into the night with the aid of his crutch, thinking he may never return, but knowing deep in his heart that he must

    4. Apparently, he still limps to this day

    5. This was the first time they had seen him standing and Stef is surprised to see that Ian is small, maybe only one and a half metres tall and as he walks Stef notices that he limps

    6. �Where are you going once you've left here?� Stef asks Ian as he limps back into the lounge

    7. Dana limps to the car

    8. She leans back out the car and limps to the trunk of the car with her cane

    9. The woman limps away as she and her husband sadly leave out of the doctor's office

    10. “That‘s why we were the first ones who came into Diane’s vision after she entered back into her physical body because it was that other personality or evil vicious entity staring and focusing right on us just before it left Diane’s physical body and we wind up being the first things Diane sees when her original soul or spirit enters back into her physical body! Then she turns her head and sees Mildred, telling Mildred about her strange experience in the stairwell and in space then wonders how long was she standing there at the receptionists’ desk and wonders how she got up here on this floor then goes and limps behind the receptionists’ desk and sits down and continues to stare at us while she‘s on her cell phone! Did this other personality or evil vicious entity somehow lead Diane right to us?! Did it give Diane a clue that we were the ones who were down there in that clinic hallway and might have overheard her conversation inside that clinic room! Is that other personality or evil vicious entity somehow looking out for her?!” Shane and Cody frighteningly look at each other

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    limp in English

    debilitated feeble infirm frail paralyzed loose slack pliant soft flaccid formative hitch hobble halt falter shuffle stagger stumble

    Sinónimos para "limp"

    hitch hobble limp gimp wilted debilitated feeble infirm frail paralyzed loose slack pliant soft flaccid formative halt falter shuffle stagger stumble