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Frasi con limp (in inglese)

  1. It was limp and useless.
  2. He was limp and lifeless.
  3. I fall limp against Aaron.
  4. Lisa felt her arm go limp.
  5. His grey hair looked limp.
  6. His legs were cold and limp.
  7. BLOOM: My spine's a bit limp.
  8. Therese felt herself go limp.
  9. Limp and pulled down to the.
  10. This person appeared to limp.
  11. It walked with a sickening limp.
  12. At last, he let his leg go limp.
  13. His hand looks wilted and limp.
  14. His arms hung limp at his sides.
  15. The man moved with a slight limp.
  16. It was a limp strand of wet kelp.
  17. She nearly goes limp with relief.
  18. Just another limp dick in a robe.
  19. The limp body of the decapitated.
  20. The same limp wrist will appeal it.
  21. The eyes go crazy, the tongue limp.
  22. The boy’s body was limp beneath.
  23. Soon locating the limp form half-.
  24. Her limp, twitching hand dropped it.
  25. They bent over the torn, limp figure.
  26. Theo saved the limp ear for himself.
  27. His body looks limp and unconscious.
  28. Ali stood up and tried to limp away.
  29. Jim's hand dropped limp, to his side.
  30. Wynne released the bolt and fell limp.
  31. The muscles underneath all went limp.
  32. He had walked ever since with a limp.
  33. And I half run, half limp beside him.
  34. His head hung limp on his narrow neck.
  35. His strength depleted, he became limp.
  36. It would limp on, with or without him.
  37. Justin goes limp with an abrupt groan.
  38. You went all limp and then all twitchy.
  39. Lysander stood and held out a limp hand.
  40. He was peering into Johnny's limp face.
  41. His hands lay limp on the engine block.
  42. It was a limp grip, just as I imagined.
  43. The wind had fallen; the sail hung limp.
  44. He has a small limp in his gait, so to.
  45. I then limp into the chiropractor office.
  46. Yes—it’s a body, but limp, he thought.
  47. A typesetter brought him a limp galleypage.
  48. The creature went limp lying on the floor.
  49. He hated the way she was limp in his arms.
  50. The car accident had left him with a limp.
  51. Soon after emission, the body becomes limp.
  52. I now have a scaphoid fracture and a limp.
  53. He cradled her limp body in his arms and.
  54. A tear caught the limp flesh on his cheek.
  55. Fred made his wrist go limp when he said it.
  56. His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony.
  57. His eyes closed and he went completely limp.
  58. She would always walk with a limp, as the.
  59. She turned around and started to limp away.
  60. He recalled the man with the limp in Prague.
  61. One ear was torn and bleeding and hung limp.
  62. He went limp and his arms fell to his sides.
  63. And in his lap sprawled a limp white figure.
  64. No stick, no limp, and no spectacles, either.
  65. He sat before me with the leash falling limp.
  66. My story for the day was a limp sort of evil.
  67. The muscles that held his frown now lay limp.
  68. With her limp, they had nearly the same pace.
  69. Resistance shattering, Bane’s body went limp.
  70. The bouncer kicked a final time and went limp.
  71. Not one of those limp dicks could get me off.
  72. Saul bent down and took hold of the limp hand.
  73. The animal’s skull cracked and it went limp.
  74. He then closed his eyes and his body went limp.
  75. She smiled and gestured toward his limp cock.
  76. Jay's body turned limp and his eyes shut slowly.
  77. He picked her up, and she lay limp in his arms.
  78. Her hands gripped his biceps, and she went limp.
  79. Ash? He touched her arm, and she went limp.
  80. Sari lay limp and pale on the cart close by as.
  81. Finally she slumped, limp, face-down on the bed.
  82. The man's shrieked whistle struck his limp ears.
  83. His cock too, but it hung limp between his legs.
  84. To limp is no sin, and perhaps it is a blessing.
  85. Chevalier heard her limp over and sit on the bed.
  86. A limp feather pillow completed the furnishings.
  87. All is loose, soft, limp—we are all of us limp.
  88. One may be immortal and yet limp: witness Vulcan.
  89. My arms go limp, and the quilt falls into my lap.
  90. Limp as a rug, she collapsed, folding in his arms.
  91. Halt: Lame; crippled in the feet; to limp; to stop.
  92. She leaned on him, hands hanging limp at her sides.
  93. Little Stevie hung limp, a dead weight in his arms.
  94. She landed not far from where Raleigh drifted limp.
  95. His back foot was twisted, but he could still limp.
  96. His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony shoulders.
  97. Then there was a crump sound and the hand went limp.
  98. He dropped his briefcase and let his arms hang limp.
  99. His eyes opened slightly, his mouth a bit less limp.
  100. He stayed seated on the floor and my hands went limp.
  1. A limping cat is easy prey.
  2. He seems to be limping a bit.
  3. He came forward, limping slightly.
  4. Selena is back with a limping John.
  5. You know why Dana's limping Mom?
  6. He stopped limping towards me, in.
  7. I think that he was limping more for.
  8. Shortly it came out to the dike, limping.
  9. Holohan in his limping and devious courses.
  10. Limping slightly, he approached the window.
  11. Limping up to where the rock-slide had been.
  12. Taylor came limping back with Matthew in tow.
  13. That's why you were limping around on Monday.
  14. He shall not walk on that leg without limping.
  15. Only the slight limping shuffle could be heard.
  16. He hobbled a few steps, limping on his left foot.
  17. He follows me, and this time I'm sure he's limping.
  18. Amanda said he was limping and had two black eyes.
  19. But he made it, limping into the hospital parking.
  20. I followed, limping up the hill with trembling legs.
  21. Later that morning Holly came limping into the warren.
  22. But here I come, limping, ready to give this gift to God.
  23. Blare walked away, almost limping, and that was the last.
  24. I soon arrived at the meadow and started limping through.
  25. Airport travelers zoomed by the limping bomber as if he.
  26. Scott helped Varion as best he could with a limping Doody.
  27. Al came back with Grampa struggling and limping by his side.
  28. As I was limping away, I heard an incredible rumbling a few.
  29. Pierre did not look round again but went limping up the hill.
  30. He was limping: his injured leg always hurt after a long ride.
  31. Lady Maya came limping out of the Hall and joined in the chant.
  32. Marina went with the limping Bahit and grouped with the others.
  33. He fell once but he got up and started limping across the floor.
  34. Jilin followed him limping, for the shackles impeded his walking.
  35. Phyllis Mae was still limping a little but she was as good as new.
  36. Then Heavenly Mother would be limping in to an abandoned outpost.
  37. Cars limping along 66 like wounded things, panting and struggling.
  38. It was as if I were suddenly a very old woman, limping into the day.
  39. As I waited for it to catch up to me, I noticed that it was limping.
  40. The officer walked in front, leaning on a stick and slightly limping.
  41. Wynne was quick to dart after the other two, still sickly and limping.
  42. My car is limping, Dolores Haze, And the last long laps is the hardest.
  43. A stranger, cowled and limping, claiming to be a surgeon, purchased it.
  44. They could make out it was Rancid, and he was limping, holding his arm.
  45. The captain returned to the room, limping slightly and whistling a tune.
  46. No one seemed to notice Pulaski limping toward the stairless side entrance.
  47. Limping and writhing with pain he went down the steps and towards the garden.
  48. When I reached the wood this morning I was just limping along in a bad dream.
  49. They turned to see a smiling Leesa limping toward them, holding Rave’s hand.
  50. I had been limping along for several years attempting to compose spontaneous.
  51. Bob appeared, limping, dragging a leg, hunched over, wincing his big old face.
  52. The next day it was my turn to cleanup but because I was still limping Harvey.
  53. Limping around Carl and toward the stairs, Edward considered calling the police.
  54. The solitary corpse had spotted me and was now limping in our general direction.
  55. As they ran through the rain to the Pack’n’Save entrance, LP started limping.
  56. Boshnikoff made his way to the aircraft as quickly as he could, half limping and.
  57. The Hall suddenly got very quiet as a large yellow Lab came limping into the Hall.
  58. He also noticed that Reese was limping badly as he made his way back to his corner.
  59. Each time he would come limping to Lonnie, and she would nurse him back to health.
  60. I’m fine, Tatiana said, her leg scratched and bloody, but she was limping.
  61. He was limping, his ankle screaming in pain, though he had no memory of hurting it.
  62. I’ll have it working by the afternoon, he said, limping over to a fire he had.
  63. In the midst of shouting and swearing Suraj was distracted by a limping dog in the road.
  64. He was limping pretty badly but he still out weights me by at least seventy five pounds.
  65. I know how, Hiss answered, grinding his heel on the pavement and limping to the truck.
  66. Diane was limping when she came around the receptionists’ desk? Cody shockingly asks.
  67. And I noticed that Dana is sort of limping! I meant to ask her about that also, but I forgot.
  68. I placed Astra on the bench and she immediately ran, still limping slightly, down to where Dr.
  69. I was afraid after Rita stopped limping and blew our cover that you would have run out of time.
  70. Uncle Henry went limping by, hatless in the rain, his head stuck through a hole in a piece of.
  71. As Simon came closer, limping through grasses, he could see Johan’s face was bathed with sweat.
  72. He came to meet him, red and perspiring, with unbuttoned neckband, still limping in the same way.
  73. Trying to ignore the pain, and much to his dismay, Dave found himself limping back to the Odyssey.
  74. Looking dumbly on the ground, limping painfully, she hobbled after him, almost hanging on his arm.
  75. Rose ran to the car and in the same instant I saw Kirstin limping out of the store towards the car.
  76. I have some food for you, she said, limping over to Volomite, looking inside the leather bag.
  77. Panic seized her, but she contained its powerful urge to run and continued limping along aimlessly.
  78. Dropped four times and hurried countless others, the Minnesota QB was limping at the end of the game.
  79. Thomas turned to look at Newt: limping along as well as he could, he’d only made it halfway to Thomas.
  80. His encounter left him limping the rest of his life in the flesh, but it left his heart strong for God.
  81. They came limping and hanging their heads; and we set out for home, sadly out of sorts, every one of us.
  82. He was constantly to be seen on the Place, jumping round the carts, thrusting his limping foot forwards.
  83. They came limping, and hanging their heads; and we set out for home, sadly out of sorts, every one of us.
  84. The man had pulled himself from the ground and was indeed limping off in the direction she had indicated.
  85. By some miracle he managed to keep a little of his tailor's magic touch and keep his business limping along.
  86. Russell came limping out of the bathroom, having stubbed his toe on the toilet in his haste to get out of the shower.
  87. She buttonholed him as he was limping out quickly with a glass of lemonade for a young lady and asked him was it true.
  88. Out on the field, plump Lord Alyn Cockshaw was limping off between two squires, the latest conquest of young Glendon Ball.
  89. Some of the predators were hurt too, lying on the ground and possibly dead, or limping off and disappearing into the woods.
  90. The duck trailed the captives around like a puppy, limping in and out of the kitchen, where the workers apparently fed him.
  91. He comes out of the hospital carrying a cane and limping all over the place, all over London, not knowing who the hell he is.
  92. Harry Perloo, the rabbit, brushed aside Rob’s comment, saying he had seen Washer hours ago, limping off to a tree to sleep.
  93. She gave him his sovereign coin and set off for the station, limping because her legs had stiffened from yesterday’s running.
  94. Zacchaeus limping to his escape route caught both our eyes, and I was praying the wolf would follow, but he confirmed my qualms.
  95. His mother, bleeding from a shotgun pellet, made her way along the hedges in broad daylight, with Woundwort limping beside her.
  96. He was At that moment a rabbit came out of the grass and sat up in the middle of the limping and had a strained, resolute look.
  97. He was limping home in shame and despaired of being able to contribute anything to disabling any doomsday weapon system out here.
  98. This was supposed to be my easy day, but I dragged into Belden Town limping in agony, observing that, in fact, it wasn’t a town.
  99. We all walked back over to the starting point, Kate pretending she had the ball, Lilly limping over and Gemma blowing kisses at Karl.
  100. Limping all the way from town to the house on the outskirts was a seven-mile journey and he fumed all the way, anger filling each step.
  1. She limped to his side.
  2. Some limped as she did.
  3. He limped more out of.
  4. Morgan limped over to the.
  5. As a result, Corey limped.
  6. He stood up and limped away.
  7. He limped to the parking lot.
  8. Inacio limped into a gallop.
  9. Corey turned then limped away.
  11. Treadwell and I limped off, Mr.
  12. He limped towards the white shop.
  13. Afterwards, he limped to the tree.
  14. Mother limped into our camp the.
  15. He turned from me and limped away.
  16. Melvin limped away into the night.
  17. Jean now limped across this same.
  18. I limped for a while after that.
  19. Max limped in and sat at the counter.
  20. Feeling very shaky, I limped downhill.
  21. She limped in to his office with her.
  22. The car limped to the side of the road.
  23. Mr Bloom watched her as she limped away.
  24. Great, Walter said and limped off.
  25. He limped from the forest and started.
  26. Conan rose and limped over to the corpse.
  27. As it was he limped the rest of the week.
  28. Lachey limped out with the covered shotgun.
  29. He limped to the thwart and climbed on it.
  30. Peniel, and he limped because of his thigh.
  31. That's why he limped, and didn't walk much.
  32. He got up and sort of limped to the window.
  33. She then limped her way back across the room.
  34. He limped as fast as he could to the doorway.
  35. Garcia limped over to the table and sat down.
  36. Moving stiffly, I fairly limped up the stairs.
  37. With the leg in tow, it limped back into the.
  38. Gingerly, he stood up and limped to the shower.
  39. Damien limped forward, and Gareth stared at him.
  40. You stay there, and I limped out of the room.
  41. Bubba limped slightly until we got to the truck.
  42. Emily stood up and limped to the door of her room.
  43. As I limped inside, I heard a soft moan and froze.
  44. Lynde limped out of her kitchen as he joined Dora.
  45. He gave up without coming, and limped away to the.
  46. At the boys’ appearance, Newt limped over to them.
  47. Pushing on it, she limped and ran through the pain.
  48. His eyebrows raised in surprise when Ron limped in.
  49. Graisse limped to her feet, whining, his nose bleeding.
  50. Bill held the ICU door while Nick limped into the room.
  51. Those that were hit limped drowsily before collapsing.
  52. He limped back into the trees with his AK as a crutch.
  53. When it was over two of the five limped off; three of.
  54. This lasted for a half a minute before my body limped.
  55. Nevertheless, Corey slowly arose then limped out of the.
  56. Aazuria watched as an agitated Trevain limped downstairs.
  57. I limped to the phone, punched in my number and it rang.
  58. I limped back to my camp and examined my tortured big toes.
  59. Pierre limped behind them, stil holding a hand to his head.
  60. I stood, still holding my wound and limped over to Willow.
  61. Hearing this noise, young Aristides limped out of the cabin.
  62. Corey limped away until he was out of reach of Jeff and his.
  63. I limped out across the sand towards the approaching giants.
  64. Xavius! Slade limped to the Archlord and stumbled as he.
  65. She limped down the stairs and went up to the van—an Explorer.
  66. He limped across the library, grimacing at the pain in his leg.
  67. Corey limped towards the couple then zoomed in on the couple's.
  68. It had a chunk out of its shoulder and limped as it charged us.
  69. In the end Josef limped back to his quarters to lick his wounds.
  70. I limped quickly to the Pinto, and as I drove off I could hear.
  71. He lifelessly raised his hands, and limped around to five shiny 9.
  72. He limped off to call Rosy Panicker to inform her of the situation.
  73. He limped slightly, but still held his back straight and head high.
  74. After that they limped to the watercourse and found a late Noonsleep.
  75. He quickly limped to the door and opened it with force, glaring at me.
  76. She limped toward the house, pushing away the helping arm Alex offered.
  77. Carl took out a baton from his belt and limped slowly towards Michael.
  78. Agent Johnson limped into the theater room and placed his hand on the.
  79. He limped badly on legs that felt like they couldn’t actually be his.
  80. Hi, folks, he chortled as he limped up the short flight of stairs.
  81. Slowly standing, he limped over to a stand of marijuana growing freely.
  82. Ailia limped closer to Soren and let him put his hands around her waist.
  83. Wishing she had her water bottle, she licked her dry lips and limped on.
  84. Emily got to her knees and stood up slowly, and then limped back up the.
  85. Behind it came an old man in the garments of a laborer, who limped along.
  86. He looked around fiercely, limped over to Lezura and reached for the key.
  87. The massive boat limped through the water and edged on towards Alligator.
  88. Davis limped to one of the vehicles and stared at the wreckage of his own.
  89. Convincing arguments, but he sighed and limped off in search of her anyway.
  90. The heavy crates then fell on Jack as the Monitor then limped to his escape.
  91. I nodded my head and limped out of the Station and into the morning sunlight.
  92. Fauchelevent limped along behind the hearse in a very contented frame of mind.
  93. He limped over to the counter only using the toes of the bad foot and waited.
  94. After we all hobbled and limped to a great shower that adjoined the cafeteria.
  95. Her grandfather limped over to her and whispered, She went to the fishing.
  96. Come then, he whispered to the mind-cane as the Lammas Lord limped away.
  97. Evette limped slightly as she made her way home to her apartment that evening.
  98. At least I was warming up when I limped back into the brightly lit eating area.
  99. With her help, he was able to stand, and they limped around the corner towards.
  100. But as she raised her sling again, he turned away, then limped back to his hut.
  1. Dana limps to the car.
  2. Apparently, he still limps to this day.
  3. We entered limps, wheel chairs, and all.
  4. Only, she limps a little, but that will pass off.
  5. Without looking back, he limps away, dry sobs wracking his throat.
  6. She leans back out the car and limps to the trunk of the car with her cane.
  7. The woman limps away as she and her husband sadly leave out of the doctor's office.
  8. Until then, the world limps with charity, though it could take flight with sharing.
  9. Show’s not till eight, she says in her Breton French, and he nods as he limps past.
  10. Around 45 minutes later, Dana limps down the staircase, dressed in a short light blue dress.
  11. As he approaches the dark bulwark of the ramparts, a man in uniform limps toward him out of the blackness.
  12. He sighs and watches a second hovercraft drift to the docking platforms, then limps to his desk and lowers himself into the chair.
  13. The October 9 edition of the Chicago Tribune had a page 1, above-the-fold news analysis headlined: Risk-Prone Economy Limps Along.
  14. An Official escorts me into the Chancellor’s office, but it’s a full ten minutes before he limps out from the white door behind the desk.
  15. This was the first time they had seen him standing and Stef is surprised to see that Ian is small, maybe only one and a half metres tall and as he walks Stef notices that he limps.
  16. We who are nestling for the moment like Priscilla beneath the warm wing of Good Fortune can dare to make what the children call a face at her grey sister as she limps scowling past.
  17. He takes up his satchel of four throwing spears and his pike and limps away into the night with the aid of his crutch, thinking he may never return, but knowing deep in his heart that he must.
  18. Is a tall man, left-handed, limps with the right leg, wears thick-soled shooting-boots and a grey cloak, smokes Indian cigars, uses a cigar-holder, and carries a blunt pen-knife in his pocket.
  19. It no longer walks, it hobbles; it limps on the crutch of the Court of Miracles, a crutch metamorphosable into a club; it is called vagrancy; every sort of spectre, its dressers, have painted its face, it crawls and rears, the double gait of the reptile.
  20. That‘s why we were the first ones who came into Diane’s vision after she entered back into her physical body because it was that other personality or evil vicious entity staring and focusing right on us just before it left Diane’s physical body and we wind up being the first things Diane sees when her original soul or spirit enters back into her physical body! Then she turns her head and sees Mildred, telling Mildred about her strange experience in the stairwell and in space then wonders how long was she standing there at the receptionists’ desk and wonders how she got up here on this floor then goes and limps behind the receptionists’ desk and sits down and continues to stare at us while she‘s on her cell phone! Did this other personality or evil vicious entity somehow lead Diane right to us?! Did it give Diane a clue that we were the ones who were down there in that clinic hallway and might have overheard her conversation inside that clinic room! Is that other personality or evil vicious entity somehow looking out for her?! Shane and Cody frighteningly look at each other.

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