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    1. It’s sad that your most loyal of

    2. It Is beyond the possibility of successful denial that the majority of the most loyal

    3. He was loyal to the captains, they were family to him, but she knew he would part ways with this ship if it ever returned there

    4. I know he's strange because of his origins and I know he's just a kid, but the fact that he's been loyal to me when no one else has in so long means a lot to me, it's not something I'm going to just casually toss aside

    5. You see, he’s very loyal to me despite the appalling way I have treated him

    6. She is totally loyal to you; but being young and inexperienced, she is overwhelmed by Matai’s amorous attentions

    7. When Naria claimed the throne by right and overthrew the previous Regent, she found a loyal friend in Gordon

    8. In reality he wanted a large army under his control, manned by strong loyal men

    9. He knew that Ava would be loyal to the mission because she had no reason not to, not because of some heartfelt camaraderie

    10. Of course Brasil had Angels of their own who were still loyal to the mortals of their motherland

    11. One of the workers for the scientists at City Central was named Myra and considered a trusted and loyal aide; ‘brighter than most females’ was their term

    12. “On a happy note,” a smiling Rayne continued, “your Hold is filled with loyal subjects; many are concerned for you

    13. You trusted me not knowing what my plans were; a true and loyal sister of the throne and Aura

    14. He had always been loyal, always putting the needs of others before himself, but now his skills were being put to the test, and he wasn’t sure if he had the ability to manage it

    15. ‘You know Reeas and Deria are the two most loyal Guardians that we have!’

    16. This is one game where Arizona did not win but even as a loyal University of Arizona fan, I have to applaud Curt Gentry for that game

    17. Otherwise, for the few he called friends, he proved himself to be a highly loyal and useful asset

    18. "Generally Nidon-Mlarkile is loyal to a client but if there is any truth to what you say a few million could persuade us

    19. Already, he saw the dark power’s toll in his most loyal guards

    20. convictions, and he was a loyal and happy companion

    21. himself with men loyal to himself

    22. have, besides adversaries, lots of loyal follower

    23. You are the most loyal and caring person I know

    24. people – a boy with a bandaged foot, supported by his two loyal

    25. identity around your brand and product, this will help encourage a loyal

    26. They had been caringly and conscientiously raised by their parents to “fit in” as they were now doing with their own offspring, being law-abiding, church-going, loyal citizens of their nation, and responsible members of their species

    27. Shadr would still be out of horses to sell, but the Guild had a very loyal breeder for a contact, one who never seemed to lack reliable and sturdy steeds

    28. Having this loyal, honest, hardworking Jewish woman in his life and future could open the way for him really to get to know her heart

    29. “No need to worry about me - I’m loyal to our homeland, brother,” He purred, “Your secrets are safe with me

    30. She was a sterling ambassador, loyal friend and confidant

    31. variety of countries loyal to his cause, in the

    32. Markus: I am a loyal employee, and I believe that it is in the best of both of our interests to have this conflict resolved

    33. The jet air propulsion craft had been built in Pan Mexico, a loyal Atlantica ally

    34. The only problem was that it went through inhabited and loyal areas built by refugees working in the logging industry the last decade

    35. ‘I understand you are loyal to your original creators, and so wish to communicate with them your existence

    36. And as their loyal servant it is my duty to kill you

    37. number were loyal to United States Navy after many years of

    38. With first place prizes being the best in golf, PGA tournaments have the most loyal fan base as any sport

    39. That type of loyal companionship is not easily replaced

    40. Those loyal to the North made the situation tense for those on

    41. My charismatic diva with the seemingly plain-Jane coat is, to me, as lovely as she is loyal

    42. All the officers on his staff were most loyal and respective of

    43. The interview was published by the Herold and was read by loyal readers from the North as well as the South

    44. appeared to be less loyal to their country than to the ship they happen to be on at the time

    45. “I remain loyal to the Sons of Odin and the Daughter of Thor,” Lendel said with his fist pressed to heart

    46. There had been a lot of male wielders loyal to the revolution at Charkel in the beginning, which seemed strange considering the fact that the revolution was aimed at stamping out all male wielders

    47. Now he was one of the loyal ones who had remained despite the fact that he would never be able to touch teron again

    48. The man rubbed his square chin for a time, still taking long strides, before he stopped to turn to Adem and offer his hand as he said, “My clan will remain loyal to the Blue Water Dragon

    49. His other concern was the fact that Tarz did not deny he would use the Power against Tobin’s army, perhaps even slaughtering the Alit’aren that had remained loyal to the Saviours

    50. If he hadn’t been able to convince Carl, every loyal male wielder would have ended up trialled and severed from teron forever

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