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    1. 'My folks are staunch Catholics and now they're demanding their expected grandchild to be christened and brought up a Catholic

    2. for the loss of yet another staunch companion

    3. Trees and hedgerows disappeared under the heavy earth moving equipment as the staunch engineers of Mesapit scourged across the fields and woodlands eventually to arrive at Mr

    4. wondered at the staunch commitment they had shown to

    5. If she’d perished with Nikos and Philippos in the cave of Polyphemus, at least she would have had the comfort of traveling to Hades in their staunch company

    6. Staunch believers of fate have a hard time reconciling with this gift of free will, which implies the future is yet to be determined

    7. I sighted on the man who had taken over I did not know his rank and it didn’t matter I fired and my shot hit him in the throat and his hands flew to his neck to staunch the flow of blood

    8. Admiral Hylensia, though a staunch traditionalist, was certainty no activist

    9. Two seats along, the man whose blood still dripped from McKee’s face collapsed across the row in front of him, hands fluttering at his neck, trying to staunch the blood gushing from a torn artery

    10. This staunch anticommunist was vilified by communist sympathizers, fellow travelers, and useful idiots not to mention a number of Conservatives who, as his party‘s Elder Statesman, (properly) rejected his overtures to (Communist) China

    11. Although I remain a staunch proponent of the Rule of law, I hold fast to my belief that the Sanctity of Life is more precious than our legal system has properly envisioned

    12. Even then, people of staunch and Calvinist evangelical conviction were having difficulties with some of the more rigid aspects of the Westminster Confession of Faith

    13. “He’s been hit with more than one round,” said Colling, letting Helga attempt to staunch his bleeding

    14. Hamilton was a staunch antislavery man and played a role in New York’s eventual outlawing the use of slaves

    15. This reminds me, I was working with a staunch Christian many years ago and we were discussing the bible every so often, but every time I told the person what the bible says and that it opposes what he believes, he did not accept it

    16. Some comments from Christians – of course staunch churchgoers – who burnt my books:

    17. Babylon had proved their staunch opposition to Rome in the revolt against Trajan [my italics]

    18. Both sported full body suits of armour, Meo's staunch

    19. He returned to his room just in time to take a call from Senator James Hargrave, his most staunch supporter on the subcommittee

    20. Even though he was a staunch Hindu, he respected the teachings of all other religions like Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism

    21. Muslims found fault with him because he was a staunch Hindu, was against dividing India and creation of Pakistan

    22. Tula was a staunch opponent; even more so when the signals from the advent of the next apocalypse were springing up all over the "dusted" streets of Saint Andre

    23. The staunch Arachnoids carried their humanoid friends through a creaking, marble archway

    24. “You have our gratitude, Staunch Captain,” said the Baroness

    25. With the assistance of the staunch seraph trolls we have an opportunity to turn these foul invaders before they do any more damage

    26. He was a staunch democrat and hated the royal family and when the royalty was reinstated after the conflicts, he was not a happy man, his attitude was ‘While the monarchy hid, the Cambodians fought and died for their freedom’

    27. The axes crashed back and forth, slicing and gnawing the old, staunch timbers

    28. Mr 3 was staunch to the end, his only extra manoeuvre was to tell the courts that the people we had robbed were drug dealers and that they deserved it, hence the fact he received a slightly longer non-parole period then the others

    29. True to his character he stayed staunch with me so we sat in the middle of the yard and drank coffee to show we were still solid no matter what as the other two of our mates played cards not far from us

    30. Even though Tim was all ways a pretty staunch dude stabbing two blokes seemed way out of character for him

    31. Agatha, the governor’s mother, is a staunch hater of mice

    32. movies and a staunch Republican, but by standing on his own he could be shot

    33. Though hoping to avoid any involvement, Lord Ashburn felt himself and Lady Jane being helplessly drawn into the sordid affair; it should be rather difficult not to say something given his staunch attitude towards proper conduct, but he would try tremendously to squelch his yearning to help the poor woman from her predicament

    34. As he quickly observed the setting of this staunch couple, he realized that they too probably shared that overzealousness for minor acts of proper conduct

    35. Hoping to sneak into the corridor to his office without being seen so as to avoid having to account to this couple for his progress, he turned and took a step but instantly froze, so as not to make his hurried departure obvious and thereby insult the staunch British gentleman, upon hearing his name called out by Lord Ashburn in a cheerful tone

    36. � He was just replaced by President Roosevelt and is a staunch partisan of American isolationism, especially where the war in Europe is concerned

    37. Shamel nodded like a scolded child, as he tried in vain to staunch the flow of tears, blood and snot gushing through his fingers

    38. Being stuck in a world of staunch atheism, the modus operandi of rejecting an argument before it can be made is all too familiar

    39. his mind in a staunch silence as the sparse clouds edged past the windows, his

    40. That Lady Lisbeth of Strathmore is a staunch monarchist and hates that parliamentary rabble

    41. Although you can be cool to the point of rudeness, you nonetheless inspire others with your activity and staunch singlemindedness

    42. Archie had been a staunch, skilled and loyal Officer in all three of his previous

    43. blood i placed my hands over the wound to try and staunch the flow and with a quick prayer I

    44. Theresa held the dying monk’s hand and prayed for healing while pressing her other hand against his wound to staunch the blood flow

    45. Now that's a bit of the opposite to the old Kiwi staunch thing isn't it aye? See, Kiwi staunch is completely opposite to actually being able to rejoice and celebrate, but I've watched staunch Kiwis absolutely lose it [laughs] at a football match! I've got to watch them

    46. But why was Modi preferred to any other prime ministerial aspirant? My belief is Modi’s USP was his staunch promise to shatter the status quo—his undiluted aggression appealed to a new India

    47. would ensure that I remained a staunch

    48. The Order soon became the perfect surrogate to staunch the steady flow of attacks from their Lycanian enemies who were fast encroaching from the North

    49. middle of the way, stable and staunch)

    50. Mother Teresa was herself a staunch Christian of the Catholic

    1. After she’d staunched the flow of blood, Nerissa tested weight on her leg

    2. The blood that trickled down her leg, but not the one whose flow she staunched

    3. blood staunched from a seriously dented nose, I received many pats on the back

    4. She watched, mesmerized, as the bleeding staunched, then stopped as if a spigot had been turned off

    5. 'I drew it forth,' said Imrahil, 'and staunched the wound

    1. It was staunching the flow of blood from the animal’s artery

    2. Toby was sitting on the mossy ground, staunching a wound in his arm

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    halt stanch staunch stem steadfast unswerving fast firm fixed immovable rooted secure steady