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Loyal in a sentence

He is loyal to me.
* Honest and loyal.
His loyal soldiers.
Intuitive and loyal.
So gentle and loyal.
A loyal friend is a.
I’m loyal to no one.

completely loyal to me.
He is very loyal to us.
you and your loyal fans.
and the loyal and true.
loyal to their employers.
loyal and devoted to her.
and still loyal to Spain.
become his loyal patrons.
Brave, loyal, patriotic.
You are fierce and loyal.
A loyal, hard worker, he.
You are His loyal servant.
other loyal pack mates would.
may prove faithful and loyal.
You're a good loyal friend.
We both are loyal friends,.
(Esau was very loyal to Isaac.
Those are men loyal to you.
He was handsome, funny, loyal.
He was an extremely loyal man.
He knows I’m loyal to him.
nurse and a loyal, loving wife.
But I stayed loyal to my bank.
He was always loyal to Taramis.

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Synonyms for loyal

fast firm loyal truehearted patriotic