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Macabre en una oración (en ingles)

Her gaze lands on the rose and its macabre vase.
The picture was somewhat macabre – a brain in a tank.
It rather reminded Aazuria of Trevain’s macabre museums.
Later still, I wrote a macabre, carnal tale called Dr.
It made the possibilities they raised seem even more macabre.
He said black jeans and T-shirt, with a little macabre touch.
Several times they played a macabre game with me: they would.

I was eating pizza and watching a macabre movie I received the.
Finally, the journey is everything as there is only one, macabre.
Within it one could espy macabre scenes from forgotten war zones.
Our irony is more macabre than the hells of our tormented mystics.
The workmen twittered in nervousness at the macabre humor of the lawman.
A thick fog was wiggled giving them a more macabre and mysterious look.
This was probably one of her macabre attention-seeking games gone wrong.
Anup is trembling with terror, so I hug him while the macabre show unfolds.
No man of ordinary intelligence can take part in the intrigues of une farce macabre.
He opened the layer and took out the macabre support staff to use it against the elder.
The city populace were astounded by the almost intense and macabre silence that ensued.
The silence amplified the ticking clock, a macabre heartbeat sounding out the emptiness.
This caused some of the people to engage in macabre humor about it being their last meal.
In anybody’s language the exhumed coffin on its wheeled collapsible trestle was a macabre sight.
They were packages of regurgitated animals, fur and bone crushed and formed into tiny macabre parcels.
Like a macabre conga line the industrious insects were taking full advantage of Joe Billie‘s largess.
God, he had even been inside the flat and left a macabre sign as proof of his own identity and intention.
Some of the builders saw worse things than this, and simply never came back after their macabre encounter.
Sam stood silently and watched the macabre spectacle, something he had done in his mind so many, many times.
Some were replays of recent events, some were entirely fictional and some were really horrible and macabre.
I replied that I found it a little macabre, but in talking with him awhile, I reached a different conclusion.
Just staring at the bones of all these creatures which have been dead for so long… I find it a bit macabre.
There’s a moment where they’re both connected, yanking hard on the broom in a macabre game of tug-of-war.
Fox leaped for Silas, snapping with his jaws, but came up short, hesitant to crash into his macabre collection.
Maybe it was a final piece of irony on the part of The Ghoul; a macabre joke that would be The Ghoul’s swan song.
The rancher‘s jaw went slack as he surveyed the macabre scene; Elise gasped, covered her mouth and started crying.
The sun did a macabre dance across the sky today as the Mother of God supposedly spoke to three small children.
Zoroastro’s Machiavellian machinations, I must say, were much more macabre and twisted than I would have ever been able to imagine.
Their macabre job done, the policewomen walked away a short distance to have a smoke and probably also to talk freely between themselves.
Smith thought that if Picasso and Dali were to have a competition to see who could come up with the most macabre art, this would be the winner.
When lightning illuminated the sky, she could see the macabre outline of Gillette Castle looming above them on a wooded hillside a quarter mile away.
They arrived back at the House, Matilda still clutching Philip’s well-chewed arm to her chest, a macabre souvenir of the man she had loved and lost.
The belief that Marilyn had fallen victim to any one of a number of dastardly plans provides a macabre solace for those who felt her loss most deeply.

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