Oraciones con la palabra "grim"

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Grim en una oración (en ingles)

  1. In a grim voice he.
  2. In the grim aura that.
  3. She had a grim look on.
  4. News from home was grim.
  5. He nodded, his face grim.

  6. His face was grim and set.
  7. His grim expression lit up.
  8. A frightened boy, and grim.
  9. Most of it was pretty grim.
  10. He hung on for grim death.
  11. The maid appeared a bit grim.
  12. He sounded grim, and scared.
  13. His face was grim with fury.
  14. Then his grim humor returned.
  15. And very grim it was to hear.

  16. Put like that, life was grim.
  17. His face looked grim and sad.
  18. His face was grim, determined.
  19. But however grim they, might.
  20. Displeased with his own grim.
  21. Sebastian nodded, his face grim.
  22. He fixed her with a grim stare.
  23. Her mouth was set in a grim line.
  24. Grim memories pushed their way.
  25. His mouth was set in a grim line.

  26. Things were looking pretty grim.
  27. He felt a certain grim amusement.
  28. The doctors paint a grim outlook.
  29. The Levis came to him, faces grim.
  30. For once his expression was grim.
  31. It was a grim and shaken assembly.
  32. Now a kind of grim fury held sway.
  33. He looked grim and shook his head.
  34. The last stop on the line is Grim.
  35. When he entered, his face was grim.
  36. A grim look tightened Rave’s face.
  37. Grim faced, he moved down the aisle.
  38. The future was grim, and he knew it.
  39. I don’t know, Grim answered.
  40. But to his grim fate, no emotional.
  41. Travis coughed and gave a grim laugh.
  42. The negative side was much more grim.
  43. She pressed her lips into a grim line.
  44. A smile shattered her grim expression.
  45. Both of you chill out, Grim said.
  46. The doctor nodded, her expression grim.
  47. He picked up his phone and dialed Grim.
  48. Not tall, but broad and grim, bearded.
  49. And then, in this grim grisly skeleton.
  50. Grim was his face, grey-hued and weary.
  51. The two kings’ faces were grim indeed.
  52. Cathorian looked at him with grim humor.
  53. With a grim expression, he gestured at.
  54. She shakes her head, her expression grim.
  55. Elowen found it hard to fight the grim.
  56. His mouth is a grim line, his eyes wild.
  57. Samuel said to him, face stern and grim:.
  58. The men came back, with grim expressions.
  59. Iram came to her, a grim look on his face.
  60. An unspeakably grim sight met their eyes.
  61. Bosco’s grim, stoic face told the story.
  62. Across from him, Phil lay in grim silence.
  63. Her loving kindness against our grim hate.
  64. At the moment things didn't look too grim.
  65. Mark gave him a glare of grim determination.
  66. Thoth stood over me, looking grim and tired.
  67. No one said much, the mood somber and grim.
  68. The men returned that evening, looking grim.
  69. She had a rather grim expression, and her.
  70. The irony of such a grim standard causing.
  71. They look grim, determined, and very angry.
  72. He traversed the grim sierra, the champaign.
  73. The astronomer then insisted on a grim tone.
  74. She looked up at me and had a grim look on.
  75. Amaranthe’s lips flattened in a grim smile.
  76. Then there was slaughter, grim and appalling.
  77. He looked grim as he entered the room, and.
  78. It is the grim silence of facts that remains.
  79. Sir Stanley shook his head with grim finality.
  80. Yes, was the grim reply of Monsieur Defarge.
  81. Clayton’s grim face swirled in front of her.
  82. The grim moors hardly improved Elowen’s mood.
  83. Barron was somber as he recalled the grim news.
  84. Reagan’s grim mood infects the whole country.
  85. Oh! What a grim and pathetic day it was for us.
  86. Grim Death seemed to stand at the side of the.
  87. The killer’s mouth twisted into a grim smile.
  88. Suddenly another figure entered the grim drama.
  89. I fancy she looked round at me in a very grim.
  90. Only this was no diversion but a grim business.
  91. You look grim, Ava said as she approached.
  92. Ben looked at the text and his face turned grim.
  93. The old man listened intently to the grim news.
  94. The situation at Mister Magazine would be grim.
  95. Jacob wadded up the grim missive and tossed it.
  96. The officer gave Ellie a grim nod of recognition.
  97. IT WAS A grim scene in the squad room that night.
  98. Things would have been very grim if they had not.
  99. The appearance of the Grim Reaper himself could.
  100. My wife, a grim smile appeared on his lips.

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