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Near en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He was so near now.
  2. We had a near miss.
  3. He sat near a wing.

  6. So near to having it.
  7. My time is very near.
  8. Near the end of that.
  9. No one near her cries.
  10. The happy ones are near.
  11. There was no one near us.
  12. He even felt Julie near.
  13. Near the bottom of the.
  14. Near the city of Alameth.
  15. I live near Washington, D.

  16. But now that we are near.
  17. A near perfect spot for.
  18. The beast is always near.
  19. Near the fireplace sat a.
  20. You will see in the near.
  21. There was no one else near.
  22. Near the house there are.
  23. I believe it is near time.
  24. Everything has a very near.
  25. For the Time is near.

  26. Are we near the sea?
  27. Very near the hut, only a.
  28. Then she came and sat near.
  29. I saw the notice near the.
  30. At least she’d be near me.
  31. Joey waited near a pawn shop.
  32. It was getting near to the.
  33. It most near collide wid us.
  34. Oneness is near your center.
  35. They wouldn’t come near me.
  36. It was a moment near madness.
  37. Johnny stayed near the punch.
  38. I am strong with you near me.
  39. So celebrate, the end is near.
  40. For the time is near!.
  41. It was located near the roof.
  42. She was nowhere near as loud.
  43. We’re in a cave near Scilla.
  44. Duke found his spot near the.
  46. No one on the trail near by.
  47. Jesus asked her to draw near.
  48. He walked with me near the man.
  49. Usually they are near the CPU.
  50. It was supposedly near Eureka.
  51. Marco’s ship flies near him.
  52. I think it is near Boriquen.
  53. We are now stationed very near.
  54. In the near dark I could just.
  55. They bury Isabella near the sea.
  56. He appreciated having her near.
  57. The end of the month draws near.
  58. Don’t go near them, Bill.
  59. There were many near the water.
  60. The fearsome presence was near.
  61. I pause near the row of Erudite.
  62. As I sat near the hotel window.
  63. Near the mainans was the Koran.
  64. Jochebed was very near her time.
  65. Else they will not come near you.
  66. I see homes near water for them.
  67. I just wanted to be near you.
  68. Sometime, in the near future….
  69. He heard the others drawing near.
  70. Nothing is safe when he is near.
  71. This will be in the near future.
  72. Chen sat near Li-en at her loom.
  73. Nowhere near time for breakfast.
  74. We are nowhere near finished.
  75. Near panic I decided to surrender.
  76. I heard a cat meow near the shed.
  77. I was a healer near the mines.
  78. Alan’s nowhere near that bad.
  79. The near Elusiver stepped forward.
  80. To stop without a farmhouse near.
  81. Easter weekend finally drew near.
  82. My face draws near to this earth!.
  84. Nobody would want to go near her.
  85. Friday (Near the end of the month.
  86. The Lord said the place was near.
  87. And he came apace, and drew near.
  88. Under the leaves near my old home.
  89. The mother was standing near the.
  90. He then jump down and walk near me.
  91. I crept near the door to hear more.
  92. It's damn near a kamikaze mission.
  93. By this time Vaughn had drawn near.
  94. Fiery trials are drawing near you.
  95. Mary and Annah waited near the car.
  96. His house was near their hut and.
  97. He is out riding near the river.
  98. I see a small opening near my feet.
  99. The oak was near our sacred spring.
  100. Just above the bench placed near.
  1. We had to be nearing a.
  2. We were nearing the airport.
  3. They were nearing the tunnel.
  4. The candle was nearing its end.
  5. Every time he was nearing BSR.
  6. His plan was nearing completion.
  7. The sun was nearing the horizon.
  8. It was nearing the witching hour.
  9. It was nearing my birthday again.
  10. The nearing entrance to a wide.
  11. It’s nearing the end for me now.
  12. The trolls were nearing the crowd.
  13. We are nearing the end of this age.
  14. We’re nearing the end of the show.
  15. It was nearing 8pm and I was starved.
  16. We are nearing our destination now.
  17. Nearing the table, he offered his hand.
  18. Golyadkin certainly was nearing his goal.
  19. I believe our time is nearing its end.
  20. Alex was nearing the limit of his patience.
  21. The last of the triathlon was nearing the.
  22. It was not yet mid-morning, but nearing it.
  23. I think we are nearing a crisis point here.
  24. We were nearing Iowa once it was around noon.
  25. At that moment, we heard other women nearing.
  26. The glow of light was nearing over the hill.
  27. Nearing the bar, he was jostled against her.
  28. It was nearing Christmas; there was more snow.
  29. As her head was nearing the floor, Sam could.
  30. Nearing the top, vague shades of gray rose as.
  31. The winter's sun was nearing the horizon's edge.
  32. By now they nearing the middle of the big field.
  33. Deep down I sensed that we were nearing land fall.
  34. It was nearing five-thirty and the sun had sunk.
  35. We're nearing the edge of the woods at this speed.
  36. And worse still, when nearing death they see the.
  37. Helen and Scott Nearing moved to an older house in.
  38. We are nearing the first landing, Hallen said.
  39. Nearing dark, the thunder and lightning started up.
  40. The sun was nearing the steeple of George's church.
  41. Sounds of hoofs and shouts were nearing the village.
  42. But nearing the point of alcohol poisoning, nothing.
  43. Nearing the gate he was startled when a young guard.
  44. Mac went home for the day, and it was nearing sundown.
  45. He smiled to himself the time was nearing, he felt it.
  46. Nearing the top of the craggy climb, his heart stopped.
  47. Holder, that you are nearing the end of your troubles.
  48. Shenandoah was nearing the center of the Bering Strait.
  49. What an ass! he shouted to the nearing tree line.
  50. Nearing the start of the grey and unfinished apartment.
  51. And I was nearing the end of my six hundred word piece.
  52. Thus also while nearing death, the change of destination.
  53. It’s nearing four o’clock and they both have to leave.
  54. Nearing the four-wheeler, her grandmother touched her arm.
  55. Before I could answer, shots echoed from the nearing cars.
  56. The plans for a special dedication ceremony were nearing.
  57. I have had many good thoughts, being ill and nearing death.
  58. Nearing the top of the tower, he looked up to see a thick.
  59. I could see we were nearing a hallway I had never entered.
  60. The elders had to be nearing the corner of the tunnel now.
  61. She was nearing her thirties and had lost her girlishness.
  62. Thru the next day it went on, it was nearing sunset again.
  63. The nearing Unks sees the amazement on his nephew’s face.
  64. And nearing the top of the stairs were four Drong soldiers.
  65. After another ten minutes the man said, We nearing the end.
  66. All eyes were on the procession, which was nearing the exit.
  67. She was now nearing her eighth month and her belly was huge.
  68. You are nearing the end of your quest for the Arma Christie.
  69. It was nearing ten o'clock by the time they left the stables.
  70. The Grandy was nearing retirement, N’robo pointed out.
  71. Now Knmonaweep is nearing dusk, there is no Kenduul this year.
  72. It is nearing midnight, said Dawes, glancing at the moon.
  73. She has a pretty good aim for a lady nearing her centenary.
  74. Then the guests departed one by one, for it was nearing night.
  75. It made sense, and as she felt the time was nearing to attack.
  76. Weep not! Grieve not! You are nearing the goal now, my child!.
  77. You are nearing, what may be, the most trying time of your life.
  78. Their application for a strip-mining permit is nearing approval.
  79. By the time October had rolled around, I was nearing the end of.
  80. Nearing the rock-face, he was pelted by small rocks and pebbles.
  81. Holly's attacker was nearing the main road in front of the school.
  82. Kevin was bleeding from his nose, eyes and ears and nearing death.
  83. Jesus was nearing his twenty-second birthday and still not married.
  84. But forward progress, Schnottblower could tell, was nearing an end.
  85. A man, who is nearing the completion of a long journey, approaches.
  86. Eileen and I were nearing sixty, but there was something in us that.
  87. She anticipated that the promise of Gabriel was nearing fulfillment.
  88. Barnes sat back, contemplating a beer rapidly nearing the empty mark.
  89. They are now nearing the end of their forty years of wandering, and.
  90. Poor girl, she did not know how fast she was nearing trouble herself.
  91. Nearing exhaustion, Saul noticed an unusual notation on his display.
  92. It is nearing eleven and I heard that we are approaching another.
  93. With my exams nearing, I wasn’t in the right mood to write to you.
  94. Besides, it was nearing dawn now and most of the others were asleep.
  95. I think we’re nearing that point with our educational establishment.
  96. And now, nearing Logandale, he was about to erase that memory forever.
  97. They crossed the border into Indiana with the clock nearing twelve noon.
  98. When Lucifer’s earthly power is nearing its end, and he is literally.
  99. He was in the nearing the end of football season and that kept him busy.
  100. Nearing completion after nearly four years of work, the truth of how the.
  1. As you neared the car.
  3. As we neared the end of.
  4. As he neared the house, a.
  5. As we neared the office he.
  6. As the hand of time neared.
  7. As the markets neared 4:15 p.
  8. My pace quickened as I neared.
  9. As she neared Knoxville, her.
  10. Sparky stood up as I neared them.
  11. As the time of departure neared.
  12. As he neared the patrol car, he.
  13. My smile widened as I neared him.
  14. She slowed down as she neared him.
  15. As they neared, Jesse identified Dr.
  16. As Christmas neared, Louie faltered.
  17. They neared the cliffs of the enemy.
  18. They all bowed as the Queen neared.
  19. Sati swung as she neared a massive.
  20. As he neared his target, the rider.
  21. As he neared, he continued to feel.
  22. Tim, Johnny and Limpy neared the fort.
  23. As he neared it, the smell grew worse.
  24. As she neared she realised who it was.
  25. As they neared, I faintly remembered.
  26. It slowly became brighter as it neared.
  27. As it neared lunch time Luray showed up.
  28. As the time neared for me to leave for.
  29. As i neared the edge of the drop off, i.
  30. Sam watched as the truck neared the area.
  31. They neared Tanyvilas’ eastern outskirt.
  32. He neared the door and could see the bus.
  33. As they neared the console, a Nemoidian.
  34. He always brayed when he neared our home.
  35. And as we neared the roaring ruddy flare.
  36. They all felt how something great neared.
  37. He glanced up surprised, as I neared him.
  38. The view began to change as they neared St.
  39. As it neared midnight, everybody broke up.
  40. As I neared the light, I realised it was.
  41. A few minutes later we neared the city bay.
  42. Peter, approaching, neared the uncle slowly.
  43. As they neared me, I could see that their.
  44. They neared the small group around Araltall.
  45. I saw the crawler and bent down as it neared.
  46. She neared the police station but kept walking.
  47. They swam on and on and they neared the point.
  48. His voice rose as he neared the wide-eyed girl.
  49. Hi Lieutenant, I offered as I neared him.
  50. As he neared his house, the thought of having.
  51. The figure neared her, and when it was a step.
  52. As her shift neared an end, Lucy actually felt.
  53. It started to move as soon as Kinney neared it.
  54. As I neared the house, I caught a whiff of smoke.
  55. As the roads neared the center of the city, 177.
  56. Hunter began to tense up as they neared the town.
  57. Hi After, she said merrily as she neared me.
  58. The Earth grew dark as it neared three o’clock.
  59. As Lucy neared the end of her junior year of high.
  60. As they neared the door it was flung open, and Mr.
  61. Finally, he neared me and shook my hand tentatively.
  62. They became clearer as they neared the source and.
  63. As they neared, a soaring shadow crossed the tower.
  64. As I neared the top I could see her desk was empty.
  65. As the new arrivals neared the house other figures.
  66. Donna! Sam called out as he neared the stairs.
  67. They laughed together as the car neared the village.
  68. As the spherical ends neared the curtain an arc of.
  69. Homer neared the bottom of the steps, they saw Ross.
  70. As they neared the town gates, Egg reined up sharply.
  71. As I neared the island, even from the seas I could.
  72. Every one of them clapping and cheering as I neared.
  73. As Toivo neared, Knut leaned in toward Solmund, who.
  74. Pamela squeezed his arm again as they neared center.
  75. Christina felt a rush as she neared Melvin’s house.
  76. She stopped as she neared the level to the infirmary.
  77. It was 12 o’clock noon, the lynching mob had neared.
  78. The island not only got higher as it neared the Edge.
  79. Sue started talking about her to Bev as I neared the.
  80. Jasper whinnied and slowed to a trot as we neared the.
  81. They were in no way a threat to the group that neared.
  82. They neared the bike and something was thrown at them.
  83. As I neared the centre of town - a study in petulance.
  84. The man did not turn around as she neared his fireside.
  85. I neared the apex, watching the rest of the coastline.
  86. The voices grew more pronounced as Amaranthe neared it.
  87. She stared at the Dark’s creatures that neared in run.
  88. He was still laughing to himself as he neared his study.
  89. I ran out on my M4 and switched to my MP5 as they neared.
  90. We neared the shed and Savannah sniffed around the edges.
  91. His approach went unnoticed until he neared the compound.
  92. As she neared her quarry the melody became more complex.
  93. As he neared Denis stood and turned on an electric smile.
  94. As it slid, the monsters it neared took a step backwards.
  95. Well, he came out, and as he neared, I prepared for the.
  96. The second man stood as we neared, a slim fifty-year-old.
  97. Eric felt ecstatic and almost happy as he neared the light.
  98. Kaitlyn neared and her hands just touched Olivia's sleeve.
  99. With steady strokes, they neared her stern in four minutes.
  100. Savannah neared the bonfire and I was completely transfixed.
  1. All that it nears it consumes.
  2. As death nears in old age the template.
  3. Wait there unless it nears ten o’clock.
  4. Finally she nears completing the problem and….
  5. Avoid planting onions nears asparagus, beans and peas.
  6. Obviously, erosion speeds up as time to expiration nears.
  7. Cass tries to control his emotions as he slowly nears her.
  8. Our eyes on the Red Mage assure us that he nears his objective.
  9. In other words, the risk of change in price ratio increases as expiration nears.
  10. As persecution nears, dear saint, if we are walking in the power of the Holy.
  11. It takes over a month, but finally the little guy nears the planet quite uneventfully.
  12. You can see that the net erosion collected increases as expiration of the May option nears.
  13. As the deadline specified in the RFP nears, proposals from vendors will begin filtering in.
  14. Unks yell to him as he nears the showers, And, you can’t keep a pretty woman waiting!.
  15. It also means that the erosion for a vertical spread can really accelerate as expiration nears.
  16. When it nears anything like the valuation metric to DMGT I’d sell, but it’s still miles from that.
  17. Up ahead the Lexus starts to pick up speed as it nears the top of the hill and the open country lanes.
  18. And then as it nears the bizarre planet, a short while before preparing to land, communication is ended.
  19. That erosion will accelerate as expiration nears, but for the July options, expiration is still 45 days away.
  20. Stock Trader: So Delta increases as an option nears expiration, while time value decreases at the same time?
  21. As we’ve seen before, the payoff at expiration is linear and the payoffs become more linear as expiration nears.
  22. The pillar grows wider as it nears the lofty ceiling, close inspection can show that it blends into the globe above.
  23. If it is not right to hold short options through expiration, it is right to exit all high risk positions as expiration nears.
  24. The young monk observes all of this and he nears the woman, but he is incapable of saying even one word of comfort or to offer his help.
  25. As his outstretched hand nears the landing gear he smiles but that grin is replaced with shock when he is shot dead center mass in his chest.
  26. In the number three spot is, Senate Nears Vote On Stimulus, an update on Congress’s efforts to come up with an economic recovery plan.
  27. It can be a sign that a business is becoming financially stressed if it nears certain limits or fails to meet the stipulations of the covenants.
  28. As Danas nears your solar system, the atmosphere of your planet will be bombarded with increased radiation that your ozone layer will be unable to absorb.
  29. The speed with which an option loses value is called time decay, which doesn't occur in a straight line but becomes steeper as the expiration nears.
  30. This parabolic erosion as expiration nears is something we can take advantage of, and we talk about that, most specifically in Chapter 6, Calendar Spreads.
  31. Since the put option we are short is farther out-of-the-money, the risk reversal will erode more like an outright option, meaning that erosion will accelerate as expiration nears.
  32. We’re familiar with option erosion and how it accelerates as expiration nears, but in a risk reversal we’re short a put, which erosion will help, and we’re long a call, which erosion will hurt.
  33. We presume that they keep their positions in line at most times and thus stand to have the most inclination to remain that way as expiration nears and gamma lifts and adjustments get tighter and trickier.
  34. The profitable range is obviously broader with more time to expiration; it covers a wider swath of underlying prices as we can see by these breakeven prices and by the fact that the profitable range narrows as time to expiration nears.
  35. As with all of the payoff charts, these preexpiration payoff charts are much more rounded and the preexpiration profit and loss lines gradually become more linear, more like the completely linear profit and loss line at expiration, as expiration nears.
  36. Although the destined coffin nears,.

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