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    1. The blades were very close to Nancy, she could feel the air whoosh by as they passed near her through the spinning arc of the attack pattern

    2. It was near midnight

    3. Our engagements after retirement lead to interactions with different kinds of persons, such as immediate family members, near relatives, close friends, old acquaintances and new contacts

    4. Not a poison; all poisons should be avoided at all costs! Can also prevent dogs and cats from coming near your property

    5. Adult fleas lay eggs outside in the grass or any warm safe place (usually near a warm blooded host)

    6. They can be found on board ship, near food areas, bathrooms

    7. When she went back inside, Herndon had fallen into a near coma

    8. The unit is placed or hung near where there is a fly problem

    9. If he wanted, he could try and charge her before she got her hand back near the activation button

    10. ‘… Inspector Ditton told our reporter that the police are now following up a new lead and hope to make an arrest in the very near future

    1. “We’re going to have to jump when we get to the door, the handle is too far above us,” Johnny commented as they neared the door

    2. As she neared the corner, she went wide, eyes scanning ahead and spotted the men, standing together to one side of the walkway … ostensibly talking animatedly … no, one of them’s glanced to see if I’m coming … They paid her no attention as she neared them – she didn’t expect them to

    3. Alfred's probe could barely track the ship as it neared the jungle mountain, much less a single human

    4. Once she was out of the path of Kortrax as he neared the horizon, she became invisible again

    5. But the lens effect of the basin air made it swell as it neared the horizon

    6. They were so very happy and everything seemed to be working out perfectly for them, but as the honeymoon neared its end, they couldn’t help noticing that all was not well between them

    7. working out perfectly for them, but as the honeymoon neared its

    8. She prepared herself and when he neared her, she dropped from the tree and swung the piece of rail car air hose that Brownie had given her

    9. Kaitlyn neared and her hands just touched Olivia's sleeve

    10. Only the western faces were in sunlight now, shadows neared horizontal

    1. They were nearing the tunnel

    2. By the time Kortrax approached noon they were supposed to be nearing their destination, the counter on the wagon wheel said they had come two hundred thirty eight miles already

    3. the tourists came, and now that the season was nearing an end there were only two

    4. Thru the next day it went on, it was nearing sunset again

    5. He wondered if there would be anything to tell him that things were nearing that point

    6. "Your old map shows some cattle towns out this way, is there any chance we're nearing one of them yet?" Alan asked

    7. It was amazing how fast the yaag habit came back, and by the time they were nearing Shempala, two cups wasn't really much any more

    8. Of the three farms under renovation, two are nearing completion, being on second fix, bathrooms and kitchens

    9. It was already nearing noonmeal by the time he finally got to Ava’s room in the pyramid with a hardcopy of that note

    10. She was just nearing the Plantation House, as it was becoming known, when Jim caught up with her

    1. Up ahead the Lexus starts to pick up speed as it nears the top of the hill and the open country lanes

    2. The pillar grows wider as it nears the lofty ceiling, close inspection can show that it blends into the globe above

    3. All that it nears it consumes

    4. and as the bride of Christ nears maturity, there will also be cause for rejoicing

    5. "Our eyes on the Red Mage assure us that he nears his objective

    6. "Then we should be going, the hour nears, you must be prepared," Althart said while standing and opening the door

    7. As Danas nears your solar system, the atmosphere of your planet will be bombarded with increased radiation that your ozone layer will be unable to absorb

    8. initially as dark blobs as the intensive phase of the death process nears, how-

    9. Finally she nears completing the problem and…

    10. It takes over a month, but finally the little guy nears the planet quite uneventfully

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    Sinónimos para "near"

    approach come near come on draw close draw near go up near close nigh approximate dear good cheeseparing penny-pinching skinny about almost most nearly virtually well-nigh approaching next at hand coming forthcoming expected imminent impending abutting aside near at hand adjacent neighbouring beside adjoining related allied touching attached affecting connected akin familiar accurate faithful literal miserly narrow niggardly parsimonious stingy tight close in upon converge shave