Oraciones con la palabra "tight"

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Tight en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was a tight fit.
2. He shut his eyes tight.
3. I nod, my throat tight.
4. He was in a tight spot.
5. My stop was tight (at.
6. The hood was too tight.
7. It was a tight squeeze.

8. But Fanny held on tight.
9. She held her son tight.
10. I gave her a tight smile.
11. They were tight and sore.
12. Hers was cold and tight.
13. His arm tight around me.
14. It was a tight fit and.
15. He shut his mouth tight.
16. Her eyes were shut tight.
17. Sit tight and be patient.
18. He closed his eyes tight.
19. She wore a pair of tight.
20. It was as tight as a drum.
21. I gripped my breath tight.
22. If times get too tight, Mr.
23. His eyes were closed tight.
24. I held her tight in my arms.
25. Squeeze your eyes tight shut.
26. Eyes tight, Will prayed: hold.
27. Had on this tight mini-skirt.
28. His mouth was smal and tight.
29. But I am fastened so tight.
30. Still holding my wrist tight.
31. She held my hands very tight.
32. I love your tight holes, baby.
33. Her lips were in a tight line.
34. He closed his eyes tight and.
35. I hugged her tight once more.
36. Rad-not too tight or too loose.
37. It left Frans in a tight spot.
38. He was in a bit of tight spot.
39. Her eyes and lips sealed tight.
40. They have tight security here.
41. You are probably tight, Rob.
42. I had a tight butt, even then.
43. Elmira held tight to Tom's hand.
44. The door remained sealed tight.
45. My chest felt crowded and tight.
46. He held me tight and kissed me.
47. We’re in a tight spot I think.
48. It was a tight squeeze, and we.
49. We both had our eyes shut tight.
50. She had a tight grip on his hand.
51. His hold was a little too tight.
52. Money was tight for both of them.
53. Store these in a tight container.
54. She released her tight hold on.
55. Elmira held tight to Tom’s hand.
56. Hobbyists on an extremely tight.
57. Dimarico was tight as piano wire.
58. He stares at me with a tight face.
59. Nice and tight, said Oilfield.
60. Security at the airport was tight.
61. I hugged her tight as my rescuer.
62. They got the curtain closed tight.
63. Muscles bulged through his tight.
64. She clung to it and held on tight.
65. She shut her eyes tight and prayed.
66. He took my hands and held it tight.
67. Would she the canvas tight enrich.
68. Bet that was a nice tight slot.
69. Jaw tight, he heads for the stairs.
70. His mouth pressed into a tight line.
71. Len has been tight lipped about it.
72. Her skirt was tight around her ass.
73. Godwyn was determined to sit tight.
74. James and Neil were wearing tight.
75. He held her small white hand, tight.
76. He took her hand and held it tight.
77. With a tight jaw, he remains silent.
78. Her smiles stretched her face tight.
79. We're a bit tight for time, though.
80. I remember those tight trousers too.
81. It was a tight fit, but it would do.
82. Brent felt the tap but held on tight.
83. A little tight in the crotch though.
84. Her forehead creases, her lips tight.
85. Hold my hands as tight as you can.
86. She took his hand and held it, tight.
87. Especially in such tight quarters.
88. He watched her keenly, his jaws tight.
89. Then Anu held him in a tight embrace.
90. His mouth was shut with tight banded.
91. I sprang up and closed the bag tight.
92. I let out a moan and he held me tight.
93. He folded the pieces tight into his.
94. She then giggled and hugged him tight.
95. But, it was bound too tight for that.
96. Verify that your restraints are tight.
97. Sam pressed his lips into a tight line.
98. She put her hand over her mouth, tight.
99. It will be a tight fit but it will do.
100. He was holding tight his battle spear.

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