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    1. We’ve been on the road for over an hour now - time for something to nibble, perhaps? When the children were small I got into the habit of taking wine gums on journeys – they’re easy to eat and non-messy

    2. In spite of that he used the money to find a nibble of lunch here and there

    3. What he wouldn’t give to nibble that neck of hers!

    4. Once out of earshot of the others she sidled up close to him and whispered, “You can always nibble on me – I’m willing to be sampled

    5. Thais generally sit down to their three square meals a day, but tend to nibble from the time they get up until they pack it in at night

    6. "Well, why don't you nibble some of my droppings? They're packed with nutrients, " said the bull

    7. He would sit down with them and they would nibble on his ears and the hair on

    8. It took a warning nibble before he let go

    9. There was long grass for her to nibble

    10. He continued to nibble on my neck while his hands didn’t leave my breasts and I started to moan shamelessly

    11. Has cost thee mony a weary nibble!

    12. The Admiral stopped talking to nibble at a French fry

    13. I took a thoughtful nibble at the one at the top of the pile

    14. The lead tramp picked up Pixie, took an exploratory nibble out of her little back, wrinkled his nose in disgust and hurled her back towards Mrs Watkins like a furry little coconut at a fairground

    15. Paul grinned in reply, and began to nibble on his food

    16. morning to your fellow guests followed by a noiseless nibble on your morning toast

    17. nibble was in its own paper wrapper, and had a message on the inside saying that the omens for love

    18. to the mother as Sue gleefully let another dolphin nibble on her hand

    19. “I have a nice cheese plate made in the kitchen, do you want to nibble?”

    20. Is that what you want, little brother? I mean, I’m sure you would love her to nibble on your ear and all, but not literally

    21. But Time has been known to nibble

    22. He reached for some more cheese to nibble and asked her, "Why did your master sell your daughter and do you know where she is now?"

    23. I hope you don’t mind if I nibble while I talk?”

    24. They nibble the grass and the bushes

    25. He was leaning to nibble her ear when…

    26. Only… these Taoists did not realize that their horses were not eating grass; but a form of moss, … and because the moss was already short the horse could only nibble at it slightly and not manage to damage it and it was only mouthing it with his soft lips out of habit and wasn’t really biting it and eating it… the non-farmer Taoists did not realize that it was not such a great wonder after all

    27. Ultimately, Ms Sreenivas agreed to nibble at toxic waste

    28. It was time to quit, dammit! Why couldn't he see that? And as if his ignorance were not cause enough for outrage, the ogre at that moment--after a surprising space of inertness--contributed to the grotesquerie by plucking an arm off of Lisa's corpse and beginning to nibble

    29. ” Vince gave her another long kiss, then slid his lips down to nibble at her neck

    30. nibble on the grass

    31. ” I watched as he brought my hand to his lips, as he pressed a kiss in my palm, and then started to nibble on my wrist

    32. By some means, she managed to take a nibble of them but she noticed that her grandma gazed from time to time

    33. made ready to nibble the biscuit in his other hand

    34. It made you wish you had just shushed the naysayers and brought three hot little sliders in your clutch to nibble at opportune moments

    35. tail and made Rabscuttle nibble his fur short and stain it with mud and

    36. At first they took and soon grew bolder, crossing open spaces and even stopping to nibble at dandelions in the patches of weeds and rough grass

    37. He had travelled some miles, his horse and he, and he was feeling drowsy in the hot sunshine, when the horse stopped, lowered his head, and began to nibble the grass; and Toad, waking up, just saved himself from falling off by an effort

    38. They came up to him without speaking and began to nibble the short grass nearby

    39. either to stress what he had said or to break off the talk, simply began to nibble Bigwig looked at him in astonishment, but Blackavar, apparently unconcerned the grass

    40. He crouched down and began to nibble and gnaw at the thick

    41. Samantha was tinkering with a wedge of some variety of red cake, trying to nibble just enough to be polite while trying to avoid it altogether, when Keely, the thirteen-year-old, eased into the chair next to her

    42. There was a nibble of the tough old bird for each, an adequate amount of dressing made of corn

    43. “In the meantime, we’ve had a nibble on your offer of a reward for Casselli

    44. The coffee cup had a nibble missing from its rim

    45. NOTE An old techie saying is that 4 bits = 1 nibble

    46. ” She brightened instantly and took her seat to nibble at a slice of toast

    47. in particular, a class of young men who nibble away an income of

    48. He took a sandwich, opened it, looked at it, and began to nibble at it

    49. And if you tried for a nibble, what would’ve happened?”

    50. ‘I am a friend of your wife’s,’ she said and threw herself upon me, to nibble my ears, crack my ribs, until I held her off and, suddenly suspicious, cried

    1. it wriggled so it nibbled away at what remained of Helen’s sanity

    2. he lifted it to his mouth and nibbled off one side

    3. Mice nibbled at his toes, rats

    4. Staring up into his all-encompassing eyes, she started to tremble when he nibbled at the tips of her fingers

    5. just nibbled at my food

    6. ” Savannah nibbled on her lower lip, while she considered my offer

    7. Savannah grabbed a cookie and nibbled on it absently

    8. He groaned, while I nibbled on his lower lip

    9. ” I nibbled on my lip in uncertainty, because I knew this conversation was going to change the fabric of our relationship

    10. He tore at my dress, snapped the remaining strap, and nibbled on my earlobe

    11. She was sure that he still secretly desired her as she lightly nibbled on his earlobe to push him even further

    12. She merely nibbled at the plate of food in front of her

    13. a house, that she did not like to go nearer till she had nibbled some more

    14. He nibbled at her jacket and nickered again

    15. She nibbled on a fingernail

    16. After Grey began eating the fish with obvious relish, Broshee nibbled at a small piece

    17. I sipped at the juice and nibbled on the cookies all the while holding Spencer’s hand, stroking his arm and talking to him

    18. She then kissed it and nibbled on it with her teeth

    19. While deep into her center, he deftly nibbled at an earlobe, his breath moistening the nape of her neck

    20. She kissed my chest and nibbled

    21. This time, I stayed close, and our lips and tongues nibbled, licked and explored each other

    22. They had drinks and nibbled on grapes and a good cheese

    23. ” His teeth nibbled at her ear

    24. Manda sipped her tea through the little hole in the cup’s plastic lid and nibbled at a blueberry scone

    25. When I nibbled on her breast

    26. My hands fisted in his hair, unable to control my breathing when he suckled, kissed and nibbled my skin, my neck, my breasts, and my abdomen

    27. ” I breathed as he nibbled on my lower lip

    28. nibbled on a rib, but he didn’t seem to have much of an appetite

    29. He climbed up on a big bowl of fruits and sat on a huge grape as he nibbled at a large strawberry

    30. He nibbled at the pie we"d bought on the way home, but wasn"t really interested

    31. Diomed,” I said and both moved towards me, reached down, and nibbled at my cold skin

    32. Pedro had been talking nonsense to me in Spanish most of that time, calling me Chiquitita and pobrecita and commending me on my apetito as I nibbled on my ratito

    33. She and Palomita had perched on top of the fence and were looking with surprise at the amount of corn lying on the ground and being nibbled by some of the chickens and pigs

    34. The crisp clean snow was gradually turning to slush as the warmer air nibbled at its edges

    35. The president, who had started years ago eating only fruit before noon, nibbled a little from each serving and made appropriate noises of satisfaction as he moved around the table

    36. Flivi perched on her shoulder and nibbled at a bug on her head

    37. “I can’t wait to see you in a set of scrubs,” he murmured against the skin of her shoulder as he nibbled it

    38. “What have you got on under this?” he asked in a husky whisper as he nibbled the side of her neck and cupped her bottom in his palms

    39. “What are you afraid of?” Sam growled and nibbled her shoulder

    40. “You still know how to get to me,” he groaned in her ear as he nibbled her ear lobe

    41. Richard pulled her into his arms and nibbled the side of her neck

    42. “But what?” Marie said as she nibbled his ear

    43. “I’m always lonely, baby, when I’m not with you,” he replied as he put his head next to her and nibbled her ear playfully

    44. Stick dipped his spoon in the hot stew, nibbled at it cautiously, and then stated,

    45. He nibbled on her moist underwear until he could stand it no

    46. The horses were hobbled, and nibbled at the high grasses racing away from the forest

    47. She leant forward and nibbled his neck

    48. nibbled at some berries on a bush

    49. The contradiction nibbled at Locke’s nerves

    50. He licked, suckled, nibbled and teased her while roaming the curves of her body

    1. While she nibbles on the sandwiches, I rabbit on telling her what a brilliant job she has done bringing up the kids and how well they are coping

    2. Much to Mr Pinscher's dismay, he reached out for the largest and plumpest of the drumsticks, settled into an elbow chair, and embarked on a series of exploratory nibbles

    3. There were snacks, nibbles, laid out on a table

    4. ” At that, the guests all clapped, knowing they’d each eaten enough sweets, cakes, and pies to stun a charging bull, yet being Halflings, wondered if there was room for a few more nibbles

    5. “Can you drive me to the pharmacy?” Nibbles abruptly asked

    6. “This is where the canal ends,” Brubaker told Nibbles

    7. Nibbles stared up, and off to the left in some doubt

    8. “Really?” Nibbles called back from the front of the boat

    9. Nibbles chewed on that for a while

    10. “Why is that?” Nibbles asked

    11. “That’s pretty unlikely, but if we stick together I’m sure the cat won’t bother us,” Bru told Nibbles

    12. Nibbles stopped paddling, turned his head, and nodded

    13. Nibbles looked back and saw they were actually leaving a wake, due to Brubaker’s strong paddling and the strength of the current

    14. Nibbles saw that the canoe wasn’t drawing much water

    15. “What’s that?” Nibbles broke the silence

    16. Nibbles caught the sound of water falling, and up ahead he saw a semi-circular formation

    17. Nibbles turned and had a look

    18. Nibbles choked up and began to hack and cough, passing the joint back to the rear of the boat

    19. Then he held the boat’s gunwales for Nibbles to do the same

    20. “Hold up for a moment,” he told Nibbles, and spent a minute studying the sand bar

    21. “I should have brought my fishing rod,” Nibbles noted

    22. With the two of them, Nibbles leading up the incline, they soon had the boat in the water again

    23. “What’s that?” asked Nibbles

    24. He liked to take pictures, and Brubaker seemed to know the country like no one Nibbles had ever heard of

    25. For the time being, Nibbles had to be satisfied with that

    26. Brubaker was a little drunk and working from sore memory, but he had the sense of it well enough, as he told Nibbles about his latest peeve

    27. Nibbles looked on in a kind of moody contempt

    28. Nibbles just sat there, drinking in the scene, laid out like a feast just for the two of them

    29. Nibbles had nothing to say to this observation

    30. “What the fuck does that mean?” asked Nibbles

    31. Nibbles gathered that not being on the internet pissed Bru off something fierce

    32. “You’re a half-wit, Brubaker,” Nibbles told the trees around him, snapping open another can of pop

    33. Just then Nibbles was at his shoulder and he almost jumped right out of his skin

    34. “Look what I found,” said Nibbles, holding up a scrap of cloth

    35. He asked Nibbles not to pick stuff up; not without showing him the lie, the location, the circumstances

    36. “Right over here,” said Nibbles, but Bru just grabbed at the scrap of cloth and shoved it into his bush jacket pocket

    37. “By thunder and Jesus,” gasped Nibbles

    38. (What does that mean? thought Nibbles

    39. “Um, um; okay,” agreed Nibbles as they gingerly traipsed back to the waterline and then stood by the canoe

    40. Nibbles raised an eyebrow but said little

    41. “Neither one of us has a watch,” protested Nibbles

    42. Nibbles figured it was about noon or twelve-thirty by now

    43. Nibbles needed a smoke, but there was no way in hell he was going to wait by the boat all alone, wondering where old Brubaker was

    44. Nibbles carefully picked his way, occasionally catching a vague glimmer of the game trail they were on

    45. Then Nibbles saw a footprint, smaller than his own, deeply treaded

    46. Nibbles saw that a dead leaf was stuck under the tread, squashed down by the weight of the person

    47. Even to Nibbles, it looked like it had been there forever, cast in mud that was now hardened to a rock-like consistency

    48. Nibbles wondered just how long a track could stay in the woods

    49. Nibbles couldn’t see a blasted thing

    50. “And over there?” wondered Nibbles, who couldn’t make it out because of the shade under the trees and bushes, which still had some leaves to block the wan, slanting light

    1. Berndt’s concerned eyes upon her, she pulled herself together and strode purposefully over to where Starlight was busily nibbling at the hedgerow

    2. She had her arms around him, she was licking his face, she was nibbling at his ears, and her breasts were in his face

    3. With the sun directly overhead there were few shadows and the heat was draining any theoretical stamina even though I'd prepared for this by nibbling, and sipping lots of liquids in advance

    4. I have to smile at the absurdity of comment, as he intended I should, and start nibbling one of the sandwiches

    5. He rolled over and caressed her neck, nibbling her awake

    6. He felt her nibbling at his ear

    7. Memories like the time that we picked baskets full so that Grandma could try her hand at baking pies; or, how I would always end up there, one way or another, during those summer evenings, tucking my BB gun under my arm and nibbling on the fresh berries until I had my fill

    8. Amaranthe resumed nibbling on her fingernail and watched the crowd

    9. If not for her mittens, she would have added fingernail nibbling into the rotation

    10. Nibbling at the nape of her neck, chewing on her ear, sticking my tongue in her ear, drove her wild

    11. They laughed quietly and watched the animals that a little after carefully continued their nibbling of November’s scarce grass

    12. The wings feel as if a huge snake with small teeth is nibbling on his arms

    13. I could still feel Adrinius and Zacchaeus nibbling and gnawing at my throat, my hair stuck to my skin united with blood and perspiration

    14. ” He whispered, his lips at my ear softly nibbling

    15. ” He said nibbling my earlobe; I let out a quiet cry of pleasure

    16. I rubbed my knuckles against her taut nipples, nibbling the soft skin at her neck and she had another orgasm then shivered

    17. ” He whispers in her ear before nibbling on her ears and kissing her neck as she brings his lips to hers

    18. She had been nibbling chocolate like a mouse for about a

    19. “Is that Chris stop or Chris more?” he said still nibbling and sucking on my breasts

    20. He horsed back on the stick in violent reflex, wheels brushing leaves, and felt the first nibbling shudders of a stall as the tiny plane traded what little airspeed it had for barely enough altitude to keep from crashing into the tree tops

    21. He ate the parsley-sprinkled fingerling potatoes, and he'd swallowed a couple of tips of the asparagus spears, but only toyed with the crab legs, barely nibbling at a tiny forkful of meat

    22. The Genie was cloistered in his bottle and Bartolomeo was nibbling a cookie on one of the red wine chairs that adorned the stay, foreign to the surrounding noise, focusing all of its canine attention on the only deserving object of its interest at that moment: the cookie and the crumbs that were jumping like lost fleas around

    23. tip fondling and teasing the tiny hollows inside, her teeth nibbling

    24. “Yeah what happened to Tony?” Emmy purs nibbling at Ren’s ear

    25. She licked both of his nipples with her long, red tongue before rolling them between her moist lips, nibbling them with her sharp white teeth

    26. Sheila began nibbling on his ear, while Charles provided weak objections

    27. are not hearing it swallow, then the baby is just nibbling and

    28. Nibbling happens when the baby is sucking the

    29. “Use your hands…” Sam said and lifted them to his mouth, “…that way I can lick your fingers,” he teased, nibbling the pads of her fingers

    30. “Thanks, Sam,” he said and started nibbling on one of the granola bars

    31. She shrank back, nibbling her lip in indecision, and then was hit by a huge surge of

    32. After an interlude of tender kissing, neck and lobe nibbling, Max moved lower to her heaving breasts

    33. Though still dark the sun would be nibbling at the horizon in fifteen minutes and there was no hurry to be anywhere

    34. I have known him in the past to pull two or three fish out of the pond, but now he had five fish nibbling at his bate

    35. nibbling on a carrot she was feeding him while tickling her

    36. Both Lisbeth and Nancy politely kept silent, nibbling at their own plates while letting him have the best parts from the roast beef and stewed vegetables

    37. “My task is far easier,” she said nibbling at his chin

    38. The Kajins were minding their own business, nibbling happily on tree bark

    39. Killian was slumped next to her, nibbling on a his chicken leg, his eyes drooping

    40. The lips on the side of her neck stopped nibbling

    41. table nibbling at her breakfast while Eloise prepared Sebastian’s in the kitchen

    42. horses, which were still standing with their heads stretched out, nuzzling their friend or nibbling

    43. “You aren’t going to shoot yet, are you, babes?” she enquired, nibbling and probing into his ear as she did so

    44. Tony looked to Jackson and took a bite of the root he had been nibbling

    45. When Marcus was sure I was under his spell, he moved his mouth to my twin peaks, sucking and nibbling, nipping with his sharp teeth, moving their stiff rosiness back and forth with his tongue

    46. Rodents have been nibbling it as well, so this one’s a no-go

    47. and down her tasty slit, her teeth nibbling at her clit and her lips on sucking her outer and

    48. And anyway, now he lives in a castle ten times as nice as this place, and he has the king and queen on his side, and a sexy girlfriend, and a frog - who was currently nibbling at the hair on the back of his neck

    49. The flames in the fire-place were licking at the wood and nibbling at it

    50. I left him holding a kibble in his cute little pink hands and nibbling away

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