Oraciones con la palabra "snap"

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Snap en una oración (en ingles)

It would be a snap.
Now snap out of this.
I snap back to reality.
Snap the fuck out of it.
He had heard a twig snap.
All her clothes had snap.
Oh, fuck you, I snap.
No snap at all, he thought.
Snap off the master switch.
Snap off the pipe at the.
I have to snap out of it!.
Come on Bob snap out of it.
Jason Smith, snap out of it.
He shut his mouth with a snap.
He heard something snap again.
It took her two weeks to snap.
He felt his collar bone snap.
It was about to make me snap!.
I snap out of it pretty quickly.
I didn’t mean to snap at you.
Hey! Hey! Snap out of it!.
He didn’t mean to snap at her.
The snap of the bone in his leg.
I snap my focus off my pad to him.
Give us a snap vector to Da Nang.
Come on, you can snap out of this.
And now she seemed to snap in two.
Snap off tough ends of asparagus.
He felt he could snap them in two.
He tried to snap himself out of it.
The snap was audible from the roof.
Suddenly he seemed to snap out of it.
He would snap out of it soon enough.
I bet she could snap you in half.
The snap is still there, but padded.
When this happens, it will snap back.
Step 5: Use snap to screw the battery.
That snap crackle pop in the morning.
Turns milk, makes fiddlestrings snap.
Lewis waited for him to snap out of it.

Snapping at your officers is.
His snapping black eyes glowed.
I heard snapping of twigs ahead.
I started by snapping pictures.
Lightning had been snapping its way.
Snapping my rubber band didn’t help.
He clocked it deep, snapping to a Six.
The snapping, crunching sound came again.
With the flags in place I begin snapping.
Things snapping and opening and snapping.
Like that, I said, snapping my fingers.
Wait, he said, snapping his fi ngers.
It had to be the wind snapping a dry branch.
I hoped I could handle it without snapping.
She could hear branches snapping behind her.
She had been snapping at everyone all morning.
A snapping twig interrupted their conversation.
He picked up the reins, snapping them lightly.
Are any of them snapping turtles? I asked.
It sounded like the snapping of twigs underfoot.
The snapping of bone echoed throughout the room.
The sound of it snapping echoed in Rykus’s ears.
She could hear the lampposts snapping behind her.
I hear the snapping of wood as we careen through.
At once the ball of light collapsed, snapping out.
I agree, Gary said, snapping on his seat belt.
And Troy’s patience is stretched to snapping point.
The dragon roared and defended itself, snapping at.
The animals were barking and snapping at each other.
Sshh, Kifter hissed, snapping at the young man.
Her neck twisted nearly to snapping, Amaranthe froze.
The bonfire had been snapping for a while when Rhone.
Snapping back again to form another black hole that.
He could hear a snapping sound in the distance; his.
NO! Hunter barked, snapping back to the present.
The sound of a twig snapping in the distance stops me.
Patterson by snapping to attention and saluting with.
She handed me the plates, snapping me back to reality.
She was chewing gum and snapping it and popping it in.
The cracking and crunching and snapping slowly receded.
He snapped out a knife.
His head snapped to me.
He snapped out his Colt.
He snapped his eyes open.
He snapped it off again.
Hans snapped his head up.
The monster snapped at me.
A pistol shot snapped it.
I"m a hero," Jon snapped.
Sorry I snapped at you.
The rail rang and snapped.
He snapped off the lights.
But this time, he snapped.
Her eyes snapped back open.
And then my thread snapped.
Loken snapped the book shut.
Then Sue snapped her legs.
Alex snapped the menu shut.
Shots snapped his head back.
He snapped his fingers as.
My sister's head snapped up.
Ash’s gaze snapped to his.
Yeah, I snapped back at him.
Yes he is! she snapped.
The front door snapped shut.
The vine thinned and snapped.
He snapped the lighter shut.
I’m sorry I snapped at you.
Is she here? he snapped.
David snapped his head around.
Something snapped in me then.
She almost snapped the words.
What is it? she snapped.
Something snapped in his eyes.
The kid snapped off the link.
She snapped, lowering her jaw.
Ares snapped his fingers again.
Finally he snapped his fingers.
Something inside of me snapped.
One of John’s chains snapped.
Where is he? she snaps.
The lid of the box snaps open.
Go on, he snaps at Julian.
Do you mean that? he snaps.
Now that’s enough! he snaps.
The Gooch snaps awake with a start.
No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
Not now! he snaps down at her.
But then there were times the snaps.
Of course I don’t, snaps Maya.
Snaps agrees and he becomes a big hit.
She is not my friend, snaps Lynn.
Devon’s attention snaps to the papers.
Stop playing with her, snaps Eric.
Ros, what’s the issue? he snaps.
His head snaps back opening up his torso.
She snaps her fingers in front of my face.
And the photographer? he snaps at me.
Fun? Ciere snaps, her anger returning.
Enjoying the show? She snaps at Faith.
Both hands on the wheel, snaps Gervais.
What did you call me? His head snaps up.
Akons can have Snaps, but nothing will happen.
Serve together with buttered toast and "snaps".
Then he snaps a picture of me and writes a text.
He pointed his gun at me… Her chin snaps up.
Then the world snaps back into a regular timeframe.
What? he snaps, not bothering to look at her.
Find her, he snaps and presses the off switch.
His bleary, livid gaze snaps to the illusion of Ciere.
There are cases you know, where the mind simply snaps.
Lenses were refocused and the snaps continued unabated.
Put that on and get into bed, he snaps, irritated.
Reflexively, he grabs the limb and snaps it over his knee.
I reached down and gave my rubber band a couple hard snaps.
He’s with the UAI? snaps Maya, and her gun comes up.
She said she’s not receiving visitors, a woman snaps.
And what are you doing here? she snaps, glaring at him.
That was a little condescending, but okay, Jaden snaps.
With string bows, snaps, hooks and fasteners on them?

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