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Obscene en una oración (en ingles)

An obscene oath has its stain.
But even that idea is obscene.
This place is just as obscene.
This obscene project continues to run.
Obscene calls remind women that they.
This was their obscene idea of hospitality.
The same is true of the oaths and obscene.

This obscene practice was created by cities.
Let her think it is an obscene phone caller.
Claire had no doubt these movies were obscene.
The most obscene evil ever invented is Science.
And making an even higher obscene profit-margin.
Get rid of their obscene profits and corruption.
Every worshipped Myth of history is an obscene lie.
It was the most obscene thing I had ever witnessed.
Peter pursed his lips and then made obscene gestures.
What followed was the most obscene carnage imaginable.
That would be obscene! She almost shouted at him.
It was horrifying, obscene; it was the essence of evil.
Of course this fairy-tale Myth was a complete obscene lie.
Someone once told me that love is the most obscene four.
They would not take him without obscene losses on their part.
But I fell up to my knees and kneeled before my obscene master.
She shuddered at the faintly obscene texture of the red rubber.
Obscene phone calls were yet another cross that she had to bear.
When she came to town, she had to pass that horrible, obscene sign.
Why was the truth of Auschwitz reversed into such an obscene lie?
They had to become huge obscene masses of blubber: dead fat cells.
Our country has just committed the most obscene acts of xenophobia.
All this obscene wealth is supposed to replace her loving presence.
The memo is titled interstate transportation of obscene matter.
It was indicated that they were indelicate, some even said obscene.
The others laughed, they started cheering and making obscene remarks.
Modern Sports are an obscene celebration of the individual human ego.
This is one reason why civilization is a filthy, obscene, piece of shit.
Excuse me ma’am, but you are mistaken in your obscene suppositions.
I never made him do anything that was obscene or dangerous to his health.
It was obscene to behold and a terror to the soul, as if it was possessed.
Until the obscene tradition of child neglect and child abuse became a ritual.
Gawking in awe at the grandeur of obscene wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

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