Oraciones con la palabra "repulsive"

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Repulsive en una oración (en ingles)

It is a repulsive subject.
I find the suggestion repulsive.
Food, really? That is so repulsive.
It's a repulsive thing I'm speaking of.
The very thought was repulsive to Nikko.
That’s ’cause it’s so repulsive.
Violence was repulsive for her to commit.

This little scene has been very repulsive.
Church of his day was repulsive to Joseph:.
It was a sight that Windzer found repulsive.
I find the thought of this totally repulsive.
Both husband and wife seemed repulsive to Anna.
They found it old-fashioned and quite repulsive.
Its aspect was frankly disgusting and repulsive.
He was thin, repulsive, and extremely effeminate.
At first, this was somewhat repulsive to Scaliger.
The most repulsive of voices is the donkey's voice.
It had all been one of his repulsive drunken jests.
Its quite repulsive, all that accumulation of fat.
He would be fascinating if he were not so repulsive.
This seemed different though, not repulsive or wrong.
Such people have such a sinister, repulsive, hostile.
A repulsive act by urban pigeons is their often-times.
Then thy repulsive squalor and contamination could be.
O’Brien never realized what a repulsive thing a human.
Helez felt she couldn’t lie; lying was repulsive to her.
They were repulsive, but she could not get away from them.
He couldn’t stand to look at her repulsive body any longer.
There followed a scene savage and repulsive in its gruesomeness.
This is a new phenomenon and it is exceedingly repulsive to me.
I wish he had been with us then, I would not look so repulsive.
The spectacle became insupportably repulsive, indeed nauseating.
Julian, what you did was repulsive and you should be punished.
Her freedom from that repulsive little toad of man was in sight.
Each helium nucleus has two protons, so the repulsive force is.
Roi-de-Sicile, one almost immediately encounters a repulsive ruin.
The dark reddish and repulsive liquid had a sinister gleam to Mr.
My hour or so was nearly up when this repulsive older man sidled.
They’re repulsive, and an embarrassment that should be hidden.
Even an unmistakably intelligent laugh will sometimes be repulsive.

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