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Repugnant en una oración (en ingles)

But the first was repugnant to him.
She no longer found his touch repugnant.
There is no mortal as repugnant as yourself.
He saw that which it was repugnant to him to behold.
The musical notation of an infirmity is repugnant to us.
He was like an chamberpot, repugnant but supremely necessary.
The greasy mud covering the beach had a repugnant smell to it.
To walk about the streets or to go back were equally repugnant.
The Polypus hole was no less repugnant to hygiene than to legend.
At the same time, he was repulsed by the repugnant odor of dried.
He had never encountered such a repugnant creature in all his life.
All our institutions were repugnant to a standing army in time of peace.
The idea of waiting a year before his stock moves up is repugnant to him.
What was he to do now? Jean Valjean's visits were profoundly repugnant to him.
Let’s drive off these repugnant beasts once and for all, grunted Gilead.
Anne stood in place, staring at Grace with an expression that was nearly repugnant.
Valeria found her indifferent callousness more repugnant than Olmec's naked ferocity.
The air was less repugnant here and Soffen took a deep breath to steady her pounding heart.
For Johnson was an utterly repugnant racist, way beyond even most of the typical racists of his day.
In that moment of unreasoning panic even the thought of halting so near the inland sea was repugnant.
Edwards, John Calvin, Hopkins, and a thousand other as repugnant to reason as the doctrines of the Papacy.
Jean’s ex-husband had dismissed the idea of evolution as repugnant, insulting him by linking him to apes.
The idea of marrying some rich woman, which was suggested to him by his female relations, was repugnant to him.
I believe that she is capable of heroic self-sacrifice and that anything dishonourable would be repugnant to her.
You have done all this—and then show him the gibbet and the wheel, as incentives to a sullen, repugnant obedience.
The Will to Goodness is the rejection of behavioral attitudes repugnant to an individual‘s highest (moral) standing.
The depth of the chute above, standing high almost toward the sky was horrific in size and to Oak’s eyes it was repugnant.
YOU WILL NEVER LAY A HAND ON MY FAMILY AGAIN! Paul fumed as an ugly wiggling grin slithered across his proud repugnant face.
Before this repugnant deity Gorulga and his ten acolytes knelt and beat their heads upon the ground, while chanting monotonously.
But I have to say that I find it repugnant that you jumped to the conclusion that a man would betray his country in such a manner.
I knew where to go and sleep at night; gradually I became accustomed to things the very idea of which would formerly have been repugnant to me.
Thus, not so many years ago, she announced that she had discovered in her dictionary that the word republican came between reptilian and repugnant.
He was as limp as a sack of waste, and then a terrible smell of gas escaped from Hartle’s body, silent but terribly repugnant to her polite nostrils.
All this bother about a prostitute, and the presence of a celebrated advocate and Nekhludoff in the Senate were in the highest degree repugnant to him.
The death of these children would horrify everyone who heard about it; for the victims’ parents, the very idea of a driverless car would become repugnant.
And as has been the case with so many evils, many of those repugnant souls that sought profit through slavery readily pointed to biblical heroes doing the same.
But, it is incumbent on those who can place faith in an interpretation so repugnant to the cautious and guarded phraseology of the instrument, to demonstrate it.
Not wishing to linger near the repugnant smells, they continued towards the only exit, a long stairway of stone paving leading down, worn smooth through years of use.
One of the most repugnant and abhorrent acts of terrorism and ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the four years of conflict occurred towards the end of the war near Srebrenica.

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