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Plan en una oración (en ingles)

He even had a plan.
A plan is a compass.
I had no plan, no.
I told him the plan.
They now had a plan.
Come up with a plan.
His plan was a dilly.

I said I had a plan.
It was a plan with.
That was plan C, too.
All part of the plan.
So here is the plan:.
It was a simple plan.
They plan to rent a.
Of the God laid plan.
He had a simple plan.
Oh, we have a plan.
That girl had a plan.
AJ saw an escape plan.
No, stick to the plan.
I had a plan to have.
But what was Plan A?
Part of his plan was.
God always has a plan.
It wasn't in the plan.
He could be my Plan B.
Step 2: Help them plan.
But Bryony had a plan.
I plan to let her try.
Plan and then Move On.
His plan would end in.
Otto laid out the plan.
I agree with your plan.
This is my plan for me.
That is the plan, sir.
The plan was that Dazza.
We could use a Plan B.
Our plan calls for the.
It was a long-term plan.
Another impossible plan.
I knew he was planning it.
He is planning to come and.
He was planning to run for.
I wasn’t planning on it.
No, but he was planning to.
This silence is Oak planning.
We were planning to move away.
They set to planning the raid.
If Novak was planning to use.
These types of planning also.
A little planning 1st, however.
I was planning on it anyway.
This type of planning has to.
We are planning to get married.
We were planning to move again.
They were planning to use the.
The planning took several hours.
They say I am in their planning.
Yeah I'm still planning on it.
He says that he is planning to.
What are you planning now?
Creation is subject to planning.
I know what you’re planning.
The Planning and Taking Action.
No point in planning around that.
Leave the planning to us Marie.
A lot of planning had to be done.
What were they planning for him?
Yes, that was sound planning, he.
She was indulged in planning her.
They must be planning an invasion.
She was also planning her wedding.
Are you planning to stay long?
I also started planning about his.
I was planning to call you tonight.
What were you planning to do with.
Yes, that's it, he was planning it.
The planning, the cooperation, the.
I am planning to stay for a week.
What was he planning to do smoke a.
He had it all planned.
I will go on as planned.
I planned to look her.
She had it all planned.
He planned to grab the.
See, he planned this out.
She planned to be there.
Not after all we planned.
They planned to follow D.
All was going as planned.
And then he planned its.
He planned a route by bus.
We had it all planned out.
She planned to fly up to.
He’d planned it that way.
He admitted he planned to.
It had not gone as planned.
That was planned for later.
I had planned a simple test.
JILL HAD IT ALL planned out.
The planned stop at New St.
He had planned it this way.
He planned to dance with me.
I hope this goes as planned.
Planned it for several days.
I have it all planned out.
She’d planned it that way.
This isn't what I'd planned.
Bill had planned it that way.
The funeral had been planned.
They planned to slaughter us.
As if he’d planned on this.
Eve had planned the honeymoon.
That’s what I had planned.
So this is what I have planned.
But, it did not go as planned.
The little devils planned this.
I planned to use it to carry.
Therefore, Id planned to 18.
Let me make the plans.
She had plans for you.
I had no plans on.
She was full of plans.
He has plans you know.
If you have plans for.
He told them his plans.
The plans are laid out.
I took the plans of a.
He also had other plans.
Her own plans were not.
All the best plans were.
I studied the plans too.
We have read your plans.
The plans are laid bare.
My plans are right here.
We say that Plans are six.
I don't have any plans.
The plans are not set.
Hence the change in plans.
Their plans were soon made.
Wilkey, I have plans for.
Curse Adapa and his plans.
Melissa and I have plans.
I made romantic plans of.
And there are seven Plans.
There are plans to be made.
Everyone has his own plans.
She thought her plans over.
You might have other plans.
He is a threat to my plans.
We have some serious plans.
His other sister had plans.
Had those plans not worked.
I told no one of my plans.
Their plans have gone wrong.
Brittany plans to earn her.
It appears he plans to stay.
Robert’s plans had run out.
But Dillard had other plans.

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