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Plan en una oración (en ingles)

1. He even had a plan.
2. A plan is a compass.
3. They now had a plan.
4. I had no plan, no.
5. I told him the plan.
6. His plan was a dilly.
7. Come up with a plan.

8. It was a plan with.
9. I said I had a plan.
10. So here is the plan:.
11. All part of the plan.
12. It was a simple plan.
13. That was plan C, too.
14. He had a simple plan.
15. They plan to rent a.
16. Oh, we have a plan.
17. Of the God laid plan.
18. That girl had a plan.
19. AJ saw an escape plan.
20. Plan and then Move On.
21. It wasn't in the plan.
22. God always has a plan.
23. No, stick to the plan.
24. Part of his plan was.
25. I had a plan to have.
26. I plan to let her try.
27. But Bryony had a plan.
28. But what was Plan A?
29. He could be my Plan B.
30. Step 2: Help them plan.
31. This is my plan for me.
32. His plan would end in.
33. I agree with your plan.
34. Otto laid out the plan.
35. We could use a Plan B.
36. That was my plan once.
37. It was a long-term plan.
38. That is the plan, sir.
39. The plan was that Dazza.
40. Our plan calls for the.
41. Buster agreed to my plan.
42. The C plan for humanity.
43. My plan was to stop him.
44. There's also a plan to.
45. Let's stick to our plan.
46. Sounds like a plan son.
47. Plan a real nice service.
48. We had a sketch of a plan.
49. In the plan, you should.
50. Be a Student of the Plan.
51. My plan will require me.
52. Athena always has a plan.
53. We need a battle plan.
54. Let her tel you her plan.
55. He must formulate a plan.
56. The reason this plan is.
57. There are those who plan.
58. Plan For The Worst Case.
59. Okay, here is the plan.
60. Phase one of my plan.
61. I needed a plan of action.
62. So much so, that I plan.
63. So she thought of a plan.
64. See the floor plan above.
65. Lance warmed to his plan.
66. I had a fool-proof plan.
67. Things were going to plan.
68. But, he didn’t plan on.
69. I said the plan of yours.
71. You see, Naaman had a plan.
72. That was the plan, anyway.
73. This was a ridiculous plan.
74. Because we have a plan.
75. We don’t have a plan.
76. Father agreed to this plan.
77. It wasn’t in their plan.
78. Anon had a plan of his own.
79. And the plan, Eke had to.
80. I told them the plan and.
81. Help develop a safety plan.
82. So a plan had been devised.
83. I will have to plan this.
84. It's all part of the plan.
85. That was the plan, but Dr.
86. That was the plan of the.
87. No, Paddy, we have a plan.
88. Do they have a plan?
89. He submitted to God's plan.
90. He had to plan his actions.
91. This was part of the plan.
92. The plan was based on the.
93. I plan this whether I‘m.
94. We plan to use this route.
95. I plan to, Joey said.
96. He told me of his plan to.
97. You have a plan, he.
98. We’d had a game plan at.
99. I didn't plan for failure.
100. When you have a plan that.
1. I knew he was planning it.
2. He was planning to run for.
3. He is planning to come and.
4. They set to planning the raid.
5. No, but he was planning to.
6. I wasn’t planning on it.
7. This silence is Oak planning.
8. We were planning to move away.
9. This type of planning has to.
10. A little planning 1st, however.
11. If Novak was planning to use.
12. I was planning on it anyway.
13. These types of planning also.
14. The planning took several hours.
15. They were planning to use the.
16. We are planning to get married.
17. We were planning to move again.
18. What are you planning now?
19. He says that he is planning to.
20. The Planning and Taking Action.
21. They say I am in their planning.
22. I know what you’re planning.
23. Creation is subject to planning.
24. Yeah I'm still planning on it.
25. No point in planning around that.
26. Leave the planning to us Marie.
27. A lot of planning had to be done.
28. She was also planning her wedding.
29. Yes, that was sound planning, he.
30. She was indulged in planning her.
31. What were they planning for him?
32. They must be planning an invasion.
33. I was planning to call you tonight.
34. What were you planning to do with.
35. Are you planning to stay long?
36. Yes, that's it, he was planning it.
37. I also started planning about his.
38. I am planning to stay for a week.
39. I hope the warden is planning on it.
40. He had obviously been planning this.
41. The local planning committee agreed.
42. How is He planning to do it?
43. The difficult part was the planning.
44. The two men continued their planning.
45. A few minutes of planning can go a.
46. The planning, the cooperation, the.
47. Whatever you're planning, I want in.
48. What was he planning to do smoke a.
49. The moment of planning was upon them.
50. Planning for the future is important.
51. But if he was planning to throw the.
52. When are you planning to move?
53. Something went wrong in the planning.
54. What are you planning? she said.
55. But the planning had improved my odds.
56. Had she been planning this all along?
57. When were you planning on moving?’.
58. He had been planning this day all year.
59. We think they’re planning an attack.
60. He was planning to throw billions of.
61. That you are happy planning recreation.
62. So you are planning to move out?
63. I told him I was planning to marry her.
64. But all the while, he’d been planning.
65. How were they planning on doing that?
66. Bennett, for planning what she would do.
67. He certainly wasn’t planning to stay.
68. CHAPTER - Planning the March to Utopia.
69. It was the first prize of his planning.
70. We are planning on a honeymoon in Cairo.
71. Why, we’re planning your salvation.
72. They are definitely planning something.
73. Dana is planning on moving out of here.
74. This is what is called social planning.
75. Some guy planning to rob a drug cartel.
76. I was the date he was planning to keep.
77. They’re planning to get married this.
78. That put a seal to the phase of planning.
79. The rest of the night was spent planning.
80. He can be planning to get back with her.
81. I believe Cristian was planning on 338.
82. All he had been planning was for naught.
83. I don’t know what he is planning to do.
84. Then there was the planning time problem.
85. Planning was chalked out with perfection.
86. She was planning something quite devious.
87. He was planning to take Fred fox-hunting.
88. Brothers, you are planning a great crime.
89. In the scheme of things, in the planning.
90. Here were four monuments to his planning.
91. Are you planning to raise the taxes?
92. The party planning committee is not amused.
93. While planning to start a new venture the.
94. It was not only the professional planning.
95. This was the most planning I have done yet.
96. That's something you can do with planning.
97. The Intricate Details of Wedding Planning.
98. What, Son? Are they planning a move?
99. Planning, as a prima facie is the base for.
100. Cherry was planning on doing the washing-up.
1. He had it all planned.
2. She had it all planned.
3. I will go on as planned.
4. I planned to look her.
5. He planned to grab the.
6. See, he planned this out.
7. She planned to be there.
8. All was going as planned.
9. He planned a route by bus.
10. And then he planned its.
11. We had it all planned out.
12. They planned to follow D.
13. Not after all we planned.
14. She planned to fly up to.
15. I had planned a simple test.
16. The planned stop at New St.
17. JILL HAD IT ALL planned out.
18. It had not gone as planned.
19. He had planned it this way.
20. That was planned for later.
21. He’d planned it that way.
22. He admitted he planned to.
23. She’d planned it that way.
24. Planned it for several days.
25. This isn't what I'd planned.
26. Bill had planned it that way.
27. I hope this goes as planned.
28. I have it all planned out.
29. He planned to dance with me.
30. Eve had planned the honeymoon.
31. They planned to slaughter us.
32. The funeral had been planned.
33. As if he’d planned on this.
34. The little devils planned this.
35. But, it did not go as planned.
36. Therefore, Id planned to 18.
37. I hadn’t planned any of this.
38. That’s what I had planned.
39. I planned to use it to carry.
41. So this is what I have planned.
42. I had certainly not planned it.
43. Everything was going as planned.
44. I hadn’t planned to go there.
45. I planned then to sell at 120p.
46. Plant the charges, as planned.
47. He never planned on telling me.
48. No one could have planned this.
49. As I have previously planned.
50. How long had you planned on.
51. She was a battle he planned to.
52. Well, I never planned on this.
53. My parents have a trip planned.
54. He had planned to show off his.
55. Maybe she planned to ignore him.
56. He had planned to retrieve the.
57. She had an escape route planned.
58. And maybe they’ve planned it.
59. This is a planned community for.
60. And it was planned so perfectly.
61. Someone had to have planned that.
62. She knew what Tobias planned to.
63. I never planned to stay either.
64. She seemed to have it planned out.
65. They planned to drive up to the.
66. We’ll stick to what we planned.
67. The planned seduction went poorly.
68. You certainly planned it all.
69. This was planned, Scotty said.
70. She also planned to meet with Mr.
71. The meeting was not a planned one.
72. I planned to travel the world.
73. They planned on splitting their.
74. No one knew what he planned next.
75. But Katie had planned it this way.
76. I planned to leave the Hilton at 3.
77. This isn't how I planned my life.
78. God willing, he planned to be in.
79. Augusta said she planned on mak-.
80. What did they have planned next?
81. Oh no! I hadn’t planned for that.
82. God already planned the waterfall.
83. Bev and see what they have planned.
84. That couldn’t have been planned.
85. It will turn out just as planned.
86. It was all going exactly as planned.
87. I have nothing planned, why?
88. And that is what I planned on doing.
89. Towhee had planned the meeting well.
90. This trade did not work as planned.
91. As we planned and as we expected.
92. This is what I planned and decided.
93. This was where he planned to retire.
94. He planned to ask her to marry him!.
95. He planned to take out Porky second.
96. Gwenda realized what Sim had planned.
97. We planned ahead to avoid anything.
98. Because it wasn’t planned, Boyd.
99. A trip to the bookstore was planned.
100. He calmed down and planned the kill.
1. I had no plans on.
2. He has plans you know.
3. She was full of plans.
4. Let me make the plans.
5. She had plans for you.
6. I took the plans of a.
7. He told them his plans.
8. If you have plans for.
9. The plans are laid out.
10. I studied the plans too.
11. He also had other plans.
12. We have read your plans.
13. The plans are laid bare.
14. All the best plans were.
15. Her own plans were not.
16. The plans are not set.
17. Hence the change in plans.
18. We say that Plans are six.
19. My plans are right here.
20. I don't have any plans.
21. Their plans were soon made.
22. I made romantic plans of.
23. Curse Adapa and his plans.
24. Wilkey, I have plans for.
25. Melissa and I have plans.
26. And there are seven Plans.
27. Had those plans not worked.
28. Everyone has his own plans.
29. He is a threat to my plans.
30. We have some serious plans.
31. His other sister had plans.
32. She thought her plans over.
33. You might have other plans.
34. There are plans to be made.
35. It appears he plans to stay.
36. I told no one of my plans.
37. I heard making plans not to.
38. Robert’s plans had run out.
39. Their plans have gone wrong.
40. Brittany plans to earn her.
41. But Dillard had other plans.
42. What are your plans now?
43. There were plans to plant a.
44. Merry laid his plans quickly.
45. Stone pointed to the plans.
46. You make your plans as always.
47. We didn’t have any plans.
48. Their plans were to continue.
49. General plans for the hotels.
50. I haven’t abandoned my plans.
51. You can tell me of your plans.
52. I have no plans for vengeance.
53. Don’t make plans without me.
54. Just in case the plans change.
55. He did not now make any plans.
56. Her plans had been so perfect.
57. He can’t change the plans.
58. What were Oak’s plans now?
59. He made such plans within the.
60. Had they plans to marry?
61. Our plans suddenly seemed real.
62. They had plans for their lives.
63. The best-laid plans and all.
64. His plans were coming together.
65. She made plans and preparations.
66. Is she a threat to our plans?
67. But then I had a change of plans.
68. I want the plans for the first.
69. I think the boy has big plans.
70. I had no plans to uproot myself.
71. Their plans seem almost magical.
72. God redeems and plans everything.
73. We made plans to see the quack.
74. Adopt the plans that benefit all.
75. He never told me of his plans.
76. I’ve actually got plans again.
77. But other plans would have come.
78. I have been clear about MY plans.
79. I have plans with Corey tonight.
80. All other plans are not MY plans.
81. There has been a change of plans.
82. Think he plans on selling it in.
83. There’s been a change of plans.
84. These plans soon become valuable.
85. At last I could tell her my plans.
86. His plans will never relinquish;.
87. You'll have to change your plans.
88. I have my own plans for that land.
89. What are your plans with Nekor?
90. I have no plans of being too far.
91. I have plans with Evan and Lily.
92. The physical plans have been lost.
93. He has plans to be in town for a.
94. Kitty, I've had a change of plans.
95. She had given up on her plans to.
96. I have plans for you this evening.
97. Guys, I’ve had a change of plans.
98. She may already have plans for me.
99. Giving up her plans of haltering.
100. A number of reputable diet plans.

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