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    1. Society has taught us that girls

    2. We live in a society that wants instant gratification

    3. Business and society was never something he was deeply involved with, unless it was the politics of their own tribe

    4. The wizards of the Kassikan have been thru this, personally, since before people on Earth could write, you can't sustain a society that uses energy at a greater rate than that supplied by the sun

    5. Nobody can avoid all stress without completely dropping out of society and becoming a monk

    6. She had to admit, she occupied elite strata in the society of the Highland Elves

    7. For me, it is important to regard them as Citizens, who have full rights to participate in the affairs of the society and the community

    8. The concessions are there to enable them to participate actively in the affairs of the society to which they belong

    9. Which morality makes the society to be male dominated

    10. She was doing better than even her clone on Gordon's Lamp in that regard, since this is a society of billions and Gordon's Lamp may have returned to a dead system

    11. Watchdogs of the Society

    12. Even if one or two cases were corrected, we would have done a service to the society

    13. There is violence because we are shown daily that the perpretors, who are powerful pillars of the society, examples of success in making money through means usually foul

    14. The ones he opposed would establish a boundary and cut off all but rudimentary contact with local society

    15. We can do a great service to society if our combined voice is raised resulting in some action to curtail such programmes

    16. Further the need and demands of the ‘civilised’ society is increasing every day

    17. As senior citizens we can do a lot in educating the society in preservation of our environment

    18. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    19. She was glad she had those decades in the rural part of this society

    20. The new society requires mobility where joint family concept may not be practical

    21. Old People’s Associations can help to restore the position of elders in village society

    22. He had to do a lot of reading to understand, but there were some 'extremists' among them that want to close off their society from the outside world

    23. "Because they think only in terms of hierarchal position, they don't see how to do that in our society

    24. When Gordon's Lamp departed in 2175, many mortals resented the growing power of the Angels in society

    25. In the tiny society they had here, Morg would have her and Ava to pick from

    26. You've got the whole of society on your side

    27. There was a timid side of her that wished the planet was an interesting find of exobiological life and they could get the Heavenly Mother in here safely and rebuild Angel society while studying the microbial life on this planet

    28. Their tenant was that each individual could not be coerced to participate in society beyond what each individual voluntarily agreed to

    29. In fact, the more miserable a society is, the more offspring it produces

    30. Why do they open the shop, then? Later, I spent some time with Alice and our cousin Niki but I couldn't avoid the usual boredom: These two are married with children, respectable persons in society; they don't even bother to conceal their contempt for me

    31. It was little better than maintaining fuel delivery piping while he was mortal, but in this society, it was a living

    32. a) Boyfriends and husbands: Even in the modern, “feminist” society, a woman's thoughts and actions are focused mainly on one thing -how to satisfy her man

    33. Otherwise, the woman has no man and she is non-existent to society

    34. Our society caters to the youth but we must not neglect the wisdom of the aged

    35. The human society, in whole, is structured upon this basic relation of interdependence between vampires and victims

    36. He was a junior officer in intelligence but their expert on Brazilian politics and society

    37. From my own brief life, growing up in the security of a loving family and a stable and prosperous society, I had few further points of reference by which I could really measure the guards

    38. "The faith they seek is the faith that never questions authority, coupled with the certainty of faith that they are the authority in society

    39. "Everyone present in a society is part of that society and by their presence and participation without open revolt, implicitly support the rulers of that society

    40. But even the highest among them were not techs and did not understand the underpinnings of their society

    41. Not that I care about this, yet I wonder: Why weren't we invited? Are Helen and I the only ones in the company who don't belong to high society? Or are we the only ones who don't belong to a network? I just wonder

    42. Nevertheless, the question is still here and it is still unanswered: What am I doing in this bleak and hostile world? I am virtually alone in a society of monsters and -for some strange reason- I have to survive

    43. In spite of the fact that much of this planet's air is much thicker than on Earth, there are other places where it is much thinner and this society maintained telescopes that one needed to climb in pressurized tunnels to visit, so they had a better view of space than anyone had from Earth before space travel, the Kassikan received data from multiple observatories two miles or more above the peak of Mount Everest

    44. It was also important that he be allowed to participate in the native society as much as he volunteered to, as all individuals did in their society

    45. The average native family had between one and three acres in this society and planted most of it with most of their diet, most of the remainder of their diet being varmints trapped while trying to eat it

    46. Isadore probably wasn't attractive enough to get other company in native society

    47. This was a problem he didn't know how to breach in this society, but he had to forge ahead

    48. There were parts of life in this society he did enjoy

    49. It seems that within their society there is often no way to tell what is reality and what is drug dream

    50. The principalities and powers have full swing in our society

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