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    1. Standing poses have a different effect on the legs unlike conventional endurance or aerobic exercise

    2. for a conventional running take off” said Ethereead

    3. cancer, and although conventional wisdom holds that

    4. thrive on simplicity through conventional thinking

    5. The beer was a fairly conventional hopped

    6. Bex is unable to respond to pain in a conventional way with purposeful movement, reacting by involuntary extension of her limbs only

    7. The general store sold conventional foodstuffs, while the other

    8. Her discussions with Rikke, Tullius, Maro and even miscellaneous Guild contacts in Riften had reinforced the notion that she would have to go about things by less than conventional means

    9. Because indeed, the conventional wisdom about the red-headed Nord still stood

    10. And as they exchanged silent glances marked with grimness and perhaps even vague alarm, conventional wisdom began to bear new significance

    11. Conventional wisdom holds that if you cannot do what you love, then you should at least try to like what you do

    12. said, I’ll go the conventional way

    13. Quality of the aggregate for fine grained concrete make much more influence on its basic properties than those for conventional heavy concrete

    14. Conditional border between conventional and high-strength concrete varies as concrete technology develops

    15. It is a fairly conventional first run

    16. Conventional rocket fuel was held in smaller tanks in the mid-section to supply the thrusters which allowed the vessel to turn and manoeuvre

    17. His form was not grotesque in a conventional sense: the exoskeleton had a perfect symmetry, a perfectly integrated system of servos overlaid with chrome plating, a design that bespoke maximum efficiency

    18. The door was a conventional swing type (the main slide doors were firmly locked into place)

    19. He imagined having to force his way in, but he tried the conventional method

    20. oil was darker than conventional ink, but then the inky clouds seemed to penetrate into the meat

    21. The only unresolved problem was in persuading the majority of the population to acquiesce to be placed in a stasis pod, where their body would be frozen, their mind in sleep mode while an enabler program immersed them in an artificial reality (which was about as different to a conventional AR as that would be to a games console)

    22. But what was left of the real world? It seemed they had to experience conventional reality as if it still had its merits over the increasingly imminent alternative

    23. The conventional wisdom is that they don"t gather moss

    24. Sociologists had a more conventional explanation for that

    25. because I wasn’t doing things in the conventional way

    26. It should also be avoided in pregnancy as it may stimulate uterine contractions, or if the animal is being treated for cardiac disorders as it may interfere with conventional treatments

    27. It may also interfere with absorption of conventional drug therapies so care should be taken, especially in cases of diabetes

    28. Hawthorn is generally considered to be a very safe herb for animals, however, should be avoided in cases where conventional cardiac drug treatment is in place as it may enhance the effects of these drugs and increase their effects

    29. faster and safer than having to go the longer, more conventional route

    30. Gerrid had only observed the generated data from the monitor program that used to be L-Seven-Six but remained a cycled set of algorithms, which barely qualified as a conventional AI

    31. To be prepared to die – even when failure seemed a reasonable possibility – didn't compute with conventional logic; the Gerrid of thirty-six years ago may well have considered such a plan insane

    32. A conventional laser-grid covered the immediate surround

    33. If there were battlements, as this was no conventional castle

    34. It (MR) advances the proposition that no single value (or moral) is exceptional in itself; that is to say, (conventional) moral or ethical assumptions do not properly reflect objective or universal truths, and concludes with (N) rejecting moral authority altogether

    35. The story (in a nutshell) is about inter-racial marriages between American servicemen and their Japanese girlfriends and the conventional (racial) barriers that stood in their way

    36. Anti-Heroes have always fascinated our imaginations symbolizing, as many of them do, wayward lifestyles and manners in contrast with conventional customs (seemingly) common and lacking spontaneity and originality

    37. Many of us have earned our conventional stripes from the school of ―hard knocks‖, (an idiomatic expression that implies an

    38. The conflict which was up to then very much like flying columns seen in the Second World War and later by mercenary Colonel Mike Hoare in the Kongo (DRC today, Zaire before that) now had the serious risk of becoming conventional

    39. ―aberrant‖ or unusual forms of behavior, provides a margin of freedom in interpreting ―sociopathic‖ or ―anti-social‖ forms of behavior otherwise considered offensive to conventional customs and manners

    40. These unfavorable impressions may be overcome in a variety of different ways including: 1) Making themselves less conspicuous by adopting conventional lifestyles and habits i

    41. There appears to be among Men of Science a Will towards God but nothing approximating the traditional Godlike Qualities that typify the faith of true believers but rather the assumption of godlike features originating from Reason‘s assault on Faith, that, having shaken its resistance, seeks to discredit the conventional propositions of Eternal Wisdom

    42. But how does anyone go about discovering (the) Truth? If Truth is predicated on Natural Law(s) understood as God‘s Eternal Law(s), because such laws (naturally) proceed from God, ―hidden yet pre-determined,‖ and if Humankind‘s problematical interpretation of God‘s Law has rendered its meaning less viable than what was arguably uncertain to begin with, then how or where does anyone proceed in recovering important points of reference? Conventional wisdom, forged by the (social) dynamics of customs and habits and experience, is insufficient

    43. ―Truth‖ or Wisdom, in the conventional sense, is an approximation of Truth‘s essential designs, although an important starting-point in providing reasonable guidelines in the manner a morally, well-ordered society should properly conduct itself, however subjective such notions oftentimes appear

    44. of the household? However unrealistic such programming may appear by conventional standards, they remain real in the sense that they underscore the importance of what many contemporary children are often lacking; meaningful parent/child relationships

    45. are seldom apparent to those who, in compliance with conventional practices, are exclusively committed to pursuing material things for their own sake

    46. It does not seek to alter traditions that no longer seem relevant or consequential to conventional practices merely to fulfill neo-modernistic ―requirements‘

    47. Nevertheless, the social and political divisions that typically defined that decade extended well beyond the appropriate limits of conventional tolerance

    48. The sixties injected narrow and intolerant viewpoints, uninformed ideologies that sought shatter core-values and social customs by discrediting traditional conventions, unlike preceding generations that sought to establish their own unique identity within the conventional framework of existing social and cultural traditions

    49. Satan does not ―hate‖ in the conventional sense understood by most individuals for the simple reason that the manifestation of this emotion necessarily implies the (potential) existence of an antithetical emotion called ―love;‖ that is to say, extremes provide meaning to diametrical concepts or ideas

    50. Baby Boomers are caught in the middle of an ideological disconnect having categorically rejected their parent‘s customary values as well as the conventional values embraced by their (own) children

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    conventional ceremonious established formal schematic everyday prosaic commonplace general pedestrian unoriginal traditional normal standard accepted accustomed common prevailing hackneyed humdrum disciplined decorous sanctioned conformant conformist proper conforming