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Pass en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Pass that on for me.
  2. A few minutes pass by.
  3. This one was the Pass.
  4. I pass Joris en route.
  5. Mia seemed to pass out.

  6. And so it came to pass.
  7. Try to feel time pass.
  8. Happy to pass the buck.
  9. I will pass the word.
  10. You will pass this way.
  11. Helps me pass the time.
  12. He let it pass for now.
  13. Henry wanted to pass out.
  14. I couldn't pass that up.
  15. None could ever pass it.

  16. As they pass on through.
  17. Sophie seemed to pass out.
  18. Once you pass the barrier.
  19. Happily I did pass matric.
  20. We need the pass code.
  21. This is how gods pass on.
  22. He could pass on in peace.
  23. The worst had come to pass.
  24. He has to pass through me.
  25. He could never pass up a.

  26. He allowed me to pass him.
  27. You told me your pass code.
  28. No more shall pass through.
  29. It helped to pass the time.
  30. It will pass in a moment.
  31. Did she pass this way?
  32. Radar will pass through it.
  33. As the days and nights pass.
  34. It will all come to pass.
  35. Even this shall pass away.
  36. I will pass the word, sir.
  37. I walk pass and wave at her.
  38. I hope they pass the test.
  39. Finally it had come to pass.
  40. You can pass Atwater Metro.
  41. Or will I have to pass away.
  42. So the red rose came to pass.
  43. She is, but it will pass.
  44. It would pass straight over.
  45. I think I'll pass for now.
  46. I just want to pass the time.
  47. But those feelings will pass.
  48. You pass out in Kaite’s lap.
  49. And it came to pass after.
  50. I would pass this along to you.
  51. Think I’ll pass this time.
  52. This will pass after a moment.
  53. But let that pass for a while.
  54. I hope they pass through here.
  55. And some species can pass at.
  56. Does this mean we pass?
  57. In time they entered a low pass.
  58. But remember, you always pass.
  59. The years would pass once more.
  60. When he did pass he went slowly.
  61. This spell will pass as well.
  62. He tried to make a pass at her.
  63. I hope that this will pass soon.
  64. This too shall pass; hopefully.
  65. No longer would you pass it on.
  66. There were three rings to pass.
  67. I worked hard to pass the days.
  68. I’ll pass this information on.
  69. Hold on, I’ll pass her to you.
  70. What he has spoken come to pass.
  71. Next pass on the carpet shampoo.
  72. Ten minutes pass, and I’m out.
  73. And it came to pass about this.
  74. Then, my suspicions came to pass.
  75. Watch! He pulled out to pass.
  76. You gonna pass out, too?
  77. When mi pass the church me see.
  78. She had to pass by it every day.
  79. Faith that you can pass an exam.
  80. Can you pass the ghee please?'.
  81. And the dead shall pass through!.
  82. He led us up and out of the pass.
  83. The two pass through the force.
  84. That I would not pass up easily.
  85. Let's leave the two pass issue.
  86. Whatever you choose comes to pass.
  87. Whatever that is, I’ll pass.
  88. Pray that they pass through here.
  89. I don’t have a hallway pass.
  90. When you pass a magnet over the.
  91. The hours pass faster and faster.
  92. Charly couldn't let this one pass.
  93. I figured she'd pass out, or puke.
  94. I walk pass the fire toward the.
  95. Marcus is about to pass out again.
  96. Relax and you will pass the test.
  97. I had to pass this along, anyway.
  98. This is indeed what came to pass.
  99. Its similar to think of one pass.
  100. Wants to pass on her condolences.
  1. We said hi in passing.
  2. The days are passing by.
  3. Passing out would be a.
  4. Nor shall I be passing.
  5. A ship was passing 207.
  6. A world is passing away.
  7. It was a good passing.
  8. He was passing behind her.
  9. We all mourn her passing.
  11. The girl was passing near.
  12. More than a passing fancy.
  13. I am just passing through.
  14. He spoke to me in passing.
  15. Passing the place where 76.
  16. But he did risk passing out.
  17. The years are passing me by.
  18. I watched the people passing.
  19. Passing out he whispered to J.
  20. Time was passing too quickly.
  21. With each passing second, I.
  22. For the passing of this gift.
  23. Their passing came as a shock.
  24. That had been a passing phase.
  25. Hendersen is passing them out.
  26. The which he loved passing well.
  27. They were passing the graveyard.
  28. And beckon to the passing sails.
  29. For the passing of a child of.
  30. Counsel by passing between them.
  31. Passing only one will often do.
  32. Passing bye in this cruel world.
  33. An hour ago I was passing there.
  34. With this he spoke and passing.
  35. Detecting him the passing horse.
  36. Forgive me a passing fantasy.
  37. They crossed the yard, passing.
  38. He stared at the passing clouds.
  39. Passing to the door, he knocked.
  40. I would only see him in passing.
  41. It means she’s passing through.
  42. The Passing of the Grey Company.
  43. Just two people passing the time.
  44. But that is all passing away now.
  45. Stops at the tomb in passing by;.
  46. He was passing the rope through.
  47. Then passing over her white skin.
  48. Passing by Murad’s burnt down.
  49. We saw a man passing close to us.
  50. When This Passing World Is Done.
  51. The time was passing very swiftly.
  52. But what about a passing hiker?
  53. Hertzog in passing in the halls.
  54. For it was passing, in a convoy.
  55. Passing through this ancient town.
  56. I think the snow is passing off.
  57. It could be any entity passing by.
  58. Here,’ he said, passing a joint.
  59. I lost track of the passing hours.
  60. He then yelled to a passing woman.
  61. I believe this type of passing is.
  62. Ever passing again, you have that.
  63. The passing of Forts Jackson and St.
  64. Hawley, passing the decanter to Mr.
  65. The years were passing for her too.
  66. We would not be passing through here.
  67. Thereon the passing traveller read:.
  68. Men passing by rushed to lift her up.
  69. Is it passing fancy that rules all?
  70. Passing through customs was a cinch.
  72. I noticed then that he was passing.
  73. They could see the faces of passing.
  74. Passing the Dutch coastline at Mach 6.
  75. In passing some coming of age.
  76. Passing a mirror she glanced into it.
  77. I want a future, not a passing fling.
  78. He listened to the cars passing down.
  79. The passing tones are shown an orange.
  80. Here, he said passing Yakov a list.
  81. The forest hid his passing beneath a.
  82. He was passing in front of Knut, and.
  83. Though as for that, the passing there.
  84. Passing new planets and solar systems.
  85. The odds of passing were in his favor.
  86. While watching the passing years go by.
  87. These were just passing states of mind.
  88. The man was not simply passing through.
  89. The intent was to fool passing motorist.
  90. He started to giggle, soon passing out.
  91. See the eye that woman gave her, passing.
  92. Hallo! there's Monsieur Tuvache passing.
  93. It’s just passing on the message, or.
  94. We shamed the Low Heels into passing a.
  95. It might have just been a passing phase.
  96. The feeling of the comb passing though.
  97. Passing the dull while avoiding the void.
  98. He must have sensed the round passing by.
  99. One remark is here worth a passing notice.
  100. He knew what was passing in Levin's soul.
  1. I passed it to her.
  2. He must be passed out.
  3. Harold passed it to me.
  4. She passed him a note.
  5. Otto passed him the box.
  6. He waved as he passed.
  7. In 1991 he passed the.
  8. So much time had passed.
  9. Paul had passed out an.
  10. Maggie passed it to her.
  11. And they that passed by.
  12. He passed up the box to.
  13. I must have passed out.
  14. The days passed on, and.
  15. A minute had passed and.
  16. We passed the living room.
  17. When his time had passed.
  18. Then we passed another one.
  19. He assumed he had passed.
  20. Twenty one days had passed.
  21. The word had been passed.
  22. Her use to him has passed.
  23. And not all had passed on.
  24. As she passed the doorway.
  25. He passed over the shotgun.
  26. No word passed between them.
  27. Not a word passed his lips.
  28. She passed away a year ago.
  29. As Junya passed the second.
  30. The week passed way too fast.
  31. Grey passed Darkburst a worm.
  32. Two out of three have passed.
  33. We passed the volleyball pit.
  34. As they passed through the.
  35. The four hours passed slowly.
  36. My grandfather Bil passed on.
  37. He passed the drawer to Ben.
  38. A large black van passed by.
  39. I walked passed the fountain.
  40. And so the sin was passed on.
  41. We passed the first two cages.
  42. You had passed out from the.
  43. It was lit and passed around.
  44. A million years have passed.
  45. Maybe ten minutes had passed.
  46. December 30, John passed away.
  47. But then the thought passed.
  48. Surely, the danger had passed.
  49. Weeks passed and the lovers.
  50. As I passed by he said to me.
  51. He passed the cup back to her.
  52. Who have passed on before me.
  53. We passed the Setting Sun—.
  54. As I passed, I heard her shout.
  55. Sadly, he passed away in 2000.
  56. I had passed it barely intact.
  57. Or at least, what passed for.
  58. Katie’s sorrow passed to me.
  59. The Queen smiled and passed on.
  60. As time passed and the alli-.
  61. So we passed the winter again.
  62. For a few seconds I passed out.
  63. He should have passed so much.
  64. As they passed him he caught.
  65. Actually, the sting had passed.
  66. A cloud passed before the sun.
  67. He passed the paper to George.
  68. Time now passed endlessly slow.
  69. The minutes passed by slowly.
  70. Bones chuckled as they passed.
  71. Another two hours passed and.
  72. The journey passed by in a blur.
  73. A hat was passed around for Mr.
  74. A few seconds passed, and the.
  75. The moment of happiness passed.
  76. As the hours passed, even the.
  77. But once that time had passed.
  78. Winter had passed from Aquilonia.
  79. She smiled at him as she passed.
  80. Time has really passed me a lot.
  81. I passed her the glass of water.
  82. Sure she could have passed for.
  83. I passed this on to the Khakhan.
  84. A cold chill passed through him.
  85. Congress not only passed the ban.
  86. Well, passed through it, really.
  87. Picked up by the beats, passed.
  88. It passed him before he had the.
  89. Congress passed the Espionage Act.
  90. I never even passed any of it on.
  91. Joyce passed away in the summer.
  92. I’d passed with flying colours.
  93. That night, Troy passed me a beer.
  94. In a moment, they’d passed him.
  95. As he passed the tunnel, he saw.
  96. We've passed that many ourselves.
  97. D ay after day passed by without.
  98. She wasn't alone when she passed.
  99. Many of the introductions passed.
  100. He had passed away several years.
  1. She passes out on me.
  2. Alex passes it to Billy.
  3. She passes me the books.
  4. Time passes in slow motion.
  5. Life passes in the weather.
  6. A beat passes as they walk.
  7. Chapter 32: The Five Passes.
  8. On his way back, TK passes.
  9. He passes me the flask of ale.
  10. The memory makes time passes.
  11. Your face passes through air.
  12. Passes the torrent But alack!.
  13. The sperm passes through the.
  14. If he passes, then he will be.
  15. The water passes over our gills.
  16. Then he passes the phone to me.
  17. He passes another photo to John.
  18. Again, she smiles as she passes.
  19. Add new thoughts as time passes.
  20. Augustin passes into a wild yell.
  21. And the breeze that passes o'er;.
  22. He passes his hand over his eyes.
  23. He passes the water bottle to John.
  24. Looks over at Sally as she passes.
  25. Someone else passes out paintballs.
  26. She passes them out as she listens.
  27. God passes on to the following act.
  28. Thus the time passes and meanwhile.
  29. He passes for a very charitable man.
  30. Wherever she passes holyday is kept.
  31. The helicopter passes over the scene.
  32. John drinks, passes the bottle back.
  33. He then passes a steaming mug to me.
  34. The UFO passes the moon very quickly.
  35. I had provided all five passes from.
  36. Risk is not diminished as time passes.
  37. Soon it passes away, leaving no trace.
  38. He passes the monster trying to get up.
  39. An hour passes and the doctor returns.
  40. In this way the whole life passes away.
  41. But then as time passes, things change.
  42. Play then passes to the other students.
  43. He slowly passes by the shop’s window.
  44. So, when something passes by, we see it.
  45. It will decline in value as time passes.
  47. It passes the width of a weatherboard, 0.
  48. Passes were issued only to those people.
  49. This way there never passes a good soul;.
  50. Everything passes, only the truth remains.
  51. It, as if an infinity of time passes, but.
  52. A shadow passes across the old man's face.
  53. He passes along the front of the building.
  54. This may not be revealed until time passes.
  55. Almost all options lose value as time passes.
  56. Figure 9-10 Theta of an option as time passes.
  57. Back at the stockroom, another hour passes by.
  58. Careful, he says, and passes it to her.
  59. Airplanes make low, lazy passes over the city.
  60. Hall Passes for a weekend on the Jersey Shore.
  61. Gary followed him with his eyes a few passes.
  62. No doubt many more will appear as time passes.
  63. Let's do it now, before any more time passes.
  64. Her eyes widen and a tremor passes through her.
  65. Shortly after this event, your dad passes away.
  66. Mochni and I become smaller as the Age passes.
  67. The cannon fire passes right between the wings.
  68. John passes a weathered billboard, To Our US.
  69. The other passes to the east of Glacier Island.
  70. He blesses the people in silence and passes on.
  71. The evening passes with everyone in a good mood.
  72. He passes by all with convex and concave noses.
  73. When a waiter passes by, she snags a crab puff.
  74. The line of initiates passes into a dark hallway.
  75. He passes the Cap carrying four crying children.
  76. The Five Passes at the western end was another.
  77. Everything that passes before the eye makes an.
  78. Try to hold your breath as the fire passes over.
  79. In the process of mating, the male passes to the.
  80. A relieving feeling passes around Jaden’s body.
  81. A beat passes while John soaks in this revelation.
  82. Anything which passes thro’ it must be changed.
  83. Smorge that Sam and Steve had stolen their passes.
  84. One month passes by and the boy says to himself :.
  85. As time passes, an option’s optionality reduces.
  86. Relax and take a few deep breaths, it soon passes.
  87. Phil: 4:7: And the peace of God, which passes all.
  88. Phlp: 4:7: And the peace of God, which passes all.
  89. He shakes his head, passes the bottle back to John.
  90. Cass thinks about many things as time passes at sea.
  91. God passes away the time in an endless circle game.
  92. A hundred yards away, Bud passes out paintball guns.
  93. It makes a soft tearing sound as it passes overhead.
  94. In they jumped and showed their passes to the driver.
  95. You are the channel through which the energy passes.
  96. If a girl passes my limits then that's how i react.
  97. For each moment that passes her hope grows worthless.
  98. When my body passes on, my soul continues to live on.
  99. Does that mean he passes the test? joked Euther.
  100. She draws in a lung full and passes the smoke to you.

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