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Play en una oración (en ingles)

We play it by ear.
I had to play dumb.
Do not play with me.
He wants a play toy.
We can play to that.
On the card in play.
This is how we play.

I wanted to play too.
He had to play along.
He'd play it by ear.
The play was at home.
I knew I could play.
A huge child at play.
All work and no play.
Go and play with him.
You can play with him.
To play in her waters.
Or by the Way of Play.
Stu can stay and play.
I wanted to play on.
Two can play this game.
Time to stop the play.
To play with that fire.
Play an end users role.
Two can play that game.
I play with my flute.
I decided to play dump.
He wanted to play more.
Then I Started to Play.
I play the beer bottles.
You WILL play the cards.
I was glad to play, sir.
Hey, he wants to play.
Play a damn good chess.
I don’t play that way.
It wanted to play again.
And she can play tennis.
He used to play squash.
Don't play dumb with me.
Playing tag on the run.
She is playing with me.
That are playing on you.
Playing on the old banjo.
I think he was playing.
The game he was playing.
Who is playing with you?
And the music is playing.
The Red Sox were playing.
We are playing in a bank.
So I was playing it safe.
Playing with a cat is fun.
I quite enjoy his playing.
It makes one warm playing.
And when they were playing.
A small boy playing in a.
He’s playing a game now.
Tim was playing with Limpy.
It’s like playing the U.
Just play and keep playing.
The music is still playing.
What angle was he playing?
I'm not playing games here.
They kept playing the game.
As I was saying, playing.
Now you are playing with me.
When the Band Quits Playing.
I was just playing with you.
They were playing the Cards.
After playing the game once.
Thomas was playing the guitar.
Trading is not playing poker.
We aren't playing that game.
I think he’s playing in it.
One Saturday he was playing.
They were playing with a toy.
Why are you playing Cupid?
No doubt, we were playing a.
They were like playing cards.
We have the playing card of.
So she played a game.
He played for a hour.
He Then Played A New.
He played a double six.
Played a game with it.
The man played a song.
Mom read and I played.
I played along with Dr.
Dead Rock is played out.
He played with a truck.
He played with my body.
The last role is played.
Then they played a game.
And then it played on.
I played the part dumb.
Tom played with her mane.
The last rôle is played.
She had not played fair.
The air force played a.
All of them played along.
She played she could die.
All the facts played out.
The family played it cool.
I played with his T-shirt.
Extra time would be played.
Evil played on that wound.
Niya played piano very wel.
I once played with these.
They played on for a while.
He played with the buttons.
Havent played in a year.
Time played on their minds.
He had played games before.
The stars played tag with.
I just played him on TV.
They almost played you guys.
So he played a trick on.
Darren played his trump card.
He played sports; I studied.
But it played into his hands.
He plays on our team.
The ego plays with us.
It plays as a filter.
It plays with us here.
Fate plays a smaller role.
I mean, we have the plays.
Probably plays in the NFL.
But the music still plays.
Since the liver plays an.
Pooh plays it with Piglet.
His plays have been staged.
You trade these plays well.
The mind plays a guessing.
He plays the guitar really?
Father plays golf every day.
The sweetest melody he plays.
Let's see how well he plays.
Always plays it low and quiet.
The mahu plays his blue flute.
The mahu plays the blue flute.
The only aspect that plays no.
Firelight plays across the hall.
The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles.
He plays, and plays well, and.
A CNN report plays on the TV:.
A glance at the list of plays.
Wait and see how this plays out.
Round Table plays a leading part.
Updates to the Propulsion Plays.
The girl plays with the blue ball.
The plays are written by the Bard.
Plays slightly flat on the tonic.
This plays a vital role in human.
Boarding, Gary plays the role of U.
The interviewer plays a dual role.
Plays a chime when a fish is hooked.
Most of the plays of Lope contain.
Summing Up the HOLP and LOHP Plays.
My brother plays them all the time.

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