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Stick en una oración (en ingles)

  1. And then stick to it.
  2. A smack with a stick.
  3. Stick with me, and I.
  4. No, stick to the plan.
  5. Emily picked up a stick.

  6. If you stick a pen in.
  7. He was handed a stick.
  8. And so it didn't stick.
  9. He handed me the stick.
  10. I suggest you ask Stick.
  11. Let's stick to our plan.
  12. Always stick to the I.
  13. Limpy had his long stick.
  14. Two will stick, I expect.
  15. Stick with what you know.

  16. When others stick to me.
  17. Stick him with the truth.
  18. What's this? Bit of stick.
  19. I should stick to my life.
  20. That stick belongs to him.
  21. Stick shook his head again.
  22. I often have with a stick.
  23. Stick looked at his watch.
  24. Stick them in the in-tray.
  25. My feet stick to the tiles.

  26. Smith threw away the stick.
  27. By using a measuring stick.
  28. May the roots of them stick.
  29. Perhaps he would stick to.
  30. I rather stick to the usual.
  31. Get a stick, she called.
  32. Stick it up your arse and.
  34. Give me the stick, Bernie.
  35. The reins stick in our teeth.
  36. I told him to stick his job.
  37. He grabbed a stick from the.
  38. Limpy grabbed his big stick.
  39. Just stick to what I said.
  40. Let's just stick with the.
  41. Stick the phone to the table.
  42. It is important to stick to.
  43. The motivation was the stick.
  44. Neither were Midge and Stick.
  45. Midge and Stick did the same.
  46. Not without El Stick, anyway.
  47. Let us stick to nature, then.
  48. You know it may not stick.
  49. All you have to do is stick.
  50. Always stick with your buddy.
  51. Midge and Stick began walking.
  52. Here, I'll stick to Humphry.
  53. You could stick to your milk.
  54. He lowered his pointy stick.
  55. Stick looked at him, puzzled.
  56. I wish I had a stick with me.
  57. Touch bag at bottom of stick.
  58. What decided you to stick?
  59. Just stick out your tongue.
  60. It is best to stick with one.
  61. Guilt is the stick you carry.
  62. I’ll stick with the school.
  63. For now, you stick with me.
  64. Write it down and stick to it.
  65. Do not force others to stick.
  66. They needed to stick together.
  67. Stick it into you any old way.
  68. You can stick it up your arse.
  69. The stick hit me on my shoulder.
  70. Maybe a misreading on the stick.
  71. There came a blow with a stick.
  72. Jason points the stick at Aaron.
  73. You believe neither in stick.
  74. She showed him two stick chairs.
  75. They’ll stick out too much.
  76. She hit my hand with her stick.
  77. It’s called a stick strategy.
  78. He would stick with the coffee.
  79. I did not stick around to watch.
  80. Can I borrow that stick?
  81. Kevin made me a stick doll once.
  82. Some things stick to ones mind.
  83. And ears that stick to his head.
  84. Oh freak! I can't drive stick.
  85. Ish used it as a stick to get up.
  86. Otto tapped Bruce with his stick.
  87. Burn every stick in the house.
  88. With a stick, they were all dead.
  89. We’ll stick to what we planned.
  90. Lighted Candle in Stick borne by.
  91. Stick a pin in a map like I said.
  92. Let’s just stick to this story.
  93. Stick that in your ear, Stallone.
  94. Support the top on a padded stick.
  95. We've got to stick with the plan.
  96. Again the kendo stick banged down.
  97. He looked at the stick and smiled.
  98. I throw the stick shift in reverse.
  99. Stick a gold star on each of them.
  100. Stick it in me now, she moaned.
  1. Sticking you in the closet.
  2. Sticking to the speed limit.
  3. As he was sticking out a big.
  4. A small foot was sticking out.
  5. I am sticking to what I know.
  6. It was sort of like sticking.
  7. He had a belly sticking out,1.
  8. She seemed to be sticking her.
  9. Why is he sticking around?
  10. Ouch! Sticking out of the floor.
  11. A long bone was sticking out of.
  12. Stir quickly to prevent sticking.
  13. I’m sticking with this life!.
  14. Nothing like sticking to the old post.
  15. That's my story, I'm sticking with it.
  16. Try sticking both into a Portable Hole.
  17. Sticking with me through thick and thin.
  18. I felt like sticking a knife in my eye.
  20. Huff’s head was sticking out of the.
  21. Like sticking your dick in a black hole.
  22. His penis was erect and huge, sticking.
  23. You are sticking with that story?
  24. Stupidly I wasted a few moment sticking.
  25. Theron's body is the only sticking point.
  26. Tetloan replied by sticking out his tongue.
  27. The Importance of Sticking to the Process.
  28. I was sticking with overwhelming curiosity.
  29. She could see a ladder sticking out of her.
  30. His legs were sticking out on the other side.
  31. They have a game plan and are sticking to it.
  32. By sticking with companies that make up the.
  33. Sticking with the euro example, a quote of 10.
  34. That was his excuse and he was sticking to it.
  35. There are pieces of bone sticking through---.
  36. He was following orders, sticking to procedure.
  37. You know, sticking out between them, like this.
  38. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
  39. O’Brien followed, sticking closer to the wall.
  40. Is that metal sticking out of the comet?
  41. And says Joe, sticking his thumb in his pocket:.
  42. And harpoons sticking in near his starboard fin.
  43. Anything except sticking me in a goddam cemetery.
  44. When I started sticking myself in the eye with a.
  45. Sticking his head out the window of a moving car.
  46. Templeton said, sticking the jar in Massie's face.
  47. There was some kind of water plant sticking from.
  48. Then he noticed the bullets sticking in his chest.
  49. And he saw his rosy ears sticking out on each side.
  50. There was a tower sticking out of the shrubs of the.
  51. If he’s not sticking her a quickie, Ava said.
  52. There was a hssswwx spear sticking out of his chest.
  53. He had his story, though, and he was sticking to it.
  54. What’s that thing sticking out of your ass?
  55. Hair gel sticking to a fat kid's podgy white fingers.
  56. Why are those needles and pins sticking out of your.
  57. His thick, white hair was sticking out at wild angles.
  58. He nodded, sticking a fry in the small tub of ketchup.
  59. I don’t want GN sticking their noses into our work.
  60. It was a person, lying on the ground, feet sticking up.
  61. Her veins are sticking out of her head, her eyes are.
  62. Thanks a lot for sticking with me, I said to her.
  63. Gloria was sticking to her guns, emotion was for wimps.
  64. He could clearly see an arm sticking out of Jack’s.
  65. That thing sticking out must be the barrel of a gun!.
  66. I was sort of proud of myself for sticking with it to.
  67. Books sat up, his beard sticking out in all directions.
  68. Always sticking to the rules, taking things literally.
  69. Just then I spotted a glowing rear end sticking out of.
  70. He glances at the boy, still sticking close to his side.
  71. I don’t think he’d be sticking around if he had.
  72. That is his sticking point, as Ralph is the scribe’s.
  73. Getting started is the easy part, it is sticking to a.
  74. With a reptilian beak sticking out over their foreheads.
  75. Plants, leaves and things were sticking out of his cloak.
  76. Ahead of plans to expand, the main sticking points have.
  77. Sticking to his plan, Joseph continued to gather his gear.
  78. The sticking point was native passage thru the territory.
  79. They have two black antennas sticking from their helmets.
  80. His head felt like something was sticking icicles into it.
  81. So you’re best off sticking to the kitchen at meal times.
  82. But it’s sticking with them that is extraordinarily hard.
  83. Finally, let me offer a word about sticking to the strategy.
  84. Burn it off, she said, sticking a poker into the fire.
  85. I’m not sticking you in my car like that, Gary said.
  86. Because she’s sticking with her story, Michael says.
  87. I've had a bit of trouble with models, but I'm sticking it.
  88. Brooke, seating himself and sticking on his eye-glass again.
  89. Sticking to the shadows, she crept outside and paused in an.
  90. Sticking with this strategy has very compelling odds indeed.
  91. Then she points at a flat boulder sticking out of the water.
  92. Hey, Angela, said Drew, sticking his head out of the shower.
  93. There was a multibarrelled mini gun sticking out of a round.
  94. Add ground meat and more oil if necessary to prevent sticking.
  95. The pizza man looked at the slip sticking out of the box and.
  96. Barrons leads the rest of them, sticking to the barren patches.
  97. Frank held his pike sticking out directly in front of himself.
  98. That guy was sticking his hairy ass in my face, I think my.
  99. The front sported two huge iron wheels with spikes sticking up.
  100. There were dozens of little pegs and hoses sticking out of it.
  1. To be stuck in a.
  2. I stuck out my hand.
  3. It stuck out of the.
  4. He stuck out his hand.
  5. He was stuck in here.
  6. I stuck out my tongue.
  7. He stuck his head out.
  8. Tom stuck his head out.
  9. We simply stuck to it.
  10. She stuck out her hand.
  11. I stuck my hands out.
  12. My shirt stuck to my.
  13. Ian stuck his head in.
  14. Jilin stuck to his own.
  15. Jim stuck out his hand.
  16. I have stuck with this.
  17. Joey stuck his neck out.
  18. Lisa stuck out her hand.
  19. Straw stuck out of his.
  20. You are stuck with the.
  21. In a word, you're stuck.
  22. I am stuck and in pain.
  23. Jade stuck her head out.
  24. When Kirk was stuck on.
  25. You are still stuck in.
  26. Oh, man, she was so stuck.
  27. I knew that we were stuck.
  28. The only reason I stuck.
  29. I then stuck out my hand.
  30. She was stuck with him!.
  31. Stuck to the inner walls.
  32. The egg is stuck inside.
  33. But you're stuck with me.
  34. And she stuck with him.
  35. I've been stuck in this.
  36. And He stuck to His word.
  37. The word stuck out to him.
  38. My hair stuck to my face.
  39. He was stuck in his tracks.
  40. Merthin stuck his neck out.
  41. She fears I’m this stuck.
  42. Grounds stuck to his lips.
  43. I’m stuck here with you.
  44. Sword stuck thru his olive.
  45. I stuck them in a crack.
  46. He was stuck in the Light.
  47. From here they were stuck.
  48. He stuck it in his mouth.
  49. Good idea if you're stuck.
  50. He stuck his arm out the.
  51. Me being stuck here with.
  52. It's stuck, it won't move.
  53. The tank was stuck in the.
  54. He was stuck on this planet.
  55. His arrow stuck in the tree.
  56. Stuck with this kinky shit.
  57. Must be stuck on something.
  58. Lauren stuck her tongue out.
  59. I’m glad that story stuck.
  60. Kyle was stuck in the middle.
  61. The Aunt Sally bit has stuck.
  62. You’re stuck but the sad.
  63. I’ve always stuck to that.
  64. Not stuck in the phone book.
  65. I'm stuck here in a library.
  66. My wicket got stuck in his.
  67. Massie stuck her tongue out.
  68. A head stuck out of the tent.
  69. Dirty Feathers stuck to him.
  70. The mailman had stuck a new.
  71. It stuck into the wood with.
  72. I’m empty and it’s stuck.
  73. After that, he stuck to beer.
  74. Del Rio stuck out his tongue.
  75. Help, I'm stuck in the web.
  76. Her words stuck in her throat.
  77. Mackeller was stuck for words.
  78. His tunnel vision was stuck.
  79. She stuck her fingers back in.
  81. She stuck her head further in.
  82. He had realised while stuck.
  83. Louis’, and the name stuck.
  84. They are stuck in hard times.
  85. David kept stuck to his stand.
  86. We stuck our necks out for you.
  87. But it still stuck in my craw.
  88. His wife stuck out her tongue.
  89. Susan stuck out a foot proudly.
  90. He was stuck on the compound.
  91. He stuck his head out of the.
  92. His feet stuck out the bottom.
  93. But when we are stuck in the.
  94. Crass became stuck on the idea.
  95. I would’ve been stuck there.
  96. He stuck to his usual outside.
  97. Stuck on repeat, Daniel thinks.
  98. To my surprise he stuck around.
  99. Pete stuck his head in the door.
  100. You’re stuck with the memory.
  1. He sticks out his hand.
  2. Sticks was out of town.
  3. Bosco sticks next to me.
  4. But he sticks to the list.
  5. Not a hick from the sticks.
  6. Matthew sticks out his hand.
  7. Grigory sticks to his point.
  8. Mae held the big sticks out.
  9. It broke apart into 3 sticks.
  10. The time that really sticks.
  11. Dung sticks fast once it’s.
  12. He sticks his tongue out at me.
  13. There are a few cheap sticks.
  14. The thing sticks in my throat.
  15. Hunting Sticks would help out.
  16. One that Hunting Sticks would.
  17. The cue sticks were held by a.
  18. If any puppet sticks his head.
  19. A second later she sticks her.
  20. She sticks her tongue out at me.
  22. Hunting Sticks should not have.
  23. I have a friend who sticks her.
  24. Can you handle chop sticks?
  25. Several sticks of dynamite with.
  26. She sticks her tongue out at him.
  27. When one sticks in your mind it.
  28. Elia sticks out her tongue at Cara.
  29. Exhaling, the belly sticks in as.
  30. And then society sticks in its oar.
  31. Up Sticks in mid air by themselves.
  32. Ben sticks his head round the door.
  33. They didn’t need walking sticks.
  34. Dave sticks his head out the window.
  35. He threw down his bundle of sticks.
  36. Alastair sticks his tongue out at me.
  37. Todd sticks his two cents in as well.
  38. Sonic's mozzarella sticks contain 0.
  39. Actually we have to use sticks and.
  40. You don't use stinky sticks nor do I.
  41. They've dropped lots of sticks there.
  42. The very word sticks in one's throat.
  43. Sticks and stones won’t hurt ya.
  44. But if he sticks around a second too.
  45. The horror sticks in your mind forever.
  46. They burn joss sticks before a battle.
  47. Of the 123 (3 tubes) sticks in a kids.
  48. We were eating with the included sticks.
  49. Several times I put the willow sticks.
  50. Hunting Sticks was enjoying his holiday.
  51. That’s where Hunting Sticks comes in.
  52. A pile of sticks was stacked beside it.
  53. She's from out in the sticks originally.
  54. Bf Sticks and stones will brake my bones.
  55. Who knows what Hunting Sticks did all day.
  56. They were carrying sticks that were lit.
  57. Bit better this year (no walking sticks).
  58. He took the chop sticks and showed Amanda.
  59. Those sticks are leaking nitroglycerin.
  60. It needs kindling, then some sticks, and.
  61. He carefully centred it up with the sticks.
  62. Her and Hunting Sticks, too, who was sup-.
  63. One episode sticks in my mind of that time.
  64. Remove the completed sticks to a paper towel.
  65. Place the clay on a pile of sticks and twigs.
  66. It sticks inside the tank and has a circle.
  67. Sticks on dogs teeth causing tooth problems.
  68. Quran sticks closer to the original symbolism.
  70. They gathered stubbles, wormwood, and sticks.
  71. He picked up an armful of sticks and ran back.
  72. It was four sticks of dynamite, taped together.
  73. Discovered this? Hunting Sticks repeated.
  74. But he’s still poking sticks in the dark.
  75. For some reason that number sticks in my mind.
  76. He sticks the tip in, bare, nothing between us.
  77. They were carrying spades and measuring sticks.
  78. One of these days I’ll just up sticks and go.
  79. They came with sticks, swords, knives and guns.
  80. She looked at Walking Sticks over her shoulder.
  81. So, there was Hunting Sticks Madison and Cousin.
  83. He was subsequently brutally beaten, with sticks.
  84. Those of her ancestors, who Hunting Sticks was.
  85. His face points our way and he sticks up a hand.
  86. Here’s some candles, Hunting Sticks said.
  87. Ron put up my four willow sticks in four corners.
  88. In the wild they are able to use sticks to ward.
  89. They've almost filled it up with their sticks!.
  90. Sticks too like a summer cold, sore on the mouth.
  91. She often sat here and played pooh sticks using.
  92. Their arms were full of sticks and bits of brush.
  93. She kicked a few more sticks in among the embers.
  94. What sticks in my craw is the way you deceive her.
  95. Cameron insisted that Hunting Sticks leave before.
  96. The way it stood on that very day, Hunting Sticks.
  97. Hunting Sticks would have to be the one to rein-.
  98. It was one of those things that sticks in my mind.
  100. All of them wield sticks, clubs, and baseball bats.

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