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    1. They were just in time to meet the deadline for publication

    2. The publication of those pictures had made Tdeshi a target hadn’t it? Kulai went on to tell him more about the investigation that had been made from their end, even offered him an RNAcid tab of Althart’s original helmet probe of Tdeshi’s brain

    3. It was the publication of the Facilities Central Committee and was meant for insiders

    4. Publication: Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

    5. There is a publication fee and it is traditional that the people in Missing Persons carry a substantial reward

    6. The going rate is two coppers and the publication fees start at two irons

    7. Take out the centerfold in this publication, what does that cost?"

    8. days residence should be accounted only from the publication of such notice in writing on

    9. publication of notice in writing, is very seldom obtained ; and the design of the acts is not so

    10. It sold about forty five hundred copies in its first year, third on their list after Kleel Dleet at forty eight hundred and Finding Ceremony, which was up to eighty six hundred copies after its second full year of publication

    11. This postscript was not printed till 1756, three years after the publication of the book, which has never had a second edition

    12. The Lyndau file was an entire academic press publication in itself – if not released under a popular science press publisher

    13. Her short story, Whales Call, was selected for publication in the 2011 Spring Edition of Shadowbox Magazine

    14. { Since the first publication of this book, a tax nearly upon the above-mentioned principles thas been imposed

    15. Ironically, Eric’s book got a big boost with the publication of

    16. Obviously, our conversation is not for publication, and is off the record

    17. This masterpiece, since its first publication, has been translated and distributed internationally, and was frequently referred and used by generals and theorists

    18. The camera crew had already departed and as they walked passed Steve and Maureen, he informed her that what she had just witnessed was not for publication, at least not yet

    19. It’s a publication on my home world

    20. More importantly, it contained items, under various headings, about an age that preceded my magazine source by enough centuries that there would have been little new information come to light about that subject since the encyclopedia’s date of publication

    21. II - the publication of accounts in total transparency via on-

    22. Phase 2 consists of publication of original books that outline the philosophical foundations for the religion of future, the religion of the Universe, the Religion of U!

    23. At the time of publication of Johnson’s Modern Times in 1991, there had been no official atonement by future regimes for these atrocities

    24. The publication of Jason and the Astronauts marks the end and the beginning of an

    25. The editor of that publication, DR, has maintained a long correspondence and interest in my writing projects, for which I am grateful

    26. publication that often confronts the novitiate

    27. Usually Gaby receives nothing more than good old (no-money exchanging hands) appreciation, but due to the more exhausted length of this publication and the fact I was charging for the book, I felt it only right to pay for her services

    28. This publication may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author

    29. Uri Armanov is the proprietor, editor, publisher, and chief writer of this biweekly publication

    30. I was up most of last night after I came across an ad in a European music industry publication, pitching the newest Doberman’s Stub CD, Bite Me, Big Dog (working title)

    31. The publication has been out for at least a week, but in reading the instructions for placing an ad they are very emphatic that all new-release advertising must be placed at least one month in advance

    32. compares this to the publication of prophecy in his day and at his place

    33. The publication Nursing Science is quoted as advocating a new feminist approach that is “open-ended, ambiguous, dynamically constructed, incessantly questioned, endlessly self-revising, never set, but floating and moving with the river of life

    34. The British publication Economist reports some of the reactions to Lomborg’s work among earth scientists and environmentalists

    35. Her interests include researching historic Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle, photography, architectural design, traveling, genealogy, mentoring, and writing for publication

    36. The Daily Bell, whose Internet logo is a big black bear with a red tongue standing on his hind legs ringing a big black bell, is a publication based in Appenzell, Switzerland

    37. He threw the publication on the brown traditional dresser and sat down on the bed

    38.  The date of the first publication of the Edict of Faith on the Island of Hispaniola;

    39. One of the many, though minor, inconveniences that the brutal attack of last September 11 has caused in my life as a retiree is that now I no longer receive Bierzo 7 one week or less after its publication

    40. recognizing of course that other journalistic priorities of the time might not have permitted its publication

    41. before the publication of this book, the former frequently disappear and reappear to refine the salt that is exported throughout the world

    42. Without Comte, without his philosophical publication, we probably would not exist

    43. A publication in November of 1993 by the Council on Foreign Relations'

    44. Navigating the research publication process

    45. music teacher and had divorced her years ago—giving notice by newspaper publication

    46. the federal district court in Baltimore, with proceedings sent to the Tax Notes Today publication

    47. missing because this publication has been in the making for ap-

    48. The contemporary voluntary simplicity movement began in 1981 with the publication of Duane Elgin's book, Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich

    49. He agreed with Galileo regarding cosmology, but was unwilling to write for publication on the subject, fearing the reaction of the Church

    50. publication on Mother's Day

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