Oraciones con la palabra "potty"

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Potty en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The woman was driving him potty.
  2. From the potty training, to the.
  3. They were potty mouthed pigs and.
  4. Both were in a hurry to use the potty.
  5. I bet you need to potty, don’t you?
  6. I was the one who potty trained him for God’s sake.
  7. Okay, stud, thanks for the potty break, Ashley giggled.
  8. It drove her potty having to toe the line of social convention.
  9. I had to ‘lose’ the book in the end, it was driving me potty.
  10. It seems that he had drank too much ice tea, and needed a potty break.
  11. You-know-what? My, the language that spews out of that potty mouth of yours.
  12. I listen as he tells me that Leo is into everything and how it’s driving them potty.
  13. Dacha and Coco, was quick to learn that potty time did not mean one could crap wherever.
  14. Other than administering to him during potty breaks, he was to Alec the perfect companion.
  15. If I knew something was wrong but didn’t know if you were all right or not, it drove me potty.
  16. Will you please take this potty mouthed, ball of bitchiness home before she starts world war three.
  17. Did she really have the ability to teleport or put a hex on someone when she wasn’t potty training?
  18. Mum continued regardless of the fact that we were causing a scene in the restaurant: Yes! Potty Patrick.
  19. Potty training her was surreal— she screamed when she saw what came out of her, ran away naked and frantic.
  20. This sounds silly and complicated, but, putting it all into perspective; if he woke up and had to go potty, he could not simply get up and go.
  21. Ancient medical equipment was stored: a walker, an aluminum-framed potty, an oxygen tank with hoses and gauges still attached, a glucose monitor.
  22. And finally, we must not leave out Freud, who has done more perhaps than any other to prove the lack of a scientific basis for psychoanalysis, in that he rested so many of his theories on repressed sexual desire and inadequate potty training.

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