Oraciones con la palabra "can"

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Can en una oración (en ingles)

He can send m a.
I can see that now.
But it can also be.
We can call it that.
Can be in the light.
You can see the sea.
As far as they can.

You can keep the tape.
So what can you do?
But as you can see I.
I can still see her.
He can smell the man.
How can I help you?'.
You can count on that.
A good thing you can.
Not that I can recall.
I can now use him to.
You can tell later on.
You can sleep that way.
It is true that I can.
Yoga can and does help.
They can cause you to.
Do what you can for me.
What can I tell you?'.
Can you fly a 777?
Herbal Soaps can be a.
You can tell from the.
How can I resist that?
I'll see what I can do.
You can stop this, baby.
Can I help at all?’.
None of us can see him.
The best you can do is.
What can she be up to?
We can resist sin, be-.
I help as much as I can.
This can make or break.
I can see what you mean.
Today, the tale can be.
I can prove that I can't.
As far as could be.
If my son could be.
And I could see the.
That is all I could.
Could be a fire risk.
And prove it he could.
No one knew it could.
He could feel it all.
She could say no more.
I could not calm down.
He could see that now.
We could eat in peace.
He could see the house.
The guy could not pay.
We could see the lake.
You could create a cult.
I guess you could say.
The ones I could make.
Roman could see I was.
She could hear a siren.
Even he could see that.
I could use a good cook.
If you could gain the.
All he could do was nod.
I could never sell them.
A pub we could stay at.
The only thing I could.
But you could have got.
She sure could be a heel.
I could have killed him.
She could cope with him.
I don't know if he could.
I could feel them on me.
In the distance I could.
It could have been worse.
She could smell the musk.
I just wish I could fly.
Could be worse than that.
I could almost stay here.
In this case, you could.

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