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    1. Home treatment is merely a very simple and widely practiced form of interventionist treatment for mild health problems like pain, indigestion, constipation, mild diarrhea, nasal congestion, general weakness, mild skin rashes and so on

    2. The youngsters in particular, who are more enlightened these days and have not been subject to foreign rule like many of us, there is a lot of resentment to rules and regulations that are practiced simply to put spokes in the development initiatives

    3. Kulai was so sophisticated, a well practiced amorist from an ancient and decadent culture, but in a sense more tease than Tdeshi's hormones wanted her to live with

    4. Compost: Composting is practiced today just as it was hundreds or thousands of years ago

    5. The Corpse Yoga Pose or Savasana is the classic relaxation yoga pose, practiced before each, between asana and in Final Relaxation

    6. His idolatry was practiced as he tolerated those who

    7. practiced and believed differently than what God commanded!

    8. Nothing I practiced

    9. he holds his head low, practiced in peace and remorse

    10. Heaven forbid that we even start to think that what we see practiced in our Charismatic churches even slightly resembles what we see in the Book of Acts

    11. For this reason it is practiced in the higher stages of Yoga for its spiritual values for spiritual purity is closely linked to physical purity

    12. When you have practiced with alternate legs for a few days try the full Locust Posture which involves the raising of both legs simultaneously as in figure 21

    13. This one is not for the beginner but the practiced student will find it surprisingly easy

    14. And having practiced it for a day or two you should graduate with no difficulty to a more advanced lateral twist called THE SIDESLIP POSTURE

    15. Before I go on to your next exercise I would mention here that the CAMEL POSTURE or UTRASANA described in chapter six in connection with backache should also be practiced by women suffering from displacement of the uterus and fallopian tubes provided that the displacement is not of a serious order

    16. Just as they had practiced in training over and over again, the precision of their arcs, and their flawless dives took out many dragons on that first pass

    17. He always liked churches, that was one of the things that comforted him the most about religion was the grand spaces where it was practiced

    18. All across the land hopeful suitors practiced their funniest party turns and their most amazing performance art works in the hope of winning the princess’ hand in marriage

    19. He was really glad he had practiced it

    20. Duncan practiced a short bow and the speech the Guild had given him, over and over until Rayne made the comment that he should just be himself

    21. was first learning the Emotion Code, she practiced it

    22. has been practiced both anciently and in modern times

    23. “I've attended performances since I was a little girl and I have practiced voice for three years; I hope to be a soloist someday,” she crooned, “but I think I still enjoy Shakespeare best, even though there aren't any musical numbers

    24. Then there were several essay questions, none of which truly plumbed to the depths of his already practiced compositions

    25. When they spoke, it was with conviction and a confidence neither had heretofore practiced with any duration

    26. "What?" she hoped to avoid his well practiced lecture

    27. White Feathers practiced pastries; George and Lawrence made the menu for home meals in preparation for manning the Concession's kitchens

    28. Then the gentlemen removed to the smoking car, though neither was a practiced smoker

    29. She practiced for

    30. " she’d practiced telling what she’d found, but had never had the nerve to say it before

    31. The fieldhouse we practiced in was a monstrous building

    32. She hoped to play some little upper-plaza yaagatorias if she practiced up and found some good bandmates

    33. Fmaya's smokey voice even sounded good on the harmonies they'd practiced

    34. have never practiced their gifts

    35. form of worship in Buddhism, but even Christianity has a practiced form of

    36. Ego loss is Simply the limit… and not the ideal… It should in no way be Practiced on another: murder—please don’t rob me of coincidence!”

    37. her cache of stones and practiced

    38. It vastly outsized her and it would take every practiced skill to dispatch it

    39. This discipline is mostly practiced now because it increases flexibility and strength, but its original purpose still holds

    40. That is, they taught and practiced moving awareness out of the limited confines of the mind, and into the limitless Tao

    41. The Buddha was trained by Hindu masters and practiced raja yoga, so Buddhism has its roots in Hinduism and yoga

    42. Practiced all over the world, Zen emphasizes a master- student practice

    43. Upon it’s creation, Capoeira proved to the world that it can be practiced by

    44. Tai Chi is an ancient martial art, one that was practiced for centuries in China as

    45. On the other hand, when characteristics of the world are not understood and favoritism or extremism is practiced, an imbalance takes place and quite often, havoc ensues

    46. Its efficacy was also vouched by my friends who practiced it

    47. Prayers and recital of mantras, which have been known to be practiced around the world to help and heal the world, also hinge upon our intent

    48. not practiced it enough to create that great lasagna

    49. for clergy which were intended to be practiced by

    50. This particular shot, though, should be practiced on the driving range with the seven-wood long before the golfer attempts to make it on the course

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