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    1. The man was very adept and seemed to know his craft well; he had obviously done this many times before

    2. “It just took a while, I had to get a new appointment with the Adept and he had already been in a coma for days, but lets not get distracted with the presentation I was trapped in

    3. They had a vast region to keep under their watchful eyes and were very adept at spotting any activity

    4. “Acolyte Tometahin is currently mapped in the parts of heaven nearest their hurling worlds and is adept to the fifth order

    5. When she opened her eyes the matronly but still beautiful women said, “there, now just keep all the anger and strife out of your mind and you’re now ready to meet the Adept

    6. Adept Tometahin had detected the gate to the silicon realm was open, and she should begin centering herself for the journey

    7. Never-the-less both boys were disciplined and adept at any physical challenge presented them

    8. The drive itself is relatively long, running from the road to level with the back of the house where there is a fence dividing the drive from the back yard where I have a washing line and small shed, but the drive is not very wide and I have become adept at positioning the car in just the right place so I have room to get out without having to clamber through the hedge which separates this property from Sally’s

    9. It seemed that Aaron was quite as adept at ascertaining the depth and character of others as Harry was himself

    10. philosopher, being adept of Stoicism with its many

    11. Brave and adept, he had lived a life almost entirely in the military and worked his way up the ranks by way of his skill and dependability – as well as his sheer likeability

    12. This was a decorative piece, but it was still breathtaking - long ago sculpted by the most adept of hands

    13. Under Senta and Isin's patient tutelage, Deni and Song became adept at the subtle movements required to perform the basics of the Lascorii Court 'dances and rituals' which is what the robe flourishes were used for to begin with

    14. But each contained five and each member was highly trained, highly adept in his respective skill set

    15. Those who are adept in Astrology will attest to the significance of that date

    16. Would that more, many more, of the citizens of these United States were so adept at the use of our common language as to make them both proud and happy

    17. It seemed Carl was more adept at wielding than him

    18. “Sheriff, we’ve found a trail!” It was Minty Pinter, who was more than adept at finding his way around the woods

    19. The Democratic Party, in particular, has been traditionally adept at targeting interest groups ripe for the picking

    20. I will leave such (―minor‖) details, however, to our resourceful politicians who are rather adept at raising money for public works

    21. Bush was quite adept at outmaneuvering his political opponents in Congress, and in manipulating the media

    22. He was enormously charismatic and adept at using the media

    23. Technically, Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop of the Third Reich was quite adept at political skill

    24. Now I consider myself a very capable liar, and as such I’m pretty adept at separating the wheat from the chaff; I can tell when a person is lying out flat, when he’s just telling a small lie, and when he’s lying like only a man in congress can

    25. The NKVD sergeant, if that were truly his rank, was not particularly adept at concealing what he was doing, and Colling played his part by trying to give the impression that he himself was possessed of the hopeless naivete of socialist idealism

    26. Master, an Adept, and a liberated and self-realized soul

    27. ” They divided the empire that they were rapidly inheriting into warring regions more anxious and adept at fighting each other than those who surrounded them

    28. Soon only a handful of the most adept were struggling through the seventies

    29. He proved to be an adept, and he returned home to put a powerful curse on his aunt and uncle, and on the land itself, causing great suffering

    30. Vampires become extremely adept at accents; living for centuries does that to you

    31. very adept with a knife,” she smiled

    32. He is adept at tackling tough problem sets to uncover hidden truths because it’s a

    33. I found myself admiring Brandon’s impersonal but adept acknowledgment of the press

    34. 14 And the sons of Seir said to the sons of Esau, You have seen and therefore you know that this camp was on your account, and not one mighty man or an adept in war remains

    35. Ashi had become adept with a flint

    36. Dixie understood the program very well and was equally adept at “carrying the message” to newcomers judging from the number of “sponsees” (the pc word now for newcomers) she quickly amassed

    37. Beyond their inherent abilities, many have become very adept spell-casters

    38. He had become adept at scanning a balance sheet and immediately flagging any incorrect or weak entries,” Babcock remembers

    39. 14 And the sons of Seir said to the sons of Esau You have seen and therefore you know that this camp was on your account and not one mighty man or an adept in war remains

    40. As psionicists, many use Speaking, and are adept at psionic attack and defense, but the paranoid aggressiveness of their society has ensured that almost none of them are capable of casting a Link

    41. It seems you were always adept at that in some fashion

    42. These straight blows Trask proved less adept at blocking and several broke through his guard

    43. technically adept? Are you good on the telephone? Are you a great sales presenter, not

    44. An adept of skill such as my own, can even identify which sorcerer created a given stone, based on unique traces of energy in the stone

    45. The Lore Masters were known throughout Coermantyr and Mystic Down as adept magic users

    46. Although an adept spell-craft and magic user, there were ancient casting and enchanting techniques that he had never seen before

    47. You creatures are adept and resourceful engineers

    48. A luminescent, red matrix appeared before the adept mage

    49. The united magic of the adept wizards was resilient

    50. The aged, adept wizard addressed the Council of Lore Masters as their shield blocked the acid flame

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    ace adept champion genius hotshot maven mavin sensation star superstar virtuoso whiz whizz wiz wizard expert good practiced proficient skilful skillful master skilled accomplished deft