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Prey en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The birds of prey came.
  2. You realize you are prey.
  3. They had found their prey.
  4. To idle musing was a prey;.
  5. They keep prey numbers in.

  6. A limping cat is easy prey.
  7. Those prey to them wish to.
  8. Young hunters and their prey.
  9. Prey to suddenly pounce upon.
  10. I will kill my prey myself.
  11. Gary had bigger prey in mind.
  12. Things can prey on your mind.
  13. I have to be prey but not-prey.
  14. And it was I who was the prey.
  15. He was choice prey, the very.

  16. These are all animals of prey.
  17. A horse is a prey animal and.
  18. The scent of his prey was all.
  19. You watch me like I’m prey.
  20. I was his prey, and I thought.
  21. You let your son prey on girls.
  22. The giants, seeing their prey.
  23. There is plenty of prey here.
  24. They will growl over their prey.
  25. Suddenly prey to primeval fears.

  26. Smallest bird of prey family.
  27. It knew that it had become prey.
  28. Why is it that one who’d prey.
  29. And thus secures the prey we seek.
  30. Kite: A keen-sighted bird of prey.
  31. Truly the wolves have an easy prey.
  32. But listen! the sad prey to scorn.
  33. You're the nism and I'm the prey.
  34. Momma Bear turned to chase her prey.
  35. Ragnar caught up with his prey first.
  36. All horses are herd and prey animals.
  37. They smelled the soul of their prey.
  38. Realizing he had easier prey, John.
  39. The prey was crafty and on its guard.
  40. To be the ruthless chieftain's prey?
  41. Dangers to CGML include birds of prey.
  42. This helps lions hunt prey that are.
  43. They shall be the hunters, not the prey.
  44. Whether it’s a predator or a prey is.
  45. A cat will ambush and pounce on its prey.
  46. These sort of men just prey on—.
  47. They attacked, and the prey did not flee.
  48. The wolves were gathering for their prey.
  49. In the prey, not for a mate, not hurt or.
  50. I have heard it said that horses are prey.
  51. He was eying her as a snake eyes its prey.
  52. Lizards scuttled after prey, ignoring him.
  53. As always, he waited patiently for his prey.
  54. The crime of having made my heart thy prey;.
  55. The jellyfish quickly move in on their prey.
  56. With panting hounds beguiled of their prey:.
  57. But man hath caught and kept it, as his prey.
  58. As he was closing on his prey Mario felt a.
  59. Oded says thoughtful: ‘She’s a good prey.
  60. Never before had any of its prey fought back.
  61. Vain toils! their impious folly dared to prey.
  62. His prey turned again and then started to run.
  63. When cats play with their prey, it's just that.
  64. She was suddenly the huntress and he the prey.
  65. Then some swear he turned into a bird of prey.
  66. Instantly, I froze like a cat eyeing its prey.
  67. Of youth that's a prey to the surgings of love.
  68. Animals are predators; they track their prey.
  69. Far better than having them think of us as prey.
  70. He had all night; he'd just watch his prey for.
  71. He was the prey of a throng of novel sensations.
  72. This can also lead a cat to hunt and eat the prey.
  73. And bird of prey, sir; what did that mean?
  74. The alien spiders move faster towards their prey.
  75. They come from outside and they come to prey you.
  76. He stepped in closer, like a cat stalking its prey.
  77. At the tips, black eyes moved in search of a prey.
  78. He was approaching to us to attack his first prey.
  79. The dogs were unleashed, and headed for their prey.
  80. The beast could hardly be made to let go his prey.
  81. Scumble was a tomcat taunting, encircling his prey.
  82. Cody needed less than a minute to pick up his prey.
  83. Killer looked around for the prey that had been in.
  84. His goal changned into illness looking like a prey.
  85. The Sirens are very dangerous and prey only on men.
  86. Birds of Prey, a subsidiary of eGo: the world 768.
  87. You prod us to berserker rage or panic of the prey.
  88. The victors are often symbolized by birds of prey.
  89. Three cowboys, riding over the prairie to their prey.
  90. We fall prey to the seduction, it is irresistible.
  91. We shall become a prey to our black neighbors of St.
  92. I slithered in the bushes like a snake awaiting prey.
  93. I froze in place like a lion targeting a prey animal.
  94. I approached my prey and offered a few pleasantries.
  95. Used for tearing and rending their prey, she guessed.
  96. I wanted to suck the blood of Raghu as my first prey.
  97. Yeah, and the Romulan Bird of Prey, Garcia said.
  98. We would have been easy prey for just about anything.
  99. The room was a trap to catch human prey like rabbits.
  100. He just saw his prey, smelled blood, and acted on it.
  1. Melissa was preying on my mind quite a bit.
  2. I think preying on other people is detestable.
  3. They’re preying on the last hopes of suicidal people.
  4. You can always find a predator or a conman preying on the weaker.
  5. They did not learn the first lesson of Life: that all preying is evil.
  6. But the thought of a vampire preying on her schoolmates was terrifying.
  7. The sound of muffled footsteps effected a dramatic change in the preying man.
  8. You do not actually run, as you would have if there was a lion preying on you.
  9. The Nyobba is a hundred percent carnivore preying mainly on small tentacloids.
  10. For all that die from the preying of the Undead become themselves Undead, and prey on their kind.
  11. They painted Bob as a non-conforming degenerate preying on people’s weak minds and trusting hearts.
  12. Some examples of insects you want to see in your garden include preying Manti, wasps, and butterflies.
  13. They’re also little more than pirates, preying on any cargo ship that gets too close, Rinard said.
  14. It’s happened, and Ralph is preying on us, so what are we going to do? The sheriff can’t help us and the earl.
  15. The spread of Christianity became bastardized from a self-help dynamic; into a venal, preying upon gullible, rich converts.
  16. Humans nurture thongas by preying on their predators and let the thongas grow as thick as they can without stripping the prairie.
  17. Thus would have developed the need for the plunams for extra reach for preying upon the weaker while themselves keeping away from the stronger.
  18. The fact that the American armed services only keep their rosters half-filled by preying on the youngest, poorest, high school dropouts is not relevant.
  19. And I see now, that he has been feeding on you as well; preying on your fears and devouring your souls, bite by bite! The good doctor is just plain bad blood!.
  20. The hedge-fund industry grew up by preying on the inefficiencies created by the mutual-fund mentality of only departing from a benchmark index weighting with reluctance.
  21. You’ve tried Why didn’t you tell me all this at first instead of preying on my susceptible heart— every trick except that one and I don’t think I could stand it.
  22. Lying to us by sending us that phony letter, preying on our emotions like that, especially Diane’s emotions! Having us let Diane come to the school on false pretenses!.
  23. It is that we become as him, that we henceforward become foul things of the night like him, without heart or conscience, preying on the bodies and the souls of those we love best.
  24. They were driven out of the Garden of Eden: A bountiful Garden, filled with millions of vegetarian victims to be hunted down and killed and eaten by preying killers and scavengers.
  25. They sacrificed this loss of general awareness where any preying animal could sneak up on them more easily because the trade-off of being able to make and use tools enabled it to survive better in spite of this perceptual loss.
  26. Not only these men, their wives and children, but the entire community around them, all the teachers, actors, cooks, jockeys, live by preying upon the life-blood of the working-people, which in one way or another they absorb like leeches.
  27. Buck multiplied himself, attacking from all sides, enveloping the herd in a whirlwind of menace, cutting out his victim as fast as it could rejoin its mates, wearing out the patience of creatures preyed upon, which is a lesser patience than that of creatures preying.
  28. Fire ended the natural hardships which kept them fit, and alert, it ended the entire organic social structure of the band: it ended the role model of the strongest being protectors of the weakest, it ended the perimeter of the band being defended; it ended their need to fight off preying killers during the night.
  29. Palpably he was one of his hangerson but for the matter of that it was merely a question of one preying on his nextdoor neighbour all round, in every deep, so to put it, a deeper depth and for the matter of that if the man in the street chanced to be in the dock himself penal servitude with or without the option of a fine would be a very rara avis altogether.
  30. Is it not a reproach that man is a carnivorous animal? True, he can and does live, in a great measure, by preying on other animals; but this is a miserable way—as any one who will go to snaring rabbits, or slaughtering lambs, may learn—and he will be regarded as a benefactor of his race who shall teach man to confine himself to a more innocent and wholesome diet.
  31. How was status earned 100,000 years ago by the first hunter-gatherers? By hunting and gathering? By learned and earned expertise, experience, and wisdom? By the experience, wisdom and expertise that could help heal a broken bone or an ailing psyche? By leadership? By charisma, or charm, or personality? By prowess with tools? By a built-up knowledge of herbal medicine that could appear magical… and kept secret, so that the medicine man could claim to possess supernatural powers? By cunning, power-hungry individuals preying upon the fears and superstitions of their fellow community members? But then again… this is how status is still gained today.
  1. Morgan, preyed incessantly on his mind.
  2. The thing that preyed most on his mind.
  3. The loss of the silver preyed on his mind.
  4. The quibarta's ancestors preyed on stryders.
  5. With most evil vil ans, you always preyed on.
  6. For untold generations Thog has preyed on them.
  7. She had watched me, stalked me, preyed on me in my.
  8. It was a Garden of Eden for the killers that preyed.
  9. They became victims of their own Gods, who preyed upon them.
  10. Preyed on me just like a wolf then played me with the oldest.
  11. He'd preyed upon her insecurities and taught her to be pure evil.
  12. The gloom preyed further upon him, and his head sagged with fatigue.
  13. He explained it preyed on other birds, and is vehemently territorial.
  14. I think, Alicia said, we were not the only couple preyed upon.
  15. I was a mere skeleton, and fever night and day preyed upon my wasted frame.
  16. His problem so preyed on his mind he had difficulty in sleeping at night and he.
  17. He also took the bar review course offered by the companies that preyed upon law.
  18. The state of shock and anger preyed at her mind, as if it were a scavenger in the wild.
  19. They were looters, rapists and murderers who preyed mostly on the weak and the defenseless.
  20. Herd animals have become victims and have been preyed upon for hundreds of millions of years.
  21. These men preyed on the weaker and generally were just conmen who knew how to lie over and over.
  22. Now the crimps were coming out of their holes, and the sniffling gamblers who preyed on sailors.
  23. One question, however, preyed on his mind: was the mission at all necessary? TIAR needed an infiltrator.
  24. Whereas one is merely a meal for an arrowana, the other is routinely preyed upon by professional traders.
  25. It was a Land of evil and Terror for the masses of brainless herd animals who were preyed upon: it still is.
  26. Instead, they had taken over the slave-market and preyed on passers-by who were looking for a little company.
  27. Dawson has remarked, certainly preyed on other minute organic beings, which must have lived in great numbers.
  28. It seemed like such an insignificant thing, yet it preyed on his mind more than the impending trip to Eludi-4.
  29. The ever-present menace of lawless negroes and Yankee soldiers preyed on her mind, the danger of terrors to come.
  30. This is where the social assistance recipients lived, the disabled, and the mentally ill; as well as those who preyed upon them.
  31. Preyed upon by larger creatures… Why does this description fit the Arabs in Africa today so well? The term: scarab was used by the Egyptians.
  32. She genuinely thought she would find a world of interesting and helpful people, instead in recession deep America she was either ignored or preyed upon.
  33. Instead of guarding the prey animals from the predators who preyed upon them, they were driven out of the Garden of the eaten because they had begun to eat the eaten.
  34. Even without any change in the proportional numbers of the animals on which our wolf preyed, a cub might be born with an innate tendency to pursue certain kinds of prey.
  35. Every time you consented to come here and speak with your God, Marcus has preyed on you and now he’ll drain you dry, taking back the life force you stole without his permission.
  36. Several episodes in France recently exposed priests and teachers who’d preyed on young victims for years, fueled by the collections of child pornography found on their computers.
  37. To impose upon other people was to him a sign of power, a perpetual proof that he had won the right to despise those feeble beings who suffer themselves to be preyed upon in this world.
  38. Instead of thinking and acting like the dominant species on the African Veldt, which they were and still are… they became brainless cowards, preyed upon by the predators of the Veldt.
  39. There were many dragons in the Eastern kingdoms and they preyed on many folk until my ancestor fought the leader of the Horde of Dragons and forced the ban against their killing and burning.
  40. I shut up, as well as I could, in my own heart the anxiety that preyed there and entered with seeming earnestness into the plans of my father, although they might only serve as the decorations of my tragedy.
  41. The worst of it was that that bullying old Pumblechook, preyed upon by a devouring curiosity to be informed of all I had seen and heard, came gaping over in his chaise-cart at tea-time, to have the details divulged to him.
  42. But who was Kulonga that he might not be eaten as fairly as Horta, the boar, or Bara, the deer? Was he not simply another of the countless wild things of the jungle who preyed upon one another to satisfy the cravings of hunger?
  43. Buck multiplied himself, attacking from all sides, enveloping the herd in a whirlwind of menace, cutting out his victim as fast as it could rejoin its mates, wearing out the patience of creatures preyed upon, which is a lesser patience than that of creatures preying.
  44. Insects are preyed on by birds and other enemies whose sight is probably sharper than ours, and every grade in resemblance which aided an insect to escape notice or detection, would tend towards its preservation; and the more perfect the resemblance so much the better for the insect.
  45. Because of hominid’s small size and the tooth and talon marked fossils, this indicated that Man’s Precursor had been more preyed upon than predator for the majority of his existence and that his increasingly enhanced rapid-thinking and social skills had come well before Man’s appearance.
  46. This modern European world of ours, apparently so sure of itself, so bold, so decided, and within so preyed upon by terror and despair, is exactly in the situation of a newly born animal: it writhes, it cries aloud, it is perplexed, it knows not what to do; it feels that its former source of nourishment is withdrawn, but it knows not where to seek for another.
  47. Next came the war with Tripoli—the Barbary States preyed upon our commerce—you determined to resist, and despatched a small squadron to the Mediterranean: this ought to have been considered as the germ of your future maritime greatness: the good conduct and bravery of that squadron, and the self-immolation of some of its officers, spread the renown of your naval prowess to all quarters of the civilized globe.
  48. Thus did the miseries of Jerusalem grow worse everyday, and the seditious were still more irritated by the calamities that were under, even while the famine preyed on themselves, after it had preyed upon the people; and indeed the multitude of carcasses that lay in heaps one upon another, was a horrible sight, and produced a pestilential stench which, which was a hindrance to those that would make sallies out of the city and fight the enemy.
  49. Lyell asks, and assigns certain reasons in answer, why have not seals and bats given birth on such islands to forms fitted to live on the land? But seals would necessarily be first converted into terrestrial carnivorous animals of considerable size, and bats into terrestrial insectivorous animals; for the former there would be no prey; for the bats ground-insects would serve as food, but these would already be largely preyed on by the reptiles or birds, which first colonise and abound on most oceanic islands.
  50. I too, as happens to every man once in his life, have been taken by Satan into the highest mountain in the earth, and when there he showed me all the kingdoms of the world, and as he said before, so said he to me, 'Child of earth, what wouldst thou have to make thee adore me?' I reflected long, for a gnawing ambition had long preyed upon me, and then I replied, 'Listen,—I have always heard of providence, and yet I have never seen him, or anything that resembles him, or which can make me believe that he exists.
  51. She felt the loss of Willoughby's character yet more heavily than she had felt the loss of his heart; his seduction and desertion of Miss Williams, the misery of that poor girl, and the doubt of what his designs might once have been on herself, preyed altogether so much on her spirits, that she could not bring herself to speak of what she felt even to Elinor; and, brooding over her sorrows in silence, gave more pain to her sister than could have been communicated by the most open and most frequent confession of them.
  52. She felt the loss of Willoughby’s character yet more heavily than she had felt the loss of his heart; his seduction and desertion of Miss Williams, the misery of that poor girl, and the doubt of what his designs might ONCE have been on herself, preyed altogether so much on her spirits, that she could not bring herself to speak of what she felt even to Elinor; and, brooding over her sorrows in silence, gave more pain to her sister than could have been communicated by the most open and most frequent confession of them.
  1. She preys on other lives.
  2. I gave all the description of my preys.
  3. A momentary silence preys on the beach.
  4. The devil preys on the weak willed, boy.
  5. Then one by one, each beast chose his own preys.
  6. I killed all of them like the hungry tigress hunt her preys.
  7. Have you not heard me? My uncle yet lives and preys on the living!.
  8. Not been a beast, a horrible man, an animal that preys on young flesh.
  9. No girl in South Bend will go near him so he preys on the out-of-town…towners.
  10. There is a multi-billion dollar industry- in the world which preys on the pockets of an.
  11. A creature that preys on the blood of humans and is more powerful than any mortal man.
  12. The other gufders saw that one of the preys was wounded sufficiently and switched targets.
  13. This jungle is filled with wild animals and vampires often roam around in such areas for their preys.
  14. Fishing in this area in the afternoon will let you meet your preys as they often feed at this time of the day.
  15. The stock profile for someone who preys on prostitutes is white male, thirty-five to fifty, has been in trouble with the law.
  16. In Shadowfever, she breaks pattern and preys upon Dani, in retaliation against Mac and Barrons for killing the Gray Man, her lover.
  17. It has very keen senses that they make use of in tracking down its preys and at the same time protecting itself against the larger predators that normally hunt it.
  18. With the qunamic evolution having acquired biological differentiation, there would have come into being male and female plunams that got together to procreate the preys for themselves.
  19. Similarly, the cat preys, the bird builds its nest in best way and most perfect order, the bee builds the hive firmly and sucks the nectar of flowers, and the baby soon moves his lips for sucking the moment he comes out of his mother’s womb.
  20. He grew up in a Workhouse, made his Way to London at Fourteen, fell in with the kind of Company that preys upon Country Boys with City Dreams, and found himself, like so many, drunk in a Publick House one Night, and signing his Life away in Exchange for a few Rounds of Ale on Credit.
  21. Until our commercial culture preys on every new fad, taste, or creative expression and absorbs it so fast that there is no ongoing creative movement or process alive outside of its domain… all so it can duplicate one of them as many times as possible to make as much money as possible.
  22. Look at the Mustela vison of North America, which has webbed feet, and which resembles an otter in its fur, short legs, and form of tail; during summer this animal dives for and preys on fish, but during the long winter it leaves the frozen waters, and preys, like other polecats on mice and land animals.
  23. Let us take the case of a wolf, which preys on various animals, securing some by craft, some by strength, and some by fleetness; and let us suppose that the fleetest prey, a deer for instance, had from any change in the country increased in numbers, or that other prey had decreased in numbers, during that season of the year when the wolf was hardest pressed for food.
  24. He goes on to write how the Leftist agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority to divide the people by: (a) creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization, (b) satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation, (c) augmenting primitive feelings of envy, and (d) rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordination him to the will of the Government.

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