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Target en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I eyed up the target.
  2. Ca was an easy target.
  3. He had hit the target.
  4. My first target is hit.
  5. Based on a target of 22.

  6. Since the target was a.
  7. You can target who you.
  8. This will be your target.
  9. He made himself a target.
  10. You could become a target.
  11. We had to choose a target.
  12. She was not far off target.
  13. The type of target can be.
  14. The initial target of a 38.
  15. Move the target line closer.

  16. So 100% of the target was.
  17. Matt fired, right on target.
  18. Her target was Barry Waters.
  19. On May 19, my target is hit.
  20. He was now Carlos’ target.
  21. I managed to hit the target.
  22. That takes ‘guns on target.
  23. Assuming a target price of 23.
  24. Give them a stationary target.
  25. His every shot hit the target.

  26. This attack poisons the target.
  27. And his second target was to.
  28. Tommy was his favourite target.
  29. Went straight to my target: 13.
  30. Casella would be a tough target.
  31. When the target of his attack.
  32. It felt like Rykus was a target.
  33. My second target is hit at 566.
  34. The target was clearly visible.
  35. This gives a target for D at 88.
  36. Profile and target your audience.
  37. He said, I could be a target.
  38. Position the target further away.
  39. Go stand in front of a target.
  40. How easy can such fate target us.
  41. Identifying the BRP target series.
  42. My target is the gap fill itself.
  43. The plan (P2) leads to the Target.
  44. He stops and looks at the target.
  45. So, my target would be that line.
  46. Rotating the shoulder to a target.
  47. Move the target line further away.
  48. It was our turn in the target pit.
  49. Ned Land hadn't missed his target.
  50. One of those has to be our target.
  51. Thus focusing on what the target.
  52. After all, Sicily is a big target.
  53. I was still effectively on target.
  54. At best he could target the enemy.
  55. Talk to your target in their lingo.
  56. The target would have a focus on.
  57. Your points of view were on target.
  58. This is a JCS target today, gents.
  59. Target and Forever 21 and Old Navy.
  60. If you hit your price target of 57.
  61. Is that your target - America?
  62. They’ll start to target you next.
  63. With a first profit target over 60.
  64. What would their target be?
  65. A few days later, my target is hit.
  66. His gaze was on the target up ahead.
  67. To be with me now is to be a target.
  68. As he neared his target, the rider.
  69. The boy stood sideways to his target.
  70. Position the target and table closer.
  71. They target 1952 for the final phase.
  72. His target price on the S&P 500: 700.
  73. He was a walking target in this city.
  74. My target on the second half is 1364.
  75. She would soon find the right target.
  76. When the market is near your target.
  77. They found their target and attacked.
  78. He knew that was the ultimate target.
  79. A target such as,… say, Disneyland.
  80. You see, I had to choose a good target.
  81. He simply needed a target to focus on.
  82. She says, You were never my target.
  83. My next target is quickly hit at 1121.
  84. His target was the rule of law itself.
  85. Sheer luck caused the target to veer.
  86. The target had come into the kill zone.
  87. He sized up the opportunity and target.
  88. The target is another move to –1,000.
  89. Place a marker on the wall as a target.
  90. A secondary target had been identified.
  91. There was not one military target here.
  92. It would lead her to her to her target.
  93. The target wil be restored to ful Hearts.
  94. Then the Outhouse really became a target.
  95. The Innocent • The Hit • The Target.
  96. Achievement of target is crucial in life.
  97. Each of them found a target, slammed it.
  98. That’s why he was such an easy target.
  99. BO-ville Mesa was my first target.
  100. It jarred her and she missed her target.
  1. They're targeting al folk in.
  2. They did not activate their targeting radar.
  3. It spun to fire with its targeting radar active.
  4. He lit Myra’s ship with his targeting radar.
  5. Self has ethics no targeting in psychological abuse.
  6. Targeting the monster, Sephiroth spun abruptly, his.
  7. I froze in place like a lion targeting a prey animal.
  8. I just do the calculations for the transit targeting.
  9. Nothing had been detected as intercepting or targeting.
  10. Targeting Akbar one of the troops blasted away at Akbar.
  11. We recommend targeting premiums of between $300 and $700.
  12. The displays showed a ten second burst of targeting radar.
  13. Painful and invasive procedures targeting the head or eyes.
  14. Consider targeting high-end online publications with your ads.
  15. Using these prices, an iron butterfly targeting a price of 50.
  16. Broad match is targeting keywords in a loosely defined manner.
  17. Assisted White Liberals in Targeting Students with Deception.
  18. By this time the pirates had established targeting radar locks.
  19. Targeting was accomplished by looking at the icon on the display.
  20. There has been chatter about a plot targeting New York politicians.
  21. Racial profiling is targeting suspects because their race – beware!.
  22. Initially both Britain and Germany agreed to avoid targeting civilians.
  23. Start by targeting keywords that have more than 1,000 searches per month.
  24. While their qualification would allow for either job, by targeting their.
  25. If Foboko started a series of contests targeting specific author niches.
  26. Most scholarship has not focused on the immorality of targeting civilians.
  27. Katherine stopped the recording, Myra lit him with her targeting radar.
  28. What do you think that they were targeting in that part of the city?’’.
  29. Why are you targeting me anyway? It was Cara that did this, I just helped.
  30. Don’t think that his targeting technology was a fluke of the 1990s, either.
  31. It required constant vigilance to keep sleazy people from targeting the cooks.
  32. Also, you can maximize both the relevance of the ads and the CPC by targeting.
  33. Zorn set the coordinates, targeting the top of the tower, and pushed the button.
  34. I was targeting two entirely different customers with different product bundles.
  35. But Miles was too busy targeting the next wave to care about the missile he missed.
  36. HFs use various ways of scaling or targeting volatility to improve their portfolios.
  37. He opposed the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it was targeting civilians.
  38. Shapiro! Does the initiation of a targeting radar lock constitute an act of war?
  39. In general, if you are selling futures options, you are targeting 20% to 50% returns.
  40. Its trajectory erratic, clearly designed to evade their most advanced targeting system.
  41. A key secret is to multi-layer your targeting selections so that your traffic is laser.
  42. That he’s a jerk! Alex gnashed his teeth, his angry eyes entirely targeting Enzo.
  43. Racist media coverage led to racist targeting of minorities for arrests and prosecution.
  44. The CIA has a notorious history of interventions in Latin America, supposedly targeting.
  45. My friend L, she hates her more than the rest of us, G has been targeting her especially.
  46. Why? Because the persecutors believe that Christians are targeting them for not believing.
  47. What: The targeting of the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bomb.
  48. The benefit of this method is that you will be targeting keywords with very, very low competition.
  49. If you choose this phrase and set up a web page targeting that phrase, you can then produce a few.
  50. Her current experience and skills also show her which businesses she could begin targeting in her.
  51. We know an 86 has limited targeting capability with its laser, but you were in the direct line of fire.
  52. Targeting news release sites is one of the most cost effective, if not the most cost effective way of.
  53. I assumed the Unnoticeables were trying to kill me, Wash, and Jezza—but they weren’t targeting us.
  54. The specific language will depend on the age group that you are targeting, the profession and interest.
  55. During the Cold War, it was common talk that the Soviets were targeting Lennox as a major strategic site.
  56. Myra’ s voice, Acknowledge that you have initiated hostile action by activating your targeting radar.
  57. To get high CTR and high conversions, you have to focus on targeting keyword sets, not a generalised list.
  58. Tracker’s targeting software kept right up with her which was more than she could say of the simulators.
  59. Leverage the massive reach of the Internet and the precision targeting of the search engines and directories.
  60. The operator pushed a button for the device they wanted to use and the ship’s targeting systems did the rest.
  61. Vedara turned her targeting control to focus on the weapons nacelle of SC3, and spoke calmly into her comm link.
  62. And neither roommate could come up with a scenario that would have a cold-blooded killer targeting their friend.
  63. The Workshop – A youth based hip hop program targeting at risk teens that was created and run by Big Dave.
  64. The special configuration was adapted so that they could test the mobile targeting capabilities of the satellite.
  65. When she looked around she forced herself to look as if she still had no clue that their gazes were targeting her.
  66. Thus Churchill ordered the targeting of German civilians as a war tactic, not a response to human rights violations.
  67. The group you select for targeting depends on your culture and what group most closely represents your denied hurt.
  68. Instead, the BJP got an opportunity to hijack the debate by targeting Aiyar’s insulting remark about their leader.
  69. The Democratic Party, in particular, has been traditionally adept at targeting interest groups ripe for the picking.
  70. Many use the search facility but as I am targeting those with the highest Twitter ratings this really isn’t needed.
  71. I tried to reach out to her, to hold her, but the rest of the guards blocked me with their weapons targeting my head.
  72. But as shown in Section Four, neither the A-bomb nor targeting civilians were the greatest loss of life Truman caused.
  73. With more specific targeting, you can speak more directly to the prospect and raise your response rates in the process.
  74. We only know healthy signs gives healthy choices and the dollar is an evil instrument of risk, targeting large damage.
  75. Tracker was still close enough to the big ship that all but most sophisticated targeting systems would have missed him.
  76. A third Israeli jet exploded, with the fourth and last one then diving steeply, barely avoiding the missile targeting it.
  77. A flash followed by a loud explosion against the wall of the house then told her that a RPG gunner was now targeting them.
  78. Nuke received a nearly fatal injury when a conspirator provided precise targeting information to the United States military.
  79. The three ships rapidly increased their separation as the crews scanned their sensors for the source of the targeting radar.
  80. He’s just the kind of person a bunch of hackers should be targeting, and you’d need classified information to know that.
  81. It was also a bit odd that she would be targeting Ganz, but John couldn’t mention anything without breaking her masquerade.
  82. Add to that the zillions of food commercials targeting mostly children and featuring enticing calorie-packed foods or beverages.
  83. Targeting radar had been flying around for an hour, and Sabrina was in no mood to wait to be shot at while she sat on her hands.
  84. This time he was able to go through the two-month reels faster than before since he was targeting only one section of the paper.
  85. Nuke would not go there because the military installations in that part of the country were capable of tracking and targeting him.
  86. Some 23mm tracer shells from the dorsal turret of the bomber she was now targeting went by, missing her aircraft by a wide margin.
  87. Added to this human misery is the carnage from Israeli shells and bombs, which are targeting area targets rather than pinpoint ones.
  88. However, those missiles needed a radar officer in the back seat of the F-83 to guide them with their targeting and illumination radar.
  89. You can make this retrograde work for your benefit by reviewing your finances, isolating weak spots, and targeting corrective measures.
  90. This time, the planes broke into two pairs for their next attack, each pair targeting one side of the road and firing their 30mm cannons.
  91. As the enemy approached, the targeting got easier since Wren’s ships were far enough apart to assist with triangulation on their targets.
  92. Vedara toggled the cannon fully live and dialed the targeting crosshairs onto SC2, focusing on the weapons nacelle that was targeting them.
  93. From that range, the targeting would have been impossible except for the precision of the targeting information provided by the glass drones.
  94. Multiple streams of tracers suddenly came up at them as they were about to fly over a small hill to the South of the one they were targeting.
  95. But his lack of understanding also led him to never adequately question the targeting of civilians, either conventionally or by atomic weapons.
  96. Atomic warfare targeting Japanese civilians with A-bombs killed at least 200,000 and did not end the war nor intimidate the Soviets as intended.
  97. The existence of nuclear weapons had for over a century not been a part of any conflict, and then only ever used as miniature targeting devices.
  98. Nancy nodded her head, smiling, hiding her jubilation at having been able to find out so quickly the identity of the one her visit was targeting.
  99. Obviously a blockade would have been both a more practical and a more humane choice than targeting civilians with either conventional or A-bombs.
  100. With now four fortresses utterly destroyed, the mother asteroid kept on its southward course, targeting next the fortress in southern polar orbit.
  1. If the poison was targeted.
  2. Not with targeted PPC ads on the.
  3. Disbelieving he had been targeted.
  4. This is a great way to get targeted.
  5. You'll never reach that targeted goal.
  6. What you really need is targeted traffic.
  7. One office sent a mailing to a targeted.
  8. Targeted acts such as this, are a regular.
  9. Sixty missiles were targeted at four ships.
  10. This is a great example of a targeted niche.
  11. Another LLH cycle points to our targeted date.
  12. It could be targeted internally within your.
  13. Top 10 Proven Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic.
  14. This was originally targeted for January 2009.
  15. I targeted the gunship in the other direction.
  16. Because I had targeted users without any age.
  17. This is one of the reasons I was targeted for.
  18. This targeted area was a large solid peninsula.
  19. For the Latest in Easy Ways to Create Targeted.
  20. My camp was not targeted at all by the Soviets.
  21. I think I know why your brother was targeted.
  22. This was why the Jews were targeted by the undead.
  23. These sites get continuous targeted traffic from.
  24. Using targeted FB ads? Be prepared to change often.
  25. Also, a targeted student may deny that there is a.
  26. Remember that this is extremely targeted advertising.
  27. Rapes in particular systematically targeted females.
  28. And these are excellent, highly targeted visitors!.
  29. These are the targeted users you want to engage with.
  30. We have targeted many of big mansions of your country.
  31. Solo ads are perhaps the best way to place targeted ads.
  32. Why do you think you were targeted? she asked him.
  33. We accepted Sarah and you were targeted along with her.
  34. Where these problems are experienced by highly targeted.
  35. If they exceeded the targeted savings then state this too.
  36. Th ese methods are targeted onincrease of inner tension.
  37. It attracted lots of targeted customers and you have your.
  38. Utilize these invitations to a very targeted group where.
  39. And not just any traffic – you'll need targeted traffic.
  40. And maybe Jacqui Harrison was targeted as his next victim.
  41. If your list is targeted and you have a good relationship.
  42. So why do you think these birds targeted the Campions?
  43. Researchers hope this will lead to new, targeted treatments.
  44. Effects only targeted insects not effecting the environment.
  45. The pushing and pulling of the targeted cage bar was too slow.
  46. Tell a story to each targeted group over a series of messages.
  47. This statement is likewise targeted at delivering the truth.
  48. Facebook page to start capturing the targeted prospects from.
  49. The only thing targeted by ‘Dessert’ was ‘Acid Rain’.
  50. That tells me it’s a highly qualified, highly targeted list.
  51. More importantly, it is targeted at hiding the fact that the.
  52. Practicing clergymen were targeted and demonised in the media.
  53. He stopped when he saw all of the targeted students addresses.
  54. This poor unfortunate soul has been targeted for extermination.
  55. The potential acquisitions are targeted on the basis that they.
  56. Guards rushed out of the building, their weapons targeted on me.
  57. Each of Wren’s ships targeted a single Swordsman interceptor.
  58. Jackson, and others, had said only black drivers were targeted.
  59. Rome eventually grasped that Revelation was expertly targeted.
  60. Did you think he was targeted? That it was work-related?
  61. Some argue that Serbian forces targeted only military age males.
  62. Since Andrew will be out in the open, he’ll be targeted first.
  63. Three Ways on How Content Can Attract Free, Long Term, Targeted.
  64. Additionally, his targeted audience should be the average.
  65. Once you have targeted traffic coming to your site on a regular.
  66. That means all of these savings can be targeted to the long term.
  67. The VERY BEST Ways to Increase Website Targeted Traffic for MEGA.
  68. Both this treaty and the blockade actually unfairly targeted Iran.
  69. That man, Scott, had been targeted like himself by the Elusivers.
  70. They know exactly what problem their targeted customers have and.
  71. Pull together what you think are your most highly targeted keywords.
  72. She targeted the nearest battle cruiser as soon as she was in range.
  73. Now they were saying I had been targeted by the same Taliban as him.
  74. You should feel a stretch in the targeted area, but not actual pain.
  75. It seemed that profiling had targeted him as a possible drug courier.
  76. Native women on public assistance were the most likely to be targeted.
  77. Limit orders should be placed at the targeted pivot level +/– 3 pts.
  78. The more targeted a directory, the better your visitor to sale ratio.
  79. Those covering the war have been targeted and too many have been killed.
  80. So she targeted the Prime minister, blackmailed him and got out of the.
  81. African youngsters, you have already been targeted as agents of the evil.
  82. This was not the first time that Kejriwal had openly targeted the Ambanis.
  83. When you write your ad title and copy, you can carefully select targeted.
  84. Conventional press releases are targeted at encouraging a journalist to.
  85. Unless he had already moved on to another city he’d targeted for murder.
  86. Missile crews on the battleship tracked the fire and targeted the sources.
  87. The model allows for a ±5-day window on either side of the targeted date.
  88. Several Mounties were targeted for internal discipline, but the force had.
  89. The marketer with an extremely targeted mailing list, a strong offer, and.
  90. Your headline needs to be targeted at journalists, end readers, and search.
  91. Of course, this traffic will not be as targeted as the traffic related to.
  92. The more targeted they are to this group, the greater your chances are of.
  93. In the context of the youth of South Africa, the targeted audience of this.
  94. Some children have even died at the hands of bullies who have targeted them.
  95. One of the agents asked Puller if he had any idea why they’d been targeted.
  96. She’s being targeted by some creep, who calls himself The Doctor, Henri.
  97. While many agents investigated for use in cocaine dependence have targeted.
  98. He couldn’t have been targeted from the hall or the adjoining living room.
  99. The targeted date for the high of the advance is 107 days after the key date.
  100. Prosecutors said Williams targeted girls and women in their teens and 20s.
  1. We will find the targets.
  2. They were the targets of.
  3. Widen price targets as well.
  4. There are targets for every.
  5. I didn't hit any of the targets.
  6. Search the sky for more targets.
  7. The targets cruised by overhead.
  8. Decrease distance to the targets.
  9. Increase distance to the targets.
  10. The soul targets self – esteem.
  11. I almost always strike my targets.
  12. The high growth business targets.
  13. Targets? he said over his mike.
  14. This attack can strike up to 6 targets.
  15. Increase distance between the targets.
  16. Isolated farms were the first targets.
  17. We have a clear vision on the targets.
  18. They would be walking targets as well.
  19. Some shot targets at an archery range.
  20. It is commonly believed that targets.
  21. None of them had engaged their targets.
  22. Two targets with no one else around.
  23. We fired 747 shots and hit two targets.
  24. Place targets on the floor for feedback.
  25. Al of the targets need to be clustered.
  26. We understand that targets are important.
  27. They evaluated targets across the middle.
  28. Al targets get to use their own defense.
  29. Second, these plays have specific targets.
  30. In both cases targets were innocent Muslims.
  31. He raised the gun and looked at his targets.
  32. Stunned targets will miss their next action.
  33. Moving the extended arm between two targets.
  34. Selected targets had been clearly identified.
  35. Place targets on either side of your forearm.
  36. Stepping to targets with hand support nearby.
  37. This should comprise your overal targets of.
  38. Three targets in wheelhouse with one hostage.
  39. Scan for targets with four or less life forms.
  40. Both are already related: targets of rejection.
  41. But I do give a damn that you lost the targets.
  42. We’re not going after the hard targets first.
  43. Place two targets on either side of their ankles.
  44. Those who pose such a threat will become targets.
  45. Use targets at the hip and shoulder for feedback.
  46. Maybe it’s one of our targets they’re after.
  47. Reach to targets in front with the unaffected hand.
  48. The targets are the firing tubes here and here.
  49. Tiny targets targets wil be moved along by the wind.
  50. The targets have merged was the agreed signal.
  51. Phishers have to approach their targets one by one.
  52. Unfortunately, cats are often their favorite targets.
  53. The girl hit all her targets and Mikael hit his also.
  54. It had several targets attached to it and a wooden.
  55. He flew over it, but he couldn’t find the targets.
  56. And it looked like they were running out of targets.
  57. Moving the affected leg to targets in a semi-circle.
  58. As you start to miss your targets, the incentive.
  59. Amaia was standing mid-field shooting at the targets.
  60. Ensure that the foot only lightly touches the targets.
  61. Invisible targets wil require special senses to detect.
  62. Of course, the main targets were the whales, and the E.
  63. Place the targets in a full circle around the patient.
  64. Terrorist select targets where success is 100% assured.
  65. With the scope, Walker was finding a wealth of targets.
  66. She swapped targets at blinding speed and told Ethan:.
  67. Descent will make us targets, except for me, of course.
  68. The build files in this example have similar targets:.
  69. Animals targets other animals for reasons to find food.
  70. Consequently, they became major targets of Viking raids.
  71. Follow your plan and sell when your targets are reached.
  72. Others might require both large stops and large targets.
  73. Letter bombs cannot easily be directed at exact targets.
  74. Instruct the patient to step to the targets alternately.
  75. She shot coins out of the air and hit targets blindfolded.
  76. Have a target or set of targets before your enter a trade.
  77. Targets teleported into the air wil usual y fal and take.
  78. They, too, found their targets easily at such short range.
  79. Sport hunting targets an estimated 200 million animals in.
  80. All targets are down with one injured and hostage is free.
  81. The usual targets of lynchings were rarely guilty of rape.
  82. Counting forward another 101 days targets February 9, 1966.
  83. Both of my targets are hit, and I am taken out of the trade.
  84. Finally, targets were tested using the filtered entry system.
  85. He also targets people who attract negativity to themselves.
  86. The members of the Congress are prime targets for corporate.
  87. In most environments profit targets should be 20-30 percent.
  88. The Lord of martyrs is under two images for bloodier targets.
  89. These children are also easy victims and targets for rapists.
  90. Some traders will set ratio-based targets for breakout trades.
  91. One by one, the targets stood up, in conjunction with several.
  92. Cuban-American terrorist targets became increasingly ambitious.
  93. He scans the jet fighters and targets their missiles and guns.
  94. Secondary and tertiary targets were further south in Pack One.
  95. Reach to targets on the affected side with the unaffected hand.
  96. The Holy Scriptures were one of the first targets of the virus.
  97. Counting 28 days forward from February 26th targets March 26th.
  98. Ensure that the affected foot only lightly touches the targets.
  99. The rules for choppy days are identical except for the targets.
  100. He fired several more shots, some of which found their targets.

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