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Disdain en una oración (en ingles)

1. Treat the enemy with disdain.
2. He regarded it with disdain.
3. He looked at me with disdain.
4. The latter sneered in disdain.
5. The disdain that comes with the.
6. Disdain dripped out of every word.
7. Therefore I disdain the human race.

8. I don’t know if that was disdain.
9. Nancy returned his look with disdain.
10. The Pharaoh answered with disdain –.
11. She had a good deal of disdain for Mrs.
12. His lips curl with cruelty and disdain.
13. As an old gal, I noted with some disdain.
14. His brothers replied with great disdain:.
15. Peter’s mouth is puckered with disdain.
16. I wish I could give it back with disdain.
17. Her look turned to disdain, then to horror.
18. Darek had a look of disdain at her comment.
19. I disdain to utter what I have borne with.
20. The disdain was replaced by anger and hurt.
21. The single-eyed beholders growled in disdain.
22. And his eyes burned with hatred and disdain.
23. Sir Stanley shook his head with lofty disdain.
24. Zoleka told Zinzi, who made sounds of disdain.
25. Disdain hath power to kill, and patience dies.
26. Did the universe rain and flood with disdain?
27. Ow she yelled, with disdain in her voice.
28. Eyeing him up and down with event-dent disdain.
29. But this toleration would soon turn into disdain.
30. Ruth looked at Rebekah, disdain all over her face.
31. Toby could only look at the poor man with disdain.
32. It helped that Gabriel looked at her with disdain.
33. Where one part does disdain with cause, the other.
34. Infinite disdain was expressed in his countenance.
35. She pulled back in disdain appalled by his actions.
36. Barron frowned and gave the mayor a look of disdain.
37. He looked over at me with disdain, said, Wrong name.
38. He tried to apply the treatment of disdain to Amaranta.
39. The pasture of misers is compounded of money and disdain.
40. The judge gazed at Moses for several moments with disdain.
41. Standing taller Slikit cast Soffen a look full of disdain.
42. We try to give tips—which are usually met with disdain.
43. It was brief in its duration but it was a look of disdain.
44. And I heard his story and his tears with sneering disdain.
45. No one had ever looked at her with such hatred and disdain.
46. I grinned, imagining the look of snooty disdain on her face.
47. Congratulations are in order, Don, he said with disdain.
48. She leaned somewhat away from him with a suggestion of disdain.
49. The sincere disdain they had for me was just so unprofessional.
50. Another recurring theme for Gary is his disdain for PSIA (Pro-.
51. Maximilian cast a look of disdain, almost of anger, on the count.
52. We disdain to repeat their wicked and ribald interpolated saying.
53. Jozef spoke with his usual disdain, whenever Akira was mentioned.
54. His mother snatched it from his hands and read them with disdain.
55. Ya mean my mom and her husband, he corrects me with disdain.
56. They’re treated with disdain by both the visitor and the engines.
57. Batistuta, a look of slight disdain crept on his face as he pointed.
58. His mouth continued to twitch unspeaking in nervous curls of disdain.
59. It was the do-nothing-but-collect-taxes father who deserved disdain.
60. There was no call for that, Breckenridge said with disdain as he.
61. Ish glanced at me with disdain as if I had shot down his mission to Mars.
62. He refused, opposed and had disdain because he did not know his Provider.
63. On any other occasion he will disdain hundreds and thousands of roubles.
64. Out - I have just found new levels of disdain and disgust for The Troll.
65. At last he shrugged his shoulders as if to assure himself of his disdain.
66. The idea was met with disdain and the doors were all replaced days later.
67. Were they angry? Or even worse, did they not care, gazes full of disdain.
68. Mei Yinxue eyes were filled with disdain and loathing and then she was no.
69. He said all this with no trace of humour, just a real disdain in his voice.
70. I wrote: Have found new levels of disdain and utter disgust for The TROLL.
71. He treats his friend with a little disdain, which the latter cannot stand.
72. I knew from experience that rent boys usually feel disdain for their patrons.
73. But the evil smile as quickly passed into a cold stare of lion-like disdain.
74. Avery adds with disdain, Hey, I give you credit for learning my real name.
75. I dared not think that they would turn them from me with disdain and horror.
76. He did not disdain his servants, which caused his wife to dispense with them.
77. He regarded the show with disdain when he even bothered to notice it at all!.
78. And the men who fought alongside him appreciated that he shared their disdain.
79. His face may have showed no emotion other than a cool disdain, but his eyes!.
80. Ever afterward he chose to view life with a cold and intense disdain, and five.
81. The elf regarded Shela with the patronizing disdain that elves commanded so well.
82. But don’t be surprised if she is acting all nuts, Bob said with disdain.
83. That mask of utter disdain which only rich old women and dying dromedaries share.
84. He stepped out into the street and surveyed the crowd with a look of high disdain.
85. Your name, witch? Noah drawled, his voice matching the disdain in Teagan’s.
86. But the young cat stood foursquare, her tongue lolling with arrogant disdain, her.
87. Flesh’ailer’s pet was showing disdain at the flickering flame of the fire of man.
88. As the weeks went by it became amusing to watch Dena’s disdain at her gained weight.
89. You made the bow, did you, little one? the earl said, and his face showed disdain.
90. The tone of her voice held such disdain, Philip felt a sudden throbbing inside his head.
91. As a matter of fact, in the Torah, there is a certain disdain that god has for laziness.
92. He could then feel his disdain for the bodyguard build as he stared at his massive frame.
93. They were off in the space of thirty minutes, and he held the iron chains up with disdain.
94. This sudden and sometimes severely accentuated gravity resembled the disdain of a goddess.
95. She felt a kind of caution, a kind of disdain for them, for they didn’t behave properly.
96. One of the transport pilots, a commandant, sneered at that and spoke up in apparent disdain.
97. True to the prophecies, I was soundly rejected, ignored, ridiculed, and treated with disdain.
98. Accompanied by a pack of his murderers, he sat upon his horse, looking up at me with disdain.
99. It is necessary to walk one's path discreetly; the apostleship does not disdain the canonship.
100. Neither can Nancy, whose disdain for Betty Ford was clear throughout the Republican convention.
1. I tended to run with the traditional side, disdaining the illogical.
2. We are told that England is a proud and lofty nation that, disdaining to wait for danger, meets it half way.
3. Hurt pride led to sardonic comments on her associates, while she defended them by coldly disdaining his opinions.
4. The traditionalists did not appreciate the irony of capitalists and marines embracing a practice with a history of disdaining violence and accumulation of wealth.
5. He found him, standing with one arm cast about the protecting post, and breathing thick and hard, after his exertions, but disdaining to permit a single sign of suffering to escape.
6. Furthermore, they ask disdaining: “What is this for? What is that for?”, and according to their destroying and blind whims they think ill of their Provider and wonder: “He Has overwhelmed!! Has He really overwhelmed us?!”.
7. Instead he began acting like a macho medieval general in the front line; disdaining bullets and bombs, as if he was invulnerable: not even having the decency to be concerned for the safety of his pregnant wife at his side who was at his side.
8. He not only acted as if he was a figurehead monarch: he lived like one; he lived like Wilhelm had lived when he was the figurehead of the German state… He lived like the Russian Tsar had once lived, disdaining the everyday running of his govt as beneath him.
9. It was all paid for in gold dust, and while the barman weighed it out, the customer would ostentatiously turn his back, disdaining to oversee the transaction; showing equal trust, trading-stations would often provide unlimited and unsecured loans to any prospector, and there are no known cases of anybody not getting their money back.
10. Madame Danglars had until then, perhaps, hoped for something; but when she saw the careless bow of Debray, and the glance by which it was accompanied, together with his significant silence, she raised her head, and without passion or violence or even hesitation, ran down-stairs, disdaining to address a last farewell to one who could thus part from her.
11. His mind, now disengaged from the cares which had pressed on him at first, was at leisure to find the Grants and their young inmates really worth visiting; and though infinitely above scheming or contriving for any the most advantageous matrimonial establishment that could be among the apparent possibilities of any one most dear to him, and disdaining even as a littleness the being quick-sighted on such points, he could not avoid perceiving, in a grand and careless way, that Mr.
1. The General's disdained.
2. The bowman's chances he also disdained.
3. This idea of Napoleon, disdained by men, had been.
4. He disdained such yokel print and sat looking through the.
5. Magua still disdained to reply, continuing his efforts to disperse the crowd.
6. He would not turn to Nikolay Parfenovitch, as though he disdained to speak to him.
7. Yes, in spite of the fact that she is no longer in her early youth, he has not disdained her.
8. The French government could and durst use force, and therefore disdained to use management and persuasion.
9. Many knights would’ve disdained it as a peasant’s weapon; Falk was clearly a man who cared most for results.
10. She had entertained, and disdained, many proposals before, but usually from distant strangers who had sent an envoy to her father.
11. And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.
12. Emma's enthusiasm, which his bourgeois good sense disdained, seemed to him in his heart of hearts charming, since it was lavished on him.
13. I saw her eyes taking my measure one evening at the battery commander's, but I didn't go up to her, as though I disdained her acquaintance.
14. I can't find another word to describe it, because he is not a man who falls into disillusionment, and he disdained to be occupied with work at that time.
15. Then he turned up the collar of his jacket—he disdained a greatcoat—and pulled his cap over his eyes, and used strong language to relieve his feelings.
16. The older ones, those ten years and more, disdained the affair and marched scornfully off on hikes or played a more dignified version of hide-and-seek on their own.
17. I love you better now, when I can really be useful to you, than I did in your state of proud independence, when you disdained every part but that of the giver and protector.
18. He felt that he ought to have disdained that despicable wretch, Fyodor Pavlovitch, too much to have been upset by him in Father Zossima's cell, and so to have forgotten himself.
19. Then came in Kariado, a rich count from a far-off island, that had fared to Tintagel to offer the Queen his service, and had spoken of love to her, though she disdained his folly.
20. This foolish ignorant one did not magnify his Provider when He the Almighty, ordered him to prostrate himself to our Master Adam (cpth): …except the devil who rejected and disdained.
21. As for the disdained and affronted wives, what culinary battlements did they rear up? What counterattacks ensued? And if small battles, or skirmishes, were fought, did victories follow?
22. But like Czar Peter content to toil in the shipyards of foreign cities, Queequeg disdained no seeming ignominy, if thereby he might happily gain the power of enlightening his untutored countrymen.
23. By the side of Andrea was stationed the lawyer who was to conduct his defence, and who had been appointed by the court, for Andrea disdained to pay any attention to those details, to which he appeared to attach no importance.
24. One little knot of Hurons, however, had disdained to seek a cover, and were retiring, like lions at bay, slowly and sullenly up the acclivity which Chingachgook and his band had just deserted, to mingle more closely in the fray.
25. What has become of that high Federal spirit which disdained to buy Louisiana? Where is it when Canada is mentioned? The Federalism which desired to conquer Louisiana and keep it by force of arms, is changed when Canada is the question.
26. Jacqueline disdained him; he recognized that fact, but it caused him no more genuine annoyance than the breaking upon him, when he entered the surf that was now rolling in before him, of the waves which his manhood delighted to buffet and overcome.
27. Here was a change, and here were claims which could not but operate! She might have disdained him in all the dignity of angry virtue, in the grounds of Sotherton, or the theatre at Mansfield Park; but he approached her now with rights that demanded different treatment.
28. But when he saw it moving as if it was (possessed by) a jinn, he turned back in retreat, and did not look back: but when he saw it moving by itself, he thought that it was one of the deeds of the jinn, so he was afraid because his clean, pure spirit disdained all but the most perfect of virtuous deeds.
29. After then wearying and fatiguing myself with grasping shadows, whilst that most sensible part of me disdained to content itself with less than realities, the strong yearnings, the urgent struggles of nature towards the melting relief, and the extreme self-agitations I had used to come at it, had wearied and thrown me into a kind of unquiet sleep: for, if I tossed and threw about my limbs in proportion to the distraction of my dreams, as I had reason to believe I did, a bystander could not have helped seeing all for love.
30. Seeing, then, that God prefers his religion; seeing God prefers a tender conscience; seeing they that make themselves fools for the kingdom of heaven are wisest; and that the poor man that loveth Christ is richer than the greatest man in the world that hates him; Shame, depart, thou art an enemy to my salvation! Shall I entertain thee against my sovereign Lord? How then shall I look him in the face at his coming? Should I now be ashamed of his ways and servants, how can I expect the blessing? [Mark 8:38] But, indeed, this Shame was a bold villain; I could scarce shake him out of my company; yea, he would be haunting of me, and continually whispering me in the ear, with some one or other of the infirmities that attend religion; but at last I told him it was but in vain to attempt further in this business; for those things that he disdained, in those did I see most glory; and so at last I got past this importunate one.
31. Emma's enthusiasm, which his bourgeois good sense disdained, seemed to him in his heart of hearts charming,.
1. Disdains the easy, symbolic patriotism.
2. Camus disdains such answers because he cannot know them with certainty.
3. While her husband disdains her, she has the satisfaction of ruining her husband.
4. This is the work of nature—a generous nature, that disdains tame submission to wrongs.
5. If the deceived victim draws back at this point, and disdains the act of adultery, the companion will be driven away.
6. For though management and persuasion are always the easiest and safest instruments of government as force and violence are the worst and the most dangerous; yet such, it seems, is the natural insolence of man, that he almost always disdains to use the good instrument, except when he cannot or dare not use the bad one.
7. If poorer in other ways she departed at least richer in philosophy, without a trace of jealousy of what he might do next, not minding what he did if only she did not have to do it, too, and he, until such time as he again was lured from paths of austerity and work by the hope that he had found the one predestined mate, enjoyed the condition in which he was altogether happiest, the freedom of spirit that disdains love.
8. What, sir! Shall it be intimated; shall it for a moment be admitted, that the noblest and purest band of patriots this or any other country ever could boast, were engaged in machinating means for the dismemberment of the territories of a power to which they had pledged friendship, and the observance of all the obligations which grow out of a strict and perfect amity? The honor of our country forbids and disdains such a suggestion.

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