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Prime en una oración (en ingles)

  1. In the prime of her life.
  2. In 1988 Prime Minister P.
  3. The primest of the prime.
  4. It was prime time on TV!.
  5. The ATM is a prime example.

  6. This is a prime example of.
  7. Quite so, Prime Wisdom Zop.
  8. Losing 100 000 of the prime.
  9. The Prime Mover knows how!.
  10. Prime Minister, but I didn't.
  11. Prime is a great additive to.
  12. The sureness of touch is prime.
  13. We sell only prime stock here.
  14. By children now in their prime.
  15. He is an athlete in his prime.

  16. This spot is prime for the.
  17. Louis had to be in prime shape.
  18. The lot’s in a prime location.
  19. The Prime Minister: What the hon.
  20. To love and labor in their prime.
  21. His death grip on to the Prime.
  22. The Valois were a prime example.
  23. The prime Imperative of Business.
  24. The prime minister had first met.
  25. They were built on prime farmland.

  26. It is one of its prime attributes.
  27. I am honor bound by the Prime.
  28. Destroyed the blossom of his prime.
  29. My own prime minister rejected me.
  30. The prime minister was now Lloyd.
  31. A meeting with the Prime Minister.
  32. They say it was the Prime Minister.
  33. Is Callisto Prime on alert?’’.
  34. Prime example of what happens when.
  35. My Prime Minister - it is another.
  36. In its prime, it was the lawn of a.
  37. I will talk to the prime minister.
  38. He was a prime favorite with those.
  39. Go on, said the prime minister.
  40. I think I'm way past my prime, Elder.
  41. Keep 'em in prime, I do, all my pets.
  42. The prime mover of his life is glory.
  43. Churchill again became prime minister.
  44. They were singing the office of Prime.
  45. Huge swaths of the prime habitation.
  46. Now I have some prime pot to deliver.
  47. By Any Other Name is a prime example.
  48. The man who raised Undil to its prime.
  49. Alexa’s health was of prime concern.
  50. Now the challenger was prime minister.
  51. I agree, said the Prime Minister.
  52. The prime suspect it appeared was Mrs.
  53. Instead, he becomes the prime suspect.
  54. The beating confused Prime Minister Mr.
  55. Snuffed out in the prime of their lives.
  56. Prime steaks and chops from the grill.
  57. He was four years old and in his prime.
  58. I heard he was a war hero in his prime.
  59. This, according to Prime Minister 291.
  60. In the prime of their youth, they are.
  61. Keep ’em in prime, I do, all my pets.
  62. The prime cost of bread and butchers'.
  63. The prime minister voiced his concern.
  64. Our prime purpose in this life is to.
  65. Cardassian Prime, so we’re retaliating.
  66. The Prime Minister is lunching with me.
  67. The Prime Minister held up his hand and.
  68. Won’t say it’s a prime idea, myself.
  69. How awful, said the Prime Minister.
  70. P Singh would be the next Prime Minister.
  71. You may have the role of Prime Minister.
  72. A man past the prime of his years, but.
  73. Tony Blair as Prime Minster of Britain.
  74. No, she is not, Mister Prime Minister.
  75. The Prime Minister looked back at Elliott.
  76. It was a time before the Prime Directive.
  78. Back in her prime, she could've had any.
  79. That sounds like a prime place to start.
  80. The Prime Minister turned to James Anchor.
  81. On the stroke of twelve-thirty the Prime.
  82. The prime interest rate got as high as 21.
  83. Tourism was the prime business of Udhampur.
  84. Furthermore, 1999 is another prime number.
  85. You don’t care about things like prime.
  86. Even the prime minister was talking about.
  87. He’s got you doing a job that the Prime.
  88. The Prime Minister looked at him quizzically.
  89. Prime Minister Asquith dismissed Churchill.
  90. Fine! Got a prime pair of mincepies, no kid.
  91. A prime example of this aspect of Rome’s.
  92. The elf here is a prime example of the type.
  93. A prime example in this category is Wal-Mart.
  94. What is the relationship between this prime.
  95. Offers some of the cheapest rates for prime.
  96. The President turned to Prime Minister Weaver.
  97. A prime example of this would be McDonalds®.
  98. The prime minister turned to one of his aides.
  99. A prime example of this was the dotcom bubble.
  100. The prime minister held the minister’s stare.
  1. CHAPTER 12 : Mission - Priming for the Gobi.
  2. She cocked back the cannon, priming it for another shot.
  3. That’s the power of priming in the form of cultural conditioning.
  4. His emphases on „pump priming" and deficit spending simply don"t work.
  5. It is! The bastard's pulling out the big gun and priming it, thought Mainwaring.
  6. That little detail touched off Zembelo like a hot wire put to the priming hole of an old black powder cannon.
  7. By priming her in this way, you’ve just increased your chances of her complying and wanting to kiss you back.
  8. If he would have caught the trip wire, that would have pulled away the safety pin, priming the grenade and making the arming handle fly off.
  9. As the four policewomen kept priming and throwing grenades, Nancy raised her rifle and shot the nearest Taliban still up when her paraflare lit up the sky.
  10. As for Franz, he examined his arms with the utmost coolness; he had two double-barrelled guns and a rifle; he loaded them, looked at the priming, and waited quietly.
  11. Heyward seized the paddle, and applied himself to the work with an eagerness that supplied the place of skill, while Hawkeye was engaged in inspecting the priming of his rifle.
  12. This practice is rooted in a concept in psychology called priming, in which words, ideas, and sensory experiences color our perceptions of the world and affect our emotions, motivations, and actions.
  13. The scout had shook his priming, and cocked his piece, while speaking; and, as he ended, he threw back a foot, and slowly raised the muzzle from the earth: the motion was steady, uniform, and in one direction.
  14. What if you were to discover that many of the thoughts that you think are your thoughts are simply conditioned by environmental triggers, or in some cases manipulated consciously by others who understand the power of priming? Let me give you an example.
  15. Sitting down the body against a tree in front of the house, she put a grenade found with the weapons stored in the basement in the right hand of the dead, then placed the hand over the big hole in the chest of the man and pulled out the safety pin and let go the safety lever, priming the grenade.
  1. Primed to save the doctor.
  2. They are primed for submission.
  3. His mission primed everything else.
  4. Saldon nodded and primed his crossbow.
  5. And we’re primed for a decent decline.
  6. I was primed for scalps and a pocket of.
  7. Once primed, the audience responded readily.
  8. His Glock was primed and ready and his pulse.
  9. The negative mass string modulator was primed.
  10. Your body is primed and ripe during that time.
  11. He’s primed and the grill is hot, I said.
  12. She’d primed his pump with a few whispered words.
  13. He then fell on his primed grenade and was blown up.
  14. Rudolph primed the pump of time-wasting conversation.
  15. Melvin, primed and ready, drew a straw from his jacket.
  16. Now you keep that quick draw of yours primed and ready.
  17. His temper could be short, his natural arrogance primed.
  18. At this stage of the game, they were primed for the hunt.
  19. The sound is familiar: the anger of people primed to kill.
  20. In fact, Marilyn was primed to make this film a big success.
  21. The second syringe is primed and dosed in his jacket pocket.
  22. What had he been thinking as he primed himself for the kill?
  23. He could get into enough trouble without getting primed for it.
  24. The market must be overextended or in some way primed for reversal.
  25. Her scream is internalised, is stored and primed for another target.
  26. His resources were two cartwheels, primed with combustible materials.
  27. It sat there, weapons primed, like it had been waiting the whole time.
  28. I have six more charges and a blunderbuss primed for any more mischief.
  29. What was she thinking of? He must think she was as easy as a primed pump.
  30. They were primed to go with just small hand luggage and a laptop computer.
  31. He primed the pistol and added more powder to what was already in the pan.
  32. Pain is primed to do its educating, the stranger said in a hollow tone.
  33. This needle was an extraordinarily explosive needle, primed to detonate in just days.
  34. Maybe even dismantle some time-programmed plot or device the killer had already primed.
  35. Union representatives had been primed and counseled for their part in the announcements.
  36. The outsider can tell the difference because we’ve been primed to notice, Ian finally barked.
  37. They will be sampling the wares of the town's pubs, getting tanked, ready and primed for heckling.
  38. It was all planned and primed, ready for what was in the end only inevitable and long ago decided.
  39. Once an indicator reaches its defined presignal area, it has been primed to await its firing signal.
  40. Rita had already primed them in the event of everything going pear shaped and they never missed a beat.
  41. He was able to easily accomplish this as his young, light body was extremely primed for just such a task.
  42. Union leaders are primed and ready to receive this information the information that we are discussing today.
  43. Nevertheless she tried to summon him, sending out strong thoughts while Heigener primed his scanning device.
  44. With the restless dogs primed for their mission, Smitty signaled the women to return to the safety of the car.
  45. Rafferty didn't think her that accomplished an actress, no matter how much her husband might have primed her.
  46. At this point, the stock was potentially primed for a directional move, and another long position was justified.
  47. Not only do the items have to be correctly priced, but also that the market is receptive, primed and ready if you like.
  48. Its three black masts dominated the bay of Dorini like primed Harpoon missiles locked onto a delicate conservation sanctuary.
  49. He felt relieved his mask was finally cast off, feeling primed and ready for everything that the Patriarch would throw at him.
  50. Hearing Sheena’s shout Dawn skidded to a halt, turning quickly, gun at the ready, primed to kill any cat that threatened them.
  51. Maybe if she spared a few hours to rest, she would be primed to assist when night fell and the outside forces were able to move into action.
  52. Marian, primed to a humorous mood, would discover the queer-shaped flints aforesaid, and shriek with laughter, Tess remaining severely obtuse.
  53. The area was now primed for the explosion – all of the packages could be detonated by the use of one remote – carried by Hu Lyang only!.
  54. Was there a political cover-up of the Wong and Tse murders, was a political time-bomb primed to go off, and who and where was the killer now?
  55. Early in the twentieth century, he was supported by perhaps a single assistant who primed the spring-barrier, as well as the clerk of the course.
  56. To be obsessively apathetic is to be compulsively bored and therefore constantly primed to be triggered – one's will is exchanged for game 425.
  57. When the line is dramatically extended to the upside, it could indicate that the move is already overdone and potentially primed for a small reversal.
  58. So he removed a neutron grenade from his utility belt, primed its remote detonator; threw it towards the main building, then ran towards the B'tari craft.
  59. He glared down at the broken thing, primed to hit it some more, but the only motion it made now was an occasional twitch of a leg or quiver of an antenna.
  60. An hour later, Buseth returned, primed to question Stacey about his bad information, only to find Tovar struggling to free himself from the electrical cord.
  61. They primed themselves on being profound businessmen and making sure their father's business way succeeded in future investments even after Fat Sal's death.
  62. The easiest, most traditional and biologically primal TPT is the fight/flight startle response – make someone afraid and they are primed to flee or attack.
  63. You were so primed up with your elder's teaching last night that now you have to let it off on me, Alexey, man of God! said Rakitin, with a smile of hatred.
  64. The selling has been absorbed, the market has been tested for further selling, and the low volume test signals success, Duke Energy is now primed and ready to move.
  65. Then, when you go off the diet—which you have to, because no severe calorie restriction diet is sustainable—your body is primed to gain the weight back, and more.
  66. One challenge is assessing the strength of the trend while looking for that fine line between a very strong market and one that is overextended, perhaps primed for reversal.
  67. Perhaps Jersey Shore in fact went out to the Jersey Shore for some GTL (gym, tanning, and laundry à la MTV’s The Jersey Shore), but Shark was seated, primed, and making more.
  68. For instance, all other things being equal, stopping out after three consecutive downward closes in stocks would be a bad plan because the market is usually primed for a bounce at that point.
  69. Taking cover behind one of the walls of the ruined house used by Ingrid, the Irgun fighter primed a grenade and, carefully calculating his throw, sent his grenade fly over the wall protecting him.
  70. This trade could potentially be executed mechanically, but many traders will find best results using this condition to identify markets primed to move and then executing those trades with discretion.
  71. Even when the slamming in the hallway stopped, she was primed for it to continue, and after rinsing the conditioner from her hair, she killed the water and the radio and pressed an ear to the shower wall.
  72. The audience is primed with alcohol and fantasies, the stripper has a better than usual body that’s been primped and prepared, and there's no time to see faults as he or she gyrates in a sexually provocative dance.
  73. But the judge or other legal functionary is so primed with the current hypocrisy that he himself, his colleagues, his wife, and his friends are all quite sure, despite what he does, that he is a good and sensible man.
  74. By the time the attack finally happens, the defender’s forces are exhausted from the tension of standing high watches in anticipation while the attacker’s forces, rested after their journey, are primed for the attack.
  75. With the dramatic crash of the stock market, and the ensuing economic crises, which now had knocked the nation to its knees, we became confident that our Operation NewVision would find our audience primed to take up our call for an armed revolution.
  76. In the section on trend lines in Chapter 3, we looked at how a set of steeper trend lines was needed to contain a trend that increases in strength; seeing many of these steeper, short trend lines is one warning that a market could be primed for a blow-off.
  77. I was certain he meant what he said and so when I sat down at the computer immediately after the telephone conversation I primed myself mentally to be cautious and in no way go overboard with the descriptions even though there was adequate material to whet the temptation.
  78. Hand grenades were primed and tossed into the openings, more explosions thundered, and two revolver-armed Charisians took over each window, firing into the smoke-filled interior to keep the defenders’ heads down while two more of the attackers assaulted the door bar with axes.
  79. Max then reported, Ok the sites that the Monitor blew up were all places that Jack was at meaning that he lied about the bombings being random, which also means that he probably has all the buildings in the city primed with explosives, which would explain how he could blow up the hotel.
  80. Take the safety off, point it that way and squeeze the trigger Stu instructed, as he pointed over the desk towards Mophi’s position, he showed Spock the safety catch, which he applied in case the big lad got trigger happy and set the gun in the rapid fire position and primed the chamber.
  81. How normal can you appear with a chip inside your head, primed to unleash its torture at the whim of its controller? Actually, that controller was most likely to be an AI or even something more basic, programmed to identify certain words or actions – anything that may be a threat to the conspiracy.
  82. I have primed Wiesse that we are expecting an extra incomer and assume, again from what you wrote, that it is someone with Errdian heritage – unless they are totally unsuitable, and I sincerely doubt you would be sending them across if that were the case, there will be no problem allowing him or her to stay.
  83. The gallant combatant came well primed by his master the duke as to how he was to bear himself against the valiant Don Quixote of La Mancha; being warned that he must on no account slay him, but strive to shirk the first encounter so as to avoid the risk of killing him, as he was sure to do if he met him full tilt.
  84. Also, as a result of missing an opportunity in September 2008 to make big money on the short side by playing what was the true short-selling “sweet spot” too lightly, and given that I “knew” the financials were going down, I was primed to make big money shorting banks, brokers, insurers, commercial REITs, whatever else I was certain was about to collapse as a result of the “final solution” in the 2008-2009 financial crisis.
  85. Having in this judicious manner primed Mr Mucklewheel as to the procedure, I suddenly recollected that I had a letter to write to catch the post, and having told him so, Maybe, quo’ I, ye would step the length of Mr Birky’s and see how he is inclined, and by the time I am done writing, ye can be back; for after all that we have been saying, and the warm and friendly interest you have taken in this business, I really would not wish my friends to stir in it, unless it is to be done in a satisfactory manner.
  86. While the men made bullets and the women lint, while a large saucepan of melted brass and lead, destined to the bullet-mould smoked over a glowing brazier, while the sentinels watched, weapon in hand, on the barricade, while Enjolras, whom it was impossible to divert, kept an eye on the sentinels, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Jean Prouvaire, Feuilly, Bossuet, Joly, Bahorel, and some others, sought each other out and united as in the most peaceful days of their conversations in their student life, and, in one corner of this wine-shop which had been converted into a casement, a couple of paces distant from the redoubt which they had built, with their carbines loaded and primed resting against the backs of their chairs, these fine young fellows, so close to a supreme hour, began to recite love.
  87. Batistuta was primed to enter,.
  88. He primed the weapon and began to walk towards the sign,.
  1. Of the primes.
  2. Of the term primes.
  3. The first 25 primes.
  4. Our life was full of joy we were in our primes.
  5. It primes our brain; it trains and conditions us to know that there’s more than enough.
  6. He bared his teeth and snarled and the other primes responded as one, emoting some primal bloodlust.
  7. Primes Minister Antonis Samaras further promised that its wage cuts for the elite of society will be law soon too.
  8. Zar lashed out a taloned hand, tearing out the throat and leaning his head back to swallow it whole, and the primes fell onto their bloodfeast with a renewed voracity, shredding and tearing away the meat and the sinew, stripping the bones of marrow and spitting out the broken shards.

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