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    1. It is for us to select the events

    2. And how should you select the witnesses? Anybody of sound mind and body will do

    3. One can select magazines, newspapers, sites and TV channels for whom the site provides on-line linkage

    4. think that God heals only select individuals, and you never know whether

    5. ‘Ah, the secret is that I have only introduced Liz to a very select few

    6. If the church could select men to carry out a certain work then it can do so today

    7. It took only a few levels of buttons to select out that part of the crew, but he was working with data from H

    8. When proper preparation has been made and the time comes to select an eldership, great

    9. care should be taken NOT to select elders based upon the domestic qualifications (husband

    10. I spent hours trying to recall the faces and names of the taken, wondering which of the select band might be behind those other doors

    1. These are just a few examples selected from IG commercial members’ catalogs, because I know these products and feel confident in recommending them to you

    2. Ingredients: SUPERSEAWEED is a blend of over five liquid seaweed’s from around the world, selected especially for their purity (no heavy metals, toxin’s, etc

    3. Once the shiny Audi was out of sight he made his heavy way back into the station and fished an old battered phone from his pocket and selected a speed dial number that picked up quickly

    4. Some still glanced at the sunset the Haadij had selected for this meeting, but all had seen many like it at meetings during the crossing

    5. In the first century they had the apostles to rely on but even then when there were men to be selected for certain task in Jerusalem (Acts 6) they

    6. Generations of the abaya had selected for pretty eyes among the female population

    7. selected by the elders in carrying out any obligation of the church, that obligation growing out of that for which there is approved example, necessary inference or a direct statement

    8. some brethren be selected as “leaders of the church” However, this would not solve but

    9. ’ She looked at the handset wondering which of the buttons had to be selected to terminate the call then held the gadget out to Iain with a helpless expression

    10. The Promise of Hope: Now and Selected Poems (to be published in 2014

    1. Share this eBook with anyone and everyone automatically by selecting any of the options below:

    2. He spent an hour selecting the right timbers to block in the crate exactly

    3. Selecting a chair that put her back against the wall, facing into the room, Kara settled herself, from habit scanning the room for potential danger

    4. Selecting words and forms and gestures

    5. ’ He paused for a moment as though selecting his words

    6. mean you have to limit your imagination when it comes to selecting gifts for your partner

    7. The controller responds to user interactions, with the application, by selecting the action method to

    8. execute and also selecting the view to render

    9. While they do this, I go through the kitchen cupboards, selecting the few utensils going back with us and packing the rest into boxes to be sold

    10. You can help them in selecting a good theme

    1. With only a moment’s hesitation, Berndt selects our route and we set off; Berndt leading, me in the middle and Joris bringing up the rear

    2. 'You see,' Mr Cutler cleared his throat, 'the AIS selects from the nominations of

    3. She looks through the items hanging in my wardrobe and then selects a brown dress

    4. I spend the evening typing up Ann’s information about the finances and how the Foundation selects tenants, tying this in with what I already know

    5. He picks up a set of kitchen measures and selects the one marked up as tablespoon sized

    6. He selects records from his collection, talks her through the stories and the lives, and pins the melody to his own life

    7. She is sitting on the floor, resting her head on his knee as he selects records and tracks, and cues them up on the turntable

    8. He selects two sachets and hands them over with the two other wraps to the boy

    9. In the cafeteria he pays for his coffee and selects a table by a window that looks out onto a small garden area

    10. How will you be paying?" Dave fishes his wallet out of his jeans and selects a credit card

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    choose pick out select take blue-ribbon choice prime prize quality pick elect prefer decide cull winnow best preferred elite chosen exclusive cream picked