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    1. example of this; even though God’s full promise to him

    2. promise was for the future generations, which was

    3. Rom: 4:16: Therefore, it is of faith that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed;

    4. Gal: 3:29: And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise

    5. God fulfilled this promise stipulated in that covenant

    6. "I'm sorry, I promise I'll be back to explain when this is all over but right now I'm in a hurry, and I am under confidentiality oath

    7. When a child breaks a clay doll we tell him not to cry and promise a new one

    8. This is your opportunity to live your greatest promise, highest self

    9. had broken He promise to you

    10. It is a promise

    11. It is my promise to you both that I give you the chance to

    12. However, the net result is that Emma has made me promise I will not move back to the house … which is all well and good for her … but where am I to go?

    13. Adrian and I are worried sick that mum will move back to Bridgwater, even though I have made her promise she won’t

    14. "You can trust me not to tell even if it is stolen, I promise not to tell and I won't, but I will not promise to approve

    15. His promise is always in effect:

    16. I promise you'll make good on that investment

    17. I promise you Morg will be next up," she said, "Till then you'll have to be content with me and cherubs

    18. Abraham was old, but believed God’s promise about his descendants

    19. opposition of that promise

    20. He did not waver at the promise

    21. God, you may receive the promise:

    22. He could almost taste the promise held in the way

    23. He is the Promise, the Gift, the Seal, the

    24. I promise to let her know if the situation changes at all

    25. In the bar, wrapped in the warm embrace of alcohol and the fantastic promise

    26. world, an air that brings with it the promise of silence on snowfall, of the wandering

    27. The Holy Spirit, Who has been given to us as a promise, will

    28. …there is no promise in the Bible more important than Mathew

    29. second kiss claiming the promise that he had given the man

    30. ---> (Angry) What happened to the promise? You

    31. ‘I’ll not fall over through lack of food, I promise you

    32. Concerning their reward, what could be more alluring than the promise of a blissful “life after death” – even if it is intended only for “a few, chosen ones”?

    33. “Thanks, Yvonne, but I have already arranged that with Martha, one of my colleagues; I can't go back on my promise now,” she replied fast

    34. ’ She said wisely; I promise to try my best

    35. Can’t promise anything either

    36. I promise its safe

    37. His main claim to fame in these still relatively tender years had been a youth appearance for Scotland, although sadly a combination of injury and a tendency towards dilettantism meant that such early promise remained as yet unfulfilled

    38. He thought of Lyla and the promise the

    39. Ram: If it chases you, there will be a delay in paying a debt or fulfilling a promise; if it hits you, it augurs loss of money

    40. In the bar, wrapped in the warm embrace of alcohol and the fantastic promise of the boy with the tousled hair and that cheeky smile, she had suddenly felt compelled to decline the offer of more fun

    41. "I made you promise to be my guide to Zhlindu, but I think I can find my way now

    42. The Promise of Hope: Now and Selected Poems (to be published in 2014

    43. It is through them that the promise of Abraham continues

    44. “11 Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands; 12 that at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: 13 but now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ

    45. The current state of Israel is indeed a fulfillment of prophecy, but not a fulfillment of promise

    46. and the promise of

    47. Be back before eleven, will you, promise?

    48. Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear

    49. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call

    50. The present, political state of Israel is indeed, in every way, the nation of (and national fulfillment of) prophecy, but not yet the nation of promise

    1. according as the LORD thy God promised him

    2. promised to bless through Abraham our father of faith

    3. God, on His part of the covenant promised to give them

    4. She had promised Kulai she would be back by the end of next week but if she was taken down to Gengee it would be several more weeks, especially if she had to book passage on a commercial ship to get home

    5. Stephen promised he would be back for the next bout of questions

    6. ’ I promised, catching up with her

    7. ’ He promised in that tone of voice which tells me that he will do no such thing

    8. ’ He promised, kissing me on the cheek and dashing off

    9. Tahlmute agreed to pay doostEr for his wasted time, and promised he would get this straightened out

    10. They had promised themselves this break for months and now that it had come they were determined to take it

    11. They promised safeguards,

    12. When saying goodbye she promised me to read the Bible

    13. to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He

    14. I’ve promised to get Liz to ring her back

    15. depth of his features, a smile that warned, a smile that promised destruction once the

    16. This was close enough to what she and Morg promised each other wasn't it? If we meet again after this separation, they would give each other fully

    17. We promised each other that when that separation was over, we would be together

    18. who believed in nothing now had promised

    19. of Israel to the promised land

    20. Meester? You promised your Chief a treasure map

    21. They were exactly as promised in scripture, grand and fragrant cool palaces with every delight at hand, even the delights of the flesh

    22. “As about the third child I intend to have in the future, I have already promised that to Nicolas, another colleague!” she went on hastily

    23. now why am I not surprised by this? As promised, I send Nick a text message

    24. For that Jaseem promised him another bottle of scotch

    25. We promised to be good little boys

    26. “Sort of promised I’d read his Holy Book

    27. His face wore a permanent smile, a smile that started in his eyes and spread across the full depth of his features, a smile that warned, a smile that promised destruction once the fun was done with

    28. “I saved your life before, because I promised myself that I would

    29. For the Jews, when you came into the Promised Land, your family was given a piece of land

    30. He has claimed to be all these things, and has promised all of these things… but where is the evidence? Who is really bringing peace? Who is really Lord? This was the Gospel

    31. But Daniel was also promised that resurrection (Daniel 12:13)

    32. They are promised in Deuteronomy 28:1 and 13 that they will be set on high above all nations of the earth, and they shall be the head and not the tail

    33. They promised that they could go and visit Joe and Fred

    34. Maybe the reason for our looking up is not so much to see if Jesus is coming, but to receive that strength that has been promised to equip us through that time

    35. Daniel was promised this resurrection (see the last verse of the book of Daniel)

    36. As promised, Gilla has put on a fine spread and I am just sitting down to a plate of bacon, eggs and some sort of local sausage when the men appear

    37. As promised, the wagon arrives within the hour and we set off

    38. ’ Berndt promised, with a weather eye to the crew member doing something technical with a rope nearby

    39. As Drens promised, we do sight land the following day … but not until late afternoon, and even then, it is only the merest smudge on the horizon

    40. In honor of her first trip from home, he'd already promised her he'd take a year off and take her all the way in to Zhlindu and not just Shempala where he usually went

    41. The truth was that she was more than just an old professional; she was, in the vaguest sense, Archibald's Fairy Godmother, having promised his father that she would look after the boy when he most needed it

    42. I look at her sceptically as I contemplate the coming days … I don’t think lucky is a word I’d apply myself at this particular moment … still, I do have that soothing lotion Gilla promised me

    43. She promised, swearing blue and blind to every saint and deity that she could think of, that she would be good from now on, but no matter how much she pleaded and cried, her father would not to be moved

    44. "I promised him only that I would be his guide to Zhlindu

    45. I promised myself I would not casually toss aside a guy who fulfilled my desires

    46. As promised, Berndt wakes me, knocking on the door and responding to my sleepy grunt, by coming into the room

    47. Dr Paul returned to Dragons Hill as he promised every 4 weeks to check on the women

    48. She and her dragon, Lady Ursula, promised they would not engage in any fighting

    49. She pressed him to tell her everything, which he did, including the part where the poor unfortunate man had promised to remember them if they ever needed help

    50. The phone rang a few times and was answered by the businessman’s wife, who, on hearing that it was the fisherman who was calling, immediately promised him that she and her husband would sort this small thing out

    1. stipulations which consist of agreements and promises

    2. Here we see the promises God made with Abraham when

    3. The one who was organized, kept promises and understood everything they talked about

    4. God does not have outstanding unfulfilled promises

    5. that if He promises to be with you, He will keep that

    6. We are born again in the same Spirit! We all have the same promises

    7. God promises: “I will show you great and

    8. He teaches us to grab a physical hold of all the promises

    9. tained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of

    10. promises: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and

    11. promises that you have given me

    12. having received all His promises

    13. dren and all the other promises that the Heavenly Father has prepared

    14. Covenant Breaker – His word was false; his promises were untrue

    15. Once the now customary tears have passed, I ring Brenda and ask if it would be all right for me to have a few days off – she agrees that this is reasonable and promises to make sure that someone is on call just in case there is a problem

    16. anything that promises to relieve them

    17. “Promises, promises!” She retorted with a sultry smile, and turned and went to look for Becky

    18. That in itself can include promises – for those who don’t want to include Gotte in their vows

    19. Having convinced him I am settled, Berndt rides off to inform his mother of his change of status, his promises that he will be back within the week if he can, ringing in my ears as I watch him leave

    20. ‘Can’t make any promises, but we could stop there for coffee … probably won’t find anywhere open … it’s still early … but we can have a look … seems silly to come all this way and not set foot in the town … we’ll want a break by then anyway

    21. Simon scribbles down dates and promises to get back to Peter as soon as we’ve decided on the most suitable

    22. some of his promises

    23. Alastair promises to pick up some new ones when he goes to the music shop tomorrow

    24. When she promises to live with Simon as long as they both shall live, it is Simon who looks close to tears

    25. I have intentionally placed bold exaggerated promises in this book

    26. seemed to cover the general tenor of his promises

    27. He breathes deeply, swears quietly once more, and promises himself that he will never work for foreign bloody bastards again

    28. It seemed that Bram too lived up to his promises, especially his

    29. Leona calls her boyfriend on her mobile and he promises to come round and give her a lift

    30. Allcock, true to his promises, had forwarded the required reading for aspiring College entrants, which he acquired from the University directly

    31. She promises herself that she will see this through

    32. A world of inner promises and deals, the life changes writ large for a moment, meant truly, forever, anything now that prayers have been answered

    33. Roman thought the statement sounded a bit rehearsed, like the promises of

    34. hearing promises of what the night would bring

    35. will fulfill these promises

    36. They boldly stand by faith in God’s promises

    37. As he spoke the promises of God into the man's life you could see his countenance change to joy and hope

    38. When we speak the promises of God to them and give them a vision of their life in God then they will have power to live that vision

    39. False spiritualities are a quest for power that Satan promises men in exchange for authority

    40. If God would take the kingdom from those who had been promised so many promises, because they did not believe, then how much more could it happen to us, who were adopted and grafted in

    41. His love and believe His promises

    42. promises of the website printout I was clutching

    43. A strange man full of promises come to take her away

    44. promises on the website might not necessarily turn out to

    45. As you, by faith, step into the promises of

    46. willingness to contend for the promises, like Jacob who wrestled

    47. I'm not making any promises yet

    48. There are two promises in Joel

    49. with God and hold onto His promises and freedom

    50. For this, God promises that he will “command

    1. I’ve been promising myself a plant for the kitchen table for a while now, but the local supermarket only stocks flowering plants which don’t appeal to me

    2. Then, just before the door slammed shut again, The Kid poked his head into the cell and said, “Not promising anything, but I’ll see what I can do

    3. But on Afternoonday she packed him up and sent him off, promising to keep the home, children and ranch safe from all but asteroid impact in his absence

    4. Queenie put his mind at ease by promising that nothing would happen to any of them

    5. At the end of the meal the two men said their goodbyes to the landlord and headed for the car park, the businessman promising to drop his friend a line shortly to confirm the details discussed

    6. How was your trip to North Wales?’ She starts telling me about it but a voice from her house calls out ‘Mum!’ and with a sigh she turns, promising that we will get together for a catch up session soon

    7. The fourth one looks more promising – they have several outfits which are stylish and elegant but not ‘middle aged’

    8. After he left, and she thought she was alone, I heard her call out to her dead sisters promising them that she would try to complete their mission

    9. Peter goes on to explain that in return for me promising to honour and obey, Simon is promising to love and cherish me … more than a fair exchange, I reckon

    10. businessman promising to drop his friend a line shortly to confirm

    11. It all sounds highly promising

    12. Although the young man was handsome, promising and attracted to the young beauty, her tastes were for a more wholesome and ruggedly capable ideal for a mate, not the moony-eyed heir to wealth and fortune

    13. Promising that some food would be forthcoming before nine, the sergeant pointed out the facilities and left Andy, as he put it, to grab a bit of peace and quiet

    14. thanks profusely, promising to take up her kind invitation as soon as

    15. This approach seemed much more promising, and he

    16. She wanted to shout, ‘You’ve met Pneika!’ Though it was just moments after promising he wouldn’t make her angry

    17. Normally she would want to know someone longer than that before promising to guide them to Zhlindu and back

    18. She sent a brief notice of their intentions by wire, promising more details would soon be forthcoming by correspondence

    19. the gallery on the promising future of baseball and of graduation

    20. If you feel that God is promising someone a baby you might want to carefully ask them if they are trying for a child

    21. smiled broadly at this promising start to their relationship

    22. It was promising to be a very long and difficult

    23. billowing over the plains across the river, promising

    24. We all are dreamers though some of us are more gifted intellectually and develop a greater ability to analyze ideas and retain the most promising ones, even transforming them into reality

    25. Despite of a little promising start, the trip to

    26. See brothers, all’s pretty and promising

    27. Promising an immediate benefit is a good

    28. Promising them a benefit is

    29. with life, the white clouds promising

    30. Their Breton mother, true to form in all of her formidable petiteness and feistiness, swore to protect her tall and broad-shouldered Redguard husband from any and all menaces with everything in her – promising to rip them apart with her bare hands, even

    31. The path, rocky and verdant on either side, sloped upward and grew ever more promising while horse and rider continued their trek

    32. She was determined to return to him with the information she had gathered thus far, and to also see if he had come across any promising leads of his own

    33. promising the best meal that she’d ever known

    34. There was also a familiar and promising rushing sound, a roar of what Penelope hoped was water

    35. But nearly all of them were wondering what had become of not only their Guild Master and the promising recruit, but now also Brynjolf – who had for years been a steady second hand at the helm

    36. And rather promising

    37. I sometimes wonder just how we could have lost such promising soldiers to the kind of mad vanity we’re seeing now

    38. The determined young woman, the latest and most promising recruit she had seen in a while, was related to this mystery

    39. ” Sammy pulled his cock out when the flowing was definitely over and done with, dressed himself hurriedly, almost without realizing what he was doing, and left the house after promising he would be back the following day

    40. God goes further; promising that an event of this nature would never happen again

    41. “Later,” she agreed and smiled with a promising look

    42. When she remembered promising Rex she would model

    43. The most promising animal was a solid black male, but a note on his cage said “Hold

    44. Will man ever be able to truly understand exactly what happens where in the brain while thoughts are occurring? And what about the distinction between thinking about a new subject as opposed to remembering an old one? Some perhaps promising speculation has recently centered on the neurons of the pre-frontal cortex (the cerebrum), with the corollary proposition that the greater number of axonic-dendritic connections between the neurons, the greater the potential intelligence

    45. Promising starts have been made in William Gairdner"s „The Trouble With Democracy," and David Stove"s „Against the Idols of the Age

    46. " For an even more promising start that examines the crimes of our so-called major Western philosophers in some detail, see Ayn Rand"s „For the New Intellectual

    47. Presuming that there was likely to be no more information, the adventurers made their excuses, promising to tell Balzar about his brother when the retrieved the Globe, and Bleanor led them out to the blistering desert sands

    48. ” They were subsequently educated for a few hours until the good PT Sergeant got bored and left for dinner casting a promising for more vengeance over his shoulder

    49. On hands and knees, Amaranthe crossed the room, probing at promising rifts

    50. although I believe the prospect for future job creation on the domestic front will not be a very promising one

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