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Protrude en una oración (en ingles)

1. Her skin, pale, her cheek bones starting to protrude a bit.
2. Two seawalls protrude into the ocean from the north and south in a triangular.
3. Her name Belle Watling, said Uncle Peter, his lower lip beginning to protrude.
4. Her belly seemed to pull in and then to protrude toward his head, in and out, in and out.
5. But at the very moment that his tongue began to protrude the straps got loose, and he fell down.
6. As the blade was starting to protrude through his skin, Elena felt a deep ache in the same place.
7. The mud had also raised the ground level, making the house roof appear to protrude from the ground.

8. As his tongue turned black and started to protrude due to the swelling he simply closed his eyes and died.
9. Intricate designs cover every inch of their bodies except the parts that protrude beyond the cuffs and collars of their business suits.
10. Razor- sharp, they protrude forward from three powerful toes on each foot, while a hind toe on each foot carries a talon facing in the opposite direction.
11. His purple cloak concealed the twin blades slung about his shoulders, the straps adjusted to a low sling so not to allow the pommels to protrude above his shoulders.
12. But the most important change was at the back; when Lauren turned around, there was the hole again, perfectly sized and shaped to allow her wings to protrude unencumbered.
13. He breasts didn’t protrude in an outrageous manner and although her panties were huge she was thankful for them and how much of her backside they covered underneath her pants.
14. A panel of sorts opened up on the side of Amonas’ tank, allowing the machine to physically interface with a thin metal needle that suddenly appeared to protrude from its main bulk.
15. In spite of her exceptional stoutness, which caused her to protrude her chest and stomach and throw back her head, this woman (who was Uncle’s housekeeper) trod very lightly.
16. Peter’s sniffles stopped and Scarlett said nothing for she was still burning with the wrath she had not exploded in his underlip began to protrude gradually until it stuck out alarmingly.
17. It has also been observed that when the pollen of one species is placed on the stigma of a distantly allied species, though the pollen-tubes protrude, they do not penetrate the stigmatic surface.
18. What possibly could this man have to complain about? He was well dressed, had nice shoes, and was impeccably groomed, of course, except for his tubby stomach that seemed to protrude from his buttoned vest.
19. Hawley's disgust at the notion of the "Pioneer" being edited by an emissary, and of Brooke becoming actively political—as if a tortoise of desultory pursuits should protrude its small head ambitiously and become rampant—was hardly equal to the annoyance felt by some members of Mr.
20. The first thing he did was to turn round in the cage in which he lay, and protrude his claws, and stretch himself thoroughly; he next opened his mouth, and yawned very leisurely, and with near two palms' length of tongue that he had thrust forth, he licked the dust out of his eyes and washed his face; having done this, he put his head out of the cage and looked all round with eyes like glowing coals, a spectacle and demeanour to strike terror into temerity itself.
1. He found a rock protruding from.
2. A tent with two protruding heads.
3. The chips were protruding out of.
4. It was a box with rope protruding.
5. His eye looked like a protruding grape.
6. His skin clings to his protruding bones.
7. At the core of her anatomy, protruding.
8. He pouted, his bottom lip protruding.
9. I stared at the bone protruding from my calf.
10. He could see a leg protruding from under the.
11. Although he didn't have a protruding nose, his.
12. He had a lollipop stick protruding from his mouth.
13. Their curly blond hair and protruding noses made.
14. From above, he saw something protruding out of a.
15. Reaching protruding rocks that prevented further easy.
16. However, its forehead was slightly protruding, it had.
17. He had a human face with long antennae protruding from.
18. Others were large balls with heads protruding from them.
19. Al pointed to a big nail protruding from the flat casing.
20. Look out, there’s a protruding branch in front of you.
21. He looked at her and then at her slightly protruding belly.
22. Protruding from the murky water was the trail end of a car.
23. His protruding eyes were almost forced from their sockets.
24. A hesitant scowl formed on the man’s protruding lower jaw.
25. Avoiding the protruding rocks, the old man brought his boat.
26. Her protruding, bloodshot eyes had rolled and focused on me.
27. He had spotted something bulky protruding from the heavily-.
28. Oh, he said grabbing his protruding belly, this coffee.
29. Her second strike shattered one of its long, protruding fangs.
30. It felt considerably thinner than before, her ribs protruding.
31. Eyes protruding, tiny black irises on egg sized lumps of white.
32. Or, Shoop ground his heal into one of her protruding broken.
33. It meandered around stalagmites protruding from the cavern floor.
34. Alex noticed that she had a little habit of protruding the tip of.
35. Beside it Curly-beard held Padlimaird by one of his protruding ears.
36. Yes, Mama, Sarah nodded her head with her lip protruding sadly.
37. Margaret wore a shapeless black dress to cover her protruding figure.
38. I looked down at the bits of grass protruding through cracked cement.
39. She awoke in a hospital bed, with tubes protruding from all sorts of.
40. They looked like huge silver bugs with protruding ovals in their backs.
41. Protruding above the little valley below, it cannot be seen from behind.
42. Just an old rawhide flap that was barely protruding from the cavern wall.
43. Ailia looked down and saw an arrow protruding halfway out of her shoulder.
44. She leaned back on the couch and I put my hands on her protruding stomach.
45. Their oval-shaped bodies were covered with protruding, flexible antennae.
46. Then she wrapped her arms around a protruding shoulder, calling it Friend.
47. Aazuria felt the heavy fiberglass arrow protruding from her sister’s back.
48. Her hand slid down the edge of the door until she felt the protruding latch.
49. Protruding from Odin's mouth, snared between his sharp teeth, was the arrow.
50. Her hand moved down the edge of the door until she felt the protruding latch.
51. The tail of the cape had intentionally hooked it's self onto a protruding nail.
52. Her protruding jaw gave her an aggressive air that was not entirely misleading.
53. A protruding edge of the rock had caved in most of the back of Kevin’s skull.
54. Monique was by my side, her stomach protruding greatly beneath her black dress.
55. He peered between the dumpster and the protruding wall of the adjacent building.
56. One of them carried a handgun, its large grip protruding from one of his pockets.
57. He leaned against a protruding upper portion of a wing and sniffed exasperatedly.
58. Loewe was a tall, sensitive man with slightly protruding teeth and an awkward gait.
59. We walked up the trickling rivulet and soon were at the protruding galvanized pipe.
60. And then the surgeon produced a number of long sharp needles with wires protruding.
61. I stood over him, looking down, and saw something protruding from under his pillow.
62. There was a balcony on the floor below protruding beyond my window and I figured I.
63. Then he looked down at the arrowhead protruding from his chest, and nodded wearily.
64. Dawn could see the rawness of his tongue protruding from his mouth and swallowed hard.
65. One of them held a sack over his left shoulder, with feet protruding from the bottom.
66. His nose was large and hooked and he seemed rather jowly, with a protruding lower lip.
67. Tress picked up Titus’s discarded woodsman’s axe and smashed the protruding blade.
68. The idea of being wedged between a couple of oaks, her bare butt protruding into the.
69. He pulled from the glovebox a small suede sheath with a switchblade handle protruding.
70. The giant’s brow was protruding and thick, his body hairy, and his jaw like a mammoth.
71. Before the worker could register it, he was dead with the bolt protruding from his neck.
72. His nose was swollen up, and he had blood-soaked cotton wool protruding from his nostrils.
73. He pushed his way through the dense forest, trying to keep his feet amid the protruding 24.
74. This time I see myself in his arms, eyes drained, veins protruding, and my lips blue-black.
75. She swung round to face him, almost poking out her eye on a protruding branch in the process.
76. He finally realized that is was the point of a scimitar blade protruding from the loose sand.
77. Her chin was graceful but protruding in a resolute way, as it always had in her childhood too.
78. Its jaws opened wide showing large, yellow teeth with fangs protruding down from the top row.
79. One corpse, missing a right foot, had a protruding snout, the large and red flesh of a dracoid.
80. The hand and the unbuttoned shirt front became part of a large man with a protruding belly.
81. Cautiously, he gripped the wire protruding from the detonator, and pulled it very, very gently.
82. He had a metal rod protruding from his head, and bite marks ran across his green arms and neck.
83. The villager had seen the rear of the car protruding from the waters and had called the police.
84. In one jeans pocket, something—some papers rolled up and shoved inside, the edges protruding.
85. At the same moment the driver noticed a uniform boot protruding from the shrubbery to his right.
86. Both of them were blue-lipped and insensible, with swollen, congested faces and protruding eyes.
87. Moments later he entered the room with a small wooden box with several wires protruding from it.
88. A young cop with ruddy, protruding ears came to the threshold and told Stark that I had visitors.
89. It slid into place with a satisfying click; and then she grasped the protruding end and turned it.
90. The handle of a knife was protruding from the skeleton’s ribcage, firmly wedged between two ribs.
91. The voice belonged to a man, tall and lean, with horns like those of a ram protruding from his head.
92. The tip of a sword could be seen already protruding through the thin door as they hacked away at it.
93. She couldn’t and ended up gagging leaving a globs of salvia protruding down the side of his shaft.
94. There were four protruding fingers and a horrid red, spongy surface where the thumb should have been.
95. It wore a doctor’s uniform and had a wooden stake protruding from the spot where a heart should be.
96. You had better be quiet here, he said in a hoarse voice, frowning, and protruding his lower jaw.
97. He could see a number of large fins protruding from the water and moving slowly in random directions.
98. He hauled the shawl more tightly about his arms and was aware of protruding eyes all through the hall.
99. The man was standing with his neck outstretched and his lips protruding, with a pale and frenzied face.
100. His protruding underlip retreated to normal as swiftly as a turtle withdraws its head beneath its shell.
1. Her arms protruded from the.
2. The Null protruded from his.
3. The veins in his neck protruded.
4. The boy's skin protruded a square.
5. A pair of boots protruded from the.
6. The bones of which protruded more from the.
7. A tip of rag protruded which was stained red.
8. Shards of broken bone protruded from his skin.
9. Her aroused swollen clit protruded erect from.
10. The roots of some of the larger trees protruded.
11. They protruded two inches through the flat surface.
12. Her hipbones protruded slightly and the gown fell.
13. Only the glider’s tail protruded from the trailer.
14. Various instruments protruded from attached casings.
15. A knife hilt protruded from between his shoulder blades.
16. Painted white hands protruded from the cage, curled like.
17. A goat with a stick protruded through his mouth lay there.
18. Its head protruded a bit in the front and it had green and.
19. After the deed the metal tongue of the lock still protruded.
20. Now only the accused pair's torsos protruded from the ground.
21. Rough edges and the backs of already rusting hinges protruded.
22. The knife protruded from her chest, and she was not breathing.
23. High weeds protruded through the dirt ground, lining the walls.
24. Red, blue and green seashells protruded out of the golden sand.
25. His veil covered his beard, but bristly stray hairs protruded.
26. John’s under lip protruded, and his upper lip curled a moment.
27. His lips, from which the big nails protruded, were thin and red.
28. Two sausage-sized, eel-green appendages protruded from the void.
29. On its back were ten horns, which protruded from its spinal cord.
30. Above her head there were branches that protruded from the woods.
31. And from between the lips protruded a tail, a fluffy ginger tail.
32. Enormous, its unsightly face protruded from the other side of the.
33. His eyes protruded, the pupils dilated, and his mouth opened a slit.
34. One hand rested on a gun that protruded obscenely from his waistband.
35. Lion jaws protruded from its back and chewed the horse’s face away.
36. The hilt of a knife protruded from the soapy water and Ciere seized it.
37. His red tongue protruded in a licking motion as he washed his furry paw.
38. Her arms and legs were thin with malnourishment, but her belly protruded.
39. He saw small holes in the soil where metal cubes protruded from the earth.
40. Around his waist, a webbed belt held a holster, and from that, protruded.
41. They pointed to the face and the cord that protruded from its swollen lips.
42. His hands flew to his neck, his eyes were distended, his tongue protruded.
43. The broken off haft of a javelin still protruded from the man’s left side.
44. Her tongue protruded slightly, and this disturbed Hal more than anything else.
45. Vinnie’s chin protruded in thought and he nodded his head in a cocky gesture.
46. Deep rifts where the material had been shredded and tufts of padding protruded.
47. From under the bed there protruded an open portmanteau full of bundles of rags.
48. The cliffs were high and steep, but luckily for me some tree-roots protruded in.
49. From its rounded body protruded several branches upon which beads of light shined.
50. For a minute or more the hand, with its writhing fingers, protruded out of the floor.
51. Even rounder than the rest of her body, her belly protruded almost to the screen door.
52. In the center of the floor a pink crystal as large as he was protruded from the floor.
53. Triremes, chows and caravels protruded at strange angles from the general wooden chaos.
54. Stalagmites and stalactites protruded at precipitous angles from the earth and ceiling.
55. She walked with a hump in her back and her spine protruded out, pushing out of her body.
56. Yuta’s body protruded horizontally from the wall of mud and rock about ten meters above.
57. Moshe viewed the motley procession below him from a low promontory that protruded sharply.
58. He had coarse features, a blunt nose, a convex and receding brow, tumid and protruded lips.
59. He discovered as he did so that the knife point protruded from her back, when it cut his arm.
60. God had chosen not to trouble them by giving them a protruded ass and instead gave them a tail.
61. His size forty-seven waist protruded obscenely, as did his customary, nine-incher Cuban cigar.
62. His lips clamped closed, his jaw biting so hard together that the muscles protruded in his face.
63. Its massive, crimson antennae protruded over the deep water as it pointed them at the troll folk.
64. It wasn’t surprising they’d missed the large dome that barely protruded above the rough plain.
65. They melted like waxen images, their faces collapsed inward on their sharp bones, their teeth protruded.
66. Tommy Pike had a very thin face and the way his ears protruded from his head it lent him a comical look.
67. Their masses of teeth protruded at almost 90 degree angles, layers and layers of the sharp serrated edges.
68. She walked around the wide trunk, stepping in between massive roots that protruded through the mossy ground.
69. The sounds of a song bird twilling out its morning lullaby protruded its lovely notes into my consciousness.
70. Her eyes glowed red above an open fang filled mouth and two small, red horns protruded through her black hair.
71. Something hovered above the manticore’s head—the ball of quills, from which protruded the shiny black stinger.
72. She fiddled until her hair was pulled away from her face and her small ears protruded for the first time in years.
73. Giant crystals of every color protruded into the space, ranging from the size of a fist to the size of a building.
74. The audience were perched on flimsy tiers of wooden planks on three sides, and the stage protruded from the fourth.
75. My hair, from below my hat, protruded at straight angles, extending into the weird plasma field that surrounded me.
76. The other eye was small, his trouser band and from the top of his tattered boot protruded the hilt of a bowie knife.
77. It protruded a good eight centimetres over his belt partially concealing a large gold buckle in the shape of a bull.
78. Emory’s knees buckled and Petra watched in horror as the sword sunk deeper and a silver tip protruded from his back.
79. His chubby little hands were attached to his fat little arms, and sloping down behind his waist protruded his fat butt.
80. None of the rungs had survived, all that was left were some of the support bars that protruded from the blackened walls.
81. The broken bone no longer protruded from my leg, but the many stab wounds remained, hidden amongst the blood covering me.
82. A few jagged corners of the PSP protruded into the blackness cutting into those unfortunate enough to brush against them.
83. His cheekbones protruded beneath misty eyes, and added shadow to a speckled skin that was once flush with pride and color.
84. She looked so beautiful, wet and happy with her thumb protruded he wanted to vault over the sill and swing her in his arms.
85. Slowly the powerful neck and shoulders spread the bars apart, and the lithe body protruded farther and farther into the room.
86. An enormous two-handed broadsword protruded from a sheath on his back and just the sight of it both terrified and intrigued Eilidh.
87. Her nightgown was mostly covered with her blood from the waist up, because Nemia’s largest kitchen knife protruded from her chest.
88. On their backs were oval shields, in their noses huge rings, while from the kinky wool of their heads protruded tufts of gay feathers.
89. After standing there for a long while, he stepped up closer, and touched with his foot the stiffened arm of the corpse which protruded.
90. Its wings were narrow and mounted high on the fuselage, and its delicate bomb bay doors protruded slightly from the bottom of the plane.
91. Two tiny wings protruded near the middle of the hull, and the overall impression was that of a huge whale propped up on three metal legs.
92. Her tongue fully protruded from her mouth, and was dripping with blood, having recently been licking around the inside of the man’s throat.
93. Ben was thinking they had come to their end when a snout and part of the jaws of a shark protruded through the opening and snapped at his arm.
94. His paws had long sharp claws and his mouth had long sharp teeth, two of which protruded from his upper jaw and curved slightly over his lower lip.
95. From the ragged sleeves of the blue shirt wrists like big grapevines protruded, and hands sheathed in brown calluses crisscrossed with barnacle cuts.
96. He was a white guy in his fifties with a mild beer gut, a double chin, and very short white hair that slightly protruded from under his light brown cap.
97. From his Skull, two Cows’ Horns protruded, as if they would spear the Sky, and cov’ring his Head where Hair would be, was a matted Carpet of Lambswool.
98. Murrow could see clearly from here the nose part of the SPS-10A space plane as it protruded from under the support pylon partially covering its upper parts.
99. Mary was breathing very heavy now and her nipples were once again erect and her areola protruded with them forming small pink peaks at the crest of her breasts.
100. A monstrous head protruded from behind the divan, a reptilian head, broad as the head of a crocodile, with down-curving fangs that projected over the lower jaw.
1. Her belly protrudes beneath a stretched top, a pregnant quaking mound.
2. He’s alive, but his ankle is badly broken, a sharp edge of bone protrudes from the joint.
3. While healing, there is scarring, which leaves a skin tag behind that protrudes from the anus.
4. Think in terms of practicality and the answer presents itself: the skin protrudes into the holes.
5. Several centimetres of the plastic tubing still protrudes from his body and Lewis looks at it closely.
6. Marcus picks up Caleb’s revolver and turns it in his hand so the butt of the gun protrudes from his fist.
7. When the trend is up, we can define noise as that part of each day's range that protrudes below the previous day's low.
8. When the trend is down, we can define noise as that part of each day's range that protrudes above the previous day's high.
9. My helmsman is stationed behind the windows of a pilothouse, which protrudes from the topside of the Nautilus's hull and is fitted with biconvex glass.
10. His shoulders are rounded from much study, and his face protrudes forward, and is forever slowly oscillating from side to side in a curiously reptilian fashion.
11. Everybody knows the look of power associated with a square brow: it is not that the square forehead gives the look of a larger brain capacity, for if the forehead protrudes in a curved line, as at C, the look of power is lost, although there is obviously more room for brains.

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