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Protrude in a sentence

Her skin, pale, her cheek bones starting to protrude a bit.
Two seawalls protrude into the ocean from the north and south in a triangular.
Her name Belle Watling, said Uncle Peter, his lower lip beginning to protrude.
Her belly seemed to pull in and then to protrude toward his head, in and out, in and out.
As the blade was starting to protrude through his skin, Elena felt a deep ache in the same place.
But at the very moment that his tongue began to protrude the straps got loose, and he fell down.
The mud had also raised the ground level, making the house roof appear to protrude from the ground.

As his tongue turned black and started to protrude due to the swelling he simply closed his eyes and died.
Intricate designs cover every inch of their bodies except the parts that protrude beyond the cuffs and collars of their business suits.
Razor- sharp, they protrude forward from three powerful toes on each foot, while a hind toe on each foot carries a talon facing in the opposite direction.
His purple cloak concealed the twin blades slung about his shoulders, the straps adjusted to a low sling so not to allow the pommels to protrude above his shoulders.
But the most important change was at the back; when Lauren turned around, there was the hole again, perfectly sized and shaped to allow her wings to protrude unencumbered.
He breasts didn’t protrude in an outrageous manner and although her panties were huge she was thankful for them and how much of her backside they covered underneath her pants.
A panel of sorts opened up on the side of Amonas’ tank, allowing the machine to physically interface with a thin metal needle that suddenly appeared to protrude from its main bulk.
In spite of her exceptional stoutness, which caused her to protrude her chest and stomach and throw back her head, this woman (who was Uncle’s housekeeper) trod very lightly.
Peter’s sniffles stopped and Scarlett said nothing for she was still burning with the wrath she had not exploded in his underlip began to protrude gradually until it stuck out alarmingly.
It has also been observed that when the pollen of one species is placed on the stigma of a distantly allied species, though the pollen-tubes protrude, they do not penetrate the stigmatic surface.
What possibly could this man have to complain about? He was well dressed, had nice shoes, and was impeccably groomed, of course, except for his tubby stomach that seemed to protrude from his buttoned vest.
Hawley's disgust at the notion of the "Pioneer" being edited by an emissary, and of Brooke becoming actively political—as if a tortoise of desultory pursuits should protrude its small head ambitiously and become rampant—was hardly equal to the annoyance felt by some members of Mr.
The first thing he did was to turn round in the cage in which he lay, and protrude his claws, and stretch himself thoroughly; he next opened his mouth, and yawned very leisurely, and with near two palms' length of tongue that he had thrust forth, he licked the dust out of his eyes and washed his face; having done this, he put his head out of the cage and looked all round with eyes like glowing coals, a spectacle and demeanour to strike terror into temerity itself.
A tent with two protruding heads.
He found a rock protruding from.
The chips were protruding out of.
It was a box with rope protruding.
His eye looked like a protruding grape.
His skin clings to his protruding bones.
At the core of her anatomy, protruding.
He pouted, his bottom lip protruding.
I stared at the bone protruding from my calf.
He could see a leg protruding from under the.
Although he didn't have a protruding nose, his.
Their curly blond hair and protruding noses made.
He had a lollipop stick protruding from his mouth.
From above, he saw something protruding out of a.
Reaching protruding rocks that prevented further easy.
However, its forehead was slightly protruding, it had.
Al pointed to a big nail protruding from the flat casing.
Look out, there’s a protruding branch in front of you.
He had a human face with long antennae protruding from.
Others were large balls with heads protruding from them.
His protruding eyes were almost forced from their sockets.
He looked at her and then at her slightly protruding belly.
Protruding from the murky water was the trail end of a car.
A hesitant scowl formed on the man’s protruding lower jaw.
He had spotted something bulky protruding from the heavily-.
Avoiding the protruding rocks, the old man brought his boat.
Her protruding, bloodshot eyes had rolled and focused on me.
Her second strike shattered one of its long, protruding fangs.
It felt considerably thinner than before, her ribs protruding.
Oh, he said grabbing his protruding belly, this coffee.
Eyes protruding, tiny black irises on egg sized lumps of white.
Or, Shoop ground his heal into one of her protruding broken.
It meandered around stalagmites protruding from the cavern floor.
Alex noticed that she had a little habit of protruding the tip of.
Beside it Curly-beard held Padlimaird by one of his protruding ears.
Yes, Mama, Sarah nodded her head with her lip protruding sadly.
Margaret wore a shapeless black dress to cover her protruding figure.
I looked down at the bits of grass protruding through cracked cement.
She awoke in a hospital bed, with tubes protruding from all sorts of.
They looked like huge silver bugs with protruding ovals in their backs.
Her arms protruded from the.
The Null protruded from his.
The veins in his neck protruded.
The boy's skin protruded a square.
A pair of boots protruded from the.
The bones of which protruded more from the.
A tip of rag protruded which was stained red.
Shards of broken bone protruded from his skin.
Her aroused swollen clit protruded erect from.
The roots of some of the larger trees protruded.
They protruded two inches through the flat surface.
Her hipbones protruded slightly and the gown fell.
Only the glider’s tail protruded from the trailer.
Various instruments protruded from attached casings.
A knife hilt protruded from between his shoulder blades.
Painted white hands protruded from the cage, curled like.
A goat with a stick protruded through his mouth lay there.
After the deed the metal tongue of the lock still protruded.
Its head protruded a bit in the front and it had green and.
Now only the accused pair's torsos protruded from the ground.
The knife protruded from her chest, and she was not breathing.
Rough edges and the backs of already rusting hinges protruded.
His veil covered his beard, but bristly stray hairs protruded.
High weeds protruded through the dirt ground, lining the walls.
Red, blue and green seashells protruded out of the golden sand.
Two sausage-sized, eel-green appendages protruded from the void.
His lips, from which the big nails protruded, were thin and red.
On its back were ten horns, which protruded from its spinal cord.
John’s under lip protruded, and his upper lip curled a moment.
Above her head there were branches that protruded from the woods.
And from between the lips protruded a tail, a fluffy ginger tail.
Enormous, its unsightly face protruded from the other side of the.
His eyes protruded, the pupils dilated, and his mouth opened a slit.
One hand rested on a gun that protruded obscenely from his waistband.
Lion jaws protruded from its back and chewed the horse’s face away.
The hilt of a knife protruded from the soapy water and Ciere seized it.
His red tongue protruded in a licking motion as he washed his furry paw.
Her arms and legs were thin with malnourishment, but her belly protruded.
His hands flew to his neck, his eyes were distended, his tongue protruded.
He saw small holes in the soil where metal cubes protruded from the earth.
Her belly protrudes beneath a stretched top, a pregnant quaking mound.
He’s alive, but his ankle is badly broken, a sharp edge of bone protrudes from the joint.
While healing, there is scarring, which leaves a skin tag behind that protrudes from the anus.
Think in terms of practicality and the answer presents itself: the skin protrudes into the holes.
Several centimetres of the plastic tubing still protrudes from his body and Lewis looks at it closely.
Marcus picks up Caleb’s revolver and turns it in his hand so the butt of the gun protrudes from his fist.
When the trend is up, we can define noise as that part of each day's range that protrudes below the previous day's low.
When the trend is down, we can define noise as that part of each day's range that protrudes above the previous day's high.
My helmsman is stationed behind the windows of a pilothouse, which protrudes from the topside of the Nautilus's hull and is fitted with biconvex glass.
His shoulders are rounded from much study, and his face protrudes forward, and is forever slowly oscillating from side to side in a curiously reptilian fashion.
Everybody knows the look of power associated with a square brow: it is not that the square forehead gives the look of a larger brain capacity, for if the forehead protrudes in a curved line, as at C, the look of power is lost, although there is obviously more room for brains.

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